X It LOVE IS A DRUG In NYC eighteen year old J J Buckingham is an uptight trendoid Working as a mannequin painter and a counter girl she moonlights as a creature of the nightclubs J J falls for aloo

  • Title: X-It
  • Author: Jane George
  • ISBN: 9780985130718
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • X-It

    LOVE IS A DRUG.In 1980 NYC, eighteen year old J.J Buckingham is an uptight trendoid Working as a mannequin painter and a counter girl, she moonlights as a creature of the nightclubs J.J falls for aloof, crazy talented artist and bicycle messenger X It In order to win his love, she succumbs to the dark machinations of drug dealer Marko Voodoo X It will love her if sheLOVE IS A DRUG.In 1980 NYC, eighteen year old J.J Buckingham is an uptight trendoid Working as a mannequin painter and a counter girl, she moonlights as a creature of the nightclubs J.J falls for aloof, crazy talented artist and bicycle messenger X It In order to win his love, she succumbs to the dark machinations of drug dealer Marko Voodoo X It will love her if she s the queen of underground Manhattan, right Her plan backfires with horrendous consequences Can J.J scrap her way out of a maze of drugs, clubs, and danger before it s too late

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      363 Jane George
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    One thought on “X-It

    1. Pavarti Tyler

      DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of X-It in exchange for an honest review. No promise of a positive review was made and I wasn't compensated in any way.Beautifully written X-It is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. Jane George has woven a concise, raw and honest work of literature that maintains it's literary standards without ever crossing over in to the realm of pretentious and indulgence. This book doesn't rely on a lot of exposition but instead takes you directly into the meat of each moment, [...]

    2. Charlie

      This is very punk rock and not in the candy-coated nostalgia sense, but in the dirty, dye-stained world of vaseline and aqua net. Even though this is set in 1980, it easily could range into the mid 90's. The club scene, drug addiction, music and underground hipness of punk rock influence reached over a decade. The only thing missing, intravenous HIV inflections and a groupie gang of junkie strippers. Engaged in high risk behavior, this fortunate teen escapes battered but not dead, which is an ac [...]

    3. Terri Wino

      Having been a teenager in the 80s, there were definitely parts of this book I could relate to; I enjoyed a lot of the references to music and fashion of the times. As for J.J. -- well, I'm a little torn here. There were times I absolutely loved this character, but for most of the book she just made me angry because she comes across as needy and pathetic. As someone whose life has been affected by the actions of a drug addict, I found several parts of this book difficult to connect with, and if t [...]

    4. Leah (White Sky Project)

      Disclosure: I received this book for review from the author. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.Loved this book. It felt like a punk rock rollercoaster ride. J.J. was a character I loved and hated. I loved that she was an artist and so insecure about herself that she didn't realize what a gem she could be. This was a great story about heartache, finding yourself and your true worth, but with not much of the niceties. As t [...]

    5. Tasha

      I received this book free from ' first reads.I don't know what made me enter to win this book. It's not the type of book I normally read. In fact after I entered I almost withdrew. It's not really fair to be given a book to read when it's not your usual genre, when you are not the target audience. I didn't withdraw. I figured I wouldn't win anyway. When j did win it, I wasn't too excited about reading it. It sat on my coffee table for several weeks. Finally I started it one night. I read the fir [...]

    6. Karen Toz

      I just finished reading X-It, by Jane George a few moments ago, and my brain is just reeling – in a good way. In fact, I read this book over the course of just a few days. I honestly could not put it down. From the very first pages I was drawn to J.J. – From her dripping purple hair dye through her slow, dark, and painful decent into the 80’s punk/club scene. Jane George truly created a dynamic character with incredible depth. To me this book read like a memoir, making it even more powerfu [...]

    7. Lydia

      This book was a roller coaster in the best way possible!!! Going on this crazy nostalgic ride with J.J. was amazing and very very very 80s. Not bad 80s but like all those things that the ones that didn't live during that time hear about it and wish we were apart of (I was born in 1990. You do the math.). So my comparison would be a tame Sid and Nancy and that one movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Molly Ringwald but not as campy. It's a weird reference but it's the only one I got!X-It has you root [...]

    8. Carrie

      3.5 star X-it for me was a nice fast paced book that I read in one sitting. I really liked how J.J. tried and did what she needed to do to better her life. She had her setbacks like everyone but in the end did what was best for her. I did enjoy this book but was a little hard reading the drug addiction struggles. I know someone who is going through almost the same situation. Hopefully she can recover as well as J.J.

    9. Nai

      I've had more than my share of X-its, and they've all had re-entries at some point as well.There are three main reasons to like this 'against-the-grain' love story (that's far more common than people think, I think). I mean this in a not-quite literal to the events sense though.There is so much detail and poignant description in this book it reads like a fine-art portrait of society, fashion, gender wrapped in a nice package with an absolutely perfect cover. That should probably be more than o [...]

    10. Debbie

      I finished this book a couple days ago and can't stop thinking about it. I initially picked it up to satisfy the X title reading challenge. The cover looked interesting and the reviews were promising so I ordered it and gave it a try. What a gem of a book! I was a teen wannabe mod rock teenager in the 80's, so this book brought back some memories of the music, fashion, etc. What I liked the most was the main character J.J comes from an unfortunate background but survives her life the best she ca [...]

    11. Amber

      Quick and enjoyable while reading, but not super memorable. The author really captured the feel of 80s New York though.

    12. Drennan Spitzer

      In X-It, Jane George tells the story of J.J. Buckingham, an aspiring artist in New York City in the 1980s. J.J. falls in love with her roommate X-It, as she negotiates the nightclubs and drug scene that surrounds them both. George's novel might be classified as combining chick-lit, romance, and the coming-of-age novel, without the saccharine overlay that these genres too often tend to employ. If "love is a drug," as George's book cover proclaims, we see the havoc addiction plays in the life of J [...]

    13. Connie N.

      This was a very interesting, but dark, look at a young woman (J.J.) trying to make a life for herself. She started in San Francisco, got in with a bunch of druggie friends, then decided to move to NYC to make a change. She started out OK, meeting a guy who she really cared for named X-It. As their relationship was beginning to grow, her cohorts all moved to NYC too, and she got caught up again in their lifestyle. Voodoo, especially, was determined to bring her into their fold. Unfortunately, als [...]

    14. Rebecca Hunter

      This is not the kind of romance that you find on romance blogs or top romance lists, though not because the book isn’t good. It is—good, I mean. Great even. But this book eschews all romance expectations, and it explores a kind of attraction and love that I rarely see in romance fiction.The setting—gritty 80s New York, alphabet city, and its punk/drug/club/art scene—doesn’t lend itself to melodramatic emotional explorations and muscle-bound alpha males. Instead, we follow J.J fresh fro [...]

    15. Kim Acrylic

      Very creative novel.This novel was full of beautiful prose and images. I loved the intense detail the author got into, it wasn't overly done it was just right. The storyline was very believable. The characters were all likable and unique. You rooted and ached for them. Also, it's not a predictable story. I didn't see most of the events coming. I loved how authentic the 1980s felt in this book. It wasn't overly done or too full of name dropping pop culture. This book is well worth the read.

    16. Tracey

      Interesting setting. Interesting topic. Interesting characters. But this book suffers from not having enough back story for the story the author is trying to tell. I needed to know more about what happened in the past that brought J.J. to how she got to the present. There is a lot of name dropping for characters that really don't matter much.

    17. Michele Boy

      Good readTook a while to get into but i could relate to the negative hurting young girl trying to make her way

    18. Sandi

      I loved it! The music references brought back memories of my youth! It is well worth the read and I would love onto read more from this author!

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