After In the fourth part of Felix s story continuing his adventures in World War Two he faces perhaps his greatest challenge to find hope when he s lost almost everything including his parents As Europe

  • Title: After
  • Author: Morris Gleitzman
  • ISBN: 9780670075447
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • After

    In the fourth part of Felix s story, continuing his adventures in World War Two, he faces perhaps his greatest challenge to find hope when he s lost almost everything, including his parents As Europe goes through the final agonizing stages of the war, Felix struggles to reconcile hatred and healing He s helped by a new friend, but if he should lose her as well

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    One thought on “After

    1. Alex Baugh

      After the Nazis took my parents I was scaredAfter they killed my best friend I was angryAfter they ruined my thirteenth birthday I was determinedTo get to the forest To join forces with Gabriek and Yuli To be a familyTo defeat the Nazis after all.After I finished reading Once, the first story about Felix, 10, a young Jewish boy on the run from the Nazis, I wanted to know more about this brave boy and Zelda, the six year old who became his friend. And so, Morris Gleitzman gave us Then, which did [...]

    2. Emi

      From the very beginning of the Once series, Morris Gleitzman set out on the extremely difficult task in writing a children's book about the Holocaust. I think back when I first heard about it, I was both skeptical and worried, because it is an incredibly delicate topic and how could one portray it in both an honest and suitable way for kids to read? As we already know, Gleitzman pulled it off flawlessly, winning countless literary awards and spawning three sequels. This is the final book in the [...]

    3. Hilary

      Such a good book. In my opinion this would be better read after book 2. Book 3 leaps forward 70 years in time. I feel that book 3 in doing this created some spoilers. This book continues from the end of book 2 and once again we are back with Felix's lovely commentary and inspiring optimism. very sad and disturbing but Felix never seems to give up hope. I think this is a book that is suitable for older teens. This story gives a very vivid insight into life in Poland during WW2.

    4. Claire (Book Blog Bird)

      After the Nazis took my parents I was scaredAfter they killed my best friend I was angryAfter they ruined my thirteenth birthday I was determinedTo get to the forestTo join forces with Gabriek and YuliTo be a familyTo defeat the Nazis after all.Jesus. I feel like I've been properly through the emotional wringer with these books.So at the end of Now, we knew that Felix had survived the war and had emigrated to Australia with Gabriek. We know that Felix survives, so it made me wonder how he would [...]

    5. Claudia

      I fell into Felix's storytelling pattern with this onehis wishful thinking, his lovely stories to give himself and his friends hope. His moment of horrifying clarity, and the shift in his heart as each of those moments piles on top of the one before.His second person 'suppose you' rambles are important as he tries to make sense of what can have no sense.dren fighting, hiding, killing. A land where there is NO safety. Not from the Nazis or the partisans or the Russians. A land where children are [...]

    6. Sam

      Another great Felix story narrated on Audiobook by Morris Gleitzman. Felix feels so real to me, he is a character that will stick with you forever and so will his stories. I'd love to see these books made into a movie, I wonder who they would get to play Felix. We continue Felix's story from the end of the second book "Then", after having spent two years in a hole in a barn Felix ventures out and comes across a group of partisans who are fighting against the Nazi's. He joins this group and so hi [...]

    7. Sabrina

      Sometimes you don't actually have to live in a hole to feel like you're in a dark and lonely place.After may be my favourite of the four Felix stories. I loved seeing him grow into himself, with such wisdom, compassion and courage. Felix is one of the bravest characters I have ever read, regardless of age, and so good, though he does often have to talk himself out of choosing the easy way. He struggles valiantly with his hatred of the Nazis, and his (well-warranted) desire for vengeance, and tho [...]

    8. Rebecca Pates

      Originally posted here: rebecca-books/2**This is the fourth book in the Once series by Morris Gleitzman featuring Once (review), Then (review) and Now (review). However, Gleitzman says, and I agree, that they don't need to read in order to understand the story**When I finished Now, I thought I was done with Felix's story. I moved on as did Felix and I was safe in the knowledge that Felix turned out just fine and didn't die during the Holocaust. I think so did Morris Gleitzman, as he says in his [...]

    9. Kate Atkinson

      For a fleeting moment, in my imagination, I have a horrible vision. The whole of Europe full of kids on their own. Struggling to survive the world’s biggest parent shortage. Trying to find their own way. (129)While easily a timeless story for all ages, it is the children who dominate the pages of After. Glietzman’s unflinching treatment of the ravages of war through the eyes of a child is moving and courageous, contrasting innocence and darkness. Jews and non-Jews, German and Polish, the Naz [...]

    10. Hannah

      'After' is a beautiful book that will make you smile and cry. I loved it and recommend it to anyone looking for a quick but thought and feeling provoking read. At first, I thought that Gleitzman wrote Felix's point of view and sentences as too simple and ignorant for a 13 year old but he did not disappoint because through the book, it is obvious that Felix matures. While this happens, his understanding and knowledge grows. His sentences also become more structured and mature. His character devel [...]

    11. Flynn Adaway

      After, narrated from the perspective of a thirteen year old Polish Jew named Felix, starts with him on his thirteenth birthday, hiding in a hole. His world is yet again turned upside down, as he meets the Partisans a small, independent group that oppose the Nazi's and sabotage Nazi trains, houses etc. causing havoc and destruction for the Germans.A Partisan, Dr Zuzak recognises that Felix has the potential to be a great surgeon. Whilst undertaking many surgical operations, Felix's friend, Gabrie [...]

    12. Brodief

      I decided to read the book "After" by Morris Gleitzman as it is the fourth and final book in the series and I had to finish a great series like this one.The category on the bingo board that this book fits into is a book written in 2012 or 2013.The character I found most interesting was Felix because I think that he is a smart thinker, a brave young boy and isn't scared of a new challenge. My favourite/most interesting quote in the book was " Why?" he says. "Why should I keep a lid on it? My pare [...]

    13. Kirsty

      Felix is an interesting construct. In terms of age – thirteen – he is little more than a child, but when one takes into account the awful things which he has seen and has had to do, he seems very old indeed. He is a marvellous narrator, and is endearingly naive. One of the character traits which I found the most compelling about him was the way in which he continually prays to British author Richmal Crompton, merely because her Just William books kept him company whilst he was in hiding. He [...]

    14. Brenda Kahn

      Oh. Oh my. Gutted again. Felix, our naive but resourceful narrator has just turned thirteen, having spent more than a year hiding under the floorboards of Gavriek's barn. He's afraid that Gavriek has been taken by Nazis and sets out to rescue him. Instead, he finds that Gavriek is working with resistance fighters to blow up a railroad. The Germans are losing the war but trying to hunt down resisters. This title in the series is unavailable in the U.S. except as an audio or a Kindle edition and t [...]

    15. Rushda

      I wasn't exactly thrilled when After came out because we'd already had Now. I think there were a lot of unanswered questions between Then and Now but the story flowed better without After being shoved in after the tale had already concluded. It lessened the impact the previous books, especially the ending of After, had once you knew that there was a happy ending waiting in Australia for him. But I still enjoyed it, though it is probably because of the ever-vibrant characters and heart-warming na [...]

    16. Lori

      The 4th in Morris Gleitzman's Once series, this one chronicles Felix's life the last year of World War 2.I can't imagine how difficult it is to write a children's book about the Holocaust. It can't be too harsh but then it can't sugarcoat. Gleitzman walks that line like a Wallenda with just the right amount of humour and innocence.Even after all that Felix has been through he still has not become hardened to the violence that he sees. As much as he feels helpless, he finds ways to do what he has [...]

    17. Moira

      I LOVE this series - it is powerful, humorous, tragic and funny: all the spectrum of human experience highlighted by the horrific drama of WW2. I admire the way Felix's character develops from the naive child in "Once" but is still totally believable as the same person. The scenes in the camp resonate and will stay with me forever, I feel.I enjoyed the device of using the one word titles to start each chapter. The device was a novelty but not intrusive, rather it added freshness.A stunning serie [...]

    18. Shahrun

      I have read this series in order, so having just read NOW, I was quite keen to find out the details of how Felix survived the War. I could have never imagined the pain and struggles he had to go though, to get there. What's worse is that this book isn't pure fiction. The Holocaust really happened. I think the author has done an amazing job to spread awareness to a new audience, because knowledge is (I sincerely hope) the power to stop things like this happening again!

    19. Andrew

      4/5 starsI love this series and I can't wait to get to the last book (at least I think the 5th book is the last /.\)

    20. The Styling Librarian

      After by Morris Gleitzman - What a beautiful, yet more appropriate for middle school, conclusion to this series. It is not a cheery, happy book that has an easy ending. This is a realistic, upsetting end of the Holocaust book full of closure to many character stories.

    21. Linda Mc

      Loved it - this is what I was hoping for when "Now" was released. I hope older kids will throw out the vampire crap and embrace this series instead.

    22. ALPHAreader

      *** This review contains spoilers of books 'Once', 'Then' and 'Now' ***Felix has been hiding in a hole. He prays to storybook hero, Richmal Crompton, that the Nazis do not find him and that the war may be over soon. Felix has already lost so much to this war and Hitler – his parents died in a death camp, simply for being Jews. And two years ago his dear friend, Zelda, and their protector, Genia were hanged by the Nazis. Now it’s just Felix and Genia’s husband, Gabriek, left on the farm, al [...]

    23. T

      In the 4th book in the Once series, the reader returns to Felix's story where it left off (Now, book 3, was told from Felix's grandaughter's perspective and was set in the future). The story begins from Felix's hiding hole in the ground and sets off on a fast-paced, action-packed adventure to get revenge and to stop the Nazis. Felix and Gabriek will do anything to stop the Nazis and begin working with a group of ruthless Partisans. Though Felix is older, more mature, and wiser to the brutality o [...]

    24. Lisa

      This was the most heartrendering book in the series so far. I cried buckets at the end. Morris Gleitzman writes about a difficult and cruel period in Europe's recent history, but he adds such warmth and tender humour to the stories that we, as readers, are able to cope with all the despair. My daughter, who are reading these books before me, is learning so much and has gained a real interest in the second world war. As difficult as it is to delve into these stories and remember, it is equally im [...]

    25. Zether Books

      Another amazing addition to this series. I can never guess what will happen except that when the character gets comfortable, people will soon die. This book takes place during the last year of the war. Some enemies become friends and our MC earns some independents. I'm going to need more or series, and won't like when it's over. If you love tons o action in your historical fiction, this series will be perfect for you. It's told through a young voice, but it doesn't shy from show the brutality of [...]

    26. Mika

      After is part of the book series "once, then, now, after" by Morris gleitzman and it is the 4th book to the series. This book talks about Felix's final journey in finding his parents. It talks about how he copes with his lost ones and how he starts his future, After is a beautiful ending to the series as it finally talks about the feelings and emotions goes through when he's finally found what he's been looking for. It also shows how he makes his own future and what he does to cope with the loss [...]

    27. Desiree

      Sometimes you come across a character in fiction that makes you remember your common humanity. I could hug Morris Gleitzman. Felix is the most tender, compassionate, and loving protagonist. His journey through post world war II poland is starkly vivid and humane at the same time. I love that the author calls the books in this collection a "family" of stories. Great historical fiction read for the teen and tween set.

    28. James Lark

      I can do little more than reiterate my admiration for this series, which seems to mine an even richer seam of raw human experience with each book. This one ventures even deeper into the horrors of the Holocaust than the previous ones, but also takes a broader look at the dehumanising effects of war. It all sounds unremittingly grim, but by maintaining a child's eye view Gleitzman still, almost miraculously, makes the whole thing entirely approachable for a young audience. Nor does he abandon the [...]

    29. Alex

      This novel is a nail-biting excitement, tears, and affirmation of all that is good, noble and dignified about childhood. Out of the unspeakable horror of the Holocaust, this novel is a celebration of life and survival.I recommend this book to anyone age 11+.

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