Ten Birds Meet a Monster

Ten Birds Meet a Monster Ten birds are startled to discover a monster One by one they fashion increasingly elaborate sartorial creations as they try to scare him off Can the tenth bird find just the right thing In this playf

  • Title: Ten Birds Meet a Monster
  • Author: Cybèle Young
  • ISBN: 9781554539550
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ten Birds Meet a Monster

    Ten birds are startled to discover a monster One by one, they fashion increasingly elaborate sartorial creations as they try to scare him off Can the tenth bird find just the right thing In this playful companion to her Governor General s Award winning Ten Birds, author and illustrator Cyb le Young plays with shapes, shadows and sounds in this inventive counting book.

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    One thought on “Ten Birds Meet a Monster

    1. Jay

      **thankyou to NetGalley & the publishers for kindly providing this ARC!Loved it! nine birds all accepting what they see straight up as truth, but one little bird dares to look a little closer and finds it's nothing at all like the rest of them thoughtere will be lots of giggles over the funny made up names for the scary monsters the birds makeilliant illustrations! all in a blue-ish black & white, highly detailed, and no colours. fits really well with the scary monsters in the shadows.a [...]

    2. Courtney

      Any preschooler can relate to the birds in Ten Birds Meet a Monster. The birds see a mysterious, spooky shadow in the next room. Instead of being afraid, they attempt to scare it away. The ink drawings depict realistic, yet still cute birds and their antics. I love the high contrast. The text is sparse, yet introduces many new words to describe the bird's characters. This book would make a nice read aloud, even for large groups as the pictures are big enough.

    3. Betsy

      The ten birds that first appeared in the award-winning Ten Birds return to encounter a scary menace. Without words, the birds’ fear of this monster is evident; what can they do? The first bird devises a polka-dot rival but this does not remove the beast. A second bird joins the first and using the clothes scattered about the floor, the bird hopes to create a rival monster. Alas, still no success eliminating the monster. Each time, a bird joins the group and they create a larger more menacing [...]

    4. Online Eccentric Librarian

      Ten Birds Meet a Monster is by artist/author Cybele Young and is part of an award winning series.The story follows 10 birds who see the shadow of a monster in the next room. They go into the closet and start to use clothes/shoes/accessories to create their own scary monsters in the hope of scaring off the one in the other room. We count down the creations - as it starts with one bird and by the end 9 birds are creating more and more complex creations with the clothes.I read this with my young da [...]

    5. Michelle McBeth

      This is the follow up book to Ten Birds by Cybele Young. In this book, the ten birds come across the shadow of a monster. They use a roomful of clothing in inventive way to create their own monsters in hopes of scaring the monster away. But it is the bird that is "easily distracted" who wanders off and realized the shadow is nothing more than a glove sitting in the next room.This book has abstract concepts. It is advertized for grades K-3 which is appropriate. However it is a counting book and t [...]

    6. Aleece

      Ten birds are frightened by a monster in the other room and in order to make the monster disappear they decide to create a monster themselves using clothing to scare it away. Each time they add another bird and more clothing and become a more and more complex monster. Will it work to frighten the monster away?This is such a creative and fun filled book that doesn't even need color. I love the black and white illustrations. Every other page the clothes that are lying on the floor create a number [...]

    7. MartyAnne

      TITLE: TEN BIRDS MEET A MONSTERSERIES: (TEN BIRDS #2) AUTHOR: Cybèle Young GENRE/AUDIENCE: Children's picture book with minimal wordsVIEW: Ten Birds see a monster, and they work together to scare it. One bird tries, then two and even nine birds cannot make the monster move. Now it is up to the tenth little birdEND: FUN!TAGS: Childrens book, Ten Birds, Mayhem, Monster, PERMALINK: martysreads/2013/ OTHER BOOKS: Ten Birds is an award winning book by the same author, Cybèle Young.--ABOUT THIS REVI [...]

    8. Suzanne

      This is a treat for the imagination. What kind of monster is it that the birds have found? What can they do to scare it away? Using spare clothing that is lying around, they try to disguise themselves as fearsome beasts, but the monster remains. The names of the beasts they invent sound like something from Willie Wonka - a terrifying crackatoothus or frightening vipper-snapper, for example. And there is some wonderful vocabulary to describe the birds. They are inventive, resourceful, attentive [...]

    9. Karyn The Pirate

      Ten birds meet a scary monster in their wanderings. Can they create their own creature scary enough to chase the monster away?Cybele Young uses pen and ink drawings to tell the delightful tale of ten little birds who are making their way in the world when they come across a "scary monster." Using discard pieces of clothing, the birds come up with their own monsters to try to get rid of the one standing in their path. Young's use of such names as Vicious Polka-dactyl and Gnashing Grapplesaurus br [...]

    10. Andréa

      A cute and clever counting book. Kids will have fun guessing what the monster is and watching the birds turn themselves into different scary "creatures." In each spread, both the birds working together to scare away the monster and the remaining birds can be counted, for extra counting opportunities and a chance to work on addition/subtraction. The pictures are not in full color, which works to the story's advantage, as the monster would be less intimidating if everything else was bright and col [...]

    11. Vidya Tiru

      Younger readers will enjoy how the birds come up with innovative ways to create monsters when they meet one that scares them and also how one bird finally overpowers their monster! And what they do when they discover who(what) their monster is. This will definitely encourage kids to, like the birds, use everyday items for play and fun, rather than needing more ‘toys’. I especially love the ink sketches here.

    12. Emilia P

      Ahhh I love you ten birds!!! Such whimsical yet detailed illustrations, such suspense, such a gleeful ending! Cybele, I think you are one of the best artists of this generation of picture-book-illustrators. I am glad the ten birds are becoming a thing. I hope there will be more, because they are a joy to behold. Thanks Kids Can/NetGalley, for the chance to check this new one out!

    13. Destiny Dawn Long

      Full review at my blog: destinydawnlong.wordpress/This title has earned 5 out of 5 stars. Counting books can get tedious–so if I have to read one, it should at least be beautiful and original. Young delivered. Engaging text, exceptional illustrations and excellent design… it’s got all the elements of a great picture book.

    14. Hamster

      Got this from NetGalley.I wanted to give it two stars, but my kids laughed at the end and said they liked it a lot. (Grumble.)Basically I was ready for it to be done after the fourth page.This is one of those where the illustrations could have made all the difference.(Unfortunately they didn't.)

    15. Carol

      Gorgeous illustrations depict birds trying to frighten a monster away with various scary creations of their own. The tenth and final one might just be the perfect person to banish the terrifying creature.

    16. Louise Bendall

      Cybèle Young's "Ten Birds" have gone from crossing a river to confronting a monster in this story. Once again, incredible black & white artwork helps to tell the tale. This cute story also serves to alleviate fears of any monsters who may be hiding around the corner.

    17. Rebecca Ann

      I really liked the grayscale pencil illustrations in this book and the strange mix of modern and old fashioned style. The story itself was pretty unremarkable, however. I'm not sure what a child would make of it.

    18. Rosa

      A group of birds think they see a monster so they use clothes to turn themselves into a monster and try and frighten it away. Only the tenth bird, easily distracted is able to figure out what's really going on through his explorations. An interesting mix of creepy and cute.

    19. Ruby

      Wonderful illustrations-deadly boring story. And I'm not sure really young kids, who are just learning to count to 10 (presumably who this book is intended for)-would understand what the monster was at the end. But then again, I was a kid too long ago to know ha ha ha

    20. Gianna Mosser

      The playful illustrations are enough to recommend this book, and the names of the monsters got some real giggles. Very basic book though, which is fine. Not enough to be one of three at bedtime though, as I got some pushback on that.

    21. Kristina Jean Lareau

      Gorey-inspired pen and ink illustrations engage the imagination in this unusual counting book. The fake monster names are ridiculously fun and the ending offers a little surprise. Probably better for older children since the black and white will not lure in the very young.

    22. Annie Payne

      This book was so much fun! All of the kids loved guessing what the monster was, and they loved all of the silly monster names! Beautiful artwork, great use of vocabulary, and a great book to incorporate discussion into storytime!

    23. Katie

      This book made me antsy. I just want to know WHAT THE MONSTER WAS! Perhaps I will have patience one day maybe when I grow up.

    24. Ryan

      4 Stars This excellently illustrated children’s book is about playing with shadows and that seeing should not always be believing.

    25. Alison

      The birds are at it again, one by one they try to become something that will scare away the monster in the closet, which is really just the shadow of a glove.

    26. Heather Gunnell

      Staff PickIt's a counting book that feels more like a story than a straight forward 1,2,3 kind of book. It's also pretty funny watching the birds come up with all kinds of creatures to scare away the monster.

    27. Laura

      The story line was ok. Nothing to get excited about, but the illustrations were amazing! Hence the higher rating for just an ok story

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