Love Sick

Love Sick Ted s drunk driving accident has ruined his life it cost him his basketball scholarship ended his plans for college and forced him into AA but just when ted has resigned himself to his new life Mic

  • Title: Love Sick
  • Author: Jake Coburn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
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  • Love Sick

    Ted s drunk driving accident has ruined his life it cost him his basketball scholarship, ended his plans for college, and forced him into AA but just when ted has resigned himself to his new life, Michael appears the wealthy father of a bulimic Manhattan rich girl has a tempting proposition He has agreed to pay for ted s college tuition, but there s one catch ted hasTed s drunk driving accident has ruined his life it cost him his basketball scholarship, ended his plans for college, and forced him into AA but just when ted has resigned himself to his new life, Michael appears the wealthy father of a bulimic Manhattan rich girl has a tempting proposition He has agreed to pay for ted s college tuition, but there s one catch ted has to secretly keep tabs on his benefactor s daughter, erica A seemingly simple task, with only one minor problem ted never expected to fall in love.

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    One thought on “Love Sick

    1. Bill

      I admit I really didn't care for this book when I began reading it. I found it confusing, and I thought it was overly detailed about things that didn't matter. But as I got into it, I liked it more. It's an interesting idea for a book, and the intensity definitely picked up as things went on. It only gets 3 stars from me because of my feelings at the beginning, and some issues I had with characters, especially Michael. I definitely didn't care for the fact that the menacing older character was g [...]

    2. Sandra Strange

      Yuck. The premise of the book is unbelievable: a millionaire "hires" a young man, who has messed up his life by his alcoholism, to trail his bulimic daughter. The young man, predictably, falls in love with the girl, and chaos results. The explicit sex and prevalent bad language really marred the story for me. Not recommended for anyone.

    3. Jasmine

      So this is a good book, bordering on unbelievable but still quite good. I really like the portrayal of AA. when asked if it works the character basically says he doesn't know but he goes anyway. one of the cool things is the description of people's responses to the fact he doesn't drink. Now I've had my hard drinking years, but I had quit drinking when I started college and I didn't smoke anything and the fact is people do look at you like you have four heads. Even today, I drink some, I use to [...]

    4. mfay2

      I should start by saying that according to the author, this book is based on a true story. And that was a surprise for me because the summary sounds so ficticious;something that can't happen in real live. Obviously it wasn't! The book is about this guy named Ted York, a high school graduate that had everything going for him. He played basketball and even had a scholarship for college. But he has a problem: he's alcoholic. And during one short trip to pick up a drink, he got into a bad car accid [...]

    5. Kelseysterk

      LoveSick was a very inspiring book for me. It starts out slow and begins to pick up the pace after the first 3 chapters. A teenage guy named Ted is a basketball player at a local high school, and very very talented on the court. He has everything going for him, and a college scholarship lined up for him to play ball at a decent college. But it all ends one fateful night when Ted gets involved in a drunk driving accident. His life becomes ruined and he loses his basketball scholarship, and ends u [...]

    6. Lola

      I really enjoyed this novel. It has everything a novel needs to keep readers hooked; it has drama, love, and adventure. This novel is about a college girl named Erica, who struggles with bulimia. Her father, Charles, who is a wealthy man who cares about his daughter's wellbeing hires a boy named Ted, who is struggling with his own problems of being an alcoholic, to spy on his daughter and keep him updated on how and what she is doing in college. He does so by offering him a free ride by paying h [...]

    7. Katelyn (Tales of Books and Bands)

      Ted's life is forever changed the second he crashed his car. The drunk-driving incident lands him in AA, crushes his leg, ruins his dreams of playing basketball, and ultimately his scholarship is revoked. Ted thinks his life is basically over until one day a strange man makes him an offer he cannot refuse. He can get an excellent college education with just one exception: keep an eye on an extremely wealthy man's bulimic daughter, Erica. Ted thinks he is up for the task until the unexpected happ [...]

    8. Kellie

      I thought that this book was really hard to get into but once i got there this book was amazing! The girl that the book was written for touched my heart! I know people have eating disorders. My friends could have an eating disorder but you might not know. The main guy in this book is paid to follow this girl around and make sure that she isn't throwing up after meals. The book is written from the view a newspaper journalist. This review sounds a little jumpy and everywhere but i loved this book [...]

    9. Salina

      I tried reading this novel twice in highschool, once my junior year and once my senior year. Both times were unsuccessful because I just couldn't seem to get into it. It's been a year and a half since my last attempt to read it and it's hard to believe that I ever disliked this book. This was an outstanding read. The descriptive language was spot on. Whenever I eat now I'm conscious of everything that's occurring in my mouth and with my teeth, etc. It's all due to this book. My imagination went [...]

    10. Claire

      Ted liked to drink, a lot. And, after he gets into an accident due to drunk driving, his scholarship to NYU is taken away. He then realizes that he doesn't want to waste his life away so he stops. This is where Erica comes in, with her being bulminic her father starts to worry about her going of to college without any supervision. So he hires Ted to spy on her for him. It starts to work out as planned but then, Ted starts to fall for Erica and Erica starts to fall for Ted. Ted starts to regret w [...]

    11. Michelle

      Something that caught my eye and caused me to pick this book up is the subject matter and the format. I have never read a book about bulimia, a subject that is not often addressed, but I dare say is something that should be. This is a non-fiction novel meaning it is a novel that is based on a true story; which caught my attention. However, I was severely disappointed. This could quite possibly be one of the worst books I have ever read. There are multiple F-bombs on each page, absolutely no mora [...]

    12. Nicki Novak

      I liked this book. I really enjoyed the concept, and the fact that it followed two people with very different problems. I loved that they came together. However, I didn't really pick up on a lot of things that I felt like could've been easily explained. Maybe it was just me though. I rated this book 3 stars because of the amount of unanswered questions, and also because it took a little while for it to really take off. I would still recommend this to people who just want a quick read with a quir [...]

    13. Megan

      This is probably one of the worst- no scratch that, the worst book EVER!!! I didnt get it at all, and it was sooooooooooooo stupidI couldnt even finish it. The summary on the back of the book made it sound so interesting but when I read it, i was like WOW, that was horrible.

    14. Missy

      this book was hard to understand, the text had too many complicated words (haha sounds like i'm stupid) and it didnt flow very well. the initial idea was good but i didnt like the book very well. and about half the book was landing the F-bomb.

    15. ˗ˏˋ alison ˎˊ˗ ‪

      Rating: 3,5 stars “You know how they say the path to hell is paved with good intentions? Well, maybe the path to heaven is paved with bad ones.”

    16. Renie

      A book about an alcoholic male paid to spy on a bulimic female at college and their languid, uninteresting, ho-hum journey into a quasi-relationship. Blah

    17. Steph Campbell

      This book was ridiculously good! Truly, one of my fav's now. I loved the dialouge, I loved the fast pace of the book, I loved the charactersOMG so good!!

    18. Erin

      Absolutely fantastic. I can't even express how stunned I feel at the raw power and emotion of Coburn's storytelling. When I read Erica's first binging and purging scene in the book, it was bulimia stripped down to its shocking core. The casualness and methodical movements Erica went through in preparing everything for the climax of vomiting into the toilet paired with the intimate detail of her savoring three boxes of sugary doughnuts in a rigid time frame was completely astonishing and gave me [...]

    19. Lily Medley

      this book was hard to understand at first but once i got all of the characters into line and was able to understand the dialogue clearly it was such a good book and it really touched on some of the darker reality's that we as a society face today that most authors don't want to write about to i liked the subject matter and how the two main characters could be there for each other to support each other.

    20. Olivia

      This was really hard to get into but I did actually get into and it was really good for awhile! But then it just got really slow and boring. It wasn’t all too interesting and the characters were just eh. Nothing spectacular but it was ok.

    21. Theresa Brewer

      .I had a hard time following parts of the book. I did like the fact that it brought everyday issues of abuse to light. Wasn't what I thought though.

    22. Sarah Decker

      I liked the concept and premise of this book but it never developed to the full potential. It did have creative use of emails, instant messages and other forms of communication throughout the story.

    23. Allison Janicki

      Trigger warning: graphic descriptions of bingeing and purging. An attempt of an interesting storyline; was not carried through all that well. I felt no connection with the characters nor what happened to them.

    24. Hannah

      While there are things I liked and things I didn't like about this book, one thing's for sure: LoveSick is definitely different - different from anything I've read before, and different from what I'd expected. The first thing that surprised me is that this novel is based on a true story. In the beginning, the author talks about how he'd heard about Erica's and Ted's story actually happening and how he'd decided to turn it inot a novel, which is crazy - the idea for LoveSick is just so unlikely, [...]

    25. Ashleah

      Jake Coburn’s Lovesick, is said to be based on a true story. The story is sweet, yet tragic; it’s emotional, yet suspenseful. Coburn’s first book, Prep, was also based on a true story and both books were modeled after his young, teenage life. He writes of the kind of lives that people don’t like to think about even though they know they exist. Drugs, alcohol, lying, cheating, and violence are spread throughout the lives of many of his characters, but love seems to always play a role and [...]

    26. Paulina Rendeiro

      The story starts off with a boy named Ted. Ted had his future ahead of him. Everything planned out, knowing he was going to college for free because of his basketball career. But one addiction that Ted had that ruined his life hereafter was drinking. Ted was an extreme alcoholic. His addiction led him to have a car crash that would change his life forever. During the car crash Ted messed up his knee and that would make him lose his basketball career. It wasn’t until one day where a random guy [...]

    27. Celestasaurus

      Okay, I actually enjoyed it this time! Thank you, Jake Coburn, for being a gossip-whore or whatever you called yourself. Love your book. The first 30 pages or so are hard to get into, but once you start understanding the emails and realizing that Coburn likes to write a mega-lot of useless details, then it is a marvelous “fictional expose” (his words, not mine). LoveSick was a true story about two troubled teenagers heading off to college. Ted was accepted to an Ivy League school and offered [...]

    28. Tiffany

      Rating: Pg-13+Grade:b-/3.5 starsCautions: This book discusses tough subjects. Eating Disorders (Bulimia/Alcoholism), heavy on language.Recommendation: Read with caution, not for most readersI picked up this book mostly because of the cover and the subject matter for my plane ride to China last year. It was labeled as a YA book, so I was surprised that there was so much STRONG language. I was also surprised to learn that this is based on a true story. This book is about a girl named Erica who is [...]

    29. Cory Glick

      This book is very well written and has and interesting format. The depiction of Erica's binges and purges were quite graphic, bordering on explicit. Hey were kind of pornographic, which makes a lot of sense when you find out how she feels about them. The psychologist/psychiatrist combination didn't make a lot of sense to me, I've rarely heard of someone who prescribes drugs to be that much in touch with their patients, but I like the idea. It was very interesting how paranoid she was about revel [...]

    30. Maria Gallo

      I liked this book. i loved the way the author expressed regular situations and made it seem almost like a poem. It was really cool to see how Erica and Ted somehow got through all the troubles they had.I really understood the pain Erica was going through. I mean finding out that the guy you really love was actually hired by your dad to spy on you is pretty rough. I was really glad to find out that Erica went to rehab in hopes she could defeat her problem. If i were Ted, i would just ran away wit [...]

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