Afflicted II

Free Read Afflicted II - by Brandon Shire - Afflicted II, Afflicted II Hunter and Dillon finally came to terms with the idea that they wanted than just hot sex with each other Dillon decided to quit hustling in order to invest his time and energy in building their relati

  • Title: Afflicted II
  • Author: Brandon Shire
  • ISBN: 9781480289857
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Afflicted II

    Free Read Afflicted II - by Brandon Shire - Afflicted II, Afflicted II Hunter and Dillon finally came to terms with the idea that they wanted than just hot sex with each other Dillon decided to quit hustling in order to invest his time and energy in building their relati

    • Free Read Afflicted II - by Brandon Shire
      158 Brandon Shire
    Afflicted II

    One thought on “Afflicted II

    1. Baba

      Review completed December 6, 2012 Edited December 7, 20124.5 stars Beautiful Intriguing Enticing Carnal Lascivious Lush Erotic Raw.That s Brandon s writing a heady flavor I ve fought misconceptions my whole life, Dillon But most of that has been dealing with my own misconceptions about the presumed motives of other people There s nothing I can say about this author that hasn t been said before Well, let me just add that Brandon is one of those authors who define my personal standards of M M rom [...]

    2. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

      3 Stars Loving someone gives you courage being loved back gives you strength.An enjoyable conclusion to Dillon and Hunter s story I liked seeing the guys stand up and support each other, especially how protective Hunter was of Dillon I wish we would have had Dillon s POV in some of his moments dealing with his family issues specifically his visit with Travis and seeing his father s gravesite.And that scene with his motherwhat a vile and evil woman The progression of Dillon and Hunter s relations [...]

    3. Susan

      3.5 starslike but not love I have been anxiously awaiting this follow up to the first book I fell in love with Hunter Dillon oh Dillon and their uniquely senses filled, beautifully budding relationship Afflicted II, however, fell a little flat for me Hunter Dillon, instead of feeling developed, felt stereotyped and characterized And the originality that made book 1 so appealing was lacking in book 2 Yes, there were still some gorgeous love scenes and displays of emotions mountain cabin sex to [...]

    4. Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog

      Two men, Hunter said, pulling each other in to the center of a circle The abrupt ending of Afflicted I left me breathless I needed , immediately Luckily, the wait was worth it This contemporary romance stands out primarily due to the unique character that is Hunter Stephens However, it s the sex, and the sex, and the hot, hot, hot sex that cements this story The non visual descriptions allow the reader a special experience that is like nothing else Through Hunter and Dillon s sexual explorations [...]

    5. Ingela

      5 Big Loving Stars another amazing good novel about two adorable guys one blind the other a former male escort I m completely charmed, again Loving someone gives you courage being loved back gives you strength I wrote it in my review of the first part of this two book story, and I ll say it again Some books are so much than a good book They are magical books An author has written a beautiful text, the words flowing, the environments are so well described and it s smells, sounds, feels, and mayb [...]

    6. Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

      Oh I looooved this book It was worth staying up until 2 am It was just pure amazing wonderfulness I m not going to rehash the story but I ll just sum it up withOHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH

    7. Bev

      Phew Another hot and steamy read from Mr Shire, hotter than it s prequel definitely Another 4 stars and Shortie review Hunter and Dillon are still finding their way in the relationship, and relationship problems enter the fray they tend to do Dillon asks Hunter to move in with him, but Hunter turns him down, knowing that Dillon needs something for himself now that he is no longer an escort and encourages him to find a hobby do a course at college.just something to take his mind off having nothin [...]

    8. Nina

      ETA the typos are fixed I read the version which hadn t been updated at the time but has now been edited.This was enjoyable, but not really satisfying.They had sex, they fought a couple times, they weren t in the mood sometimes some realism Yay , they moved in together and they expressed their love in all the possible ways Very good So There was no resolution.Travis was an asshole, but he wasn t so bad What happened to him, exactly Why did he help Dillon s mom Why didn t he call Dillon when view [...]

    9. Akanksha❤ Søren♰

      Loved this book It was wayh shorter than the first one, so bummer there but it was just abso freaking lutely amazing DHunter and Dillon were just asdfghjkl Their romance, their chemistry and their present Beautiful What they went through with each other by their side Amazing Loved this book Wish it was longer though

    10. *Ja'Mecha* ~Dhevious~

      THE ENDSeriouslythe hell just happened Didn t we discuss that like a week ago I kept tapping my tablet to get to the next page ANNNNNND those two words showed up.n Can we not know what happens next I mean what s going to happen at Christmas Is Dillon going to drop the shit between him and Travis Is Margie going get it on with her chocolate bunny So many unanswered questions I want these questions answered dammit Ok on to the good, bad, and ehThe GoodWe started out with some FUCKtastic weather an [...]

    11. Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️

      What a fantastic read This is the continued story of Hunter and Dillon, picking up right where we left off In the first book The bulk of the book revolves around the men embracing their relationship, growing together, supporting each other Dillon has a lot of family issues from the past that have been haunting him and Hunter helps him bury those feelings so he can move on It s a great combination of romance and eroticism The writing is almost poetic and the main character being blind brought som [...]

    12. JR

      Where do I begin This has some of the hottest sex I ve ever read You have to keep a fire extinguisher nearby to keep from burning the house down For that alone, I gave it 5 stars, but the heart of the story is even better Hunter and Dillon are two very damaged souls that are able to repair themselves by loving each other You can t help but hope as you follow them, that they will be happy ever after For me, Afflicted and Afflicted II are journeys of discovery, acceptance, tolerance and learning t [...]

    13. Jen

      3.5 starsMy brain has 2 camps of thought about this book The part of me that likes plot development liked it, the part of me that loves well done ambiguous endings preferred the first one When I finished, I almost wished that Afflicted had just stayed a stand alone This one felt pragmatic, and less lyrical and romantic to me, despite the amount of sex in it though on the upside, there were fewer scent descriptions that had me rolling me eyes just that first page, really In fact, I honestly felt [...]

    14. Shirley Frances

      4.25A great follow up book filled with emotions and unquenchable lust that will leave you wanting of the raw sex, the tender lovemaking and the love.I met Dillon and Hunter in Afflicted, where their one chance encounter turns into something Feelings are not in the equation in this stage, just a need to connect and explore Afflicted II picks up where the previous book left off Hunter and Dillon are still exploring this new found relationship and their sexual connection, but the feelings are sta [...]

    15. AliciaJ

      Ahhhh, that was soooo sweet What a great ending to the story Dylan and Hunter have some things to work out in this book, but true love prevails It makes my heart feel all warm and gooey.

    16. Bea

      This book had everything that I loved about the first book I think what I enjoyed the most about this book is that both men make mistakes, but they always come back to each other The author doesn t waste time making up angst to give us conflict, but continues from book one with the how Hunter and Dillon deal with making their new relationship and life together work.We see how Dillon s past job and his family come back to affect his life and his emotional state, while Hunter has to accept how his [...]

    17. ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★

      I Love The Sweet Realistic Undertones of Dillion and Hunter s Relationship BUTcort job s have really played out for me The BookSad, Sweet, Family, Dramad high in escort stuff.has never been my favorite things to read in booksbut, overcoming it all, is I liked how they did that And I really like the soft sweetness of this couple, it awesome to read The writing is solid and flows well and part 2 of Dillion and Hunter ends beautifully.I Loved that Ending 2 Pieces

    18. Dreamer

      Enjoyed this sequel to Afflicted I, Hunter and Dillon continue to deepen their relationship Some intensely hot sex scenes in this book, not a lot of plot however I only highlighted one quote He would never leave this man if given the choice He would fight anyone who dared to suggest it and he would face his family down when that time came He would do it if it was the last thing he ever did As he looked down on Hunter his heart filled and he finally understood what Shu shu said Loving someone giv [...]

    19. Fani *loves angst*

      After the sheer awesomeness that the first book was, I admit my expectations were so high, that this book was destined to disappoint them somewhat however, I didn t expect to completely crash them.Afflicted ends with Dillon s confession to Hunter that he s quitting the escort service and Hunter s enthousiastic acceptance of the news If THAT is not a step towards a relationship, I don t know what is Unfortunately, from the beginning of the second book, Hunter seems to be backtracking from that po [...]

    20. Sheri

      Acoustic loving Emotional barrier kickboxing Heart welding union Smooth seamless bridge from book one to book two, it picks right up where we left off Thank goodness, for I was dumbstruck and unprepared for the cliff diving conclusion of the first The intimate cabin escape was ablaze with passion It was exquisite and beautiful, and will forever be incomparable Now that Hunter Dillon are together, will they beat their past and surge together into the awkward future Hunter has an emotional bitch s [...]

    21. Cindi

      This is a beautifully written continuation of Dillon and Hunter s story from Afflicted After reading the first book a few weeks ago, I was so eager to see the two men finally resolve their issues and have their hard won happily ever after Brandon Shire does an excellent job in giving the readers exactly what they want with this couple I m not big on sequels because I feel that they can never compare to the first book That was so not the case with this one Everything is written perfectly and beca [...]

    22. MandaLee

      Great book Now that I think about it, I don t know why I m not giving it 5 stars lol After going over it in my head all day, one scene felt odd for the MC s So I m thinking 4.5 at least.Books 1 and 2 flowed so well together If you read A1 then this is a must If you haven t read the first bookgo read it Beautiful raw and honest Loved it Oh and the rain scene I m a bit obsessed w that Some of the rawest and hottest m m sex I ve read yetpure yumminess

    23. Nic

      A beautiful conclusion to the story of Hunter and Dillon Love the style of writing and the powerful love experienced between these 2 men.

    24. Kathy

      After reading Brandon Shire s story, Afflicted, I was impatient for the followup book And now that I ve finished Afflicted II, in one sitting because I really didn t want to wait any longer, I have to say that it s a wonderful complement to its predecessor I love that the progress made by Hunter and Dillon in building a relationship continues Not only is the sex hot and very satisfying, the emotional component has grown considerably both men are opening up to the other not always an easy thing i [...]

    25. Cathy M.

      Immediately after finishing Afflicted, I HAD to buy Afflicted II and I was not disappointed I DEVOURED this book in one sitting I really loved the continuation of Hunter Dillon s story, although in my opinion the lyrical prose that stood out so much from the first book seemed to have lessened quite a bit in this one Of course, maybe that was just me and I got used to it There was a LOT going on in this story from Hunter Dillon s relationship, to their pasts and their relationships with others At [...]

    26. Sunne

      This is not the mainstream m m romance, this is gay contemporary.And this review is for both, Afflicted I and Afflicted II because in my opinion both books together are the story, the first one just ends at a convenient place, that s all.You notice that immediately while reading it has the touch of a guy.The writing is very well done, the way the author describes Hunter s surroundings by using the smell fascinates immediately He doesn t shy away from unpleasant odors either Actually reminded me [...]

    27. Caddy Rowland

      I totally enjoyed this book Hunter and Dillon are both fascinating characters and it was interesting learning about each of them Additionally, Margie has a new love interest, which is good There was some drama in the book which I enjoy but mostly this book was about Hunter and Dillon s love It s rare in a romance that the story doesn t become sugary and cloying, but instead keeps the heat turned up full blast but still gives each character his or her own sense of self This series does that, and [...]

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