Landslide Senator Maxwell Joseph has it all money power and good looks the trifecta when it comes to attracting the ladies He even has women willing to be tied up spanked and fucked all while calling him Dadd

  • Title: Landslide
  • Author: N.J. Cole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Landslide

    Senator Maxwell Joseph has it all money, power and good looks the trifecta when it comes to attracting the ladies He even has women willing to be tied up, spanked and fucked all while calling him Daddy, fulfilling his secret fantasy On the night of his thirty fifth birthday he finds a goddess waiting for him in his hotel room She is beautiful, sexy and very willing, yetSenator Maxwell Joseph has it all money, power and good looks the trifecta when it comes to attracting the ladies He even has women willing to be tied up, spanked and fucked all while calling him Daddy, fulfilling his secret fantasy On the night of his thirty fifth birthday he finds a goddess waiting for him in his hotel room She is beautiful, sexy and very willing, yet the fruit she offers is very forbidden Not only at nineteen is she barely legal, but she is the daughter of his best friend and political advisor Mackenzie Wade has had a crush on the senator for years, and when an overheard phone call affords her the opportunity she needs to make her fantasies a reality, she jumps on the chance offering herself as a birthday gift Throwing caution to the wind, Max gives in to temptation and gives them both what they have been yearning for a night filled with ropes, floggers and toe curling sex Although satiated, one night of passion wasn t enough for either of them, and they began a clandestine affair The solid ground on which he d built his career now began to shift as his wants and dreams for the future began to change In what he can only describe as a landslide, Max hold on tight to the only thing that he can, Kenzie, and goes on the ride of his life, knowing all along that in the end, he may have to make a choice between the woman of his fantasies and his career.

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      477 N.J. Cole
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    One thought on “Landslide

    1. Christy

      4 steamy stars!Landside was a short and very hot read- that had just enough story and heart to keep my attention. I was highly entertained throughout. Let me start this review off with a bit of a warning…. If age gaps make you uncomfortable (approx 19 and 36) or you can’t handle the Daddy/little girl thing, you probably won’t like this book. If that sort of kink doesn’t bother you or you like it, carry on! Mackenzie Wade is a nineteen year old college student. Her father’s best friend [...]

    2. La-Lionne

      ***Hey, Daddy, here is 1 star for you***DNF at 70%, because the story was going nowhere.This senator guy is a total prick. I should have know it wouldn't end well for me. I mean, already on the first page, Loc fifty-freaking-five, he says:It was the most expensive restaurant in San Francisco, and therefor the location of my party.Ugh!Things happened so fast I barely got what was going on. One minute he is shaking hands and thanking people for coming, and the next, this 18 year old thing shows up [...]

    3. Arabella ~♡AB♡~

      4.5 Yes, Daddy Stars! OK, I'm obviously a perv because I really enjoyed this one. Maxwell is a Senator and is into the kinky stuff, and when I say kinky I mean he likes the Daddy/Little Girl fantasy. The book starts off with his best friend and political advisors daughter Mackenzie offering herself up as a birthday present. Now, Mackenzie is taboo because she is only 19, he's 35 and not only would this jepordize his relationship with his friend, but it wouldn't be good for his career either. The [...]

    4. J *deep in the heart of Texas*

      3.5--KINKY--maybe even a little CREEPY--Stars!!Sois was my first NJ Cole book. I found the premise intriguing. Maxwell is in his mid-thirties, he's a senator, has a thing for younger chickske barely legal younger chicks. He likes to tie them up, spank them and f*ck them! The story starts on Max's birthday--after a dinner party he heads up to his hotel room for his latest "present". In his bed he finds Mackenzie--his BF and campaign advisors 19 year old daughter. He proceeds to tie her up, spank [...]

    5. Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)

      This book was SO bad, it was AWESOME! It is nothing but an over the top cheesy daddy kink smutfest of epic proportions. Sex scene after sex scene with a little plot in between. You know those totally cheesy horror movies that are just SO BAD, but you can't stop looking, and by the end you realized that loved every frigging second, ya, that would be this book!How can you not love a book where the heroine losses her virginity to a cucumber!? That's right folks, she was deflowered by a vegetable!!" [...]

    6. Jacqueline

      When I saw this was a daddy kink story featuring a charismatic and powerful Senator secretly enjoying kinky shenanigans with his best friend and campaign manager's 19 year old daughter I couldn't one click fast enough. I cannot lie, much of the smut in this was scorchio, although I had to train myself to ignore the way both characters referred to themselves in third person while getting it on: "spin on this for daddy, there's a good girl" (I'm paraphrasing, but you get my drift). So far, so good [...]

    7. Beverly

      Landslide is about a 35 year old politician and the 19 year old daughter of his best friend and political advisor. Senator Joseph likes to tie up and fuck young girls, while they call him Daddy. Yeah, you read that right "Daddy". Hey not my thing, but who I am to judge. Mackenzie has had a crush on the Senator for years and after learning about his preferences decides to give herself to him for his birthday.I read this book because I thought well, this is a little creepy, but I love forbidden lo [...]

    8. Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~

      3.5 starsThis was interesting. Seriously - the first 40% or so of this one was book porn. I wouldn't even classify it as erotic - it was well written porn. I mean, can you get more cliche then the politician who likes to play "Daddy" to legal but young girls? I found this portion of the book to be both hot (yeah gotta be honest) and mildly creepy at the same time. The whole "daddy" schoolgirl thing is not really my thing, but I have to give credit where credit is due and mention that most other [...]

    9. Jennifer

      Wow! Sometimes free works out really good!So hot it was almost smokin' my kindle. Great story with low drama and angst, steamy love making, and a nasty silicone Barbie to destroy. California, London and Paris as back drops for their story, and it progressed with no insta-love, but there was lots of it in the end. My main issue with it is the D word. I just can't. I have to change it to Sir when I read it. My other issue is I need an epilogue about 5-6 years in the future when he's Governor of Ca [...]

    10. Sasha elle a.k.a. Mrs. Liam Callahan!

      It's actually 2.5 stars I have no idea why I read this but any whoe story is about a 35 year old senator Joseph maxwell (sexy right HELL TO THE NO) and his lover/baby girl Mackenzie a 19 year old girl who is not only his lover but also his political advisers daughter and her father is also maxwells best friend and that's fine untilMackenzie, are you ready to give yourself to your Daddy? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THATI was surprised how in hell did he even get laid And woow he doesn't stop there he ends [...]

    11. ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎

      Rated 4.5I was a bit worried how this book was going to grab me. I wasn't too sure about the age difference and the whole Daddy calling but I really like how the relationship progressed throughout the story. It was more than just sex. We learned who the characters were besides what they liked in bed. It was also a great ending too. I really enjoyed this book.

    12. Janey

      3.5 Babygirl starsThis was a fairly quick, relentless fuckfest, that slowly morphed into a sweet love story. I enjoyed it, although did struggle initially with the dialogue between Senator Maxwell Joseph and his object of affection, Mackenzie Wade. Don't get me wrong, I am a proud pervert who loves, loves a large dose of porn with my story. But the uncomfortable seat wriggle I had continued long after Max's kink was first disclosed.Seat wriggling aside, it was a fun, smutty story that kept my at [...]

    13. Kathie (katmom)

      Although I've put it on a "on-hold" shelf I will not be finishing this one, two chapters were beyond enough for me. I won it in a contest and have since deleted it from my kindle.This is hard-core erotica. I like my erotica to be heavy on the "romantica" sided this one just isn't. I've never been fond of my Alpha male being called "Daddy" by his love interest. Others may find that on the plus side. I also want my Alpha male to have respect for women, and this one really doesn't.Not every book is [...]

    14. Zoe Lewis

      Nope Can't finish! Way to match Daddy for this little girl. This is the first book that has creeped me out Lol!!! I can handle a daddy here or there. But the whole hey little girl, do this to daddy 60 times in the first 18% is to much!!! Eeeeww!!

    15. Sadie Bissett

      Maxwell Joseph, sexy god of Alpha-dom. He was looking for Mackenzie his whole life, he just didn't know it. I loved how she offered herself to him for his birthday. Even though she truly believed that it would go nowhere, she didn't get all emotional about it when he never called. She knew going in who and what he was, and she wasn't thinking she was going to be the one to change him. It was actually refreshing to see a nineteen year old girl realize what much older women are too foolish to see: [...]

    16. Angela Lane

      What does a carefully guarded Senator do when his heart is threatened by the hot, forbidden teenage daughter of his best friend and trusted advisor? Deny, deny, deny!! Maxwell is no stranger to flying under the radar with his sexual urges. His best friend Carter has been helping find sexual partners for years. He loves young girls in their early twenties, legal, and willing to play the part of his “baby girl”. Mackenzie is Carter’s young daughter, who has been crushing on Maxwell for years [...]

    17. Wendy Jackson

      Landslide by NJ Cole4 starsReview by WendyShhh, Mommy's in the Bathroom.ReadingSenator Maxwell Joseph is a rising star in the politics game. He has everything, money, and good looks. He likes his bachelor hood and gets what he wants, including young women. On his thirty fifth birthday he goes to his room to find a present in his bed, she's dressed the part of his biggest turn on, little girls he calls them (he's not actually into little girls, but he likes young, 20 something women). The problem [...]

    18. Maria's Book Blog

      I've come to the conclusion that NJ Cole is in a class, genre, league (call it what you will) all her own. She is simply amazing and, I know I've said it before but I'll say it again b/c it definitely bears repeating, nobody does BDSM like she does. I became a HUGE fan after reading Midnight Caller and could not wait to get my hands on anything & everything she has ever written. I will warn you though, her stories are not for the faint of heart. If you're even the tiniest bit uncomfortable w [...]

    19. Sammy ⭐️

      4 Taboo starsThis is one of those books that you read the first page and think there's no way I'm going to like this, I can't like this, I'd be a completely mental if I liked this. Well guess what I'm obviously mental because I did in fact enjoy it. Every now and then I need a book that mixes things up, let's my mind wonder a little and this was the perfect story to do just that. Max is a 35 year old kink lover who just happens to be Senator, when celebrating his birthday he bumps into his right [...]

    20. Ruth

      Looking for pure smut with a Dd/Lg theme, this is for you.If you can get past the "daddy" thing and the "little girl" thing it actually turns into a story about 50-60% in. The first half, pure smut. But the second half gets pretty good. I was uncomfortable with him calling her "little girl" so much in the first half. (BOTH ARE CONSENTING ADULTS BTW)But once you got past that, or more importantly, once they got past that and really got to know each other it was actually a good love story. Unfortu [...]

    21. Sbell

      NopeThe ick, yuck factor is why this low rating. I wanted to DNF about 20% into the bookbecause it was just so not my thing. But, once I purchase I always finish, so close to the endit did have some redeeming qualities. This was just not for me.

    22. Joyce

      Super hot, with a twist of daddy kink Senator Max falls in love with his best friends 19 year old daughter. Super sexy quick read. An easy 5 stars.

    23. Covered In Books

      *shaking-head * This book has the least originality of all time.Hate me all you want for saying this- Landslide was tacky. I have no others words to describe what I was reading. Only one good thing happened while reading Landslide- I fell asleep for the first time EVER! Boring as HELL, tasteless, flat, unsexy, non sensual, the rest isn´t worth mentioning. There was little to no story while there was more than enough fuckery to get bored with. I was thinking „ Awe, fuckt AGAIN!!“ while drama [...]

    24. Claire Granger

      Landslide is the story of a wealthy senator named Maxwell and his affair with 19 year old Kenzie. So, I'm just going to jump straight to the point- I am normally uncomfortable reading age play (not because there's anything wrong with it, because typically the writing style around it bothers me greatly). For whatever reason, though, NJ Cole wrote it in such a way that once I got over the initial discomfort- I was totally into it!If you want erotic romance heavy on the erotic, this one is it. Her [...]

    25. Angela

      When NJ Cole contacted me to see if I had an interest in reading or promoting Landslide I went and read the blurb. I have to say I was very curious about how a story with a 35-yr old senator and a 19-yr old girl would play out without it being .oh what's the wordraunchy maybe.or gross? Ha. But, it being erotica and pretty much anything goes, I put my big girl panties on and gave it a go.Senator Maxwell Joseph has certain sexual preferences. He also doesn't do relationships. He takes legal, young [...]

    26. gillian (Tattooed Book Review)

      This review and more at tattooedbookreview!“In the past, I’d known what I’d wanted with my pets and they had all been extremely willing and able- bought and paid for- but Mackenzie was different. She didn’t have to play by my rules, and that little detail made me want her more than anything I’d ever wanted.”This sexy, entertaining story begins when two people seek one another to fulfill their fantasies, and before long, it becomes clear that they connection they have is something muc [...]

    27. Monique Machuca-Austin

      OH, DADDY…SO HOT…SO EROTIC! Landslide is an erotic romance written by NJ Cole who coaxes me surprisingly in a little twisted romance I never expected, but maybe we only fantasized about in our wildest dreams. It is Senator Maxwell Joseph’s 35th birthday and his mother is throwing him a birthday party, but the senator is not always a good boy. The Senator is not only HOT, attractive, single, powerful, the youngest senator in the country, , he has a toned physique, dark brown hair, rich brow [...]

    28. J.J. Ellis

      I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I started out not knowing what to expect with this book. It was one I had liked the description of and put in my wishlist and I was definitely happy to be given a chance to read and review it. I must say that I didn't know whether to expect to just like the book or to love it. There are some elements in it that would not jive with my lifestyle but I love reading about so I didn't know where my emotions would lie when I finished it.I absolutely [...]

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