The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments The master key to life a universal guide to all that matters in making life satisfying

  • Title: The Ten Commandments
  • Author: Emmet Fox Stewart Vogel
  • ISBN: 9780062503077
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ten Commandments

    The master key to life a universal guide to all that matters in making life satisfying.

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      144 Emmet Fox Stewart Vogel
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    One thought on “The Ten Commandments

    1. Matthew Murphy

      Another good one by Emmet Fox.This book deals solely with the 10 Commandments. Emmet gives his viewpoint of the written verbal meaning as well as the deeper underlying spiritual meaning of the commandment. Both meanings are good and applicable but to grow one must think beyond the mere written law and the deeper meaning of the laws.

    2. Jon Rodgers

      The Ten CommandmentsBy, Emit FoxIn this book Fox, explores the inner - deeper meaning of the Commandments.He talks about how the Ten Commandments are true and valid at their face value. However he goes on to say: "So within these Commandments he (Moses) concealed the laws of psychology for those who were ready for them. And within that again, he concealed the deepest and highest spiritual teaching for those who were ready for that. In other words, Moses designed these laws of life so that the hi [...]

    3. Jim George

      I love the books written by Emmet Fox, his take on Christiaity is easy to understand, his outlook is refreshingly simplistic. There are so many great ideas expounded on for your conscious mind and your inner spirit to ponder. I think he has the ability to challenge your faith at the rudimentary and intellectuall levels. Some of his ideas get abit out there, you have to weed-out some stuff, and read him with a grain of salt. He reminds me abit of another Emmet, Dr. Emmet Brown! Mr. Fox' beliefs a [...]

    4. curtis farrow

      Outstanding!!!A great practical guide with new age terminology for those seeking a real relationship with God by demonstrating the wisdom of the enlightened Moses in The Ten Commandments.

    5. Belizean Babygirl

      This is book is profound and will definitely cause you to really put your life and beliefs into perspective. The way the 10 commandments are discussed an the underlying theme of putting God first has definitely caused a shift in my consciousness.

    6. Melissa

      This was a strange book. It was like Eckhart Tolle does acid and writes about the Ten Commandments. It cleared up the Sabbath and taking the Lord's name in vain but the rest of it was just so out there, I couldn't figure out what Fox was talking about.

    7. Ayodele

      This book, like everything else Fox writes is perfect and timely. And, as with everything else he writes, he stresses that God is the first and the GREATEST and that we must pray and meditate to change our consciousness. In so doing, nothing is impossible to resolve. Thank you.

    8. Lauree

      Emmet Fox speaks in a way that allows Christianity to make sense to me. He takes it to a place of spirituality rather than just earth-bound religion.

    9. Judy

      Very, very good and a really different way of looking at the 10 Commandments. Fox is also well know for his Sermon on the Mount. Both are well worth reading.

    10. Erin

      great suggestions for way of life using the christian perspective of Fox's interpretation of the 10 commandments. Interesting helpful.

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