Bound by the Enemy

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Bound by the Enemy : by Jessi Bond - Bound by the Enemy, Bound by the Enemy Secret agent Randal Blake has been captured by the enemy soon to be tortured and held in captivity Or so he thinks until his captor makes it clear that he s interested in than information or ransom B

  • Title: Bound by the Enemy
  • Author: Jessi Bond
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: None
  • Bound by the Enemy

    [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Bound by the Enemy : by Jessi Bond - Bound by the Enemy, Bound by the Enemy Secret agent Randal Blake has been captured by the enemy soon to be tortured and held in captivity Or so he thinks until his captor makes it clear that he s interested in than information or ransom B

    • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Bound by the Enemy : by Jessi Bond
      108 Jessi Bond
    Bound by the Enemy

    One thought on “Bound by the Enemy

    1. Emma Sea

      This was a fantastic plot outline How I yearn to read this as an actual book Mindfuckery, coersive persuasion, emotional and physical manipulation YUMMY As it stands I was only frustrated at what I wasn t getting to read Jessi Bond s real name is clearly Skimmity McSkimmerson.

    2. Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion

      Let s suspend reality, kids Completely, totally, utterly unrealistic but almost so bad, it s good Almost Here are some gems from this little jewel of a short.Ok so, Blake is some sort of operative he wakes up strapped down in a strange place Does he get upset when he wakes, you ask No Not at all Kind of blas about the whole thing actually He s been kidnapped by some underworld character named Sarceda who he describes as some sort of sexually obsessed madman Sarceda proceeds to seduce Blake, who [...]

    3. Delilah Fawkes

      SMOKING HOT sexual tension I just finished reading this story, and had to leave a review because I truly enjoyed it Jessi Bond is a friend of mine, but I picked this up because I have to admit reading about straight men having first time gay experiences is a HUGE kink for me YUM This story definitely did not disappoint.The sexual build up between our hero and his captor is mesmerizing, like an erotic dance that will leave you feeling goosebumps It is a perfect mixture of being creepy and sexy, w [...]

    4. Awilk -never sleeps-

      2.5StarsThis was a really quick, little freebie, but it just didn t have enough to make me want to go out and spend any money to buy two tiny installments that I don t think will impress me The writing was good, I just need to convince me to spend my money on of this story.

    5. Rachel

      This was so bad that I am surprised the ridiculous super villain didn t say, Buahaha as he had his way with the one dimensional meat head.

    6. JustJen "Miss Conduct"

      I enjoyed the start of this series about an agent who is captured by a drug lord and made into his personal sex slave I didn t like how quickly things happened with Blake giving in, but the rest kept my interest enough that I was ready to jump right into the next segment.I wish this were drawn out, with juicy details As short as it is though, I had no problem getting a sense of what was going on with Blake Sarceda is a bit of another story, because I never really felt I knew what his plans wer [...]

    7. Eve

      I bought this on 12.26.12 , so it doesn t seem to be banned any There s dub con and a bit of captor prisoner conflict, view spoiler a bit of caning, and a quite nice fisting scene, hide spoiler but this isn t really a dark story at all.At just over 400 kindle locations it s really not much a vignette, but a pretty a pretty smexy one, than worth the.99 price.

    8. Beck

      rounded up to This short story had potential but I found it lacking in a lot of ways the capitulation of Randal Blake was far too quick and completely unrealistic the BDSM elements were eye brow raisingly simplistic and formulaic and the whole fisting scene was reduced to ho hum this story was like a pale shadow of Rachel Haimowitz s work it s kinda like non con with training wheels.

    9. Rachael

      The story has potential yet it just fell a little flat for me A true psychological breakdown would have been a treat but in this story it just went so fast that it was unbelievable.Would have loved .

    10. Jo * Smut-Dickted *

      I do like my kidnap erotica and this one delivers although it is just too short to really completely fulfill the promise In spite of its abbreviated length it really does let you into the character s heads and get a feel for the situation This is fantasy erotica folks far beyond the don t try this at home mentality this is purely fiction Nothing So I m not rating it on realism because, frankly, not so much The sex was tantalizing and well written and I do look forward to reading about what happ [...]

    11. Don Bradshaw

      Not a bad short for a freebie Hopefully the next book will develop the characters The rape and torture were fairly bland as I know what was coming I would be highly surprised if Blake had never taken it up the ass before even though that s how the author painted him I had to chuckle at how after days of not being stretched Blake thrilled and got off while being fisted by Sarceda Yes, it s fiction but let s make it believable fiction.

    12. Ayanna

      Short I agree with whoever said this before I don t like where it ends either It really was just getting good, you know.Well, on to the sequel for me.

    13. Page Crusherz

      Short and hot dubcon, but not extreme Wish it were longermethings went a littlequicklybut it isn t meant for deep literary analysis.

    14. Cindi

      Randal Blake Blake is a secret agent and has been kidnapped by an unknown yet powerful drug lord, Sarceda Blake is one of the best and feels that he can handle anything his kidnapper throws at him without giving any secrets away Sarceda doesn t seem to want information or even ransom He wants Blake to give up any and all control to him Blake has never been with a man but he will do whatever is necessary to get Sarceda to let his guard down so that Blake can try to make his escape If that include [...]

    15. Hazel M Bear

      The idea sounded incredibly hot I wanted it to be good It s not so much the writing which failed, but the plot layout and the incredibly quick narrative that is just too ridiculous to believe The is boring, and seems ridiculously calm about this sexual capture, and accepts it way too soon There s a fisting act, but it s very step by step and then over so quickly, you don t have time to care For being a badass, superspy guy, this dude is a complete pushover And I just HATE the way he s told he s [...]

    16. Alexleo

      I really don t know how to rate this story It is a story that needed much pages It is well written, the descriptions are well done, but it is hard to believe that the captive could develop feelings for his raptor in such a short period of time we are talking of a trained special agent I will read the second instalmment perhaps it helps to better understand the characters, because this first book gives no idea whatsoever of the reasons, thoughts and feelings of the captor.

    17. AussieMum

      The first 40% of this intrigued me I loved the dubious setting The kidnapping aspect The manipulative banter between captor and captive as they first felt each other out I had no idea how Blake got in his precarious position but it didn t matter He reminded me of James Bond But then, instead of taking a turn into dark, gritty and psychologically damagingIMO it got silly view spoiler After only oneday, special agent Blake, the notorious lady killer , turns Insta sub and pretty willing sex partner [...]

    18. Furio

      I am always afraid to invest my hard won money in this genre, the disappointments far outnumbering the really good, exciting works Then I saw this as a freebie and tried it.This time writing is professional and the situation interesting I was intrigued, at firstbut soon this author, like the overwhelming majority of the others, shows herself incapable of going the distance the finely shaded psychological watercolour needed to make this sort of erotica really worthwhile is totally lacking.What we [...]

    19. Bergur Arnar

      It was really good Very well written and the ending was amazing edit I read some of the reviews and I agree that it isn t realistic at all Like the realism in this book is nonexistent But so fucking what It was well written and I enjoyed it a lot Isn t that the point anyways To enjoy the book It isn t a literary masterpiece by any means and I don t think that that s what the author was going for If I was rating this among timeless classics, I d probably give it zero stars But I m not so I give i [...]

    20. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

      Well written with erotically sexy scenes I liked the set up of Randal Blake becoming a sex slave I would have liked it better if this wasn t written like a serial This story was way too short The suspense part did require a bit of suspense of disbelief Overall, a nicely polished little piece of erotica for the spank bank Intrigued me enough to want to read the second book What does happen to Randal

    21. Kimmers of Kimmers' Erotic Book Banter

      TeaserFor a short little read Jessi Bond s Bound by the Enemy, book one in the Bound by the Enemy series, pulls quite the tantalizing punch It will have you questioning while at the same time believing and then understanding to the finish to realize that it s just exactly what you were waiting for See Full Review at Kimmers Erotic Book Banterbit 2fUcqcM

    22. Dhfan4life

      I really don t know what to say about this particular read Sure there was some BDSM, also non con, etc But dude, I just don t know, other than it wasn t bad But given the subject matter I would normally not have been a fan of this sort of story But at the same time, the tone made it less bad as it could be.if that makes sense Hmm.

    23. Erica Alex

      What a tasty little snack Made me realize how much I ve been missing my m m reads while finishing up my fantasy books I loved the exchanges between these two Some moments, I wanted to see Blake put up just a bit fight, but then considering he was drugged and also trained in those situations not to panic, I m not faulting him Eager to read the second and third installment.

    24. Kimberlie

      This story is all of 24 pages, including the typical before and after legalese and sequel excerpt But it wastes no time getting to the point and keeping you attached Some of the actions or reactions I found unrealistic, but not enough to stop reading If M M BDSM is your thing, you shouldn t miss this one The author has quite an imagination

    25. Kelsey Mouhot

      Wellat wasn t what I was expecting when I downloaded thisat being said, I just saw it was a free download on and didn t think to read the description Lazy, I know I surprisingly and for whatever reason on a few levels, disturbingly liked it I seriously freaked myself out with this one Buta hot read is a hot read _

    26. Mirri Maaz

      This book and its sequels are pretty freaking hot, but unfortunately light on plot and character development I would love to have a in depth version of this story, especially to make the sequels believable.

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