Behind the Shattered Glass

Behind the Shattered Glass A ruined abbey on a beautiful estate in Derbyshire a murdered peer and a most unlikely romance make New York Times bestseller Tasha Alexander s new novel Behind the Shattered Glass absolutely irresi

  • Title: Behind the Shattered Glass
  • Author: Tasha Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781250024701
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Behind the Shattered Glass

    A ruined abbey on a beautiful estate in Derbyshire, a murdered peer, and a most unlikely romance make New York Times bestseller Tasha Alexander s new novel Behind the Shattered Glass absolutely irresistibleAngle Park is the ancestral home of Lady Emily Hargreave s husband Colin But the stately calm of country life is destroyed when their neighbor, the Marquess of MontA ruined abbey on a beautiful estate in Derbyshire, a murdered peer, and a most unlikely romance make New York Times bestseller Tasha Alexander s new novel Behind the Shattered Glass absolutely irresistibleAngle Park is the ancestral home of Lady Emily Hargreave s husband Colin But the stately calm of country life is destroyed when their neighbor, the Marquess of Montagu, bursts through the French doors from the garden and falls down dead in front of the shocked gathering But who has a motive for murdering the young aristocrat The lovely cousin who was threatened by his engagement, the Oxford friend he falsely accused of cheating, the scheming vicar s daughter he shamelessly seduced or the relative no one knew existed who appears to claim the Montagu title Who is the mysterious woman seen walking with him moments before he was brutally attacked The trail takes readers into the gilded world of a British manor house and below stairs to the servants who know all the secrets One family s hidden past and a forbidden passion are the clues to a puzzle only Lady Emily can solve.

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    Behind the Shattered Glass

    One thought on “Behind the Shattered Glass

    1. Rhode

      TERRIBLE I ve read the other seven Lady Emily stories and they weren t that bad This one started badly, with supposedly witty repartee that fell flat, and then got worse Everything about the estate is far too perfect, from the spacious well lit kitchen to the redecorated servants quarters Not to mention cozy reading nooks in each room Emily s marriage is perfect, her children are perfect, etc etc her annoying mother is only there for comic relief and is perfectly avoided whenever she might grow [...]

    2. Khanh (the meanie)

      The Lady Emily series has been one I have followed since its inception I number it among one of my favorites, but I find myself rather disappointed with the latter books.Don t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Lady Emily and her husband, the valiant, gorgeous, charming, and altogether impeccably perfect Colin Hargreaves, but there is a time for a series to make a graceful end, and as sad as I am to see the demise of a series, it s about time I would rather see a series I love make an elegant bow [...]

    3. SidneyKay

      I decided to read this book based on two things the cover and the lovely title Those are logical reasons as far as I m concerned I probably want to look into that reasoning a little Before I could jot down my thoughts on this one, I had to take a breath and closely examine my thoughts This is the eighth book in the Lady Emily series, and the first one I ve read Having never read any of the other Lady Emily books, I think may have been a disadvantage for me I suspect that I would have liked the [...]

    4. Liz

      While Emily and Colin are at home at their country estate of Angle Park, their neighbor the Marquess of Montague, manages to stumble into their foyer to collapse and die after being hit over the head with a rock Naturally, Emily and Colin take up the investigation Suspects abound, including the Marquess s cousin who should have stood to inherit, women scorned, and an old friend from his childhood days who may have been looking for revenge I remember fully enjoying the first couple of Lady Emily [...]

    5. Teri

      First let me say that I have been a fan of the Lady Emily series since the beginning and I was thrilled to start 8 in the series Sadly I was terribly disappointed in this latest addition There were a number of things that really bothered me First, as at least one other review has pointed out, the relationship between the aristocratic guest and the maid simply didn t ring true to me While relationships like this occasionally occurred during Victorian times, I found this one improbable Second, the [...]

    6. Margaret Foreman

      Sigh I m trying to remember what I liked about the Lady Emily books in the first place was she always this tedious If I m trapped in someone s brain, I d like that brain to have some interesting thoughts, perhaps a little self doubt, maybe surprised a bit Emily s first person narrative is just a bit too omniscient She s never caught off guard or dismayed that she might have followed a red herring And speaking of red herrings, Alexander throws one in and then throws it out in the next chapter thi [...]

    7. Jodi

      The Lady Emily series is one of my favourite historical sleuth series, an autobuy whenever a new book is released That said, I was a bit disappointed with this book The mystery is solid and I liked the sneak peeks into the servants world with the downstairs bits But the mystery itself didn t grab me as, for instance, the previous book did Death in the Floating City Plus I was totally annoyed with Simon throughout the entire book His crush I can t think of another way to describe it on Lily felt [...]

    8. Jacqie

      Tasha Alexander is like a box of chocolates you never know what you re going to get with her books Some I have adored, others I ve laid aside without finishing I m so pleased to have really enjoyed this book that I m giving it five stars it s really in comparison with her other books.The problems I had with the last book have been rectified Colin and Emily love and want each other, and are good partners in solving the murder Emily at least takes a stab at being a better mother than her own mothe [...]

    9. Kathy

      I was first introduced to what was to become the Lady Emily series several years ago, when I was recovering from major surgery and read And Only to Deceive, a Victorian era mystery featuring a very likeable strong willed female character I liked the first book enough to continue following as each new addition to the series came out, and haven t found a bad one in the lot This latest outing is a bit different from the previous books, in that besides Lady Emily s first person narration of the main [...]

    10. Lisa

      Lady Emily is happily settled at her country estate with her husband and her boys, when one evening, her neighbor, the marquees, stumbles into her home and drops dead She, and her husband Collin, are given the task of finding the murderer, and soon she finds herself wondering who is telling the truth and what they have to hide even some of the servants in her own home.Although this book started off a little slow for me, it picked up, and I got pulled into the mystery, like I always do with Tasha [...]

    11. Keilani Ludlow

      I love these books and this one fits right in I will say that they were a bit entertaining early on, but still are very good In fact, I appreciate that Lady Emily and Colin have gotten most of the bumps worked out of their marriage in these later books The plot isn t exactly my favorite, but it is good and does keep one wondering who and how and why The manner in which Lady Emily handles her mother is absolutely a delight to read I m not much of a mystery reader but these ones will always keep [...]

    12. Joseph

      I was fortunate to get an autographed Advanced Reader Copy of this at the ALA Conference in Chicago in June This was another enjoyable mystery in this series This one had lots of suspects and surprises I really liked the clever Upstairs Downstairs format of this one as well as seeing the developments in the lives of Lady Emily and her husband Colin Looking forward to the next in the series.

    13. Stephanie

      definitely the weakest of the seriesrry but I m not buying Lily s love story, and no matter how well educated she is going to be, people would never forget her background family and boy I miss Jeremy, Cecile Margaret are we ever going to see them again or even heard any mention of them Please bring them back, even just for a little visit

    14. Nancy Haddock

      Wonderful characters, tightly woven plot, and we get to see Colin s ancestral home to boot I tend to read books in this series in one sitting if I possibly can even if I m up late into the night To me, they re amazing

    15. Cyn Mcdonald

      Finally, a victim who truly deserved it The B story is simply the doings of the servants, especially the smart and virtuous maid Lily and the vicious kitchen girl Pru, as the upstairs folks try to solve the murder.

    16. Amy

      My least favorite Lady Emily book by far The mystery started off well and the story was entertaining when Emily and Colin were investigating actually investigating that is, not talking about what they ve investigated instead of showing it But the resolution came out of nowhere and I think undermines the interesting parts of the investigation There are some interesting secondary characters Cora Fitzgerald was a tough nut to crack, and the Matilda Rodney storyline could have been interesting if [...]

    17. Betty Strohecker

      This was a very enjoyable book in the Lady Emily series Tasha Alexander usually intersperses Lady Emily s story with letters or an alternative story within the story, and this time it dealt with the world of the servants within her employ Entitled Downstairs , short vignettes were included between each chapter, telling about the staff at husband Colin s Angle Park country estate This way we got to glimpse closely the world of both the aristocracy and servant class in the Victorian England that [...]

    18. Jennifer

      In my opinion, this one is not as strong as others in the series That being said, I still really enjoyed it.Set in and around Colin s country home, the story revolves around the murder of a Marquess from a neighboring estate, who happens to collapse and die in Colin and Emily s home.I think the main thing that bothered my was the alternating point of view You have a chapter from Emily s POV in first person , then a chapter in third person titled downstairs revolving around a maid named Lily, and [...]

    19. Cameran

      Unfortunately, this has been my least favorite installment of the Lady Emily series I could not feel engaged in the plot, and there was such a distance between myself the familiar characters that is was very disconcerting Some of my troubles with this book can be related to the format of it In Behind the Shattered Glass, Tasha Alexander takes an Upstairs Downstairs approach to the storytelling Lady Emily, as always, is a narrator of the story, but now so too are a house maid named Lily and a kit [...]

    20. Elaine

      I love early 19th century murder mysteries My usual go to author is Victoria Thompson and her Gaslight Series which takes place in turn of the century, New York For a change of pace, I decided to pick up Tasha Alexander s Behind the Shattered Glass Alexander s novel is also a 19th century murder mystery but the setting, this time, is the English countryside.Our unfortunate victim is the Marquess of Montagu After attending a late night party, he bursts through the door of his next door neighbors, [...]

    21. Nancy

      I won this book in exchange for an honest review 8 in the Lady Emily series of historical cozy murder mysteries I have only read two other books in this series and of the three I found this one to be rather flat and rushed.I felt Ms Alexander is trying to jump on the Downton Abbey bandwagon and wrote a novel with an upstairs and downstairs point of view It could have worked but there just wasn t enough substance to the two plots Cons Lady Emily s investigation into the murder of the Marquess of [...]

    22. Maire

      Yay, Lady Emily is back I loved the first three books in the series, but felt like the next few were not very interesting and occasionally quite frustrating Then, with book 7, Alexander really hit it out of the park I felt like part of the success of that novel depended on the alternating chapters set in different time periods This novel takes a lesson from that one, and alternates viewpoints from upstairs traditional Lady Emily first person POV to downstairs with the limited omniscient narrator [...]

    23. Elizabeth

      I don t give 5 stars lightly I give this 5 stars in the context of I greatly enjoyed it for the genre that it is This series has really grown on me, and maybe it s my exposure to Downton Abbey that has put me in the frame of mind to really enjoy this particular book in the series, even than the last Death in the Floating City I think that what I enjoyed about this book is possibly what other readers who rated it 2 3 stars did not enjoy as much just their world the estate, the relationships, ins [...]

    24. Sarah

      FINALLY can give a full five stars I have been enjoying this series but always felt they needed something , and this time it delivered I think what captivated me most was seeing for the first time the downstairs viewpoints To watch the housemaid Lily and Colin s friend Simon fall in love was such a sweet side story I admit I was hesitant at first because naturally at the time, it was weird for a gentleman to have such an interest in a maid so I didn t altogether trust Simon Glad to be wrong on t [...]

    25. Shelley Fearn

      I ve so enjoyed Tasha Alexander s Lady Emily series All the novels have a mystery but the relationship between Emily and her husband Colin is at the core of the story Charming and witty, the couple could be progenitors of Nick and Nora Charles The writing is direct with a good balance between dialog and description Each book in the series has just the right balance of romance and humor Some may find Behind the Shattered Glass less engaging than previous entries in the series May it was I just di [...]

    26. Ilona

      My first Lady Emily book Remarkably thin on historical details, it took me a little while to figure out just when it was supposed to be set The characters are not deep, and the number of feminist, anti aristocracy, egalitarian aristocrats peppering its pages is entirely unrealistic So, if you want historical veracity in your mystery story, go read some Anne Perry.Still, was still a fun read, and I wouldn t hesitate to read another Light and frothy, it galloped along at a good clip, the mystery w [...]

    27. Angie Bollard

      I have really enjoyed this series but this may be my point of departure First of all, the Upstairs Downstairs Downton Abbey storyline seems a bit exploitative of recent trends Especially since all these characters are so one dimensional, even the main downstairs characters Also if Lady Emily and her husband have any meaningful glances that is followed by marital bliss I may vomit Everything seems so formulaic and staid Moving on.

    28. Ali

      I didn t particularly like the whole upstairs downstairs thing going on in the book it felt like Alexander had been watching too much Downton Abbey and for some reason I had a hard time following the plot maybe too many minor characters in this one Not much better or worse than the rest of the series fun for what it is, but it s definitely not literature.

    29. Ginger

      The mystery was adequate, but this hit a pet peeve of mine the historical characters are not only outliers for their time fine but outliers in exactly the way that aligns with the s of the present day And not just the central characters, either too many of the surrounding characters are in agreement The ending was absolutely not credible This may be the last book I read in this series.

    30. Anne

      This was an excessively silly book, all the disappointing since I really enjoyed the first few books in the series I acknowledge that reading book series which get successively worse, yet refusing to give them up, is a character flaw, but I hate every time I m reminded of it.

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