Peppermint This is the beautiful story of a small kitten who is born in a candy store and needs a home If you ve read it you may remember the image of a kitten who has been accidentally dyed blue You may also r

  • Title: Peppermint
  • Author: Dorothy Grider Raymond Burns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peppermint

    This is the beautiful story of a small kitten who is born in a candy store and needs a home If you ve read it, you may remember the image of a kitten who has been accidentally dyed blue You may also remember how heartwarming it is when a sad little kitten and sad little girl find happiness together.The story, while clearly from a bygone era, is still memorable It s a grThis is the beautiful story of a small kitten who is born in a candy store and needs a home If you ve read it, you may remember the image of a kitten who has been accidentally dyed blue You may also remember how heartwarming it is when a sad little kitten and sad little girl find happiness together.The story, while clearly from a bygone era, is still memorable It s a great read I d highly recommend it to anyone who can get his her hands on a copy

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    One thought on “Peppermint

    1. Linda

      My absolute favorite children's book. This may have been the book that taught me to read, because I know my mom read it to me until I'd memorized it, and I read it by myself many times as well. Peppermint is a kitten that is adopted by a little girl. She plans to take him to show and tell at school, so she tries to bathe him, but he ends up in a bowl of blue dye! You have to read it to find out how it all turns out!

    2. babyhippoface

      I bought a copy of this title from the 50's at a garage sale, and my daughter just loved it. She wrote a mini-review of it in first grade, so I'll just let her do the talking here:"Peppermint is a verry beuteyfull book. She is gray and has ruff fur. Then a girl takes her home and washes her. Then she jumps in the blueing and then she was a beuteyfull blue cat!"

    3. Kaethe

      Peppermint is the kitten version of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. No one wants it, it looks all bedraggled and tiny, but then one little girl takes it home and loves it, and it turns out to be a beautiful kitten. Who accidentally bathes in the blueing when the girl's mother tries to bathe it.**Do people still add blueing to make their whites look whiter?

    4. Kelly

      My sister and I had this book when we were little and I scooped a pristine copy from an Instagram shop as a gift for her. The illustrations are darling and brought back tons of memories, but the sentiment was a little bit off and not something I would have been so excited about had I remembered.

    5. Lindsay Downs

      I love this book based on pure nostalgia. The moral, if there is one, is almost offensive: little Peppermint was only worthy until Barbara's mother accidentally dyed her blueThis books is still AWESOME!

    6. Joan Concilio

      My absolute favorite book ever, and the first one I remember reading on my own as a kid. Spawned a lifelong love of reading - AND it's about a cat. How much better can you get?

    7. Melissa

      This was a cute book. I loved the illustrations but what was my favorite part was the price of the kittens only .15 cents. That's right for .15 you could have your very own fluffy candy named kitten. You can't even get a piece of gum for .15 these days. Oh, and you have to love the candy shop owner being named Mr. Dobby (hello, fellow Potterheads). This is a classic book with the type of illustrations and story you would expect. It wasn't a masterpiece but it was still very enjoyable and I would [...]

    8. Lauren Wood

      This was my absolute favorite book as a child. My mom would read this to me every night. The content of this book is simple but it teaches that being caring and compassionate can go a long way and that looks aren't everything. For example, Peppermint didn't always look as good as she does in the end but she was always the sweet little kitten. I would recommend this book from kindergarten to second grade.

    9. Kellie

      This was one of my favorite books when I was a little girl. Seeing this cover brings back so many memories and makes me nostalgic. It's a story about kittens for sale in a candy shop. One of the kittens gets dyed blue by accident and no one wants it. A little girl takes it home and somehow the kitten gets cleaned and the little girl discovers that it's a beautiful white kitten.

    10. Gretchen Ingram

      I would love to find another copy of this- it's a sweet book!Found! I haven't read this in so many years it was a treat to re-read it with Emily today. She's too old for it too, of course, but she liked it as well.

    11. Robin

      This is an adorable book about a lonely kitten and a lonely little girl. They find each other, and the little girl (Barbara) is going to take the kitten Peppermint to a cat show, but the cat hates the bath so much, she jumps out into a bowl of blue dye. But all ends well.

    12. Dawn

      I LOVE THIS BOOK! Absolutely my favorite children's book. A few years ago I wanted a copy, and getting it was quite the adventure. From several librarians, websites and some interesting fan discussions. It is the story of a kitten who falls in bleach and turns Blue. Great Book.

    13. Christa

      I loved this book as a child and I'm delighted to have it in my collection, it's sweet and the pictures are just adorable. It's always been one of my favorites and I love it even as an adult.

    14. Kris Phillips

      This was the first book I ever read by myself (I was 4), and I still have it! So excited to find it listed here.

    15. Sarah Rowland

      My absolute favourite book when I was a child growing up in Florida in the 80s. I still have my 39cent edition and enjoy reading it to my toddler but don't let her touch it!!

    16. Karen

      Cute old kid's book. I read this to almost 4 year old Keturah when they were visiting. Bluing is a bit outdated though. I wonder how many kids know what it is?

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