Oh Dear Geoffrey!

Oh Dear Geoffrey Join accident prone Geoffrey giraffe as he tries to make friends at the waterhole on the plains and up in the trees in this funny debut from exciting new talent Gemma O Neill

  • Title: Oh Dear Geoffrey!
  • Author: Gemma O'Neill
  • ISBN: 9781848773479
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Oh Dear Geoffrey!

    Join accident prone Geoffrey giraffe as he tries to make friends at the waterhole, on the plains and up in the trees in this funny debut from exciting new talent Gemma O Neill.

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      450 Gemma O'Neill
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    One thought on “Oh Dear Geoffrey!

    1. Samantha

      GREAT art, okay story. Geoffrey the giraffe is clumsy, but eager to make a friend. The mixed media artwork is breathtaking, especially the final two page spread (talk about frameworthy!) The story is a bit too long for a read aloud, but is overall positive and incorporates a lot of different animals whcih holds a certain appeal.This is the author's debut and I think we'll see other great books to follow; she's just getting warmed up. PreK-2.

    2. Lorie

      Geoffrey Giraffe wants to make friends with the other animals, but his long legs are keeping him from connecting. Every time he bends down his awkward pose has him landing on the ground. Geoffrey finally realizes that he can be friends with the animals that live in the trees.The charming mixed media illustrations make the images come alive. We can see those awkward legs of the giraffe up close as he tries to talk to the animals on the ground. The story has a repeatable refrain of "Oh, Dear, Geof [...]

    3. Kelsey

      Oh Dear, Geoffrey! by Gemma O'Neill features the awkward and gangling Geoffrey the giraffe. Geoffrey tries to play with the other animals, but always creates a mess with his uncoordinated body. Finally, some monkeys and birds befriend him because he can reach the tops of the trees like they can. He can even see the stars.O'Neill's watercolor illustrations make the book pop. The plot can seem a little simple and fabricated, but the illustrations are worth looking at alone. The text features a var [...]

    4. Julee

      I saw Oh Dear Geoffrey! up high out of my reach at Barnes and Noble but I certainly didn't let it stop me from scaling the shelves to pull it off the shelf. The cover illustrations caught my eye and I knew immediately that it would be worth getting in trouble with store staff. Geoffrey is a very tall, clumsy yet adorable giraffe who stumbles and bumbles his way through the day attempting to make friends. Although a bit on the long side for a read aloud, I think Geoffrey makes for a pretty decent [...]

    5. Taarna

      Let me just start by saying that I love the illustrations. They are so creative and colorful and vibrant. With that said, I found the story to be disappointing. It was cute and silly with Geoffrey's clumsiness causing him all sorts of difficulty. Then it just seemed as if the author was unsure of how to end the story and it just fell flat. Maybe that's just my own personal prejudice because it ended on a vaguely sentimental note, but even the tone change felt disjointed to me. I might be over an [...]

    6. Cemeread

      Geoffrey isn't as adorable as Abigal, the giraffe in Catherine Rayner's illustrations, but his story is better and since he is a male giraffe being just good looking is enough I suppose. He does have more of a story then Abigal. This is a great story for sound play from wibbly-wobbly , slip and slide to trips, skips, and flips and more. Poor Geoffrey is just so clumsy when he tries to get lower. I love the splashing, mud, and star effects in the mixed media illustrations. Geoffrey does meet and [...]

    7. Paula

      "Geoffrey is a very tall, very clumsy giraffe. He tries to make friends with the animals down on the ground, but he just trips, slips, and falls usually flat on his face. Poor old Geoffrey tries everything to fit in, but it's only when he realizes that his height can be an advantage that he stretches out his long neck and finds a host of friends in the trees. Soon he discovers he can find friends just by being himself."--Publisher.

    8. Caryn Caldwell

      Geoffrey has trouble making friends because he's so clumsy, but when he sulks off to his favorite tree, he discovers there are some animals he can't fall on, splash, or smash: birds and monkeys. Geoffrey finally fits in.The story is fun to read aloud, with its use of onomatopoeia and exclamations, but it's the illustrations that make it. They are gorgeous, so rich and interesting, full of color and texture, perfectly capturing each animal's characteristics and emotions.

    9. Mary

      For the elegant illustrations and the well-made construction of the book, I was expecting a more profound story than the one presented in these pages. It is a good story about being who you are and friends will find you, but it's a message that isn't clear right away. Of everything, the illustrations are phenomenal!!

    10. Mary

      This is a sweet story about a giraffe who tries to make friends with other animals only to find his clumsiness getting in the way. However, his great height is advantageous when he discovers some new friends in the treetops. While the story is cute, it's the gorgeous illustrations that steal the show.

    11. Nick

      While young Geoffrey is gawky and clumsy, his height is actually a good thing, and it helps him to make friends that a shorter animal might never have met.The book will be reassuring to kids who are unsure of themselves, but mainly it's just a cute and clever story about the way individuals have good and bad features.

    12. Barbara

      Geoffrey is challenged by his height and his clumsiness. As he goes about his day, he keeps tripping over his own feet. With the help of some new friends, the better he starts to feel and the more he can feel good about himself and rise to new heights. I really liked the luminous illustrations in this picture book as well as its positive message.

    13. June

      I always have a soft spot for clumsy characters. I also love the illustrations, and word placement (the words tumble as Geoffrey stumbles). Geoffrey a clumsy giraffe, just wants to say "Hello," but he always has a mishap. He gives up, but then some monkeys ask for some help and want him as a friend. So do the birds. Have to try it in my friendship story time.

    14. Great Books

      Geoffrey is tall. Geoffrey is clumsy. He falls and he bumps into his friendsD Geoffrey keeps trying. Make a new friend, and read about Geoffrey the young giraffe and his friends in the African savannah. For ages 4-7. Reviewer #27

    15. Elaine

      Ms. O'Neill first picture is beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to look at the pages over and over again. Geoffrey is funny, colorful and so very clumsy, but you will love him especially since all his friends love him more.

    16. Jocelyn

      Cute book with cute illustrations. Geoffrey the giraffe tries hard to make friends but keeps running into problems because of his big, gangly body. Soon, he realizes he had friends all along that he just wasn't really noticing.

    17. Den

      This is a story about a giraffe who is trying to make friends but ends up doing something clumsy but then he meets some animals who would love to be his friend.A lovely read and wonderful pictures.

    18. PamPage

      The illustrations carry this story…they are beautiful and will captivate children. While the story is basic and simple children will be captivated with the images and the message of the story. I thought Geoffrey was cute enough but then got to the pages with the monkeys - very cute!

    19. Kelsey

      Age: PreschoolAnimals: Giraffe, AfricanA light and fluffy story about being yourself accompanied with large pages full of beautiful artwork. Geoffrey finds out that he's not so clumsy when he reaches up towards the sky and makes friends in the trees.

    20. Brittany

      With South African animals and beautiful illustrations, this was a fun one to share with Alistair (20 months). Geoffrey is clumsy but finds friends. Alistair loved the monkeys and making noises for all of the animals.

    21. Lynn

      Absolutely gorgeous illustrations with a humorous twist. Nice story for reading aloud with lots of fun words and a charming story about a clumsy giraffee.

    22. Jennifer

      I loooove these illustrations and I love giraffes. Such a cute book! Much like the themes of Giraffes Can't Dance and Hilda Must be Dancing

    23. pati

      Beautiful book! Monkeys and giraffes and such wonderfully colorful birds - all new best friends. Geoffrey is a sensitive giraffe just trying to find some friends.

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