March with Me

March with Me SynopsisLike a tornado the Civil Rights Movement struck Birmingham in the spring of In this coming of age novel we are swept into the separate cultures of the south Two girls one black and one w

  • Title: March with Me
  • Author: RosalieTurner
  • ISBN: 9780979237553
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • March with Me

    SynopsisLike a tornado, the Civil Rights Movement struck Birmingham in the spring of 63 In this coming of age novel, we are swept into the separate cultures of the south.Two girls, one black and one white, endure the pain and prejudice of segregation The girls mature and pursue the same profession until one fateful day when a force of nature sweeps in and rearranges theSynopsisLike a tornado, the Civil Rights Movement struck Birmingham in the spring of 63 In this coming of age novel, we are swept into the separate cultures of the south.Two girls, one black and one white, endure the pain and prejudice of segregation The girls mature and pursue the same profession until one fateful day when a force of nature sweeps in and rearranges their lives.About The AuthorAward winning author Rosalie Turner has been writing for almost 30 years Her fifth book, Sisters of Valor, recently received a Military Writers Society of America Award for Fiction Additionally, the JC Penney Award was awarded to Rosalie for establishing an inner city reading program in Florida Rosalie divides her time between New Mexico and Alabama.

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    One thought on “March with Me

    1. Kae Cheatham

      I received a galley of Rosalie Turner's March with Me from her publicist who knew my interest in history. You can read my expanded review at my blog Rosalie Turner's March with Me is a fine attempt to open eyes and minds to the realities of the pivotal time in 1963 that shaped a lot of today's social structures. Through the thoughts and activities of two Birmingham residents, the story begins in that volatile May of '63 and extends into the 1970s to show the long-term emotional affects of the Ci [...]

    2. Sheila DeChantal

      April 1963. Birmingham Alabama. Letitia lives her young life with a family who loves her. She enjoys the freedom of youth and loves to embark on adventures with her brother. Her family shares a tight bond.Martha Ann lives with her family as well and dreams of the future, pretty dresses and music feel her thoughts. Martha Ann's father is often angry and she can hear him from her room when he yells at her mom. This unsettles Martha Ann's sense of comfort in her own home, causing an almost always e [...]

    3. Lateesha

      I have read many fictional books written with the Civil Rights Movement as the backdrop. March with Me is by far one of the best. I didn’t think another book would top my all time favorite book, The Help written by Kathryn Stockett. March with Me has surpassed that and more. I truly enjoyed reading the different perspectives coming from Letitia and Martha Ann. I wasn’t born during that era so I really don’t know what it was like to experience life under Jim Crow besides what I’ve learned [...]

    4. Alice Dinizo

      Birmingham, Alabama, was a hot bed of trouble in 1963. There had been fifty unsolved bombings of black people's properties in the last twenty years. Black adults wanted no part of protest marches as they knew there would be retaliation. They watched over their children and kept them in their local neighborhoods. But black children saw things differently and knew that the words "party" or "picnic" as well as certain songs were codes for their marching for the Civil Rights Movement. They were inst [...]

    5. Teddy

      I recently read and reviewed a book dealing with the same subject in the same place, Through Angel's Eyes by Steve Theunissen.I can never get enough of certain times in history and 1960's anything is one of them. Especially when it's about human rights and segregation. I am a child of the 60's, born in 1963, right when the protest were really heating up. I still can't wrap my head around why it is that there are people who think they are better than someone else that has a different skin color. [...]

    6. Chestelle

      I was a teenager in the 50’s when the Brown vs the Board of Education court decision ending school segregation was handed down. I can remember 2 or 3 black kids coming to my high school in Amarillo, TX, but, as far as I can remember, there were no protests or outbreaks of violence in my town.When the Civil Rights movement was in full swing, I was a young mother and vividly remember many of the events depicted by Ms. Turner in this fascinating novel about two teenage girls, Letitia and Martha A [...]

    7. Cheryl

      As someone who was born in Birmingham AL (and was a bit too young for the Children's March, as I was four years old at the time), and has lived here all my life--I could be a bit biased about this book. But I don't think I am (though there's something exceedingly cool about reading a book and knowing all the places mentioned and being able to picture them clearly). March With Me is beautifully written. I admire how the author put forth both sides of the equation, and showed that there are many g [...]

    8. Jimmie Aaron Kepler

      Master storyteller Rosalie Turner makes the top of the best books I have read in several years list with “March With Me”. Her writing transported me back in time where I felt I was in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. I lived through the era as a middle school student and remember it well.Turner has crafted two brilliant characters. The story is told through their eyes. Martha Ann (a white girl) and Letitia (a black girl) have you experiencing the Civil Rights movement. They meet briefly at Marth [...]

    9. Carol

      March with Me by Rosalie Turner is an excellent book for people to learn about the two worlds of black and white people in the past. This is fiction set in Birmingham, Alabama in April 1963 and goes to April 1, 1975. The story is narrated by two girls, Letita, a black girl aged 15 and by Martha Ann, a white girl named Martha Ann. Their connection at the beginning is that Letitia’s mother works as a maid to Martha Ann’s mother.I thought that story was very well written and researched. I was 1 [...]

    10. Brenna

      I love reading about civil rights and anything to do with American history, so this book was right up my alley. Rosalie Turner wrote this as a young adult novel and I appreciate that she has done so. 2 girls-one black, one white-take part in the Children's March and eventually meet during this time frame. Turner chose a topic that surely will resonate with young adults today who are looking for purpose and will see that young adults are just as important in helping to bring about change as anyon [...]

    11. Beth Olson

      I wish I could have given this book an extra .5 of a star. I finished this book in a little over a day - it was that good; only taking off a half a star because in spots it does get a little "preachy" and borderline trite. That being saidMARCH WITH ME tells the story of the Civil Rights Movement of the early 60's and it's effect on two teenage girls, one black and one white, and their families. Ms. Turner's style of writing puts the reader in the center of the action - many times bringing up ima [...]

    12. Beth

      Set in 1963 in the city of Birmingham, AL. Told from the perspective of a teenage black girl who wants to be involved in the marches for freedom. Even though I knew about the events of 1963 this book allowed me to get emotionally involved with the history.

    13. Doann Houghton-Alico

      I loved this and highly recommend it. I remember the Civil Rights Movement very well and will never forget some of the TV news images of the horrors inflicted on those, especially the children, who participated. This is well-researched and is a voice for reconciliation.

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