Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher

Die Stadt der Tr umenden B cher Als der Pate des jungen Dichters Hildegunst von Mythenmetz stirbt hinterl sst er seinem Sch tzling nur wenig mehr als ein Manuskript Dieses aber ist so makellos dass Mythenmetz sich gezwungen sieht

  • Title: Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher
  • Author: Walter Moers
  • ISBN: 9783492045490
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher

    Als der Pate des jungen Dichters Hildegunst von Mythenmetz stirbt, hinterl sst er seinem Sch tzling nur wenig mehr als ein Manuskript Dieses aber ist so makellos, dass Mythenmetz sich gezwungen sieht, dem Geheimnis seiner Herkunft nachzugehen Die Spur f hrt nach Buchhaim, der Stadt der Tr umenden B cher Als der Held sie betritt, ist es, als w rde er die T r zu einer gigAls der Pate des jungen Dichters Hildegunst von Mythenmetz stirbt, hinterl sst er seinem Sch tzling nur wenig mehr als ein Manuskript Dieses aber ist so makellos, dass Mythenmetz sich gezwungen sieht, dem Geheimnis seiner Herkunft nachzugehen Die Spur f hrt nach Buchhaim, der Stadt der Tr umenden B cher Als der Held sie betritt, ist es, als w rde er die T r zu einer gigantischen Buchhandlung aufrei en Er riecht den Anflug von S ure, der an den Duft von Zitronenb umen erinnert, das anregende Aroma von altem Leder und das scharfe, intelligente Parf m von Druckerschw rze Einmal in den Klauen dieser buchverr ckten Stadt, wird Mythenmetz immer tiefer hineingesogen in ihre labyrinthische Welt, in der Lesen noch eine wirkliche Gefahr ist, in der r cksichtslose B cherj ger nach bibliophilen Sch tzen gieren, Buchlinge ihren Schabernack treiben und der mysteri se Schattenk nig herrscht.

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    One thought on “Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher

    1. Kayla Dawn

      Ein absolut grandioses, kreatives, humorvolles & doch ernstes Buch, welches jedmögliche Emotion in mir hervorgerufen hat. Walter Moers ist ein Genie 🙌🏻 Freue mich auf weitere seiner Werke.

    2. Cecily

      What it IsWalter Moers (and his excellent translator, John Brownjohn) love language, and that love permeates ever page, many times. Consequently, the book is a comic hymn to the power, beauty and fun of words, along with a more cautious love of books (which can provoke, or even be, evil). The books of the title are dreaming of being read, because that's what brings them to life.Story and SettingOptimus Yarnspinner comes from a city of authors and travels to Bookholm, a city of bookshops, trying [...]

    3. Bazpazazz

      what an amazing novel! ridiculous, irreverant, hilarious, philisophical, snuggly, informative, and many other ives that are positive. i don't want to spoil it, as if anyone could, for folks, so i'll just say this; a three foot tall dinosaur travels to said city in possession of a manuscript, and in search of its author, and manages to re-write the history of Zamonian literature. and foil a nefarious scheme.GO FORTH AND READ THIS WONDERFUL NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [...]

    4. Rozalia

      I know this is going to sound really silly, but this is the best book I've ever read. Please don't get distracted by all the illustrations and the fact that this is a fantasy novel; it is a timeless, mindblowing, deeply moving masterpiece filled with beautiful imaginary worlds andsuperiorwriting. It's a beautiful novel for people who love books and adventures, for daydreamers, idealists, optimists, people who haven't lost their hope, but also for pessimists and people with depression because I p [...]

    5. karen

      i dunno - this book isnt as cute/clever as it thinks it is. maybe if i were one of the adults-who-read-harry-potter, i would have a better understanding of it, but as it happens, i am not. i expected something more book-dorky, but it was just like reading a childrens adventure story. meh.

    6. Jan

      The City of Dreaming Books by German author Walter Moers is one of my all time favorite books. Since the original is written in German, and my German knowledge is minimal, I read the Dutch translation. I tried to look up all the names from the English translation, so everything should be clear, but translations in different languages can always be confusing.The StoryThe City of Dreaming Books tells the tale of Optimus Yarnspinner, an aspiring writer, who inherits his godfather’s possessions an [...]

    7. Kathryn

      I reached the end of this tale with such mixed feelings. There were times when I felt that the book would never end and I was so very bored. There were other times when I drank up every word as if it were ambrosia, and I wanted the spirit of the book to shine through my every waking hour. Overall, the outstanding moments of imagination and muse far outweighed the plodding aspects of yet another odd-and-dangerous creature encounter or one more night (or was it day? one can never really tell) in t [...]

    8. Paige (Enchantology)

      This is one of the most charming and delightful books I've ever read. Highly recommend to anyone who loves books, as they're really the heart of this story - both in terms of reading and writing them. I found myself smiling while reading most of this because it's just such a joy. This will definitely be one I need to reread as it's full of quotes I wish I'd taken the time to write down the first time but was too focused on continuing reading to do so.

    9. Alexandra

      So nun habe ich zweieinhalb Jahre lang dieses Hörbuch ausschließlich auf längeren Autofahrten genossen und muss sagen, es war teilweise genial, zwar annähernd aber doch nicht ganz von der Qualität eines Käpt'n Blaubär. Warum ich die Art der Rezeption hier in die Rezension hineinnehme, ist leicht erklärt: Ich stelle die These auf, dass erstens beim Hörbuch Szenen, die nicht ganz so spannend sind, weit mehr negativ ins Gewicht einer Beurteilung fallen und weiters mein Vortasten Stück fü [...]

    10. Elisabeth

      Ein völlig durchgeknalltes, aber großartiges Buch! Ich bin schwer beeindruckt und brauche dringend mehr Lesefutter von Herrn Moers :)

    11. Steffi

      Ein überraschend intelligentes Buch, das ständig auf andere Bücher verweist und die "wirkliche" Welt und die Menschen, die in ihr leben karrikiert. Außerdem eine wunderbare Hommage an Bücher und ans Lesen. Ein spannender Abenteuerroman für verschiedenste Altersgruppen. Eine meiner Lieblingsszenen betrifft das so genannte "Ormen". Die schrecklichen Buchlinge sind jeweils damit beschäftigt, das Werk eines bestimmten Dichters auswendig zu lernen. Dabei nehmen sie auch die Schrullen des entsp [...]

    12. Христо Блажев

      Градът на сънуващите книги, градът на дишащите книги: Книговището: knigolandiafo/book-review/gКогато се появи такава книга, аз лудвам, без майтап. Започвам да звъня и пиша на приятелите си, да поствам бясно цитати от нея, на срещи по каквато и да е тематика да я споменавам и да правя поняк [...]

    13. Lora

      This is the wittiest book I have read in a long time. A bibliophile's dream come true. It's full of wordplay and allusions to many classic works of literature, except that the references are slightly askew to fit into this novel's realm. I love that the famous authors in this story are often anagrams of well-known bards of the "real" world. The author is also kind enough to provide his own illustrations of his world. Literate dinosaurs, fearsome booklings, wicked literary agents and a Shadow Kin [...]

    14. Ints

      Šī grāmata kā izlasāma man bija atzīmēta jau sen. Tikai nekad nesanāca laiks, un arī pašas grāmatas man nemaz nebija. It kā jau varēju nopirkt angļu valodā, bet man nez kādēļ ir aizspriedumi pret uz angļu valodu tulkotajām grāmatām. Nācās gaidīt izdevumu krievu valodā, un tā, vienu dienu iegājis grāmatu bodē, ieraudzīju Hildergunsta Mītgrieža darbu par vienu no Camonijas interesantākajām pilsētām.Grāmatas ar jums var izdarīt jebko, bieži vien pēc grāmata [...]

    15. sj

      Review originally posted here.I've been trying to write a review of this book since I finished it almost a month ago, but haven't been able to find the words.  Instead of a review, you're going to get a series of thoughts.  I can't guarantee I'll make sense, but I hope at the end at least one of you will feel encouraged to pick it up.The City of Dreaming Books is the fourth book in Walter Moers' Zamonia series, but first in the Dreaming Books series.  I know, it's a little confusing, but I fi [...]

    16. Valentina

      Nun habe ich es auch endlich geschafft: Mein erstes Buch von Walter Moers. Toll war es! Eine originelle Geschichte für alle Buchliebhaber.

    17. Katri

      Fantastic. I'm in literary love. This was the first book by Walter Moers that I read but will definitely not be the last. I have rarely loved and adored a book as much as this one.The ultimate book for any booklovers with a sense of humour and a love for good, exciting stories. "The City of Dreaming Books" tells the story of Hildegunst von Mythenmetz (called Optimus Yarnspinner in the English translation, but I read a Finnish translation which kept the original German name of the protagonist) wh [...]

    18. Tristram

      Hier fängt die Rezension anNur durch einen Zufall bin ich auf dieses hervorragende Buch gestoßen, denn bislang hatte ich nie so die rechte Lust dazu verspürt, einen Roman von Walter Moers zu lesen, kannte ich ihn doch nur als Vater von Comics, die nicht so ganz meinen Geschmack treffen. Sehr schnell merkte ich jedoch beim Lesen, daß ich hier ein ganz besonderes Buch aufgestöbert hatte, denn die Liebe seines Verfassers zur Literatur spricht ihm aus jeder Zeile.Moers lädt uns in die fantasti [...]

    19. Tilly

      Someday I have to re-read this gorgeous book and write a review. This review will be probably more a declaration of love than a review to be honest.

    20. Sandra

      Do you love reading? Do you love fantasy worlds? And do you love books? In that case, this book is for you. It's the story of a dinosaur who goes to a city where everything, and I mean everything, has to do with books. The newspaper Die Welt has called this a love declaration for literature, and in that, the critic was quite correct. I'm a bit hestitant to talk about the book or its fantasy world, because I don't want to spoil anything! But in short: the city of Buchhaim is a city full of books, [...]

    21. Michael

      It is now official, I have a new favorite author and series. Having been totally blown away from Moers first two books set in the mythical lost continent of Zamonia my expectations was high for more madcap calamity in the land of living books. Tee-hee this was such an awesome read. Narrated by trepid adventurer Optimus Yarnspinner, he describes his perilous journey to find the identity of the author of a manuscript that is the most accomplished Zamonian writing ever put to paper. Traveling to Bo [...]

    22. Jojo

      3.5 Sterne gibt's von mir für das Buch. Es hat unglaublich Spaß genacht, das Buch im Zuge der Wanderbuch-Aktion zu lesen, gerade weil man immer noch kleine Eindrücke der anderen Leser mitbekommt und es dadurch teilweise noch lustiger war. Allerdings muss ich auch sagen, dass ich wohl nie ein Walter Moers-Fan werde, so Leid es mir auch tut. Zu Beginn bin ich unglaublich begeistert von der Geschichte gewesen, was dann aber im Verlauf immer weiter abnahm. Mich nervt es einfach, dass immer wieder [...]

    23. Bine

      Es war so genial, wie immer, wenn ich es höre. Und immer wieder muss bekomme ich bei diesem grandiosen Ende eine absolute Gänsehaut. Ich liebe dieses Buch / Hörbuch einfach abgöttisch <3

    24. Наталия Янева

      Във тъмни, хладни, празни стаи,където се кръстосват сенки бледи,където древни книги сън сънуватза отминалите времена, когато са били дървета,и въглищата раждали са диаманти,и никой не познавал светлина и милост –е мястото, където онзи дух царува,наречен Сенчестия крал.При [...]

    25. Amanda NEVER MANDY

      I did not enjoy this journey as much as the first two. I wasn’t as attached to the main character, way more interested in a character that appeared towards the end of the story. I did however love the theme, BOOKS!! A world that almost completely consists of books is a world that I want to live in. Well except for the meal option, book worms. I pictured big ol’ maggots and grubs every time I came across the word. BLECH!!This author is gifted. I can only imagine what kind of imagination he ha [...]

    26. Bistra Ivanova

      Превъзходна книга за книжки! Въобще не я намирам младежка, непременно ще се хареса на феновете на The Shadow of the Wind! Прекрасният, мил, добър, умен и чувствителен дракон Змей Митоблудни изпълнява завещанието на своя поетичен кръстник и отива в Книговището в търсене на един гениал [...]

    27. Lea

      When I first saw this book, I was on a city trip to Berlin. I needed some time for myself, and had the need for an escape from my everyday student life. At first the cover awakened my attention, a book with books on it. How wonderful! (Especially if you really-really-really, are into books) and the title makes it even better.But then I wouldn’t buy it at first. Walter Moors has also written "The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear", and as every other German I do associate this with children’s st [...]

    28. Nikki

      The City of Dreaming Books is delightfully whimsical, crammed full of ideas that practically want to burst out of the pages, and it’s all about books and writing and the love of reading. There’s so much going on — so much humour, so much inventiveness — and it’s all supplemented by the illustrations. I was a little worried after reading a synopsis of one of Moers’ other books (which is apparently in the same world, though this one stands alone) that it’d be too childish, but it did [...]

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