Just in Case

Just in Case Work hard Play hard Love hard That s the Southern way Revell Marshall has built a life and career working with objects as fragile and damaged as Scarlett while reassembling the delicate stained glass

  • Title: Just in Case
  • Author: Elizabeth Marx
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Just in Case

    Work hard Play hard Love hard That s the Southern way.Revell Marshall has built a life and career working with objects as fragile and damaged as Scarlett while reassembling the delicate stained glass windows that saved the small town of Crossroads, Alabama from ruin He s determined to do whatever it takes to lure the one girl he s always loved back to Alabama, even ifWork hard Play hard Love hard That s the Southern way.Revell Marshall has built a life and career working with objects as fragile and damaged as Scarlett while reassembling the delicate stained glass windows that saved the small town of Crossroads, Alabama from ruin He s determined to do whatever it takes to lure the one girl he s always loved back to Alabama, even if he has to rid the town of someone keeping her away Once Scarlett returns, he ll do anything to win her heart Even if he has to help her piece together the facts of her mother s past and expose old secrets he d rather leave buried Stay clear of the past to protect the future That s the survivor s way.Scarlett Marbry a child prodigy, and an acclaimed Sacred Harp singer until the day her mother committed suicide knows she s never been good enough for Revell In the aftermath of tragedy, she refused to sing another note, running away from Crossroads and whatever pushed her mother over the edge Seven years later family obligations and a long lost letter lure her back, but she ll have to face the one she left behind and a horrible truth she never intended to encounter.What if the love you thought would always be yours turns out to be forbidden You better hold tight to your heart Just in case Alabama Secret SeriesEach book is a stand alone novel with crossover characters, they are numbered in the order they were written, not in chronological order.Just in Case Book 1Just Close Enough Book 2

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    One thought on “Just in Case

    1. Arabella ~♡AB♡~

      ★★★★ 3.5 - 4 Stars ★★★★This was a very interesting and different read for me, I enjoyed the mystery of the hidden secrets and the second chance love aspect very much.Set in the mountains of Alabama, Scarlett Marbry has returned to her birth town from Chicago after the death of her grandparents. Scarlett left when her mother committed suicide and has always hated the hill-billy town that housed her mean old grandfather, but now she is back and she is hell bent on finding out why h [...]

    2. Kelly 'Perusing Princesses blog'

      BOOK REVIEW: Stained (Carpetbaggers, Rebels, & Yankees Series #1)Stained is a very intricate, deeply profound and captivating story of one girl's mission to uncover hidden family secrets; to dig up underlying roots and examine in excruciating detail the reasoning's behind a loved one's actions. So many questions, so much confusion, darkness and hatred stem from one single source: Preacher Man - Scarlett's cold and elusive Grandfather. However, uncovering truths that have been painstakingly b [...]

    3. Kristine Maite Suarez

      OH MY GOD! that blasted letter! the little pandora's box that has unleashed an evil i couldn't quite handle. i knew it!. i had a strong suspicion on who scarlett's father is. but nothing has really prepared me for the truth, to have my suspicions confirmed. damn!wowjust wowis is really a profound storyt in one of the southern states in the US, depicting a certain cultural backwardness and the hostile attitude of the southerners towards the northerners because of the civil war. the people in mars [...]

    4. Melissa

      Another amazing series by Elizabeth Marx! I'm always blown away by how smooth and well-written her books are, but this book to it to another level. This is a deep, thought provoking series! I was able to connect with the main character, Scarlett, on a few levels. And I hope to one day meet a "Trax" of my own. Phew is he h.a.w.t. Can you say fictional crush?! If your a fan of "not your average cookie cutter romance" you MUST read this book.

    5. Yuki

      Seven times I went downsix times I walked back.And I don't fear the dark anymore'cause I'm become all that.I will be rocks, I will be water.I will leave this to my daughter:lift your head up in the wind.When you feel yourself grow colderwrap the night around your shouldersand I will be with you even theneven when I cannot see your face anymore.Don't forget the timeI wooed him with red wine.The devil he wore such a fine, fine shirtand it stayed so clean while he dragged me through the dirt.Now, h [...]

    6. Crystal

      Oh my goodness I just finished reading one of those wonderful books that really pulls at your heartstrings and has a mystery so well formed that I could not help myself from being completely enthralled and turning the pages as quickly as possible! Stained By Elizabeth Marx is a very interesting, yet traumatic story, that has some laughter, tears, and drama all wrapped up in one nice little package. Speaking of the package oh my goodness did you see the beautiful cover over there? That is probabl [...]

    7. Teresa Jones

      Stained was the first book that I had read by Elizabeth Marx, and trust me she had me cover to cover so it will not be the last! Elizabeth knows how to spin a story to keep you transfixed in the lives and stories of the characters.In Stained we meet the lovely Scarlett, whose life took a dramatic turn when her mother committed suicide in front of her. She left the town she grew up in to get away from the darkness of her past. After years away of building a new life, she must once again return to [...]

    8. Heather andrews

      Lately it's been small towns and country boys that I want to read about and this book had that and the cover was pretty. Revell sweet lord in heaven that boy can make any girl drop her panties, and I fell in love with him the first time he and Scarlett got in a little tizzy, "the cheerleader lost her map to Crossroads the summer I had to come back here and help out when my daddy died," Revell whisper-hissed leaning over the bar toward me. "What your sorry excuse for not coming back." I mean ther [...]

    9. Heather

      I was given a copy of Stained by Elizabeth Marx to read in exchange for my honest opinion and I LOVED it! There aren’t really any words to explain all the emotions I felt while reading this book. I couldn’t put it down and read it from start to finish in almost one sitting (I had errands that interrupted….o!!). Scarlett “Sissy” Marbry was an amazing character and I totally felt her pain throughout the story. Revell “Trax” Marshall is absolutely awesome I LOVED him. He fell in love [...]

    10. Krista Schuldt

      Wow this book was so good. I loved Cutters vs Jocks and Binding Arbitration and have been looking forward to the release of Stained. Elizabeth Marx's books bring out strong emotions in me. Stained gave us Scarlett who had to learn about herself and her past and find a way to deal all while having Revell at her side not her just in case. I could truelly picture his stained glass works of art while reading this and cant wait for more of their story. Scarlett still has a lot of healing and I hope t [...]

    11. Mia

      This book was very intriguing. Although, every uncomfortable dilemma was present in this novel the author did a good job developing a story that was classy and true to its setting. The writing style was great. I felt like I was in the south viewing the town drama first hand. I also enjoyed the mystery of that stupid letter! I love the main characters Scarlett and Revell. The cast was also well developed and multi dimensional. Very good read! 4.5 stars

    12. Emma

      Totally baffled by the high ratings this uneven and rather boring book enjoys. The book cannot decide whether it wants to be a light romantic comedy or a dark angsty drama. And since these two cannot mesh, not by this writer or any other I have read, we just have a series of rather repetitious episodes put together as the writer went along with an obligatory climax tacked in in the last 30 pages or so. The result is that the book has a very long section where the main characters interact as if t [...]

    13. Monsterella Reviews

      There are secrets that we all keep close to us, those we don't want anyone else to know. The things that we feel that would be a burden to others if they knew, and we would do anything in our power to shield others from ever finding out. But what happens when the truth behind those secrets is exactly what our loved ones seek, what happens when they find out? Can they handle the weight of the burdens we have kept secret for so many years? Should we create a back-up plan, just in case?The secrets [...]

    14. Maryanne

      Well I can say that I literally enjoyed this book. I don't know if it's because through this book I remain trapped down there somewhere in the south with all these wise women "It's better to give the devil you don't know the keys to the larder' That way you'll always know here he is.""The secret of keeping a southern man happy is very simple: keep his belly full and his nuts empty.""You're staring off as if your mind's busier than a cat covering shit" , or the way of storytelling, you know writi [...]

    15. Sarah

      Elizabeth Marx absolutely blew me away again. I have long held Binding Arbitration on my short list but I think it may have been usurped by Just in Case. It was a beautiful story written in such a polished style, I am in awe. I know this is a book I will be thinking of for weeks and months to come.I went into Just in Case thinking I was going to get a book with a little bit of heavy and a lot of sweet; I was wrong, happily so. The secrets and lies that comprised Crossroads, Alabama were more tha [...]

    16. Crystal

      I have read many books by this author and I have to say that I am never disappointed every time I am finished. Each one deals on a subject that can send chills down your spin and give you another way of thinking.Yes this book talks about some things that people would call taboo, I thinks that is what gives a book character. Things that happen in this book really happen and yes we would love to think that it doesn't. I hate to even say that it has happened in my own family. I was born in raised i [...]

    17. Paula Ratcliffe

      This book follows Sister Scarlett Marbry who was a young girl when she found her mother hanging in her grandfather's church. Since then she has long since buried what happened in Alabama and thrives in Chicago, or so you think. When she gets called back to Alabama when her grandparents are found dead a fire in their house.Revell Marshall is going about business as normal when he finds Scarlett in his bar, the girl who got away from him but he never forgot about her. They had a close relationship [...]

    18. Lynn Smith

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Scarlett Marbrey returns to her small Alabama town after the deaths of her grandparents. She just wanted to letter she had thought her mother wrote after her suicide. Otherwise she would have never stepped foot back in Crossroads again. Chicago was her home now and she had every intention of returning as soon as she got ahold of that letter. She never expected to be stuck there until Easter by the terms of the will. If she leaves sh [...]

    19. Lisa

      I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.This is the journey of a young woman whose life is filled with questions and ghosts. It is a pilgrimage through rape, incest, murder, anger, betrayal, heartbreak, depression and ultimate love. Sister Scarlett is thrown into discovering the answers to these questions and uncovering these ghosts following the deaths of her grandparents. You are invested within the first 5 pages.Revell is her “just in case” person. [...]

    20. Sunny

      This book started out a little bit slow for me. I was not sure I was ever going to really like Scarlett. She comes off a spoiled girl that used her mother's suicide as an excuse to do whatever she wanted. This was just my first impression of her. I wasn't that taken with Revell at first either. I was annoyed with him but as I kept going I had to give him some credit for putting up with Scarlett's shenanigans. Scarlett actually grew on me as the book went on. She was really smart and honestly I w [...]

    21. RedRedtheycallmeRed

      I'm not sure how to write a review for this. To try to explain it would be to give too much away, and this is the kind of book where the secrets need to be uncovered as you read it. To give away spoilers would be to lessen the impact of the story.This story is very southern, which is as foreign to me as China, but it fascinated me nonetheless. The entire region seemed to be composed of people from just three families, and everyone is up in everyone's business.Scarlett and Revell have plenty of s [...]

    22. Nicole Smith

      A very emotional read. Not just the main characters, but the citizens of Crossroads have gone through so much. There are many secrets being kept and soon one by one they are revealed. Scarlett has experienced so much in her young life I don't know how she can handle anymore bad news. The death of her grandparents has her coming back to Crossroads for the first time in years. Revell has loved Scarlett for his whole life and has hoped she would come back. The love he has for her is so unconditiona [...]

    23. Cheryl

      Secrets, secrets and more secrets. Questions with no answers because most of the secret keepers are dead. Scarlett was born in Crossroads, Alabama but was taken by her mother at an early age to live in Chicago. Scarlett returned to Crossroads for the summers where Revell realized that he was in love with Scarlett when she was only 16 and he was 5 years older. He waits patiently for her to return every summer even when she stopped coming after her mother's death. He and his sister even move to Ch [...]

    24. Tracy Bryant bundy spittle

      Have you ever picked up a book you could not put down? Well, here’s another one. I got this book by an author I’d not seen before as I’m always on the lookout for new reading material. It was awesome. It is the perfect blend of reality and romance. One minute you are so upset because something is not going right, and you want to reach through the pages and fix it. The next minute you are seeing a romance that all of us want to find. It is so great to find a book where it is not filled with [...]

    25. Angi DeMonti

      I loved this book!!!!!! I do not want to give away too much of the story but I will say this book drew me in from the first sentence! Scarlett and Revell are both lovable and realistic. They met when they were both young but Revell never stopped loving her! Will he still feel the same when long buried secrets come out? What secrets is he hiding? This book had my emotions all over the place but I did not want it to end! I cannot wait to read the next book! This story does deal with the powerful t [...]

    26. Nicki Conroy

      Small Southern towns are full of charm and full of secrets. Just in Case by Elizabeth Marx shows that Crossroads is definitely a small Southern town that has both charm and a ton of secrets. The secrets that eventually come out may destroy Scarlett or may destroy the entire town.Get a more detailed review at my site: wp/pa8co-2cP

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