Japantown In this sophisticated international thriller The New York Times Book Review an American antiques dealer turned reluctant private eye must use his knowledge of Japanese culture to unravel a major mur

  • Title: Japantown
  • Author: Barry Lancet
  • ISBN: 9781451691696
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Japantown

    In this sophisticated international thriller The New York Times Book Review , an American antiques dealer turned reluctant private eye must use his knowledge of Japanese culture to unravel a major murder in San Francisco before he and his daughter become targets themselves.San Francisco antiques dealer Jim Brodie receives a call one night from a friend at the SFPD an eIn this sophisticated international thriller The New York Times Book Review , an American antiques dealer turned reluctant private eye must use his knowledge of Japanese culture to unravel a major murder in San Francisco before he and his daughter become targets themselves.San Francisco antiques dealer Jim Brodie receives a call one night from a friend at the SFPD an entire family has been senselessly gunned down in the Japantown neighborhood of the bustling city As an American born and raised in Japan and part owner of his father s Tokyo private investigation firm, Brodie has advised the local police in the past, but the near perfect murders in Japantown are like nothing he s ever encountered.With his array of Asian contacts and fluency in Japanese, Brodie follows leads gathered from a shadow powerbroker, a renegade Japanese detective, and the elusive tycoon at the center of the Japantown murders along a trail that takes him from the crime scene in California to terrorized citizens and informants in Japan Step by step, he unravels a web of intrigue stretching back centuries and unearths a deadly secret that threatens not only his life but also the lives of his entire circle of family and friends.

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    One thought on “Japantown

    1. Paromjit

      In this tense thriller set primarily in San Francisco and Tokyo. In the Japantown district of San Francisco, five members of a visiting Japanese family are wiped out in a brutal and violent manner. Ex-LAPD cop, widower Jim Brodie is now a antiques dealer who part owns a Tokyo private investigation company. He was born and bought up in Japan, so it is no surprise the SFPD turn to him for help. There are no clues to the murders other than a blood drenched kanji note found at the scene. Jim is baff [...]

    2. Larry

      Small spoilers. Really wanted to like this book, but I think that comes from having lived in Japan and being familiar with the language, the society, and the history of the country. The last 10% of the book was ridiculous, and not in a good way. Bad guy after bad guy steps out to face the good guy in the middle of the woods and he wins every single time. James Bond movie speechifying by the bad guys in the finale undermines the fearsome ruthlessness the author spent the first 90% creating and bu [...]

    3. Jonathan Peto

      The exciting ending, meaning the slew of events that lead to the final showdown, the last hundred pages or so, forced me decisively to bump the rating to four stars. I also bumped it up because I don’t want to do a disservice. I suspect a majority of mystery/thriller fans will find a lot, a lot, to love in Barry Lancet’s first novel, Japantown, so take my slight objections with a spot of soy sauce.So what’s to love? Well, the lead, Jim Brodie, ain’t too bad, and since the author bio on t [...]

    4. Patrice Hoffman

      Won Through a GiveawayI should have opened this book upon receiving it in the mail but in the interest of me being a slacker I decided to put it on the back-burner. Big Mistake! Huge!(In my Pretty Woman voice to those snobby Rodeo Drive women.) Japantown by Barry Lancet is what I look for in all thrillers. A great plot that has all the bells and whistles such as dead bodies, major butt-kicking, and impossibly awesome villains is nonnegotiable. Thank you Barry Lancet for fulfilling this criteria [...]

    5. M. Cain Harrison

      **I received the book for free through First Reads.** I would say 2.5. It starts off very promising, and I was particularly excited to read this story because I studied abroad in Tokyo for four months in college and was looking forward to the cultural refresher. Some of the book felt long-winded; Brodie asking the same question, repeating the answer to himself in his head, etc. Some of the cultural references seemed to prove the author's knowledge about Japan rather than add to the plot. While [...]

    6. Ed

      What I liked about this extraordinary mystery/thriller was the originality of the uber-evil group responsible for a massacre in San Francisco's Japan-town. An American detective/antique dealer with a Japanese background and connection is asked by the SFPD to help find the motive and those responsible for the massacre resulting in a fast paced, complex thriller. This is debut novel in a series that firmly establishes Barry Lancet as a major factor in the genre. I recommend it highly.

    7. Skip

      When five members of a rich and powerful Japanese family are gunned down assassination-style at a pedestrian mall in San Francisco's Japantown, Jim Brodie is consulted by SFPD. He is a part time antique dealer and part time PI, owning 50% of a successful firm in Tokyo started by his father. A single, highly complex Kanji character left on a scrap of paper at the scene is identical to one left at his wife Meiko's murder. This leads him back to Tokyo, where his best operative and he join forces, a [...]

    8. Col

      Synopsis/blurbVE BODIES. ONE CLUE. NOT A TRACE OF THE KILLER. San Francisco antiques dealer Jim Brodie recently inherited a stake in his father’s Tokyo-based private investigation firm, which means the single father of six-year-old Jenny is living a busy intercontinental life, travelling to Japan to acquire art and artefacts for his store and con­sulting on Brodie Security’s caseload at home and abroad. One night, an entire family is gunned down in San Francisco’s bustling Japantown neigh [...]

    9. G.P. Hutchinson

      Before getting into the actual review, let me say that I was privileged to win an advance proof copy of Japantown from . Thank you, !Barry Lancet’s Japantown is outstandingly entertaining reading! As a person with a lifelong fascination with Japan and a love for high-action stories, I had been looking forward with great anticipation to reading Japantown. I knew of the author’s many years’ residence and work experience in Japan, and the book had been billed as a gripping thriller. So my exp [...]

    10. Paul Pessolano

      “Japantown” by Barry Lancet, published by Simon & Schuster.Category – Mystery/Thriller Publication Date – September 03, 2013Jim Brodie runs a Japanese antique store in San Francisco; his father also left him a Security Firm in Tokyo. Brodie is called to a brutal family murder in the Japantown part of San Francisco. The reason he was brought in on the case was a slip of paper found at the murder scene. The slip of paper had a Kanji symbol on it that matched the one found when his wife [...]

    11. Linda Robinson

      This book had all the elements to make a fantastic thriller and somewhere near the last 1/3, it lost it. Outstanding setup: five members of a family shot professionally in Japantown with no connection to anything at all; no witnesses, no evidence. Brodie, a widower with a young daughter, is called in to discuss kanji found at the scene. He is a Japanese art aficionado and half owner of a PI firm in Tokyo, a company he inherited from his father. We're introduced to the major characters (including [...]

    12. Glen

      A novel that seems slightly out of time, as if it should have been written during the late 80s, when everyone was scared of Japan Inc before 20 years of recession and depression.Japanese antique dealer/Pi Jim Brodie is minding his own business, trying to raise his daughter, when he is called in to consult at a crime scene. He spots a kanji exactly like one present at the death of his wife. He tries to trace and translate the kanji, and finds an ancient ninja cult that has assets all over the wor [...]

    13. Sara

      I'm not sure where this book lost me. It might have been when the suggestion that a mole might be in Brodie's little group came up and then nobody bothered to investigate it. Then, at the end, Brodie is shocked that there was indeed an infiltrator (and it is so obvious who it is, but that's another issue).Either way, I chugged through, and by the end, I was wishing I hadn't bothered. Cliches abound (the entire bad guy group is one enormous cliche). The dialogue is somewhat clunky (does any grown [...]

    14. Daco Daco

      Just finished reading Lancet's debut novel JapanTown. I loved it from page one and was totally immersed in the read. Lancet really gives you the flavor of Japanese life and its culture. His characters are real, especially the hero Jim Brodie. The plot is masterful and rich with suspense. Lancet's writing style is superb, refreshing, and sophisticated. I especially enjoyed the way he peppered the read with a flavoring of Japanese words and phrases. You don't always get that, and it's a cool touch [...]

    15. Chibineko

      I have to admit, this is a slightly difficult review to write. Why? Because when it came down to myself, my own personal preferences, I didn’t really get into this book. It’s not exactly my type of thriller. That said, I will say that for the most part this is a rather slick little read with a few tricks in its bag. Fans of slow atmospheric thrillers will undoubtedly love this read, which takes place over a period of just over a week's time in the book. Part of what did impress me as far as [...]

    16. Gloria Feit

      JapantownBy Barry LancetSimon & SchusterSeptember, 2013ISBN: 978-1-4516-9169-6Hardcover, 398 pp $25.00Reviewed by Gloria FeitThe eponymous area of San Francisco is comprises six square blocks and the scene, early in this new novel by Barry Lancet, of a horrendous murder of three adults and three children. (Ultimately one learns that the second man was in fact the bodyguard of the woman, who is the daughter of a wealthy and powerful Japanese mogul.) There are “no fingerprints, no trace evid [...]

    17. Amy Corwin

      This is one of those times when I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I absolutely loved this book: it had everything I love best in a mystery/thriller. Although I know you really can't get to know a culture through a work of fiction, I felt like the author, Barry Lancet did an absolutely superb job at giving us a fascinating view of Japanese art and society. I really appreciated all the attention to detail and context--he showed a real gift for creating an ambiance and pulling you into the int [...]

    18. Trish Arrowsmith

      **I received an ARC of this book through a giveaway**I would give the first half of this book 3.5 stars and the second half 5 stars. The beginning was rather slow and seemed to take me forever to get through. There were many characters that got introduced and then disappeared for almost the rest of the book. Some made an appearance again and others were only referred to briefly again at the end. The second half of the book held all the action and slowly pieced together all the information that w [...]

    19. Nikki

      I was lucky enough to be selected in the ' First Read program! I started reading this book right away after I received my copy from . The title alone is enough to excite me. This book is one word, amazing. The action scene plays inside my head like I'm watching an action movie in front of me due to the excessive details of the book (which I like). I can't help but smile every time Brodie answers questions with his cool tone. There is not much mystery because I think the summary is kind of give i [...]

    20. Jim A

      Different protagonist than what I am used to reading. Daniel Silva has his main character, Allon, who does double duty as assassin and art restorer. Lancet has created his character doing double duty as a private investigator and antiques dealer. Because Lancet spent considerable amount of time in Japan himself, he is very comfortable when writing about history and culture. Always nice to read a novel that also gives me a little bit of an education. On the downside, Lancet made Jim Brodie a sing [...]

    21. Gail Baugniet

      To me, the title suggested the story was set in a much earlier era but the plot and characters are very modern day. The first chapter sets the tone for non-stop action and never let's up. Mr. Lancet writes about what he knows since taking up residence in Japan. What he hasn't experienced, he obviously did in depth research to present a believable story. This is not to suggest there is no need for suspension of disbelief. But the story is a well written adventure worth the reader's time and in re [...]

    22. Amy Rogers

      Japantown has a classic thriller form: an amateur protagonist thrust into an evil global conspiracy, a motive to avenge his wife's death, himself and his daughter in peril. Taken as a typical thriller, it's extremely well written. Here's what's fresh: the "voice."Welcome to the exotic Orient.Japantown is a Pacific Rim thriller. It's set in San Francisco and various places in Japan. These settings, and their local cultures, are central to the story. (This aspect and parts of the writing reminded [...]

    23. Shana

      Thrillers aren't usually my thing, but when I heard Barry Lancet interviewed on NPR, I decided I had to give this a shot. I'm half Japanese and was raised bilingual and bicultural, so I wanted to see what this American living in Japan would come up with and whether I'd buy his understanding of Japanese culture and such. I have no complaints on his interpretation of Japan and its culture. He got a lot of things very right. In many areas, he knows a heck of a lot more than me. However, the writing [...]

    24. Patty

      JapantownbyBarry LancetMy thoughts after reading this bookMy best way to describe this book? It's fast paced's filled with drama encompasses an old crime as well as way too many new crimes takes place in San Francisco and Japan and has a really unique Japanese twist.Whew!Ok is the heart of this book. Widowed Brodie lives in San Francisco with his 6 year old daughter Jenny. His wife was murdered years ago and that crime remains unsolved. Brodie has an antique business but he has ties to Japan. He [...]

    25. Laurel

      Barry Lancet’s Japantown doesn’t gradually beckon you into the first chapter of this debut novel; he gives you a big shove. And the pace doesn’t slow a bit throughout the entire read. It’s the kind of book you don’t put down for long because things happen quickly and you can’t second guess what’s going to happen next.Japantown offers interesting and apparently accurate tidbits of information about Japan and its history, which drove the story even more for me. Lancet explains some o [...]

    26. Sharon

      I really liked Japantown,it was action packed from the beginning to the end. I have always loved a book that throws you right into the action and moves the story from that point forward and Japantown does just that. While reading I never felt lost or like I needed to go back and read a section for clarification, it flowed very nicely. Great plot, setting and characters, a reader couldn’t ask for more. I could tell that the author had either done his research on Japan or had actually lived ther [...]

    27. Kimberly

      I was hooked from the first page. The book is a fast paced crime novel that moves from Japantown in San Francisco to Japan itself to New York City. The tension doesn’t let up until the very end of the book. This is one of those books you lose sleep over, I had to find out how it ended.The book opens at a brutal crime scene in Japantown in San Francisco. Jim Brodie, an antiques dealer who spent most of his childhood in Japan where his father was a private investigator, has been called to the sc [...]

    28. David

      There are certain spy/thriller plot devices that are so cliched that they are made fun of in movies like Austin Powers. The villian who explains his entire nefarious plot to the hero just before he plans to kill him. Elaborate, time-wasting methods of killing that allow the hero to escape just in the nick of time, where the bad guy could have simply just shot him with a gun. Lancet uses these plot devices not only non-ironically but in multiple ways, particularly in the last 50 pages which is wh [...]

    29. Nancy

      I was fortunate to win this book through First Reads giveaways. This is an ARC version.I liked Japantown. It was a quick thriller with copious amounts of action and the evilest bad guys.Barry Lancet's bonus to the story line was the international setting of Japan. Some reviewers felt the Japanese scenes were not always necessary and sometimes too long. I appreciated the historical aspects that Mr. Lancet shared in the story. To this reader, these informational pieces remade the typical suspense [...]

    30. Betty Marshall

      Most gripping thriller I have read in ages. The thought that generations of killers have been trained in village in Japan and have grown to be a huge business operating all over the world now is down right scary. Then to have our protagonist find that the group he is searching for has been responsible for the deaths of his family members is alarming. He survives not only the hunt for the killers but the numbers of killers within his business associates and his customers and friends. The love for [...]

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