O Aleph

O Aleph Neste conjunto de fic es publicado em acrescido de quatro textos na edi o de encontramos os motivos borgesianos recorrentes o tempo o infinito a imortalidade a identidade o duplo a pe

  • Title: O Aleph
  • Author: Jorge Luis Borges José Colaço Barreiros
  • ISBN: 9789897220715
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Aleph

    Neste conjunto de fic es publicado em 1949 acrescido de quatro textos na edi o de 1952 , encontramos os motivos borgesianos recorrentes o tempo, o infinito, a imortalidade, a identidade, o duplo, a perplexidade metaf sica.Descoberto na cave de um casar o devoluto, o aleph que d t tulo ao ltimo conto e ao livro uma pequena esfera de cor tornesol, de um fulgor qNeste conjunto de fic es publicado em 1949 acrescido de quatro textos na edi o de 1952 , encontramos os motivos borgesianos recorrentes o tempo, o infinito, a imortalidade, a identidade, o duplo, a perplexidade metaf sica.Descoberto na cave de um casar o devoluto, o aleph que d t tulo ao ltimo conto e ao livro uma pequena esfera de cor tornesol, de um fulgor quase intoler vel , o ponto no universo a partir do qual se v a totalidade do universo, em simult neo e sob todos os ngulos.Borges t lo definido com a compara o o que a eternidade para o tempo, o aleph para o espa o.

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      274 Jorge Luis Borges José Colaço Barreiros

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    1. Glenn Russell

      FINAL REVIEWWe have all experienced different dimensions in our life, to name just three waking, deep sleep and dreaming Yet when it comes to describing or imagining the afterlife, I ve read very few accounts postulating how awareness could shift between various levels rather, life or lack of life after death tends to be portrayed as an uninterrupted hum all at one frequency, the three major frequencies 1 awareness within a specific form, like a light body 2 formless awareness, that is, our cons [...]

    2. BillKerwin

      This is a masterful collection by a writer of genius I believe The Aleph is just as good as Fictions, and Fictions is as good as any book of short pieces produced in the 20th Century If you like paradoxes, puzzles, doppelgangers and labyrinths used as metaphors for the relation of microcosm to macrocosm and the fluid nature of personal identity, then this is the book for you These stories are profound, but they are written in such an entertaining traditional narrative style that they might often [...]

    3. BlackOxford

      Down and Out in Lovecroft and BorgesAt some point but not today I intend to do a review of Borges and Lovecroft together Not to say anything important but merely to understand how they depend on one another I think it is clear that Borges borrowed from Lovecroft And I think it is just as clear that we read Lovecroft in light of what Borges did with the genre of fantasy horror At least a half dozen stories have been identified by readers as cross overs as it were from Lovecroft to Borges And it i [...]

    4. Cecily

      Anything can drive a person insane if that person cannot manage to put it out of their mind even a map of Hungary Obsession is the unifying theme of virtually all these stories, which is apt, because I m beginning to be a trifle obsessed myself It is perhaps most central to The Zahir.I have the Collected Fictions with copious translator s notes , but am splitting my review of that into its components, listed in publication order Collected Fictions all reviews This is the fourth, published in 194 [...]

    5. Magrat Ajostiernos

      Telara a de historias y leyendas absurdas y maravillosas, llenas de elementos fant sticos pero con las que viajas por todo el mundo y a trav s del tiempo He disfrutado mucho de esta lectura, aunque hay un pu ado de relatos que no llegu a apreciar o entender, en cambio otros como El inmortal , Emma Zunz , La casa de Asteri n , Deutsches Requiem y El Alpeh me fascinaron completamente y no puedo dejar de darles vueltas Borges consigue algo que nunca me hab a pasado, que seg n termine un relato quie [...]

    6. Owlseyes

      Stevenson, Wells, Twain, Verne, the Arabian Nights, were some of the references for Borges very early on, back in Argentina At his father s library, he read a lot Then he went to Europe Borges American, old and a blind poet he realized once, later in life Afterwards he had to live up to it and face old age as a time of happiness the animal being dead man and soul go on Borges a shy man who longed for oblivion siempre t mido , as he said of himself but not shy stories, he wrote stories venturing [...]

    7. Luís C.

      This book of short tales by Jorge Luis Borges is perhaps the most brilliant compendium of fantastic stories that the author has written Among others, we find The immortal , The dead , The theologians , History of the warrior and the captive and the central story that has the most eloquent burden of mystery and metaphysical depth The Aleph.In this last story, the author in person is the protagonist After the death of his beloved friend Beatriz Viterbo, Borges does not miss the appointment to visi [...]

    8. Jason

      You re avoiding a single star, Borges, simply because I try my best not to dish them out There s little value in reading if one is going to try consider ways to dislike doing it I love your ideas, but not your executions Reading through the contents list, I can easily choose five or six stories whose very conception alone excite me The Immortal, The Zahir, The Writing of The God, The House of Asterion , but you continually bashed me over the head with names, places, dates, literary and historica [...]

    9. Florencia

      I know why I didn t write a review I wrote several reviews about Borges books and I got tired of saying how amazing this writer was Is Will always be This is one of the greatest short stories collections I ve ever read There are ordinary situations combined with magical events, sometimes very subtle, sometimes not But it s there And they re all beautifully written Stories like El Inmortal , Emma Zunz , La casa de Asteri n or Los te logos are outstanding pieces of literary work that nobody should [...]

    10. Poncho

      After reading Borges my brain usually feels fried, so excuse all the nonsense in this review My intention was never to write anything about it, to let it flow, to carry on with my life But trust me, after reading this magnificent writer, and specially such writings as the ones collected in El Aleph, life s never the same My brain may be fried, but my soul feels somewhat soothed.Reading him is like facing the Zahir something that seeds in one s soul a never ending obsession in life s groundless s [...]

    11. Magdalena

      Me cost mucho terminar este libro Ten a ganas de leerlo por decir ya le a Borges en alg n punto de mi vida , pero realmente fue una lectura algo dif cil El contexto hist rico, fantasioso y en ciertos momentos filos ficos fueron muy abrumantes Seguramente me pareci eso debido a que ven a leyendo estilos y g neros muy distintos al de cuentos fantaseosos con un nivel de profundidad alto en la mayor a de ellos Es el primer libro con el que experimento la convicci n de volver a leerlo en otro punto d [...]

    12. Adina

      This is the 2nd time I try to read these stories This time I tried in Spanish very bad idea too difficult for my level and then came back to the Romanian translation I liked the ideas such as for the Immortals but the author continually put references of different names, places, dates, literary and historical citations that in my opinion made the story unpleasant to read I understand the author is very well read and he drew inspiration from all the book he cites Iliad, Hamlet, etc but i think th [...]

    13. Ginny_1807

      Immenso BorgesSe leggendo Finzioni non si pu fare a meno di ammirare Borges per l originalit inventiva e il geniale virtuosismo, leggendo L Aleph si impara ad amarlo incondizionatamente O almeno a me successo cos A chi si accostasse per la prima volta a questo scrittore, consiglierei pertanto di iniziarne la conoscenza da quest opera, che a mio avviso ne rivela pi intensamente ed esaustivamente le eccezionali qualit narrative e il singolarissimo profilo intellettuale Ciascuno dei diciassette rac [...]

    14. Teresa Proença

      Que o c u exista, mesmo que o nosso lugar seja o inferno H dias por culpa de uma amiga do ouvi uma pequena hist ria de Jorge Luis Borges que me impressionou Um dia, junto das pir mides do Egipto, Borges apanhou um punhado de areia, largou o mais frente e disse Estou a modificar o deserto e, atrav s da sua escrita, modifica a mente de quem o l Dos dezassete contos, inclu dos neste livro, n o gostei muito da maior parte deles Ou porque n o os compreendi perdida em labirintos infinitos ou porque n [...]

    15. Biron Paşa

      Bundan yakla k bir y l nce elime ald m Alef i ve ilk yk leri okudum Ama Borges i ine girilmesi, anla lmas ok zor bir d nya yaratm t Bir hik yenin i inde anlamad m ve hik yenin hi bir yerinde a klanmayan onlarca g nderme, referans oluyordu ve bazen bunlar hik yenin meram n anlamam engelliyordu Sinirlendim ve Borges i anla lmayacak bir eyler yazd i in kibirli buldum st nden aylar ge ti ve ben kitaba hi dokunmad m Sonra ge enlerde akl ma d t ve Borges le olan i imdeki tart man n mutlak galibi olman [...]

    16. 29alabs

      El Aleph es una colecci n de cuentos de ficci n, la mayor parte recopilada, si no me falla, por el mismo Borges, donde se exploran diversos temas que pasan por la inmortalidad y su opuesto, la divinidad, el significado de dios y todo esto lo conjunta con la metaf sica, teolog a, filosof a y estoy seguro que hasta algo de metaliteratura hay por all.Y hay varios cuentos en la colecci n que me dejaron muy buena impresi n, El Inmortal paso a ser uno que recomendar a sin dudas, El Aleph es probableme [...]

    17. arcobaleno

      Ci ho provato e riprovato Ogni volta mi impegnavo a leggerne un pezzetto in pi , ma ogni volta mi ritrovavo con un testo cervellotico, artificioso e saccente, che faticavo ad afferrare anzi, mi infastidiva E ogni volta mi sentivo come quel rudimentale troglodita del primo racconto, tuttavia priva di immortalit L ho ripreso infine da poco, quando ho scoperto su GR un gruppo di lettura che aveva scelto proprio L Aleph per il mese di dicembre Sono rimasta dietro le quinte in attesa, e anche un po c [...]

    18. Vit Babenco

      Our twentieth century had inverted the story of Mohammed and the mountain nowadays, the mountain came to the modern Mohammed Isn t it about the modern mass media When I opened my eyes, I saw the Aleph The Aleph Yes, the only place on earth where all places are seen from every angle, each standing clear, without any confusion or blending As The Aleph is a locus of the entire world so the stories by Jorge Luis Borges are the epitome of the entire intellectual universe His guiding purpose, though i [...]

    19. Tolgonay Dinçer

      M kemmel bir bilgi birikimi ve harika kurgulanm yk ler e er siz de bu bilgilere sahipseniz Y zeysel olarak okunarak da zevk al nacak bir kitap ama ben ayr nt larda bo uldum, bilmedi im pek ok efsane, k lt r, olay Daha iyi bir d nem de tekrar okumay kesinlikle isterim.

    20. Derian

      A los 19 a os, m s o menos, abr con inocencia, con rabia, fresco y joven, mi primer libro de Borges Pero a los pocos cuentos o a las pocas p ginas, mentir a de cualquier forma porque no lo recuerdo lo dej , o mejor, el libro me expuls Enojado con el Mejor Escritor Argentino de Todos los Tiempos, o conmigo mismo pienso ahora, le contaba a mi analista de entonces iba a la pisc logica ja que Borges era un pedante de mierda, un intelectual fr o, un esteta vacuo Lo odiaba.Despu s de esta primera apro [...]

    21. Jerry

      Want a great description of what it s like to look at the World Wide Web through a browser for the first time Read the long beautiful paragraph in which Borges describes his first look into the Aleph I keep coming back to these stories and those in Labyrinths Borges captures so much, so quickly.

    22. Repellent Boy

      Me inici con esta lectura con poqu simas expectativas, y he acabado alargando la lectura para no acarbarla tan pronto La realidad es que Borges no es para todos los p blicos Me cost mucho meterme en su mundo y adaptarme a su pluma Ahora bien, una vez lo hice, fue una absoluta maravilla Me gustaron todos los relatos Algunos m s que otros, pero todos tiene ese algo que se te queda dentro al acabarlo Genio.

    23. Olivia

      I found this book on a shelf at a library two days ago The name of the author sounded familiar, but I did not know from where I picked it up and opened it on a random page, which happened to be the first page of the short story The House of Asteri n It was one of the most stunning things I had ever read Needless to say, I brought The Aleph home with me that day Since then I ve been reading It would be a lie to say I understood everything, that I caught every reference Maybe that even added to th [...]

    24. GrauWolf

      All interno di questa raccolta ogni storia oltre a racchiudere un universo a s stante, riesce a contenere almeno una parte della grande sapienza di Borges.L Aleph un insieme di racconti fantastici, che dimostrano la grande capacit dell autore di fondere la finzione e la realt , lasciando il lettore in un apparente stato di sbalordimento.Sono storie brevi estremamente colte, ricche di riferimenti a testi e autori tutt altro che noti Sono storie religiose, orientali, mitologiche, esoteriche, fanta [...]

    25. Fernanda

      Eternidad Esto es lo que fue El libro es tan denso, sus lecturas tan pesadas que es dif cil mantener el ritmo, es dif cil, si no un suplicio, leer dos cuentos al mismo tiempo Las historias son tan cortas y el libro tan peque o, que es sorprendente la cantidad de tiempo que me tom terminarlo El libro es bueno Los temas son poderosos, espirituales, m s all de lo evidente Son lecturas bien pensadas y escritas limpiamente Son la clase de historias que alguien muy espiritual guardar a como tesoros, d [...]

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