Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina

Zane and the Hurricane A Story of Katrina Newbery Honor author Rodman Philbrick presents a gripping yet poignant novel about a year old boy and his dog who become trapped in New Orleans during the horrors of Hurricane Katrina Zane Dupree i

  • Title: Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina
  • Author: Rodman Philbrick
  • ISBN: 9780545342384
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina

    Newbery Honor author Rodman Philbrick presents a gripping yet poignant novel about a 12 year old boy and his dog who become trapped in New Orleans during the horrors of Hurricane Katrina.Zane Dupree is a charismatic 12 year old boy of mixed race visiting a relative in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hits Unexpectedly separated from all family, Zane and his dog experienNewbery Honor author Rodman Philbrick presents a gripping yet poignant novel about a 12 year old boy and his dog who become trapped in New Orleans during the horrors of Hurricane Katrina.Zane Dupree is a charismatic 12 year old boy of mixed race visiting a relative in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hits Unexpectedly separated from all family, Zane and his dog experience the terror of Katrina s wind, rain, and horrific flooding Facing death, they are rescued from an attic air vent by a kind, elderly musician and a scrappy young girl both African American The chaos that ensues as storm water drowns the city, shelter and food vanish, and police contribute to a dangerous, frightening atmosphere, creates a page turning tale that completely engrosses the reader Based on the facts of the worst hurricane disaster in U.S history, Philbrick includes the lawlessness and lack of government support during the disaster as well as the generosity and courage of those who risked their lives and safety to help others Here is an unforgettable novel of heroism in the face of truly challenging circumstances.

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    One thought on “Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina

    1. Richard Denney

      4 STARS!!!This was such a heartbreaking yet beautiful read. I read this during a heavy wind storm in my city and though that may not be important, the way that the walls groaned and the wind howled around my house while I was reading this made me feel as if I were really immersed in the story. Hurricane Katrina was such a devastating time in history and I remember being a teenager while all of this happened and felt so heartbroken and worried for all the people it affected. As for the story, I l [...]

    2. Monica Edinger

      Parts of this were very strong, particularly the vivid depiction of the setting and various events in the timeline of the hurricane and its after affects in New Orleans. And the author's research is exemplary. However, I wasn't wild about the deux ex machina woman who saved them and then the incredibly abrupt ending.

    3. Betsy

      I guess this is historical fiction since it is set so specifically in an event which occurred in a specific time and place (although a setting that is only 9 years old isn't usually "historical").At any rate, I recently read Buddy and it's impossible not to compare these two books: both feature a boy and his dog in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. And Zane pales in comparison. Essentially, this book was too unrealistic for me. I get that terrible things were going on in and after the flooding [...]

    4. Myrna

      Great fiction book with real facts of Hurricane Katrina. This book is aimed for a much younger audience but I throughly enjoyed it.

    5. Janet Frost

      This book was 185 pages of memories for me. I traveled with a relief aide group to Mississippi a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina and it was an unbelievable scene. At first I felt the book didn't really give life to how powerful that hurricane was. But just like in real time, none of us could truly fathom that power and immensity until we were exposed to the destruction and the aftermath. This natural disaster was such a "comedy of errors" ( the phrase really should be tragedy) with every publi [...]

    6. Ms. Yingling

      Zane, whose father was killed in a car accident before he was born, goes from New Hampshire to New Orleans with his dog Bandy to visit the great grandmother he has never met but who raised his father. He is not fond of the area, but amused by "Miss Trissy" and glad to find out more about his father's cultural heritage (his father was black while his mother is white). Soon, however, Katrina is on her way. The two (and the dog) are offered a ride in a church van, but the dog gets out and runs acro [...]

    7. Barbara

      Twelve-year-old Zane Dupree knows very little about his deceased father's family. When his mother makes contact with his great- grandmother and sends him to visit her in New Orleans, he has no idea what faces him and his dog Bandit. Things are strange enough in the city despite how comfortable he feels with Miss Trissy, but they are about to get stranger still. After all, he arrives right before Hurricane Katrina, and Miss Trissy lives in the Ninth Ward where considerable damage was done in Augu [...]

    8. Mr. Gottshalk

      This is a terrific historical fiction book (level V) and I am glad I read it. The only other HF book I've read about Hurricane Katrina is Saint Louis Armstrong Beech, and this one is a bit better. It is a higher-level book because how the characters speak is tough to understand if you are not from the South, and there are some tense life-or-death moments in the book. Not to mention that the devastation of the flooding in New Orleans lead to a lot of horrible scenes. I enjoyed the three character [...]

    9. Tiana Nguyen

      I thought this was a really great historical fiction book about Hurricane Katrina. I can not believe that so many people died or were left homeless. It was very devastating. That must have been a very powerful hurricane. There are many times in the story when the three main characters and a dog named Bandy could have died or gotten badly hurt. Just reading about this tragic event that happened in real life makes me feel sorry for the people who went through it. I am glad I was not born when it a [...]

    10. Brittany

      This was an adorable and emotional middle grade novel that will resonate, fascinate and impact my students. It does a great job of capturing the chaos and horrid conditions during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Zane is lovable from the start with his loyalty to his dog, Bandit, and his honesty that oozes from the first page.Malvinas will steal your heart immediately and you'll be cheering this pair on as they try to navigate the horrors of New Orleans. I found it to be entertaining and tho [...]

    11. Kristen

      This was a great, quick read that addresses the horrors and frightening events of Hurricane Katrina in a way that is appropriate for young readers. Zane, visiting New Orleans from New Hampshire, encounters things like death, racism, and violence for the first time and learns about what it means to be brave. This would make a great read-aloud for teachers looking for Katrina or disaster themed books, and a is an excellent choice for students looking for contemporary adventure.

    12. Yanis

      Zane is in great danger. It all started on a hot day, in summer in New Hampshire. Zane Dupree (a twelve-year-old boy) and Bandit or Bandy (Zane's dog) were playing together. When Zane entered the house, he found his mother sitting in a chair and crying because she discovered one of Zane's relatives on his dad's side. It was a happy thing because his dad passed away before Zane was born, and they actually located one of his dad's long-lost relatives. This person was Zane's great-grandmother. Her [...]

    13. SarahC

      This was a very interesting read. This is the story of a biracial boy named Zane and his dog from New Hampshire who visit his great-grandmother precisely at the time that Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. I read this book for a diverse children's literature assignment. The culture of New Orleans and the cultural/ethnic differences between Zane's upbringing and that of his great-grandmother and deceased father highlight a story of survival against ridiculous odds. And while it was such serious [...]

    14. Julie

      I really thought that this was a well written story. It would make an awesome read-aloud for older children (5th grade and up). Of course I would want to be aware of those students who may have family in that area.

    15. Kari

      A good plot-driven story for earlier middle schoolers. Lots of discussion possible on handling situations, putting yourself in others' shoes, and determining what drives individuals to particular actions and decisions.

    16. Lauren Panella

      This historical fiction novel tells the heart wrenching story of the catastrophe that Hurricane Katrina inflicted upon the residents of Louisiana. While reading this story, I found myself becoming increasingly educated on the details (which kept me extremely eager while turning pages) of the historical event and even emotionally invested in the lives of the characters. I believe this would be a great book for 4th or 5th grade students to learn about a very significant natural disaster in U.S. hi [...]

    17. Grace Duffey

      Zane and the Hurricane was an inspiring book. It is based on a true event and things like this could have happened at that time. Zane is just an ordinary boy that got stuck in and unordinary event. This hurricane effected a lot of people and families and n this book Zane and his new friends, Malvina and Tru, were lucky to survive.I thought this book is very detailed and inspiring. I enjoyed reading about an intense and crazy story. This is very realistic and things like this happened in real lif [...]

    18. Gabriel Kuhnert

      Gabriel kuhnert 9-8-14 Per 4 ZANE AND THE HURRICANE This story Zane and the hurricane starts off with a boy named Zane going to a city called Smelly Ville. Zane is going to smelly Ville with his dog. Zane had prove to his mom that he is capital of taking care of a dog by getting some books from the library getting all a’s and clean his room. When Zane gets to smelly Ville a very old lady is there. The old lady takes Zane and the dog with her to her house. A storm is about to [...]

    19. Chamdyn F

      This book was about a boy named Zane with a dog named Bandy who got caught in hurricane Katrina. This book was full of suspense and even had a little bit of humor in it. It is also action packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you want to keep reading it. I really enjoyed reading this book and i really enjoyed the act of bravery Zane and his dog, Bandit showed to help people get to a safe place in the storm.My favorite character in the the book was Bandit. He was so cute and [...]

    20. Christina Hanson

      This was a quick read, but a very powerful story. Zane Dupree lives in New Hampshire, but travels to New Orleans to visit his great-grandmother. Unbeknownst to him, Hurricane Katrina is making its way across the gulf, and mandatory evacuations are starting to be enforced. While fleeing the city, Zane's dog, Bandit, escapes the vehicle they are in, and Zane decides to chase after him. After making their way back to his great-grandmother's house, Katrina eventually makes landfall, the levees break [...]

    21. Kirtana

      Based on a true story. It must have been very scary for the people that actually faced Hurricane Katrina! I am glad that Zane and his dog survived with Malvina and Tru. Zane's dog almost died because a policeman accidentally shot him. Tru's cousin rescued them all.

    22. Jennifer

      A truly wonderful modern day survival/adventure story. The elements are difficult enough to battle, but of course what really makes this survival story both difficult and uplifting are the people encountered along the way. There's no heavy-handedness in the lessons and observations here, which make them seem all the more realistic and trenchant. Zane's understanding - of the south, of the situation, of the people he meets, of himself - is revealed through action and quiet observation.I was so wo [...]

    23. Melissa

      My daughter picked this for us to read, great choice. We learned a lot about Hurricane Katrina and how it must have felt to be caught in it.The story is about a young biracial boy named Zane Dupree from New Hampshire visiting his great grandmother in New Orleans when the storm hits. This is a story of friendship, adversity, and survival against uncontrollable odds. At times it seems that the hurricane may have been the least of the obstacles to overcome in a literal hot box of racial and environ [...]

    24. Kellylou

      A moving and accurate depiction of the chaos and turmoil following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Philbrick even manages to believably toss in some New Orleans history and culture without seeming forced. Zane's relationship with canine sidekick Bandy is touching, and the friendships between Zane, Malvina, and Mr. Tru are well-developed. Descriptions of the hurricane's aftermath are vivid, with many excellent mentor sentences. While the conclusion wraps up a little quickly and some of the acti [...]

    25. Melissapalmer404

      Book #31 Read in 2015Zane and the Hurricane by Rodman Philbrick (YA)This is a quick read about Hurricane Katrina that middle school and high school students, both boys and girls, would enjoy. Zane travels to New Orleans to meet his newly found great-grandmother. Hurricane Katrina hits and Zane, along with his dog Bandy, are separated from his great-grandmother. He meets up with an odd pair, musician Tru and young Malvina, and the trio (plus Bandy) try to reach safe, dry land. While the plot has [...]

    26. Lindsey Jones

      All things New Orleans intrigue me. I'm not sure why I am so drawn to its people and culture - maybe it's the diversity of the city, maybe it's the strangeness of the place, or maybe it's simply the resilience of the people. Zane and the Hurricane is a great book for young readers to put kids in the shoes of those who faced the tragedies of Hurricane Katrina and the atrocities that followed. A gripping little read!

    27. Andrew Ellis

      I thought this book was phenomenal. It was such an interesting view into the events of Hurricane Katrina. The characters really make you feel the emotions that took place during that awful event. I recommend this book to EVERY HUMAN.

    28. Kendell

      Quick read about a boy who travels to New Hampshire to meet familyright before hurricane Katrina hits. This would be a great book for possible a 6-9th grader who wants to learn about natural disasters and racial tensions.

    29. ReeseGonzalez

      An awesome book which a boy and his dog from New Hampshire go to New Orleans to visit his great grandmother and gets stuck in a hurricane while almost everyone evacuated. He meets a girl and a man that let him travel with them so they can try to get out of New Orleans

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