The Choosing

The Choosing Seth is a young man torn by fear and indecision His life no longer in his hands he fears an uncertain future where the only certainty is a life of servitude to the kingdom Fortunately for Seth he is

  • Title: The Choosing
  • Author: Jeremy Laszlo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Choosing

    Seth is a young man torn by fear and indecision His life no longer in his hands, he fears an uncertain future where the only certainty is a life of servitude to the kingdom Fortunately for Seth, he is not alone His brother Garret too attends the choosing ceremony where their fates will be decided Together the twins make their way to the castle city of Valdadore for theSeth is a young man torn by fear and indecision His life no longer in his hands, he fears an uncertain future where the only certainty is a life of servitude to the kingdom Fortunately for Seth, he is not alone His brother Garret too attends the choosing ceremony where their fates will be decided Together the twins make their way to the castle city of Valdadore for the choosing ceremony but along the way Seth notices a strange new trend in his life Time after time strange circumstances befall him in what others might call a coincidence, but Seth knows something else is amiss and begins mentally cataloging each new and strange event Learning his past is all a lie, Seth begins to fear for his future as a dark goddess vies for his service to her cause Seth s loyalties and responsibilities begin to stack up as he makes friends and allies and even falls in love, but with the choosing ceremony growing ever nearer will he be forced to flee the kindom into a life of exile, or choose to serve the goddess who swears that only through her will he find peace.

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    One thought on “The Choosing

    1. Isis

      3.5 starsFirst off - this book was generously given to me in exchange for an honest review. While I hate to be anything other than nice, I am going to stick with honest.This book follows a tried and true storyline thus far, with few minor variations thus far. That wouldn't be too problematic by itself, but the characters remain, for the most part, rather two-dimensional. One would hope that by the end of 227 pages the characters wouldn't remain quite so flat. Of the four main characters, Seth se [...]

    2. Kathrine

      Just bad. Whatever promise might have been there at the beginning (and I'll admit I was skeptical from the start with the whole gods divide the universe a la Clash of the Titans) quickly and permanently went up in smoke in the first 50 pages. Juvenile, repetitious writing. Treacly, stilted dialogue. Terrible grammar. Poorly drawn characters. Ridiculous insta-love (this plot device always makes me roll my eyes, but in this case it was 100x worse starting with the bimbo-fication of the only female [...]

    3. Ron

      It's hard to justify even two stars for this novel. Let's try: a late-teen fantasy road story which brings together a likeable quartet who care for and defend one another. An epic fantasy setting in a world with medieval technology and a culture with active magic and powers.What's not to like? Well, lots. It reads like a first draft. A hundred pages of story hidden in three hundred pages of text. Most sentences include some form of "was/were" or "had," which really slows the pace. Long paragraph [...]

    4. Sharon Tyler

      The Choosing by Jeremy Lallo is the first book in a fantasy series called Blood and Brotherhood. Seth and Garret are twins setting out on a required journey, a trip to ceremony that will decide the next five years of their life.Garret knows that he wants to be chosen to fight for the country, but Seth is torn since he would much rather help others than fight anyone. They are joined by a young healer on his way to the Choosing as well. Before long they are joined by another and Seth quickly falls [...]

    5. Charlotte Liebel

      This review is from:The Choosing (Blood and Brotherhood Saga Book One) (Kindle Edition)by Jeremy Laszlo [C.M.Liebel Review]Once the story begins with an episode of character introductions, as in THE CHOOSING (Blood and Brotherhood Saga) by Jeremy Laszlo (Ronnell Porter), the adventure has begun. There is total absorption and anticipation for the reader to follow the man or woman spoken to or walking into danger. Each of the author's four young adults becomes alive because of descriptives, manner [...]

    6. Debbie Peterson

      Mr Laszlo has created an interesting world with a very interesting premise. I'll look forward to the development of his story and characters in book Two.

    7. Charlene

      The Prologue was gorgeous. I loved the idea of how the gods created the world, and why they need and are intrigued by humanity. The writing of the prologue also felt like a a proper story told by the fireside by tribe elders. It is a great set-up. Unfortunately, the rest of the novel didn't fulfill it's potential for me. The main characters of Garret, Seth, and the two they pick up along the way, Ashton and Sarah, felt a little flat as characters, and I wished the author had more of their backst [...]

    8. Emre

      The premise was captivating and everything was ok until the romantic interest of the main is introduced. After that everything goes downhill. Dialogs feel forced and dull. There are lots of unnecessary dialogs and events which do not contribute to the story at all. You can cut down the number of pages to half and you can still follow the story. The romance feels very forced and artificial without any depth at all. I felt like strangling both of them when I was reading those cheesy lines and feel [...]

    9. David Teachout

      For full disclosure I was given a copy of this book for free by the author in order to entice me to write a review. I hope my honesty doesn't bite him in the ass. Frankly it's a story been done and done again, with a writing style that one can pick up almost anywhere and reminds me of what I used to write myself as a teenager. There is magic, there's a quest, there's two gifted boys who aren't as close as they think and the narrative reads like a classic D&D game among friends with obstacles [...]

    10. Martin Belcher

      This is classic fantasy, two brothers, twins, Seth and Garret leave their small village on a quest to the great city of Valdadore to enter The Choosing, where they will find out what role they will play in protecting the King and the Kingdom.The first half of the book, mainly focuses on the journey and is a little bit dull in places, but the second half gets more interesting and The choosing itself is very entertaining. The world of Thurr that Laszlo has created seems very interesting and i'm su [...]

    11. Joe Young

      Interesting story line development and characters. Action started slow but, typical of a story that is in the development stage. Interaction between the characters is appropriate for the period and the ages of the characters. Several possibilities exist for future plot development with much potential. Curious what temple/God Seth settles on and whether or not their relationship is mutually beneficial. Also curious about why Sirus and his wife Sasha took such an active interest in the travelers. [...]

    12. Carly Fall

      3.5 STARSAt the beginning of the book, it reminded me of shades of The Hunger Games. I loved the prologue and the story of the way the gods created their world.The author did an excellent job of introducing us to the twins and showing us the world where they grew up.I found the romance between Seth and Sara a little irritating, and the head hopping that goes on in the book became a little confusing in certain areas.Overall, I did enjoy the book, the world created and the journey the characters t [...]

    13. Ross Kitson

      Jeremy Laszlo's first book in his series was a great read. Laszlo combines good quality heroic fantasy with a very modern humour in a story of two brothers travelling to a recruitment festival for the military. Along the way they meet new companions and become involved in serious violence.My particular enjoyment in the book came from the magic system and the details about gods and followers. The detail is superb, although in places (especially in descriptions of food) it can get distracting. Tha [...]

    14. Janna Shay

      The Choosing is an engrossing story that will hold your attention from beginning to end. Jeremey Laszlo demonstrates his talent for painting vivid details as he writes his fantastic tale. The elements of adventure, romance, and humor weave together to deliver an engaging story. This is a fast-paced story with twists and turns that will hold your attention from beginning to end.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    15. Holly

      This was a very refreshing read for me. I had no idea what to expect when I got it and was blown away by how much it pulled me in. As soon as I finished this one I had to go on and get the second one. The story is very well told and you cannot help but find yourself drawn to all the characters.

    16. Louise

      This was an interesting enough story, but didn't really get moving until I was more than half way there. The writing of dialogue, especially that between the 'lovers' was amateurish and quite stilted.

    17. Mathias Cavanaugh

      Full disclosure: I received a free copy of The Choosing from Mr. Laszio in exchange for an honest review.It's hard to say what I have to say, because I know how much work authors put into their babies. But, for me, The Choosing is simply not on par with what I expect from a fantasy novel. It feels like a story that cannot decide whether it wants to be action adventure, romance, or light erotica. Yes, a story is told, but it is a stumbling tale that seems to search for itself through the pages an [...]

    18. Mike

      I think I was suckered by all the good reviews over on . Again.The plot was derivative, but that's never stopped me from liking a story before. And it had potential.Butpotential unmet. I'll point out the (biggest) flaws so you can decide whether they're deal-breakers.1. The author doesn't tell the story from one point of view or another. He doesn't alternate between several people, either. Instead, he describes what ALL his characters are thinking/feeling/doing from the outside. I read fantasy s [...]

    19. Elle Bee

      I enjoyed this book. The author is indeed talented and shows potential to pull even better creations from his mind and lay them out for us to read. I finished this book quickly, wanting to see the end! My attention is caught and I want to read the next in the series ASAP. I could not bring myself to rate this book five stars, however, because of, and only because of, the "adult situations" between Seth and Sara. Although the situations were nowhere near what they could have been. They were still [...]

    20. Steven Guscott

      The start of this story didn't capture me the way I hoped it would, but after picking it up again, and reading the first chapter recently I started to see the potential of the story. After about half way through, however, I realsied this story is not so much about two brothers, but one of those brothers and a girl. It just felt like a romance story the whole way through, which for me was too much. This might be enjoyable for some people but I prefer a better balance of themes in a fantasy story. [...]

    21. Autumn

      I was given this book by the author to give an honest review.mThe prologue was great, and I could see this story turning out to be a wonderful read. But during the read it just was not what I was expecting. I expected more action, magic. But instead I got a lot of romance.Though I found the romance between Seth and Sarah to be cute, it seemed that a majority of the book was based on them. And not the Gods and magic.I was glad to read the details of how Ashton could heal those injured. And how he [...]

    22. Larry B Gray

      Every once in a while you come across a book that captures your imagination and soul, a book you can’t put it down. The Choosing by Jeremy Laszlo is just such a book. This fantasy novel is so full of adventure and excitement it was hard for me to take a breath.The storyline is very well develop and easy to follow. It keeps you glued to the book as the author does a great job of continually building to the climax. I liked the way the author developed each new twist so they flowed with the story [...]

    23. Jeremy Poole

      Book Review, The Choosing by Jeremy Laszlo. Jeremy started with gusto and created a fantasy medieval world of gods, battling for control. The prologue got me hooked; the first few chapters fairly flew by as the Twins, Garret and Seth, set out on their life of adventure. Then the whole thing came to a crunching halt, when Sara arrived, the middle section of the book being more slushy romance than fantasy, made worse, by the 20th century slang, ‘Do I look cute.’ Then the hair removal cream and [...]

    24. Tracy Decresie

      Don't let this cover fool you. Thankfully, it was not the cover when I downloaded, or I may have missed out on a wonderfully written journey. This journey centers around Seth and Garrett, twins who must venture to the "choosing" when they turn 18. The people they encounter and the vivid scenarios really made you feel like part of the trip. The healer who travels with them and becomes a friend, and the girl they rescue who steals the heart of one of the twins only adds to this endearing dynamic. [...]

    25. R. James

      I actually liked the story, despite that it was derivative of Lord of the Rings (at the very least). The story was interesting enough to make me want to read more, and I was able to look past some of the editing oversights and that the ending felt very rushed writing-wise. The bad: The scenes between Seth and Sara got really old and tiring after a while, and it made me feel like the author was wandering a bit. Other segments felt pointless, such as all of the narrative about the Innkeeper - alth [...]

    26. Natalie

      A fantasy it is. What happens when gods are angered and humans get mixed in without their say so?I liked the journey, the choosing - as random as that was, the love that blossomed during the journey and of course stout warriors and goblins.The writer shows his skill exceptionally when writing things of interest, like the gods, and their story.However, this is one of those books where rule "less is more" should be applied wholeheartedly.While the ideas are interesting, the action keeps the pulse [...]

    27. Libby

      It started well and the premise sounded like fun, but after the love interest was introduced, it all went sliding downhill. I have to say that I did not feel cheated, as I got the book for free on my Nook. I did enjoy the opportunity to get a taste of an author who was new to me, and I feel that he has a lot of potential but he needs to get a ruthless editor. He included a lot of pointless action that did not advance the story. There were also a lot of clanking anachronisms. In a faintly Medieva [...]

    28. Erick

      Whenever you start a new book, from a new series, from a new author (at least in my case), there’s a period of time at the beginning when you have to sometimes push yourself to keep reading so the plot captures you and you start to get an idea of what’s really happening, the characters, the subplots, etc. I had to push myself all through this book. I jumped through this book especially the dialogues between the main character and his love interest since I found them long and weak. Don’t ge [...]

    29. Kimberly Eiselr

      I was hopeful after seeing the reviews for this on . The book started out with promise, but the storyline quickly became muddled in mundane and unnecessary details. It felt as if the characters stopped evolving after the first couple of chapters, feeling flat and disconnected from the reader. There were lots of details that really slowed the read down (like what the characters ate for every single meal) that seemingly could have been used to develop the characters or the plot. What I struggled w [...]

    30. Kari

      Juvenile. Forced. Poorly executed. On the very first page a character "knocked an arrow." Really?! Seriously?! Was this even proofed or edited? Starting a new chapter every time a view point changes shows a lack of true writing skill. Adding lots of overly descriptive passages about the character's surroundings is not true world building. It's filler and fluff to disguise the fact that the characters are flat and barely developed. And to top it off let's insert a "dumb chick" love interest whose [...]

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