The Pen Pal

✓ The Pen Pal ✓ Rayven Skyy - The Pen Pal, The Pen Pal Avionce Griffin was only sixteen years old when he was sentenced to fifty eight years in prison for first degree murder and after being transferred from a juvenile detention center to an adult male pr

  • Title: The Pen Pal
  • Author: Rayven Skyy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Pen Pal

    ✓ The Pen Pal ✓ Rayven Skyy - The Pen Pal, The Pen Pal Avionce Griffin was only sixteen years old when he was sentenced to fifty eight years in prison for first degree murder and after being transferred from a juvenile detention center to an adult male pr

    • ✓ The Pen Pal ✓ Rayven Skyy
      372 Rayven Skyy
    The Pen Pal

    One thought on “The Pen Pal

    1. Camilla

      Freebie on Kindle Why bring God into it though Really Why This is a short story about two pen pals An older white woman writes to a 18 year old black guy who s in prison for murder I m all about epistolary books, and I ve had my share of pen pals too what can I say, I like getting letters so I thought this would be something for me Why bring God into it though Really Why These two pen pals quickly get attached I love you s after the 3rd letter Really now Really and later after the kid tells her [...]

    2. Athena

      This book has been sitting on my kindle for a long time and I would ve never thought to read it if it weren t for one of my fellow book club members I ve never seen any promo and never read any reviews regarding this book and it s not the type of book that I would normally read Let me say that I am so glad that I finally decided to get into this book It was very well written and I felt the childlike innocence from the main character Avionce His interaction with his pen pal and the encouragement [...]

    3. Hyacinth

      Exhale Wow I am all over the place with this book, as a mother, as a minister, as a person that loves people First let me say that the book was very well written The plot built to a crescendo and was full of unexpected revelations I had to struggle with theology vs basic human compassion I had to struggle with feelings as mother and how I would cope with any of the scenarios presented in this emotion packed short story I literally sat up in the bed and screamed at the revelation of Raymond s mot [...]

    4. Ebony EyeCU Evans

      The Pen Pal is told through the unique writing style of correspondence between pen pals, Avionce and Raychel While reading, I felt as though I was actually reading their heartfelt letters Despite secrets and lies shared between the two.Together they learned to believe in God, gain trust, understanding, acceptance, love and forgivenessREAMING BRAVO I can t wait to read the next installment EbonyEyeCU Reading Approved

    5. Mitch Sullivan

      I enjoyed this quick read, did not spot a couple of the plot twists and was happy to read an LGBT book that progressed from tragic beginning to happy ending rather than the other way around Some parts are genuinely touching and the book deals with important themes like self acceptance and forgiveness Whether or not you agree with the message sent will depend on your point of view.My only nitpick with the story was that it is written in call and response letter format, which I am fine with, and y [...]

    6. Kitani

      I really enjoyed this short book Avionce is facing a 58 year sentence for a murder he didn t commit He had to deal with being raped once being sent to the prison Once his cellmate introduced him to the pen pal program, that s when he began to learn about himself as well as forgiveness Once Mrs Raychel reaches out to Avionce they form a friendship Through their letters they re able to learn about each other When Avionce is comfortable enough he tells Ray Ray the reason he s in prison and what hi [...]

    7. Brittney Green

      Author Rayven Skyy has wrote a beautiful, raw, emotion gripping story Every word flowed beautifully and there was purpose This story showed the power of forgiveness and love even when it isn t from your own family It showed how justice will prevail even when it seems like the bottom is always where you will be Avionce is a character that we all can relate to whether we are gay straight or male female His character is someone that made a wrong decision and ends up paying the consequences of those [...]

    8. Carla

      The Pen Pal by Rayven Skyy was one of the best short stories I ve read in a while It s the story of Avionce, a 19 year old boy who is found guilty of murder and is sentenced to life in prison Enrolling in the prisons pen pal program, he quickly begins to correspond with Ms Raychel What happens next will take you on a whirlwind ride of forgiveness, love, self reflection, and above all else, redemption The Pen Pal is told in the 2nd person, giving it a very authentic feel I read this short story i [...]

    9. Almney King

      I happened across this story and thought I d give it a read I wasn t expecting it to be a short story, typically I don t read short stories, but I m glad I read this one It s simply a series of letters between a young black prison mate and a white middle aged woman with a rather large family who become pen pals From the first page it s emotional and draws you in to the point of tears I wish the story could have been longer The characters were amazing for a story depicting only 2 characters and t [...]

    10. Lisa

      Wowjust wowTold entirely via letters, this short read packs a lot into the pages, despair, hope, acceptance and forgivenessI was knocked a little with the twist, but you could feel the emotions behind it, the fight and the need to make things right The last paragraph read like a newspaper announcement, cold and to the point, but filled with hope I would have loved an epilogue, just to see a little of what the future held for the Ray Ray Clan.Overall, this was a story away from the norm for me It [...]

    11. Nicole Shephard

      Amazingly BrilliantThere wasn t anything in this book that could make me say I did not like it I was amazed by the book as a whole The letters seemed real and at one point had me in tears There was so much wisdom in this book I am sure anyone who has read it will take away something Positive I wish I could see what Avionce is up to in a spin off or something I loved RayRay and everything she had to say It takes a strong woman to do what she did This book is truly one of the best I have read in l [...]

    12. Ms. T. Nicole

      Where do is startWhere do is startthe way this story was written it truly pulled at your heart I m sure so many people can relate to this book on some level not many would have gone through the length of saving a child based on conversations they had with their own child at first I thought Ray Ray was just a saint with a big heart she had a motive but a good one I enjoyed it and it was well written I wish it didn t end like that but I still enjoyed it and wanted .

    13. Cherise McKnight

      I enjoy the book, of a story line It was hard for me to connect at first Though, the ending was a shocker that didn t see coming Asiara is about herself so then Avionce would ever imagine Her life is the streets and she seems to prey on the weak to get what she wants A damn good manipulator at that Good book read, though the prison life was depicted somewhat truth It s far worse and roommates can be a do or die situation.

    14. Imani Wisdom

      THIS IS A MUST READ The Pen Pal is a beautifully written story about two souls using the Pen Pal Program to get through one of the toughest times in their life Skyy s creative mind pulled me in on every page I even had moments that I allowed a tear or two to fall The strong storyline, characterization, and the flow are worth five stars Kudos.

    15. simone Henry

      Truly a great book I really didn t know what I was getting into when i started reading the book yet it was a good read and made me very emotional art points I m going to download the rest cause I truly am intrigued by this one

    16. Heidi

      Quick read and great concept for a short story but could use some revision as there are still some errors minus the spelling errors that are meant to be view spoiler The fact Avionce didn t know what praying was sort of ridiculous, but I got over it hide spoiler

    17. Douglas St Pierre

      Wow what wonderI chose five stars because without a doubt what an eye opener,i really wont go into this book as it needs to be experienced page by pagemy hat is off to this writer

    18. Barbara

      This was a very good book.The story line held my interest from the beginning to the end.I recommend that you add to your list of books to read this year.The author did a very good job with the story line.Thank you to the author for a very good story

    19. Juanesia

      Short and straight to the point It was a different type of setup in the form of pen pal letters You are placed inside of a world with two different perspectives It allows you to be on the outside looking in Nicely done.

    20. Elaine Purvey ( India Webster kindle)

      A Pen Pal A Love Story A Pen Pal A Love Story I couldn t stop reading this book I cried and I have learned a lot from this book A book of love and forgiveness A mother s love UNCONDITIONALLY Elaine Purvey

    21. Lisajo Smith

      sad story with a big twist Some parts made my eyes roll but I enjoyed the through personal letter style it was written

    22. Teona Faircloth

      I enjoyed this book very much I ve never read a book like it before, as it only consists of their letter back and forth with one another Loved the ending as well

    23. Tarina Hardin

      A great readI loved this story maybe because it kind of hit close to home I look forward to reading the next two books.

    24. Shantelle M

      Short and Sweet.A DEFINITE MUST READ I read it within Two Hours Totally captivating The Storey Flowed Well, And The Characters And transitions Were absolutelyflawless

    25. Takiea Benjamin

      Good bookThis book was good The idea was good and the content was interesting I probably would read part two just because i like to read entire series

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