Time Flies

Time Flies introduction by Alvin F Poussaint M D

  • Title: Time Flies
  • Author: Bill Cosby
  • ISBN: 9780385240406
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Time Flies

    introduction by Alvin F Poussaint, M.D.

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    One thought on “Time Flies

    1. Go

      Although this was not even close to the humor in Fatherhood I will say that one particular section had me laughing so hard I was crying. My husband came into the room to see what was so funny; he had to read it outloud. Bill's experience with trifocals was tragically comical. You can't help but feel his trepidation toward his new necessary equipment to aid his vision but he also makes fun of himself as usual. He says people who wear trifocals walk with tiny steps to avoid walking off the edge of [...]

    2. Monica

      Scary foreshadowing of Bill Cosby's life. This book was written in 1987, long before any "sex scandals" would rear their ugly head. I picked up this book for some "light reading" and "comic relief", but starting from the first chapter, it was not very funny and oddly sexual. Definitely NOT what you would expect clean-cut Dr. Huxtable to write about. The first chapter was all about his ego, his narcissism and his beautiful muscular youthful body. Waaaay to much detail about his body and his muscl [...]

    3. Tom

      A few weekends ago, I had seen a movie, titled "Himself", which was solely Bill Cosby doing stand-up in front of a packed theater for almost two hours. I can honestly say after an hour and a half, it was extremely difficult to keep myself from laughing, because my stomach muscles hurt from laughing so much! In that movie, Cosby talked about three things: the dentist, weekends, and parenthood. This book, published about ten years before DVD's were possible, is all about getting older. A pretty co [...]

    4. Tyler Dykema

      Oh the irony in reading this book now. I bought it about a week before the first rape accusation this summer and it's been sitting in my "to-read" stack of books on my desk ever since. I finally came to the realization that I didn't have to feel ashamed of reading something Cos wrote because he might have (probably) done some terrible, unforgivable things. His actions don't need to cause me shame. So with that being said, let me just say the book wasn't that good anyway.I knew what it was about [...]

    5. Tracy

      I read this years ago (twice) and often laughed so hard, I cried! I love Bill Cosby, and the humor he finds in everyday events. He's such an inspiration to others, especially those that find themselves in tough situations. I admire that ability to see the positive and make light of things as a way to deal with the challenges that come our way. Read this book if you need a good laugh, a stress reliever, or just need something to smile about. You won't be disappointed!

    6. Jose

      As a 22-year old I can relate to the troubles of aging. One day you are king of the playground, the next your are working at Burger King, playing with ground beef.

    7. Donna

      Here's an excerpt that hits home:All the failures of memory that can plague you, such as losing your car at a mall, or losing your glasses on your forhead, or losing the reason you entered a room, are minor when compared to the most embarrassing trick your mind can play: forgetting what you have been talking about.After scientists find a cure for the common cold, they will have to move on to a greater medical challenge: why a man my age clearly remembers events of thirty years ago but not what h [...]

    8. Linda

      Because of all the things we have come to know about Cosby, I really tried not to like this book, but it is actually very very funny.

    9. Colleen

      I had this book on my "to read" list before he was outed by the women he accosted and decided to still read it to see if I could find the "old Bill", whose humour I used to enjoy so much, in this book. Well, I did at times. When he talks about getting older and forgetting he's old and trying to do the things he did when he was 20 - I identified. It was funny old Bill. When he talked a wee bit about looking at young women - nothing weird or strange - just that, it felt twisted and dirty somehow. [...]

    10. Sue Jackson

      I recently heard that Cosby is going to be on another TV show and remember how funny he was both on TV and as a stand up comedian. Around the same time, I came acrossed his book Time Flies so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to read it. The book is 25 plus years old so some things are outdated but most of his thoughts about aging are timeless. Those include reminiscing about how he had been a good athlete and could no longer run fast or jump high. Other thoughts include the basics such for [...]

    11. Jon Clucas

      "Immortality is a long shot, I admit," quips Bill Cosby; "but somebody has to be first" (152).Billy-boy's not the only one rooting for him to be the first immortal human - I'm on his team. But time is getting short, flying if you will. This book was written just 1 year after I was born, but 50 after the birth of the Cos.Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever shows us that immortality may be a possibility. A possibility, that is, for people who are still alive. If we achieve medical i [...]

    12. D.A. Cairns

      Time Flies is a laugh out loud collection of anecdotes about aging by a great comedian. Funny, in a strange way, to read about a 50 year old who thinks he's getting old. I'm only five years off that, and I don't feel old. Anyway, among the gags, are some very profound points re aging and attitudes to getting old. The book also has a very long and serious introduction which is in itself a very thought provoking essay.A quick, fun read with a worthwhile message underpinning it. Highly recommended. [...]

    13. Lee

      when I found this book, at the same time I also found a book titled: Quarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties. just enough synchronicities to make me laughed out loud without being kicked out of the supermarket.Suffice to say, I picked this book instead of that one.Rather than being preached about 'it hurts when you cut your finger', all I need to hear is: "it will be better".

    14. King Ævil

      Time Flies, Bill's retrospective on aging, is replete with wit in the classic Cosby style, but he covers the same topic much more entertainingly in his stand-up concert 49. Cosby's humor suffers somewhat without the vocal dimension, since much of his charm is tied up in his timing, sound effects and imitations. (Seeing him in concert is better yet, as his facial expressions add yet another layer to the sophistication of his humor, but such opportunities are rare, and only his Himself video is re [...]

    15. Ryelor

      This book was okay. It seemed a little repetitive at times. I love Cosby's standup, and this book gave glimpse of his humor. I found it helped a lot if I read it and heard his voice in my mind while reading. He gives insight on what it is like to turn 50 years old, and I found that there were a lot of things about getting older that I could relate with. I guess I'm getting up there? Two and a half stars.

    16. Steven

      For whatever reason, I believe it was my dentist that had a copy of this book in his waiting room. After reading a couple of chapters, I bought it myself. Most of the stories about aging didn't really capture my attention when I read this piece at age 10, but I do recollect laughing out loud a few times.

    17. Michelle Balog

      As far as a Bill Cosby book goes, this one was just 'ok'. I really feel like he threw it together, added a lot of filler (blank pages and extra titles etc). Its funny and a really short read if you are looking for a palate cleanser between two more in depth books. Maybe something for a flight or sitting on the beach.

    18. Jenifer

      A blast from the past! I went into this with a critical eye, of course. Ready to read character flaws into this book of humor from Bill Cosby, published in 1987. But there was nothing. Just your run-of-the-mill humor. Kind of like reading the Reader's Digest. Fine, but not very. anything. And with that, another shelf in my library cleaned out!

    19. Molly

      I can't rate this book. I'm a huge Cosby fan. Have been since I was little. But this book is BAD. This book actually took me THE ENTIRE YEAR TO READ. That's how bad it was. I had to keep putting it away, because it was that awful. I'm sorry for everything you are going through, Mr. Cosby. And I'm sorry for a negative review but this book STINKS.

    20. Becky

      Its a short, funny book about aging and aging gracefully. Its full of Cosby humor and a great story about him losing his glasses. In this book he's fifty, and even though I'm twenty years younger I'm starting to understand what he's going through. I hope that when I'm fifty I have such a great sense of humor.

    21. Melissa

      This is a book about being 50 and the aging process. True to Bill Cosby form, there's plenty of humor. There were some read-aloud chapters and laugh-out-loud descriptions. Though I am not yet 50, my husband is, and my brother-in-law just tried to deny his way through it, so reading this was timely for me.

    22. Catherine

      Every one over the age of thirty needs to read this. It's a honest portrayal of how your body will deceive and undermine you as you age. It gave me a good idea of what was coming and I gave it to my dad so he could see and acknowledge that he was up to his ears in it. He did eventually get glasses and his ears cleaned at least.

    23. Leila

      I tried reading this many years ago abnd I couldn't relate to his humor of aging ~ NOW I can and can understand it ~ too close to home ~ hm-m-m-m still not laughing but not because of lack of understanding but understand too well!

    24. Bailey Jane

      I read this book when I was far too young to understand it. I think I found it on my dad's bookshelf (same shelf as The Hobbit and The Brothers Karamazov, but this one's a little different), but didn't understand what Cosby was trying to say because I was 10 years old.

    25. Cameron

      Just have to love Bill Cosby. He has a great perspective and is so right on with real life in a funny way. You can't help but be afraid but full of hope in growing old reading this book. A great read.

    26. Arlene

      This collection of essays by Bill Cosby about aging was published in 1988 after his 50th birthday. One has to wonder how his perceptions might have changed since then. He is always amusing with his reflections.

    27. Sam

      3.4; the first half was a 2,8 and last half a 3.7. The second half was much funnier and more relatable. And you can certainly picture him saying these things. I read the good parts to my hubby:one of our new bonding rituals,

    28. Dolly

      This is a quick, funny read, although I prefer Dr. Cosby's other stories to this one. It has some wisdom and humor about aging, but it's more matter of fact and not as funny as "I Am What I Ated I'm Frightened!!!"

    29. Misha

      I picked this up in one of those "Little Free Libraries" in my neighborhood. I LOL'ed a couple times and it was a quick read. Overall, though, it really showed it's age and it still made me feel old.However, Bill Cosby is still awesome.

    30. Mallory

      A light, humorous look at the aging process and the many ways we try to stay looking and feeling young. We've been going through so much with my grandparents right now and it's made me think a lot about aging in this country, so it was a good time in my life to read this.

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