La hija del bosque

La hija del bosque Alternate cover for ISBN Juliet Marillier escribi una novela inolvidable Con una prosa colorida y una imaginaci n desbordante ha creado un mundo el reino de Sieteaguas el lt

  • Title: La hija del bosque
  • Author: Juliet Marillier Libertad Aguilera Ballester
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • La hija del bosque

    Alternate cover for ISBN 9509009970 9789509009974Juliet Marillier escribi una novela inolvidable Con una prosa colorida y una imaginaci n desbordante, ha creado un mundo, el reino de Sieteaguas, el ltimo enclave irland s, que se mantiene al margen de las invasiones de sajones y britanos gracias a la protecci n de una impenetrable espesura En esas sombras, afirma la leyAlternate cover for ISBN 9509009970 9789509009974Juliet Marillier escribi una novela inolvidable Con una prosa colorida y una imaginaci n desbordante, ha creado un mundo, el reino de Sieteaguas, el ltimo enclave irland s, que se mantiene al margen de las invasiones de sajones y britanos gracias a la protecci n de una impenetrable espesura En esas sombras, afirma la leyenda, vive la dama del Bosque y es ella quien ampara a sus habitantes.Pero incluso para una deidad tan ben vola y poderosa hay l mites el se or del reino, Lord Colum, viudo y padre de seis hijos, triunfador de mil batallas, pondr en riesgo sus dominios al casarse con la dama Oonagh, una mujer tan hermosa como malvada, que hechizar a los hijos de su nuevo esposo S lo Sorcha, la hija adorada, escapar del maleficio Ser ella quien deba atravesar pruebas y penurias para salvar a sus hermanos, y en su derrotero encontrar el amor Su traves a no est exenta de peligros, ni de temerarias alianzas pol ticas con reinos rivales de Sieteaguas, pero siempre es amparada por los favores del destino y por los poderes que su delicadeza y dulzura disimulan.La publicaci n en ingl s de La Hija del Bosque, la primera novela de la Trilog a Sieteaguas que Edhasa publicar por entero, supuso la consagraci n inmediata de Juliet Marillier El libro fue finalista de los premios Aurealis y del Romantic Book of the Year Award, y obtuvo adem s el premio a la mejor novela de fantasy de los lectores del Romantic Times Magazine y el Premio Alex de la American Library Association.

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    One thought on “La hija del bosque

    1. Kat Kennedy

      ***Warning**** Mention of rape and discussion of such follows.I gave this book four stars so obviously I did enjoy it. There are actually many, many enjoyable elements to this book and I promise to get to them in a momentI found myself so COMPLETELY annoyed with Daughter of the Forest though I really enjoyed the book. We are treated to the terrible acts committed against Sorcha and it's rather graphic at moments. Yet when it comes to consensual, loving sex - nothing. Fade to black the moment the [...]

    2. Michelle

      “Real life is not quite as it is in stories. In the old tales, bad things happen, and when the tale has unfolded and come to its triumphant conclusion, it is as if the bad things had never been. Life is not as simple as that, not quite.”--Juliet Marillier, “Daughter of the Forest”The above quote, hands down, sums up “Daughter of the Forest” for me. Yes, this is a fairy tale, but it also speaks truth about life: about how once you go forward, you cannot go back to the beginning…beca [...]

    3. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

      First let me give a shout out to the rapists and dog killer/abusers in the book with a gif below. Now let's crack on with a short review 😊So Sorcha was not born the seventh son. She was born a daughter with 6 older brothers. Finbar, Liam, Cormack, Conor, Padriac and Diarmid. These brothers take care of Sorcha and I forgot to mention she's a healer! Well, one day their father brings home the evil sorceress that is to be the wicked stepmother! Yeah, she puts an ole curse on the brothers and suc [...]

    4. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads

      Reviewed by: Rabid Reads4.5 starsEverything I could tell you about Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier can be summed up in a single paragraph from the story itself:If I were telling this tale, and it were not my own, I would give it a neat, satisfying ending . . . In such stories, there are no loose ends. There are no unraveled edges and crooked threads. Daughters do not give their hearts to the enemy. The wicked do not simply disappear, taking with them the satisfaction of vengeance. You [...]

    5. Cait • A Page with a View

      I love Ireland and love retellings, so this was all sorts of enchanting.Sorcha is the seventh daughter of a seventh son and has 6 older brothers. A few of them communicate mentally and there are hints of fae and magic woven throughout the druidic Irish setting. It's a long story, but basically young Sorcha's brothers are turned into swans and she has to remain silent for years as she spins a thorny plant into shirts so they can be human again. It's a truly miserable, isolating task and the story [...]

    6. Katerina

      “All that he had of her was his memory,where he held every moment,every single moment that she had been his.That was all he had,to keep out the loneliness.” Daughter of the Forest is one of those books.The ones that are scored on my heart,the ones that caused both my awe and respect for the story and for the author.For it takes a tremendous amount of talent and soul to write such a book.I recall the tale of the Six Swans,I remember being a little girl watching the animated version,and it mad [...]

    7. Tatiana

      4.7 starsAside from a couple of minor qualms, Daughter of the Forest is pretty much an example of an almost perfect debut novel.This book is a beautiful retelling of the Celtic "Swans" myth, which has been familiar to me since childhood through the Hans Christian Andersen's version - The Wild Swans. Sorcha is the seventh child and the only daughter of Lord Colum of Sevenwaters. When Colum remarries after being widowed for almost 13 years, the evil stepmother (and witch) puts a dreadful spell on [...]

    8. Keertana

      Incredible. I know I've said I've been speechless when reading books before, but this time, I genuinely don't have the words to express what a masterpiece this novel is. I actually finished this novel early today morning, at around 1:30, but it was only at 2:30-ish that I actually got up to go to sleep. I couldn't get this story out of my head; I simply kept thinking about it. If Juliet Marillier hadn't already made a fan out of me with Heart's Blood, then I'd be tripping over myself to fall at [...]

    9. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

      I have always loved the fairy tale about the sister with numerous brothers who had a wicked stepmother who enchanted her brothers to turn them into birds. The number of brothers and the type of birds can vary. I have seen it with ravens and with swans. In Daughter of the Forest, Ms. Marillier used the version in which the heroine has six brothers and they are all turned into swans. I must say I truly enjoyed (and devoured) this heartbreaking, emotionally wrenching novel based on that fairy tale. [...]

    10. Robin (Bridge Four)

      It has taken me forever to get to this review because I was just not sure how I could possibly pack everything I felt during this book into coherent words stuck together that would even possibly do it justice. I still don’t think that I will be able to manage it but I’ll try.Daughter of the Forest (DoF) takes an old Irish legend/fairy tale and breathes new life into it. I was not familiar at all with the original version of this story so I cannot comment on how closely it follows but I will [...]

    11. Mayim De Vries

      The pages of this book flow like a river of sorrow and anguish, and pain, and loneliness, courage, and hope, and an unyielding love. But the stream is strong so once the current of the Six Swans retelling has caught you, you will be there, held like under a spell and unable to stop. It is not an easy tale but, oh, a beautiful one.The fairy tale is known, and so I am not spoiling anything by telling you that Daughter of the Forest tells us a story of Sorcha, the youngest child of the Lord of Seve [...]

    12. AH

      What a breathtakingly beautiful book! It’s hard to describe Daughter of the Forest. It is a fantasy, a historical, and a romance. It reads like a fable or a fairy tale. It has all the elements of a fairy tale – the evil stepmother, a fairy godmother (sort of), an enchantment, an impossible task to accomplish, a prince charming, and a happily ever after.This has to be my all time favorite book now. I was captivated by the story, mesmerized by the voice of Sorcha, our heroine. I did not put th [...]

    13. Vinaya

      How do you know when a book is a great book? - When the line between reality and fiction begins to blur, so that you could be sitting on a sunny balcony off a busy street, and still feel like you are in the cool, dark confines of the ancient Irish forests. When you are struck with sympathetic muteness because talking means the difference between life and death for the heroine, and it takes an actual, conscious effort to unlock your throat and answer when someone calls out to you. When you sudden [...]

    14. Emily May

      No RatingI cannot fairly rate this book so I'm going to leave it as it is. I was originally attracted by the high ratings and positive reviews but I discovered early on that, for whatever reason, this book simply isn't for me. I couldn't appreciate the story enough to read on and that is why I won't insult it by giving the kind of low rating I usually give to abandoned books. In this instance, it was definitely me and not the story or writing.

    15. Amanda

      What a fabulous start to what I hope is going to be a 5 star series. One of my favorite books so far this year!

    16. Lindsey Rey

      Trigger Warning: Sexual AssaultIt was very difficult for me to give this book a star rating. First off, I want to say that I enjoyed this story a lot and found it very enchanting. I didn't want to put it down and I will be continuing on with the series. I really enjoyed the writing and I thought the cast of characters was very intriguing and really pulled you in to the story. The novel did lull in a couple of places, but that didn't impact my enjoyment of the book. I did listen to the audio book [...]

    17. Mogsy (MMOGC)

      5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/01/30/bIn the second half of 2014, I read Juliet Marillier for the first time. The book was Dreamer’s Pool and as soon as I closed the cover on the last page, I asked myself the question most readers ask themselves right after they finish an amazing read: Why have I waited so long to read this author? And inevitably, the next thought is: I must read more!I know I say that a lot and I don’t always follow through, at least not right away. Bu [...]

    18. Kathleen

      3.5 stars. Wondrously evocative and lyrical. Enthralling. Suspenseful. Redundant. Too redundant. This is a popular romantic fairy tale, found in the Young Adult and Juvenile shelves. Yet I question that classification, as there's agraphically adult scene (disturbing) as explained in spoiler further below.Major spoilers are tagged and hidden: Daughter of the Forestis an über-extended take on The Six Swans, set in medieval Ireland, when Druidic and Christian cultures first started to overlap.Sorc [...]

    19. Justine

      Amazing. If I wasn't sure before, this book solidifies Juliet Marillier as one of my very favourite authors. The story of Sorcha and her trials as she works to free her six brothers from enchantment is painful and gut wrenching. While it doesn't all result in a traditional fairy tale ending, the story does deliver what feels right and more true to our own experiences. No one can live through what Sorcha and her brothers do without being irrevocably changed.Marillier's writing is perfect as usual [...]

    20. Meridyforgot

      I just want to say that I have very mixed feelings about this book. It is one of my favorite love stories of all time. It is not some mere trite story. It is meaningful and deep. However be warned, it does have what I have referred to before as "content". There is a part near the beginning where she is abused. Skip it. There is a part at the very end after they are married. There you go. So if you read it, and want to come away unscathed, be careful. Start at the part where Red finds her(maybe s [...]

    21. Adrienne

      Such a gem to read and have on your bookshelf, full of magic and mysticism, love and romance. One the most beautifully crafted books I've read in a long time, the story line is very simple and has been written about in other reviews ,what makes it extra special is the voice of the narrator Sorcha (sor-ca), she tells her story with such a simple yet very emotive voice that can bring the reader to tears in just a few beautifully put together words. Altho this is a hefty book it didn't seem to matt [...]

    22. Angela

      I would not recommend it, especially to young adults. The story was beautifully woven and the writing is very engrossing, but there is graphic description of abuse that did not strengthen the book and was very unnecessary. It pretty much ruined the book for me.

    23. Stacy

      I have three words to describe this bookautiful, heartbreaking and enchanting! Okay maybe four words if you count and This book is something special and it has made its way to my "favorite books ever" shelf! If this is a book you're interested in then stop right now and read it. It's that good. Juliet Marillier is an amazing writer and this will be a book that I will never forget. She creates amazing imagery through her writing and you'll find yourself swept off to another land in no time. Sorch [...]

    24. Kaila

      RE-READ: December 20175/5 stars“You will find the way, daughter of the forest. Through grief and pain, through many trials, through betrayal and loss, your feet will walk a straight path.” I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this book. It is definitely one of my all time favourite books, and may even take out that top spot. I remember absolutely adoring this book the first time I read it, but all the emotions have come rushing back to me this time. I am overwhelmed with how downri [...]

    25. Emily

      If you are looking for a review that is more about the plot and characters, you'll have to look elsewhere. However, these are my thoughts on my experience of reading this book:This is now one of my favorite books. It was amazing. There are several reasons I loved this book but there is one that explains all the others - somehow I really identified with the protagonists even though on the surface I am nothing like her. However, I must have found something in her to identify with because I actuall [...]

    26. Isamlq

      I went from to this,to this,to this,There are books that you take little sips from then are those you devour… this a little bit of both. It’s intricately told with a cast of characters each as nuanced as the other that I couldn’t help but get drawn in. That it’s lengthy is of no issue, in fact, I loved that aspect of it. Particularly since it allowed the reveal of who was close to whom and which sibling had what role. But this is mainly about Sorcha though, youngest of the seven among wh [...]

    27. Phrynne

      I am a great lover of fantasy but I am discovering that I prefer my fantasy books to be original and not based on fairy tales. (One notable exception being Cinder and its sequels). Fairy tales are known for their cruelty and hardship and Daughter of the Forest is quite relentless in this respect. It may be that the book was just a bit too long and Sorcha's tedious task seemed to take forever. However I was uncomfortable with several of the scenes and wished they had not occurred. I won't be cont [...]

    28. Rane

      It's been such a long time since one book has made me feel one strong emotion from another. From tears to rage This book will make you feel something wether you like it or not This was an beauitful book with sometimes some harsh underlining factors that made me cringe and at one time wanna rip out the pages, but as I read I couldn't help by be drawn even more deeply into the story.I won't lie and say I wasn't PO'd at the abuse Sorcha suffered but your showed she was stronger and was able to beat [...]

    29. Sanaa

      [5 Stars] I absolutely adored this book. It may be more of a 4.5 star book overall, but I think it may be a new favorite so I'm just giving it a 5 star rating because I loved it so! This book is haunting, beautiful, and it brought me to tears on more than one occasion. This was extremely different from other adult fantasy books I have been reading lately, and I think it was a really pleasant change. It felt in some ways like I was reading a Gail Carson Levine book for adults and about a billion [...]

    30. Angie

      The time has come. I knew that at some point I would have to review Daughter of the Forest. Do you ever go through your book reviews and realize you haven't reviewed one of your favorite books of all time? And the reason is simply that you read it before reviewing was even a twinkle in your eye. You may have talked about it here, there, and everywhere. You may have heckled dear friends shamelessly until they broke down and read it. But you haven't actually reviewed it. And the other day I realiz [...]

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