Arousing Love: A Teen Novel

Arousing Love A Teen Novel Eighteen year old Zach is falling for Joanna until he finds out she is only fifteen He knows she is too young but he has never felt like this about anybody before She is sexy and sweet and flirty and

  • Title: Arousing Love: A Teen Novel
  • Author: M.H. Strom
  • ISBN: 9780984827800
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arousing Love: A Teen Novel

    Eighteen year old Zach is falling for Joanna until he finds out she is only fifteen He knows she is too young but he has never felt like this about anybody before She is sexy and sweet and flirty and free and the most beautiful girl he has ever known Joanna is swept away by her feelings for Zach as they grow increasingly passionate It s like God has whispered in her heEighteen year old Zach is falling for Joanna until he finds out she is only fifteen He knows she is too young but he has never felt like this about anybody before She is sexy and sweet and flirty and free and the most beautiful girl he has ever known Joanna is swept away by her feelings for Zach as they grow increasingly passionate It s like God has whispered in her heart Zach is the one for her Can it be true love when you re only fifteen

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      308 M.H. Strom
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    One thought on “Arousing Love: A Teen Novel

    1. Trish

      Jesus Christ!!! (funny considering the nature of the book) what a waste of 3.5 hours worth of reading. I only finished this book because I'm no quitter and I had to finish and see how this stupid asinine story played out. First of all, no way in hell would a normal 18 year old boy fall in love so quickly with a 15 year old girl. Second, even me as a female, thought she came on psychotically strong. She would scare the piss out of any male at any age. She acted like a tease but then still got nak [...]

    2. Carole

      Okay, I'll be honest. This is one of the very, very few books that I have ever in my life not finished. I made it about 60% of the way through before I had to just close it out and say enough.Like another reviewer has already mentioned, I found the title somewhat misleading. Yes, I did read the synopsis when I got the book, but between that time and when I actually began reading it, I forgot what it was about. When you're looking at an e-book at 2 in the morning, all you have to go on is the tit [...]

    3. Kitchener Leslie

      I am a Christian, and am profoundly disturbed by this book. I cannot believe how many people are talking about how wondrous it is. The author's skewed view of reality and what love entails is disconcerting to say the least. The book runs the gamut of a underage girl wanting to be painted nude, an absurdly unrealistic and unauthentic conversion, atrocious writing, an unbelievably creepy father who has disgustingly disrespectful conversations about a young man enjoying his daughter's body, and a b [...]

    4. Erin

      I can't believe all the bad reviews on this book. I almost didn't read it because of them and would have missed out on a really great book! The emotions could be felt so strongly in this story. I also loved the moral lessons to be learned and completely agree with all of them. I want my children to read this book when they get old enough. The only thing I would change is I do believe that Joanna is way too young to be considering marriage and found that a little hard to swallow. (At least I neve [...]

    5. Michael Burhans

      I tried this because it was free and I am looking for books for my daughter's Kindle. I must say this was a huge surprise. I discovered a whole new genre that I did not know existed: Soft-core Evangelical Christian Pornography. This was just sick, it failed as porn, and it failed as Christian. Truly some of the worst drek I ever have had the displeasure to read. It made me want to wash my eyeballs in rubbing alcohol. I particularly like the end where the father basically sold his underage daught [...]

    6. Andrea

      Alright so I read the synopsis of this book and download, because I was like what the heck I might as well give it a chance its free. In the end I really liked the story the plot line was good, and the characters excellently written. But the fact is there was a lot of religious content in the story, and the fact is I don't really read a lot of books with religion in them. However in the end I like the story and the ideas it had, I could relate to some parts in the book and then at others I could [...]

    7. Czarina

      The Challenges of Teen Love Have you ever fell in love with someone, but your parents had to mess things up and didn't allow you to date? Arousing Love: A Teen Novel by M.H. Storm, is a great book about romance. It is a non-fiction ebook. There are so many challenges in life like love and faith. Two characters in this book, Joanna and Zach, fall in love with each other. They go through different emotions and face different problems. Once kids become teenagers, they want to do whatever they [...]

    8. Elisha

      I hate it. It was so preachy. The description intrigued me because it gave out a kind of a forbidden romance feel. It's not. Not really.It was a Christian romance. But more of Christian than the romance. I also hate the romance. Everything between them happened fast except the sleeping together. I'm not saying I'm only looking forward to the sex part, but when the two characters are obviously sexually frustrated but never getting around to doing it because of their belief, it gets annoying. They [...]

    9. Michelle

      I read this in one sitting. After reading the blurb and downloading the free eBook, I thought I'd downloaded the wrong book. This book has some steamy hot story lines quite early. I've read quite a few of the other reviews of the paperback edition here on and many say it's not juicy enough, I found it the other way any more juicy and I would have chosen to close the book (or shut off my iPad) Arousing Love is a beautiful story of young love when they discover God's desire for marriage. I highl [...]

    10. Quiara

      *sigh* I didn't expect this book to be all about christianity. I was frustrated with this book, it was misleading & I feel the ending was all over the place. The book got to deep into the religious stuff. At some points in the book it was just paragraph after paragraph about christianity. It was just too intense for me. I didn't expect that from this book. I thought it would be a fun romance novel about young love. I was wrong. However, I read it till the end and its an OK book but I wouldn' [...]

    11. Labria

      It was a interesting book made you think about sex, religion, and love in a whole new way than I previously thought. It made me reflect on all my actions and see what the lord has truly blessed me with. Shows how important it is to give such a thing away. It shows what love truly is. This book is a expiration to me. I will always remembered what I learned throughout "Arousing Love".

    12. AB_cullen

      It is obviously written by an ameteur. Too many grammar errors just throw me off. The dialogue and writing style doesn't have any depth; it's just too shallow. There isn't much conflict either. Also, being an atheist, I found it very repetitive and preaching, which just turns me off enough to make me angry. This book should come with a warning label: Attention-Only for Christians. I swear, I can deal with the whole god conversation for a few pages, but when it started to take over the entire dam [...]

    13. Tyler-rose (The Reading Pile)

      I really enjoyed Arousing Love, so much so this is probably my 4th time of reading it. I was reading it first on a trip with my sixth form and I loved it. I read it over the space of about 4 hours then Which shows it really is an easy read. M.H Strom made lovely characters and had a really easy plot line which I found easy to relate to. Probably because it's about teenagers falling in love With an age gap Which is of course is the situation I'm in with my boyfriend (so yeah, relatable!).Zach is [...]

    14. Kami Dodson-Perry

      Religious Freak - If you are a religious & Christian then you might love this book. Thank goodness it was free. I liked the story between the 2 main characters & them trying not to give into temptation with sex, however I feel that if this book was a drinking game & you took a shot every time GOD, JESUS, or BIBLE was mentioned then you would have alchol poisoning before you were 30% done. I think that the author could have lost some of the bible & Jesus stuff & still have wri [...]

    15. Deej

      Joanna and Zach. I think it's strange to see two people who just met to instantly fall in love.There's nothing "juicy" about this book if that's what you were looking for.This isn't usually on my list of reads but It was free and it called out to me. It is a very beautiful book that has quite a lot of talk about Religion which is something I didn't expect but enjoyed nonetheless as i got to think about all that was said.It's amazing this story about love and faith and I hope others will like it [...]

    16. Piper

      I don't really know what to think of this book. I read the blurb and thought, "That sounds like something I'd enjoy."I was oh so wrong.Why did it not mention religion at all? After a certain percent, you couldn't go five seconds without reading the word "God" or "faith" and usually I am pretty accepting, and even enjoy, religion in books. I am an atheist of course, and wish to see more of this in upcoming books, but the way Strom shoved her religion down your throat made it so unbearable.He's ba [...]

    17. Sarah Liedtke

      I bought this book because it was free on my nook. Arousing Love is the story if Zach and Joanna, who pretty much fall in love as soon as they see each other. Joanna is the ultimate Mary Sue and Zach just wants to get into her pants. But then, with the help of Joanna and her family, he turns to God and learns that sometimes things are worth the wait. From what I gathered on this book, it was mostly about how they wanted to have sex but couldn't because it wasn't right, her parents wouldn't appro [...]

    18. Michelle Chivers

      I was completely surprised by the content of this book. When I chose to read this I thought that it would be a cute romance novel to read at night. Little did I know that when delving into this book I would come out with a whole new perspective on the just what god intended marriage to mean between two people. While I choose to classify myself as spiritual and not religious, I found that a lot of what was written in this book is how I felt about the practice of religion today. I would recommend [...]

    19. Paul Sophocleous

      An adequately written book, and the author shows promise. but the characters are barely fleshed out. Joanna' s parents, despite being main characters, are never even named. Nothing is shown of the two leads getting to know each other either; just their statements that they love each other. their relationship progresses way too fast to be believable. And talk about preachy! Once the topic of God comes up, it keeps coming up every few pages. and when Zach gets the scholarship, he attributes it to [...]

    20. Angie

      Two teens, 15 and 18 yrs old, meet each other at a campground. They fall in love then have to figure out how to manage their deep love and their need to be together while maintaining their Christian values. It is a sweet book for older teens who may be facing temptations. It's touched me. The girl's parents are a big part of the storyline. I only regret that the boy's parents aren't a larger part of the book. It would have been nice to have their points of view. This was a free B&N download. [...]

    21. Cassie

      i believe this was the first romance book that i really enjoyed. it made you cry, it made you laugh, and some parts keep you guessing. i would recommend this book to any girl. Letting them be older or younger this books will touch your heart in so many way you never thought posssible.

    22. Iyanla Hawkins

      Young loveYoung loveIt was a good book filled with love and compassion. young love yes, but love all the same. It made me want to read a sequel

    23. Audrey Wilkerson

      [COYER BPRAT]Was this story a joke or serious? It is really hard to tell if someone is just having a laugh or really and truly earnestly believes this is what teens, specifically Christian teens, need to hear in order to stay on the straight and narrow. This is the first (and only, I'll wager) Christian novel that I will read or review, mainly because the kind of Christianity hawked here is not what I believe. It is a weird combination of creepy, titillating, completely unrealistic and sermonizi [...]

    24. Krystal Palacios

      Love vs. Responsibility The fight between love and the need to obey your parents is the main problem of two love-at-first-sight teenagers in the romantic teen novel Arousing Love by M.H. Strom that I read as an ebook. This is a fiction story of their fight to be together. Although, they have no one on their side and are against all odds, nothing can stop true love, or can it? Arousing Love is about two teenagers, Zach and Joanna. Joanna is the kind of all-around pretty, popular girl with a great [...]

    25. Sandra

      Definitely a teen novel, with emphasis on faith and saving yourself for marriage. The characters are a tad unbelievable, but that may be because the older I get, the more cynical I become. Both Zach and Joanna are in love for the first time, but there's a maturity level for both of them that comes out of nowhere, or so it seems. Perhaps their love makes them more mature, but that part of their characters is not developed slowly. Meeting in Zach's hometown where Joanna and her parents are taking [...]

    26. Leia

      This book is pretty bad. It's preachy, it's grammatically unsound, it teases one plot and delivers another. The characters are flat and unrealistic most of the time, or just outright creepy. The parents of this young girl apparently have no problem with their underage daughter being bargained off to an older guy. Their reasoning at times is very flawed. The girl herself is slightly crazy, and the romance is rushed to the point of making the reader uncomfortable, mostly because statutory rape is [...]

    27. QUEEN

      I think this book was pretty good. However, I found there was one major problem, and that was the intimacy level. Normally I do not mind intimacy, but I did not approve how the author did not set an age level. I believe this book should be set to ages 18+. Yes, this is a story with a 15 year old in it, but that doesn't mean 15 year olds should read it. This book had a lot of nudity, intimate kissing, touching, and sex. If I had a daughter I would not want her to read this until she was 18. cross [...]

    28. Savannah

      I rated this book a 2/5 for a few reasons.There were certainly things I liked and disliked about the book. I felt the writing to be disjointed and awkward at times, often finding humor in how oddly certain scenes were written. However, the storyline was intriguing, albeit unrealistic at times, but it did show with a true honesty how teens think and pursue and deal with the feeling of love/lust. In that aspect it was very realistic. The surrealism came in how accepting everyone was of the situati [...]

    29. Kendra

      it's a Christian novel, that has nudity.I was very confused with the whole idea of this book, it started out nice and simple with this girl liking this older artist dude, and then it turned completely towards a weird place full of Titanic style nude posing and kissing with her saying "no no no i can't have sex cause its against my promise to god to not have sex before marriage" and he respects that proposing to a girl he's known for not even ONE WHOLE SUMMER and he converts to christianity and m [...]

    30. Stephanie

      I loved this book,it was a book that i could not put down at all i had to keep reading it. I thought the book was a fun, summer romance type of book. There were a couple intense moments in the book but i made you want to keep reading the book. I liked everything about this book, because it has moments where you want to keep reading and parts that are to where you want to put it down and then change your mind. I didnt find anything in this book that I didn't like, other than when joanna's parents [...]

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