Nun: A Memoir

Nun: A Memoir Best Read || [Mary Gilligan Wong] - Nun: A Memoir, Nun A Memoir The author grew up in Peoria attended a Catholic boarding school in preparation for becoming a Sister of Blessing entered a convent as a postulant and novice and taught in Cat

  • Title: Nun: A Memoir
  • Author: Mary Gilligan Wong
  • ISBN: 9780060911881
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nun: A Memoir

    Nun: A Memoir Best Read || [Mary Gilligan Wong] - Nun: A Memoir, Nun A Memoir The author grew up in Peoria attended a Catholic boarding school in preparation for becoming a Sister of Blessing entered a convent as a postulant and novice and taught in Cat

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    • Nun: A Memoir Best Read || [Mary Gilligan Wong]
      163 Mary Gilligan Wong
    Nun: A Memoir

    One thought on “Nun: A Memoir

    1. Colleen

      A very enlightening story of the struggles women encountered pre and post Vatican II changes as well as a window into a Nun s life behind cloistered walls.

    2. Alexandra Michaelides

      The details of why she became a nun, life in the convent before Vatican II, and her growing frustration with the Catholic church are familiar but compelling none the less I wish she had spent time focused on her spiritual debates and her growing feminist consciousness But it s still always nice to read an account of life in the convent before and after Vatican II.

    3. John Jung

      A moving personal account of a young idealistic nun who comes to realize during the social turbulence of the 60s that she could no longer accept the values she was indoctrinated with in the Catholic church She leaves that calling, earns a Ph.D, and becomes a psychotherapist Gives a good insider look at the process involved in her life decisions.

    4. Constance

      I have read this book over and over again I feel like Mary Gilligan Wong is one of my friends A story of a woman who went to a convent boarding school, became a nun and eventually left her order A heartfelt memoir.

    5. Shelley

      Mary decided to become a nun in 8th grade, 1957, went to a nun prep boarding school for high school entered the convent right before Vatican II and left in 1968 This was so utterly and completely fascinating, I was riveted For one thing, it explained a LOT about the nuns I remember from my Catholic elementary school The training was basically a cult they were scared into staying from the start Head nun told the 14 year old girls that of course, if they realized this was not their Vocation, they [...]

    6. Sumi

      In 1957, Mary Agnes Gilligan entered a convent prep school for the training of future nuns This book is recounts her experiences from the start of her nunly education to her life after she left the order.She entered the religious life just before the Vatican reforms, so the reader gets a good account of the customs and practices which are now quite different from the nuns of today for the most part and that s probably the most interesting aspect of the entire book You would have thought that som [...]

    7. Hillary

      I read this book at a very spiritually active time in my life It s a great insight into the culture of women coming of age in the 60s, and it s also a great story about someone searching for their spiritual center.

    8. Lisa

      This was interesting, and definitely the kind of why do people become nuns what s it like becoming a nun story I was looking for It did feel a little bit dated sometimes, it made me curious what a updated version of this story would be like.

    9. Maritess

      I tried to get through this book, but it needs a LOT of editing Classic example that leading an extraordinary life does not automatically equal an extraordinary author.


      sorta the complete opposite of Forever and Ever, Amen whereas the writer went back to the real world but you can never imagine what a trail it was

    11. M

      Being Jewish, I didn t know much about how nuns lived She became a nun in the 1960s but also explained how things changed after Vatican 2.

    12. Lora Dudding

      A memoir of an ex nun and why shy left the order and possibly the Catholic church She is not very clear on whether she remained a devout Catholic or not after she left

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