Gon: Volume 1

Gon Volume He s back The little dinosaur with the big bite and even bigger attitude returns this time to CMX Long before the dawn of Man savage dinosaurs roamed the Earth Now only one remains the smallest and

  • Title: Gon: Volume 1
  • Author: Masashi Tanaka
  • ISBN: 9781401212735
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gon: Volume 1

    He s back The little dinosaur with the big bite and even bigger attitude returns, this time to CMX Long before the dawn of Man, savage dinosaurs roamed the Earth Now, only one remains the smallest and wildest of them all Gon marches across the wilderness defending the friendly and furry from the mean and hungry Told entirely without words, the stories highlight the aHe s back The little dinosaur with the big bite and even bigger attitude returns, this time to CMX Long before the dawn of Man, savage dinosaurs roamed the Earth Now, only one remains the smallest and wildest of them all Gon marches across the wilderness defending the friendly and furry from the mean and hungry Told entirely without words, the stories highlight the amazingly detailed art and visual storytelling genius of creator Masashi Tanaka Note The new CMX edition now reprints this material in right to left order, as it appeared in the original Japanese editions.

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      359 Masashi Tanaka
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    One thought on “Gon: Volume 1

    1. David Schaafsma

      This is a wordless graphic novel series, with delicate black and white drawings of a dinosaur named Gon and a lot of other animals. Maybe not for really little kids, though as it can get a little violent. But the whole story is told pretty clearly, seems to me, without the words. This first one was really pretty good for me, impressive, though black and white manga for little kids… a little bit of a stretch, maybe? And it's a series, but all of them seem pretty similar to me.

    2. Guguk

      Untuk vol. 1 - 3 (^ ^)Gambar : 4 bintangmbarnya detil dan keren (^ ^) Binatang-binatangnya terlihat riil, bukan yang tipe lucu-lucuan.Cerita : 2.5 bintangi rata-rata karena kisahnya berupa kumpulan petualangan si Gon yang pindah-pindah lokasi dengan 'ajaib'.Kadang lucu, kadang mengharukan, kadang bagus, tapi kadang juga kelakuannya nyebelin (^ ^;)> Nyebelinnya nyebelin ala bocah gitu, tipe yang ga mau kalah dan suka usil~Yang lebih nyebelin lagi, ini memang cetak ulang sih, jadi versi western [...]

    3. เอกภพ สิทธิวรรณธนะ

      เคยเห็นและอ่านตอนเด็กๆ เมื่อสมัยยังอยู่ในนิตยสารการ์ตูน ไม่เข้าใจว่ามังงะเรื่องนี้สื่อสารอะไร ทำไมไม่พูด ทั้งยังมีภาพมืดทะมึนน่ากลัวเลือดสาดแต่การได้ย้อนกลับอ่านตอนนี้ มั [...]

    4. TheOtherWinchester

      I actually really enjoyed this, but I'm partial to dinosaurs so I'm going to be biased and I acknowledge that. I really liked the art in it, but I feel like it would've been easier to follow if it were done in color. It's a very quick read and is told solely through pictures, but there is a story that you follow through each chapter, and for the most part, even without text, it's pretty easy to follow. There were a few illustrations that I thought were kind of confusing, but other than that, I r [...]

    5. Soobie can't sleep at night

      Ich konnte diesen Manga auf Italienisch nicht finden und ich habe die deutsche Fassung gekauft. Ich liebte Gon, als ich ein Kind was. Mit 33 Gon war wirklich eine verwöhnte Gör! Er kümmert sich nicht um die andere Tiere und er nutzt sie immer aus. Er ist aber auch ein lustiger Kerl. Die Zeichnungen sind wunderbar und extrem realistisch.Ich möchte auch den zweiten Band lesen

    6. Racheal

      Wow, wow, wow! Masashi Tanaka is a master at wordless storytelling! So expressive, totally readable, and laugh out loud funny. I did take a star off because the ultimate message of some of the stories was a little odd, though.

    7. Paul

      Most wordless novels use the lack of words to add something to the book, Gon however is wordless because the story is simple enough that words aren’t necessary. The book is mainly about what would happen if a small but extremely powerful and mean creature were introduced to different ecosystems, Gon as that creature usually ends up being the best off. Gon seems to be the exact opposite of a human, he was born very strong and never had to invent anything to get what he wants, he is an example o [...]

    8. Michelle Wardhaugh

      A story with no words! The artwork is amazing, though. I've started using this series in classrooms from first to third (I'll try 4th this week), and it's been a huge hit. Tanaka-sama moves Gon, a tought little SD dinosaur, from environment to environment around the world with the most increadible (and accurate, from what little I know) detail. His slightly fantasized environments are equally well realized. There isn't anything this little guy can't take on, from a tick to a great white. He can [...]

    9. Niried

      Gon is an amazing Goodread, told entirely with images - like a cartoon on paper - showing the adventures of the plucky little dinosaur with a whole lotta attitude! The black and white art is stunning in detail and so fun to enjoy while "watching" the turbulent exploits of Gon.And on a personal note, a picture truly is worth a thousand words - when a little book of Gon made a perfect birthday gift from me to a child family member from a different country; we could barely say two words to each oth [...]

    10. Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment)

      I was entirely misled about this manga. I was told it was about a "cute dinosaur". From the art on the cover alone I could tell that my recommender was delirious. There is nothing cute about this manga!Pros: The art is intense. The story is fast and easy to follow. It's a very different manga and story than one might be used to. It's a great palate cleanser? lmao.Sort of cons: Gon is a little shit. The chapter with the lion made me actually uncomfortable, but I liked the ending of that chapter a [...]

    11. Emkoshka

      I like graphic novels and wordless picture books and dinosaurs, but this didn't do it for me. Each story is essentially the same: vigilante dinosaur takes revenge on predator animal. Just change the setting and animals. I did get a few chuckles out of 'Gon Glares', set in Australia (drop bears!), but I didn't care for the character of Gon; even if he crusades in the name of justice for some, he's ultimately a nasty little critter. However, the illustrations are stunning: detailed, evocative and [...]

    12. Shawna

      The artwork was only black and white and the detailed lined drawings were so busy I had trouble focusing on the images. Generally I like wordless books to be extremely expressive, but the creatures of Gon were too realistic to express much emotion and I felt the story suffered as a result. Ultimately, not for me.

    13. Hieu Cao

      This series is extraordinary! There are no dialogues, just pictures sequenced by pictures. Masashi artfully draws the vastness and liveliness of nature in which Gon, the dinosaur, appears tiny but demonstrate an enormous attitude. This series is scanned and you can read online, but I highly recommend you to buy it, only 7 volumes.

    14. Louair5

      This type of book is very cool, it tell's the story without any words, it inspires the creativity and imagination of the reader. The thrilling adventures of Gon are entertaining and fun to read. It is amazing how the story is told without any words, the story line for the book is very easy to understand and clear, this fact makes it hard to create but very fun to read.

    15. Amy

      A graphic novel with no text about a dinosaur. I was intrigued, so I gave it a try. Gon is essentially Superman for dinosaurs, with each episode of the volume showing yet another way how awesome the dino is. Mostly I didn't enjoy it though. Somewhat amused, but the style of the illustrations was too violently drawn (a lot of lines and angry/evil-looking faces). So, meh.

    16. Jacob Aldrich

      Gon is one of the best little dinosaurs in existence. I found this at Anime Boston 2011 and liked it so much that I bought the rest the following year. The story and art is great for both adults and children, and reminds me of a wordless, Saturday morning cartoon. It's pure entertainment.

    17. Pumsish

      ลูกไดโนเสาร์ตัวเล็กๆแต่บู๊มาก ผจญภัยเป็นตอนๆไปกับสารพัดสัตว์(ที่ดูราวกับเอาสัตว์จากทุกยุคมารวมกัน ยกเว้นไดโนเสาร์ เห็นก๊องอยู่ตัวเดียวนี่แหละ -_-")เป็นการผจญภัยที่ฮา สนุก และ [...]

    18. Sarah

      My friend recommended these books to me, and this one was tons of fun to read! Gon is small but very, very mighty. Even though it has no words, the story is told well through the drawings. I need to re-read it again to soak in all the details, and I look forward to reading the rest!

    19. Phillip Goodman

      this is fantastic, the artwork is so wonderful and detailed, and these wordless stories are far more complex and adult than the cheerfully cute cover would suggest, and its diminunitive, titular protangonist is a wonderful and charming anti hero.

    20. Michael

      ;One little dinosaur is the last of his kind; that would make anyone cranky, and he's taking it out on any creature that gets in his way. Gon is all additude, and with no words his story is all action in this Manga for all ages.

    21. scarlettraces

      everything it's advertised to be, and i'm not fond of animal-based stories normally. unfortunately too much slaver and brutal eating for my 6-year-old nephew (whom i bought it for) - maybe in a couple of years. (it's an all ages title, but CMX has given it a 'T' advisory for violence.)

    22. Gandhi

      You guys (visual driven people) must read this comic book ! Amazingly no text and you still able to follow the story, just like a loooooong storyboard. And it's series

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