Niels Lyhne

[PDF] Niels Lyhne | by ✓ Jens Peter Jacobsen Ana Sofía Pascual Pape - Niels Lyhne, Niels Lyhne Niels Lyhne fue el Werther de nuestra generaci n Y cuando todav a hoy hojeo algunos de sus pasajes podr a transcribir de memoria palabra por palabra con tanta frecuencia y con tanta pasi n incorpora

  • Title: Niels Lyhne
  • Author: Jens Peter Jacobsen Ana Sofía Pascual Pape
  • ISBN: 9788496136021
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Niels Lyhne

    [PDF] Niels Lyhne | by ✓ Jens Peter Jacobsen Ana Sofía Pascual Pape - Niels Lyhne, Niels Lyhne Niels Lyhne fue el Werther de nuestra generaci n Y cuando todav a hoy hojeo algunos de sus pasajes podr a transcribir de memoria palabra por palabra con tanta frecuencia y con tanta pasi n incorpora

    • [PDF] Niels Lyhne | by ✓ Jens Peter Jacobsen Ana Sofía Pascual Pape
      259 Jens Peter Jacobsen Ana Sofía Pascual Pape
    Niels Lyhne

    One thought on “Niels Lyhne

    1. Rowena

      For the first time he had felt fear about life, for the first time he had truly understood that when life had sentenced you to suffer, this sentence was neither a pretense nor a threat you were dragged to the rack and then you were tortured, and no fairy tale liberation came at the last moment, no sudden awakening as if from a bad dream Jens Peter Jacobsen, Niels LyhneA book I probably wouldnt have picked up had I not come across a beautiful quote from it here on It s the coming of age story of [...]

    2. Nools

      This novel will not help you sleep at night I haven t felt this kind of despair over literature since Proust s Recherche Jacobsen despises his characters so tenderly Or is it that he loves them ruthlessly I finished it nearly ten hours ago, but an oppressive sadness is still lingering It s not a cathartic sorrow, either not in the least bit it s too stonily troubling for tears In part, this can be blamed on my Christian upbringing, but I won t let my background take away any credit from Jacobsen [...]

    3. Chiara Pagliochini

      Era stanco di se stesso, dei suoi freddi pensieri e dei suoi sogni La vita un poema Non quando si passa il tempo a poetare sulla vita invece di viverla Com era priva di contenuto, vuota, vuota, vuota Ah, quel continuo andare a caccia di se stesso, spiando scaltramente le proprie impronte, in un eterno girare in tondo quell apparente tuffarsi nel fiume della vita, e intanto starsene seduto a gettar l amo, aspettando di pescare se stesso sotto chiss quale travestimento Ah, se solo si fosse decisa [...]

    4. Eadweard

      I wonder if Ingmar Bergman read this I can almost imagine he did There are those who can take up their sorrow and bear it, strong temperaments who feel their strength in the very weight of the burden, while those who are weaker give in to the sorrow, as powerlessly as they would surrender to an illness like an illness, grief penetrates them, seeping its way into their innermost being and becoming one with them it is transformed within them in a slow battle and then lost inside them in a full rec [...]

    5. Liz

      Written during the naturalism movement was a nightmare to read Almost no dialogue but overly detailed descriptions and useless musings I had to fight sleep all the damn time A whiny character who can t make up his damn mind, lots of pointless occurances, somewhat ridiculous drama Almost as bad as the Metamorphosis by Kafka Almost.

    6. Andrew

      At times, you re reading Niels Lyhne, and you re caught up in the romanticism of it the unconsummatable romances, the damaged soul artist hero, and the lush, hypotactical descriptions of the natural world But what Jacobsen effects is something far subtler, with one eye winking at a dawning modernism.Let s start with those descriptions Baroque in form, precise in biology, they seem like they would be perfectly at home in the weird tales of Lovecraft or the morose ponderings of Sebald They are pos [...]

    7. Lobstergirl

      Jacobsen was, for Rainer Maria Rilke, one of two inexhaustible masters he revered The other was Rodin Rilke noted that every time I want to go on, I find the next, the next higher, the approaching stage of my growth sketched out and already created in Jacobsen s works and letters Both Jacobsen and Rodin have that penetrating, devoted observation of nature, both have the power to transform what they have seen into reality enhanced a thousandfold Time to re read The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brig [...]

    8. Jacob

      Life isn t always grand, life isn t always tragic It isn t always filled with success and it isn t always filled with failure, it isn t right and it isn t wrong Sometimes, probably a lotta times, life just is, and there s beauty in that So while you re striving forward look left and right and stop and appreciate Don t adhere but don t give in Above all, be natural.That s roughly what I took away from Niels Lyhne.

    9. Þróndr

      J P Jacobsen s Niels Lyhne was a very positive surprise His nature descriptions are unique, perhaps matched only by those of Turgenev, by whom he was influenced To a degree Jacobsen even surpasses Turgenev in the way his delineations of nature are so masterly integrated into the book s thematic I was glad to be able to read this in the original Danish, as many of those outstanding passages must be really hard to translate and even to my native Norwegian I read in the very useful afterword in thi [...]

    10. Anna

      I decided to read Niels Lyhne as Rilke recommended it very highly in Letters to a Young Poet He went into raptures about it, actually Thus it surprised me to find the novel initially rather stolid and difficult to get into I wonder if this might have something to do with the translation I read I got a copy from the university library that was published in 1920 and translated by Hanna Astrup Larsen The style of the translation, which may accurately reflect the original Danish for all I know, is e [...]

    11. Tom

      Had never heard of JPJ until I came across reference to this novel in recent essay by James Wood, The New Atheism, in The Guardian Wood argues that whereas the new atheists like Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, et al and fundamentalist Christians are equally guilty of engaging in narrow, literalist approaches to questions of faith, novelists like JPJ provide far insightful reflections on such questions by exploring the ambiguities of a fluctuating faith that most of us experience Essentially, Wood ma [...]

    12. Chik67

      Fedele all antiprincipio del Tell not show Jacobsen decide di dedicarsi alla verbosa e minuziosa descrizione di ci che i suoi personaggi dovrebbero essere, mancando completamente ogni accenno a ci che fanno Lyhne, in assenza di ogni esigenza di ordine materiale, decide di dedicare il suo tempo sovrabbondante a un ozio neanche troppo creativo nel quale una quota assolutamente esagerata di spazio viene occupata da quelle che, con felice anonima sintesi, al giorno d oggi si qualificano come seghe m [...]

    13. Rita

      Niels Lyhne is a book haunted by death The story follows a young poet, Niels Lyhne who passionately observes the world and the people in his life before he delves into himself, reflecting and dwelling on their motives and nature in order to transfer his thoughts into his writing His convictions about the world are tested a number of times throughout the novel as he deals with rejection, loss, betrayal and numerous deathsd it all culminates in the final chapters when his resolve almost fails and [...]

    14. Jacob Wren

      Jens Peter Jacobsen writes They began to talk about Christianity It was as if the subject was in the air.Niels spoke fervently but rather superficially against Christianity.Hjerrild was tired of retracing the threads of conversations that were old for him, and he said suddenly, without any real connection to the preceding Be careful, Mr Lyhne Christianity has power It s stupid to quarrel with the ruling truth by agitating for the truth of the crown prince Stupid or not, that s not a consideratio [...]

    15. Farhan Khalid

      I am describing her as she was at seventeenShe loved poetry She lived on poems, dreamed poemsGrief was black, and joy was redThey glowed with images, foamed and sparkled with rhythm and rhymeShe dreamed a thousand dreamsOne fine day a suitor came to her Young LyhneLike the memory of a feast after the the last candle has burned down And the last note of music has died awayHe called, met Bartholine, and fell in love with herLove made him poeticThe cloud seemed like those drifting through the poems [...]

    16. Mariana Ferreira

      Duvido alguma vez ler tamanho eco, compreens o, interioridade Foi atrav s de Rilke que conheci esta obra, e foi pelas suas palavras acerca desta que decidi l la Niels Lyhne, um livro magn fico e profundo quando mais o lemos, mais parece que encontramos nele tudo do cheiro lev ssimo da vida ao sabor cheio e grande dos seus frutos mais pesados N o h nele nada que n o tivesse sido entendido, apreendido, vivido, reconhecido nas reverbera es vibrantes da mem ria nenhuma experi ncia demasiado insignif [...]

    17. Marius Ghencea

      Un bellissimo romanzo di formazione del suo tempo, ma anche attraversata relazione con il proprio e degli altri ateismo efferato Un Werther forse troppo distinto, ma non per questo indimenticabile.

    18. Philippe

      As most readers today I approached this book by Rilke s recommendation Reading this life story was not an unalloyed pleasure, however The book is too episodic to be considered a novel It comes across as a sequence of Jugendstil ish woodcuts in which the relationships between the protagonist and usually a woman are quasi allegorically played out But Jacobson s heavily perfumed prose occasionally makes way for acute, sobering psychological insights that have lost nothing of their pertinence That i [...]

    19. Chris

      Bigum knew full well what an unfavorable impression he presented and how completely hopeless his love was, but he knew it the way you do when, with all the power of your soul, you hope that your knowledge is false There was still a chance for a miracle, and miracles don t happen, but they might Who knows Perhaps you make a mistake, perhaps your reason, your instincts, your senses with all their daylight clarity still lead you astray, perhaps the thing to do is to possess the reckless courage to [...]

    20. Kelsey

      There was a time when a book this depressing would never have made it to my favorite books of all time list, but I can t really hold its heartbreaking nature against it This book was extremely well written and beautiful, yet it was also ridiculously disheartening It s been quite some time since a book made me cry I loved it The book, not the crying, although sometimes the crying does us good.

    21. Carinna Tarvin

      Rilke said in Letters to a Young Poet that he always carried two books with him the Bible and a collection of Jacobson s short stories I couldn t make my mind up about this book when I was reading it, but then it sunk in and I decided I liked it I wonder what it s like in Danish.

    22. Robin Friedman

      A Great Neglected NovelThe Danish writer Jens Peter Jacobsen s 1880 novel, Niels Lyhne is one of the best novels that most American readers are unlikely to know I knew of the book for some time but read it only recently One of my favorite writers, the British Victorian novelist George Gissing greatly admired Niels Lyhne Gissing s own too little read novel Born in Exile owes Niels Lyhne a substantial debt More recently, I had been thinking about tendencies to deprecate the Enlightenment and the s [...]

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