The Claiming

The Claiming Sidroc the Dane has been in Angle land for twelve years The first nine were all hard fighting He has won treasure beyond counting and now peace for his men But there is one thing he still desires The

  • Title: The Claiming
  • Author: Octavia Randolph
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Claiming

    Sidroc the Dane has been in Angle land for twelve years The first nine were all hard fighting He has won treasure beyond counting, and now peace for his men But there is one thing he still desires.The Claiming, the conclusion of the historical adventure saga The Circle of Ceridwen Trilogy

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    One thought on “The Claiming

    1. Emmy

      **3.5**This was the one in the series I was really looking forward to and while I liked it, I just was hoping for a little The first half started off kind of slow for me and I think the reason for this is that this series is more of a "saga," so there are descriptions of journeys with lots of historical details thrown in, but not necessarily a lot of action. Which can be fine, but the synopsis of the book focused on plot points half way in. So I was sitting there waiting for the proposed plot to [...]

    2. Erika Altensee

      This is the BEST book in Octavia Randolph's series (and they were all excellent). I say this because I devoured it. I was so mad at her characters' choices throughout (although not unrealistic), I almost put the book down. I was mad at Ms. Randolph for finding ways to keep me reading (won't spoil any of the plots for any books here). What I discovered about myself was that I am a hopeless romantic and, yes, I awoke this morning half-way through this book thinking how it would pain my heart to co [...]

    3. Marianne

      I've truly enjoyed this trilogy into the world of Ceridwen. In the beginning, I became slightly uneasy at having to read what I considered to be" catching up for people who Hadn't read the other two books." Once again I was surprised at the turn of events. Research for this series had to have been exhausting and wonderful. The details of living through these times were magnificent. I loved participating in my mind! I haven't looked yet, but I hope there's a sequel coming.

    4. Shelley

      (Spoiler Free) As I finish out the third book of this series, I am still amazed that it has managed to be so captivating when, really, it does not have very much complexity. It follows one female character linearly through her life. When she leaves a scene, we (the reader) leave with her and never know the fallout of her choice until she herself finds out years later. It is such an interesting choice by the author. The chapters do not switch between characters and there are no great political in [...]

    5. Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms)

      This is book 3 of the Circle of Ceridwen Saga and since I have now read #4 and #5 I think this was my favorite. I should have reviewed it right after I read it, so this will be brief. I also do not want to reveal too much of the story for those just starting the series.I believe we are into Cerdiwen's story about 12 years. Simmering in the background and often they are far apart has been the attraction or bond between Cerdiwen and Sidroc, the Dane who came to Britain to conquer and then made it [...]

    6. Jayne Castel

      An exciting book, as Ceridwen's life takes an unexpected turn. This is by far the most gripping book of the series so far (and all of them have been riveting), with abduction, sea adventure, survival and romance all thrown together. I won't go into the details of the story, as anything I mention will spoil the book for those who haven't read it, but I will say that this novel focuses on the relationship between Cerdiwen and Sidroc (finally!)A must read for anyone who loves richly drawn, characte [...]

    7. Nipuna

      disappoint. anything else I have to say would be a spoiler. I know the author really liked her character Sidroc but I really wish she would have figured out how to add depth to Ceridwen's relationship with him. At the end of the book, despite any author announcements through the voice of her characters, I didn't feel there was any more to it than there was in book one.

    8. Jeanne

      I loved this book series and if you are a fan of the Outlander series you will love this one. This is a much lighter read but the charters are very interesting and they have great depth. The only complaint I have is I want a book 4, I would like to know what happened next.

    9. Jane Dingus

      This is the third in the series, and slightly better than the second. I was afraid the story was going to take a turn toward being a "bodice-ripper", but it surprised me and didn't. Great descriptions of life in the 9th century.

    10. Janet Abbott

      A good book but so many loose ends. I want more!bring us some more of these great characters and locations. I want to know what happens after they settle in the new land

    11. Kathryn Finley

      I really enjoyed this book. I was surprised at the turn of events in Ceridwen's life. I'm really enjoying the series and will start fourth book as soon as it gets here.

    12. Morgan

      This book broke my heart in the first 30 pages. I have become so attached to Ceridwen through the last two books, it is really a testament to Randolph's writing. The storyline is not as adventurous as the last few books but is possibly more thought provoking when it comes to society and personal relationships. How difficult it must have been at this time to be a woman. To either take the veil or enter into marriage with downcast eyes. I'm sure Ceridwen's marriage for love with Gyric and her rela [...]

    13. Nat Cabrera

      Excellent book. The best one of the saga so far. The storyline was marvelous, and all the environmental characters were amazing. I had my suspicions about the tragedy that surrounds Ceridwen at the beginning of the book since page 1, but when Randolph finally confirms it, I couldn't help my heart from clenching. Sidroc's appearance as a main character of this third book remind me of how much I had miss his presence; even though he drove me mad many times, I still like him a lot and think he's an [...]


      WOW. What a story!!!! I couldn't believe the drama that befell Ceridwan, our heroine. This has such a twist which I really didn't like, but I kept reading all the time thinking this can't be happening. I may have not liked the story itself, but the book kept me totally engrossed in this marvelous adventure. A fantastic read. I am happily on to Book 4 and my heart has slowed to a regular beat. A great read. A fantastic adventure. Thank you Ms Randolph for a great read.

    15. Beth

      This series is so good! I have to buy the books because the libraries around here don’t have them. This book left me hanging! I need to continue with the next book to see what happens with Ceridwen and Sidroc.

    16. Julie

      3 1/2 starsI didn't like this one as much as the other two. It went in a completely different direction than I had expected (which is good), but I don't think I liked the direction it took. I will probably keep reading the series though since I do like it.

    17. Mechelle VanHoudt

      Not crazy about the direction the story is taking. I may wait awhile to read the rest of the series.

    18. Sara Giacalone

      Another amazingly easy to read and vivid account of Ceridwen's saga that left me wanting more. These books are delicious.

    19. Amy Harris

      It took a while for me to get into this one. The story begins a couple of years after the last story ended, and leaves you in the dark for a while about the circumstances. I suppose this was to build up to a surprise when you discovered Gyric had died, but all it did was make me agitated and frustrated. "Just get to the point!" I was shouting in my head. I had to force myself to get through it. The last half moved a little faster, but I really couldn't buy into the way Sidroc , the great and pro [...]

    20. Caprice

      Another hit******Spoiler Alert******This installment of The Circle of Ceridwen begins with Ceridwen and her son traveling to Four Stones, the estate where Sidroc is Lord following Yrling's death in battle several years ago. After Sidroc won the lands, he married AElfwyn and they have three children together. When the two arrive, we find out that Ceridwen is now a widow, losing Gyric and a daughter to fever. During the long summer visit, Ceric becomes fast friends with AElfwyn's children, prompti [...]

    21. Lynn

      A very enjoyable book. I loved how everything shifted in the series. It started off slow, but once events started happening it was non stop. The battles, the travel, the hardships were well written. The attitude to accept the change and move forward was awesome, though Ceridwen didn't consciously embrace the change, she also didn't fight it. It was an interesting underlying story that though you yearn to go back you can't because everything will have changed and your going back will make things [...]

    22. Dawn Fernald-Spruill

      I love these books. This is my favorite so far,probably because out two main characters are thrown together. Just recently discovered the series and I am hooked. They are well written, well researched, full of rich characters and history. I have always been fascinated with Norse law, religion and their influences over most of the British islands. Our main character is wonderful in her depth and strengths. You root for her and for Sidroc her Norseman to finally find love. This is a great book.

    23. Beth

      What frustrating book!!! I couldn't tear myself away and read the book cover to cover! I was so mad at Ceridwen! She is so willing to love her best friends true love (Gyric) take her brother in law to her bed with Gyric right there and yet when Sidroc declared his love for her she always wants to run away Was even considering the lies of the Wessex slave! Elfwen even said that he only loved Ceridwen Basically giving her consent! I found her stupid, Sidroc is way too good for her She deserves ano [...]

    24. Paul Burnette

      Aaahh! At last she sees! Ceridwen gets five stars as a character. She balances responsibility with adventurousness, Christianity with pagan values, survival with risk. In this book she moves steadily toward all the latter. Sidroc and Ceridwen are like magnets, turned toward opposite poles and thereby finding an irresistible attraction. Randolph's description, dialogue, research on background, plot, and masterful touch are a tour de force you should not miss.

    25. Peg

      The writing was good. I apparently am the only one who doesn't like S. The story was too Ug-me-man, you-my-woman, no matter what she thinks/feels/does. For me there was not enough of what was going on in her heart -just what was in her mind as she went along each day, and not enough there to build any fire or feeling she really did like or want him. It was as if she just gave in at the end. Yuk.I'm done reading this series.

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