Blood and Feathers

Blood and Feathers What s the first thing you think of when I say angel asked Mallory Alice shrugged I don t know guns Alice isn t having the best of days She was late for work she missed her bus and now she s getting

  • Title: Blood and Feathers
  • Author: Lou Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781781080184
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood and Feathers

    What s the first thing you think of when I say angel asked Mallory Alice shrugged I don t know guns Alice isn t having the best of days She was late for work, she missed her bus, and now she s getting rained on What she doesn t know is that her day s about to get worse the epic, grand scale kind of worse that comes from the arrival of two angels who claim What s the first thing you think of when I say angel asked Mallory Alice shrugged I don t know guns Alice isn t having the best of days She was late for work, she missed her bus, and now she s getting rained on What she doesn t know is that her day s about to get worse the epic, grand scale kind of worse that comes from the arrival of two angels who claim everything about her life is a lie The war between the angels and the Fallen is escalating the age old balance is tipping, and innocent civilians are getting caught in the cross fire If the balance is to be restored, the angels must act or risk the Fallen taking control Forever That s where Alice comes in Hunted by the Fallen and guided by Mallory a disgraced angel with a drinking problem and a whole load of secrets Alice will learn the truth about her own history and why the angels want to send her to hell What do the Fallen want from her How does Mallory know so much about her past What is it the angels are hiding and can she trust either side Caught between the power plays of the angels and Lucifer himself, it isn t just hell s demons that Alice will have to defeat

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      389 Lou Morgan
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    One thought on “Blood and Feathers

    1. Trudi

      "I can't be an angel. I'm a librarian. That's absurd.""You? One of heaven's brutes. Unthinking drones, that's all you ever were, and all you'll ever be. A coward who didn't even have the courage to stand with us and Fall. Now look at you! Neutered. A little puppy dog waiting for its master to throw it a scrap."I came across this one quite by accident poking around looking for something else. Anything with blood and feathers in the title is going to get my attention. Not because I have anything a [...]

    2. Anna (Enchanted by YA)

      So much heart-pounding action and so much awesomeness!This book could have easily become another drab angel story that drew me in by its beautiful cover, where the heroes valiantly save the day (at the last minute) and you never really fear for any of the characters. But it wasn’t. Constantly, there was the threat of characters dying and constantly you were reminded that perhaps the angels wouldn’t win…Even then, with the line between angels and the Fallen, heaven and hell blurred – loya [...]

    3. Nikki

      Blood and Feathers reminded me very much of Supernatural, from the morality of the angels/demons through the issues of falling to the general reliance on human firepower — Mallory, one of the main characters, uses guns regularly, rather than any kind of angelic power. As in Supernatural, sometimes it seems as though the angels may not be the best allies, and may not want the best for humanity; some of the demons seem redeemable.Overall, it’s a fast read, and I found it quite enjoyable. If it [...]

    4. Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands)

      [December 26th, 2017] wasn't what i was expecting tbh1.5 stars.Sometimes you pick up a book, thinking the story would be illustrated a particular way when the reality it isn't—this is one of those books. Then again, I was during the phase of grabbing every angel/demon book that sounded interesting in terms of research, and it really cringe-worthy shows sadly.It's a shame, I wasn't particularly attached to any of the characters, being rather flat and cliched as they were, and stereotypical too. [...]

    5. Mieneke

      As we've recently established I'm a sucker for a great cover, it'll come as no surprise that I love the cover for Blood and Feathers. Pye Parr did a stunning job on this one. Lou Morgan's debut novel is my second read this year that featured angels after Chris F. Holm's Dead Harvest, only this time we were definitely on the side of the angels. However, by choosing as main viewpoint that of the ostensibly human Alice, Morgan is able to create a little doubt in the mind of the reader on whether th [...]

    6. Book Whales

      Originally posted @ Book WhalesI want to read this book because of the cover and blurb. It was creepy in good way and I love angels. I have this gut feeling that the book would be kick-ass, which it is. Blood and Feathers did not disappoint me. It was action packed and infused with shocking revelations that will blow your mind.The story started in a gruesome way. Yep, Alice was with her father when 2 angels came to visit. Her father was killed right then and there by an invisible force (Neck was [...]

    7. JJ DeBenedictis

      This book has pretty great prose; it slurps you in and is easy to read. I also thought the main character was nicely spirited and spunky; she's always questioning and talking back to the angels who try to tell her what to do.Where the book failed, for me, was in how I kept feeling slightly let down by it. I kept thinking that characters were going to turn out to be more awesome than they actually did turn out to be, or I thought situations would be tenser and more explosive than they wound up be [...]

    8. Gergana

      Read in February 11-20 , 2016. DNF:40%True, there were elements and ideas that I found super interesting, the side-characters were fun, but the protagonist was rather bland and boring, the pacing was fast, action-packed, but there was so much happening without progressing the story or developing the characters that you feel like you're going in circles. Not to mention that there were new characters being introduced constantly (especially Fallen) without ANY description of what they look like wha [...]

    9. Jo

      Ooo-eeee, I loved this. Came across it randomly and expected it to either be crap or just about readable. Thank you Lou Morgan for proving me wrong. Alice gets drawn into the everlasting battle between the angels of Heaven and Hell, learning more about her background along the way. There are some wonderful characters in this novel and interesting descriptions of Hell. I was so glad when I got to the end and found it's the first book in the series as I didn't want it to end. I can't recommend thi [...]

    10. Shehreyar

      This is perhaps the best angel/demon/heaven/hell book I've read to date; I don't understand why it isn't more popular. Looking forward to the second one.

    11. Paul

      Alice isn’t having the best of days – late for work, missed the bus, and now she’s getting rained on – but it’s about to get worse. The war between the angels and the Fallen is escalating and innocent civilians are getting caught in the cross-fire. If the balance is to be restored, the angels must act – or risk the Fallen taking control. Forever. That’s where Alice comes in. Hunted by the Fallen and guided by Mallory – a disgraced angel with a drinking problem he doesn’t want t [...]

    12. Kristin(MyBookishWays Reviews)

      You may also read my review here: mybookishways/2012/07/When Alice comes home to find two strange men in the house with her father, she doesn’t know what to think. When a pair of hands reach down from the ceiling and snap her father’s neck, all hell breaks loose. Something is coming. Something big. And it wants Alice. Luckily, she’s got Gwyn and Mallory on her side. They insist she’s in danger and can trust them, and when she sees the spread of their wings, a new reality comes crashing d [...]

    13. Celeste

      “You’re not exactly what I’d imagine an angel would be like, you know.”“I’d always pictured something, well, fluffier.”Lou Morgan has recreated Hell. And I, personally, love what she's done with the place. She's taken the stereotypical fire and brimestone and changed it completely into something even more frightening: a world where everything is ice and ever-numbing cold. She's added a waterfall made of ice, a gate made of bone and on top of that, added some kick-ass characters to [...]

    14. Tabitha (Pabkins)

      Blood and Feathers has an interesting version of the whole angels and demons shtick. Normally I stay away from fiction that contains any biblical themes because I usually find them preachy. But Blood and Feathers appealed to me what with it’s description containing an angel with a drinking problem. So I thought, *shrug* it might not thump at me too much.I was thankfully correct, even though it was about angels and demons and their eternal war, I didn’t feel like it was about religion at all. [...]

    15. Ornella (Nyx)

      If I had to use one word to describe this book it would Strange, but it was a good strange. The start was pretty rocky and I know a couple of people who gave up on it because of it, I only kept reading cause it was just so strange I had to find out what was going on, and that's basically what kept me going through the first half of the book. The MC, Alice, was soo wishy washyIt's like she was in shock or something throughout most of the book, she just goes along with everything and barely questi [...]

    16. Liz

      The premise was so promising, but the execution was lacking.The premise: Alice was raised as an ordinary human, but when she comes home to two angels (a fast-talking, hard-drinking Earthbound, named Mallory, and an uptight Descended, named Gwyn) it is revealed that she is actually half-angel courtesy of her mother, and that she is going to be a powerful force in the fight against the Fallen who have begun to upset the balance between Heaven and Hell.Great idea right? Sure the battle between the [...]

    17. Charlie

      A book about angels - the kind with guns and others too. It is a story of how to fit in when you find out you are a half-cast. It is a story of how to fit in when you find you are 'special'. It is a story of how to stay balanced when it is a typically British rainy day and your world falls apart. I had never heard of Lou Morgan until I heard her speak on a panel at Nine Worlds Geekfest. What she said made me interested in what she had written, so I bought this, her first book. I was not sorry.T [...]

    18. Nerina

      This was a very interesting book about Angels who are close to falling, and Angels who are there to help guide them to not fall. However, its mostly about a young girl who is actually a half angel that is chosen to go to Hell and tip the balance between Heaven and Hell. The story is intriguing the angels are funny. I like the story and am looking forward to reading the sequal. Very interesting to read a little more about the Archangels. Liked this book. For you romantics out there, sorry to tell [...]

    19. Mary K.

      The editor for this book should really find a new job. The first 30% was so hard to get through because it was so confusing, and the last 20% was a giant info-dump. It could have been so much better if the editing had been done properly and the book had been reworked to slowly pepper things in. The premise wasn't bad, and, really, it was the only thing that kept me going through the horrible editing, the awkward dialogue, and the chunky narrative.

    20. Anne Lyle

      Action-packed urban fantasy with some of the most charming, flawed (and all too often, psychotic) angels you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting - and a heroine who doesn't need to dress in leather or kick ass in order to be strong and awesome. Highly recommended!(Disclaimer. Yes, Lou is a friend. No, I don't say nice things about books just because a friend wrote them. I'm mean that way)

    21. Butterfly

      YES, unbelieveable but still true Katy is reading an Angel book again you who thought nobody could make her do that well you get it wrong 'cause I JUST DID IT !!! LOL !!!

    22. Sally Blackwell

      A truly fantastic book, I absolutely loved it. The Hell that has been created by Lou Morgan is truly terrifying and the angels are amazingly fantastically badass!

    23. Millie Brightman

      AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I loved Mallory, I even named my cat after him, call me a fangirl or whatever, but IDC.Gripping story, interesting characters, unpredictable twists. Everything I could ask for, apart from the fact that I wanted more romance-ugh; I have been deprived!" Other than that, Brilliant book.

    24. Tom

      Fans of Jim Butcher will embrace this funny, sarcastic, and powerful female protagonist. Razor sharp rapartee among the characters combined successfully with the politics of an enjoyable hidden magical world to make this one a tremendous amount of fun.

    25. Abhinav

      You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields:thefoundingfields/2012/10/Shadowhawk reviews a brand new debut title from Solaris Books, an urban fantasy about angels and demons.“Blood and Feathers stands out proudly in a year full of stellar debuts.”~The Founding FieldsLou Morgan is another writer I’ve discovered through Twitter this year and have interacted a fair bit with on numerous topics, as befits the informality of that social medium. I’ve had a pretty good experience ov [...]

    26. Leontii Cristea

      Hailed as “dark, enticing” and “wickedly funny”, Blood and Feathers is an urban fantasy hit that offers a classic war between good and evil, Heaven and Hell, described as “Alice in Wonderland goes to Hell”. Hardly standard fare for a genre that’s usually all about the darker underbelly of the world’s sprawling metropolises and the magic within. But that’s what’s so unbearably good about it; it offers something that feels new and exciting in a genre where the detectives, inves [...]

    27. Alek Cristea

      Blood and Feathers is one of those books I simply don’t know how to write a review of. Why, you ask? Because there is one word that to me feels like it sums up the entirety of the book: perfect. But ‘perfect’ isn’t much of a review, so I am going to have to put away my fanboy grin for a bit, and attempt to explain why I feel this way about this book.Set in the modern world, Blood and Feathers aims—and manages—to offer a difference in a genre where detectives, wizards, vampires, and w [...]

    28. Jagged

      3.5 starsThe beginning was really good. I was sucked in immediately. The first page even made me laugh. I loved Mallory. He hit her! (I don't condone abuse for either sex, but it is nice to know that not just women get away with it in books!)The plot behind this book really could have used some work. It was a fantastic idea. There was also some awesome writing done in this. But, you really didn't know what was going on. It felt like I was riding a spinning top at times, that somehow found itself [...]

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