The Concise 48 Laws of Power

The Concise Laws of Power None

  • Title: The Concise 48 Laws of Power
  • Author: Robert Greene
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Concise 48 Laws of Power


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    One thought on “The Concise 48 Laws of Power

    1. Sara

      This book does not have to be construed as a means to cruel and heartless power any more than Sun Tzu's The Art of War should be viewed as such. Are some power tactics manipulative? Yes. Does getting to the top sometimes involve taking an opportunity away from someone else? Yes. Is power necessarily a bad thing? No. Often, yes. Though this is not necessarily the case. Greene outlines a number of the aspects of power, giving concrete and interesting examples from history. For those that say they [...]

    2. Manal

      Now here is the thing about this book; it's mean, it's ruthless but it's all true.At the very first pages I was like 'this writer right here teaches us to lie, and to manipulate people'. when I continued reading I found out that some of the laws he's talking about are already implemented around us by people we know.Some skills are born with us, some are learned. this book is an eye opening to what goes around us and how people with certain skills get what they want.The book usually uses the term [...]

    3. Daniel Taylor

      This is the first time I've read the 48 Laws -- in condensed form or otherwise. When the main book was on the bestseller list, I opened it up expecting a bunch of nice, typical self-help laws. What I got slapped in the face with was a harsh dose of reality. These laws are not "nice," but they do guide you in how to really gain power in life. I look forward to reading the larger work now.

    4. Arun Divakar

      If you do not keep an open mind about the contents of this book, it will come across as selfish, brutal and downright ruthless. But all said and done it is very pragmatic a book. In here I found 48 ways of looking at what the author thought are principles that made and kept people in power. Peel away the historic significances and the anecdotes and these are things you see around you : in corporate boardrooms, news networks and the political circus all carry these lessons through them. Robert Gr [...]

    5. Mardin Uzeri

      Alright folks, here we goFirstly, obligatory shout-out to Fight Mediocrity for convincing me that this would be a worthy time investment. To put things straight, I am not much into self-help books. However, this one packs a punch. It ain't the conventional "be kind and people will love you" babble. It's more along the lines of "people are a******s and here is how to deal with their b******". As Fight Mediocrity claims, this is the essential counterpart to Carnegie's book, yet to read that but I [...]

    6. Emir Duquela

      Que les digo? Este libro es definitivamente EXCELENTE. Muchos lectores lo tildaran de ser un libro, cruel, hipócrita y sobre todo maquiavelico. Pero realmente este contiene innumerables pasajes de historias antiguas que además de brindar apoyo para sustentar el argumento del autor, enriquecen la cultura general del lector. Las 48 leyes del poder, son leyes fundamentales para el exito y no hay que obviarlas, hay que ponerlas en practica. Los planteamientos de las leyes están bien fundamentados [...]

    7. Lena Nechet

      I wish someone had warned me about most of it early in life, it would have saved me so much time and energy lost on dominance-seeking people, and would have helped me escape the boredom of such interactions.

    8. Miquixote

      No scandal will ever stick to you if you follow these Machiavellian rules. In the power world, you’re just acting like a winner. If someone else gets stepped on, they are obviously a loser. These guys play by a completely different set of rules. You don’t need to be objectively good or decent. Just be obsessed with discipline and repetition: embody these rules, project them, repeat them. If you stay focussed, very little can touch you. This is entirely amoral. They would say it’s just bein [...]

    9. Ridhima

      I bought this book back in high school, but couldn't understand most of the things at that time. I couldn't think of any "enemy" whom I would want to "crush", so I gave up reading it after a few chapters. Since now I have entered an environment, where I need to deal with a lot of competition and thrive to get myself noticed, I started reading this book again.On completing the 195 pages of this book, I was really grateful that I didn't try to understand it back in my teenage, lest treachery would [...]

    10. Steven

      I don't normally read concise editions, but this was very good. Good enough that I'd like to buy the full edition for more elaborate examples from the past.I think the book is very well-thought-out, and the approach is, at times, unarguable. There are some minor contradictions in the advice, some of it is quite callous and borderline sociopathic/perverse (though shows why so many leaders, especially in business, can exhibit sociopathic tendencies without any seeming repercussions), but overall t [...]

    11. Jom Samson

      Some who have read this might say the author is ruthless, selfish, brutal and has no friends. I beg to differ. He simply put into words what most of us fear or hate the most, the truth. He never sugarcoated anything, hence the harshness. I am not a sucker for anecdotes, but I like how he enforced his ideas with them. While most of them are easy to grasp, some takes a re-read or two to correlate with the law spoken of. Again, it must have been the dyslexic in me.Two things, though: One, as brilli [...]

    12. P.H. Wilson

      Real rating 6.9/10If it were not for the things written in red this work would have received a 3/10I could not imagine wanting to read the full version of this work as Mr. Greene has not really contributed anything. The book would have been much better if one had simply listed the 48 laws and the short parables and tales that emphasize each. Greene's addition to these great sages comes off as a hollow version of Machiavelli that ultimately breaks several of the rules it champions.The book itself [...]

    13. Marcos

      I couldn't in all honesty read past the 5th law. The perspective from which this book approaches life, and advises you on how to gain power in it, is so destructive and dark on many levels that I chose not to continue reading. I give this book credit for two things: first of all, being written in a very intriguing way (which made me hesitant whether or not I should continue reading, because on the one hand the style kept me interested and curious yet on the other hand the content made me sad for [...]

    14. Calvin

      A book that changes the way you look at pretty much everything. From elements and relationships in your personal life to how you conduct yourself in the workplace. With so much to draw from for practical applications. I feel that this book should be made mandatory for anyone who wants to get anywhere with their life. An Indispensable addition to any bookshelf.

    15. Alain Dib

      I read this first book of Green because i've had a glimpse of it somewhere and got intrigued as well as interested I wanted to by the classic one but it wasn't available so I thought I might as well go with this one and evaluate it.To say the least I totally loved it as it is very engaging from the start it pulls the reader inside of the book brings out a new world makes you wonder.The work Green put in it is very interesting you can clearly see all the hard work he had done to create a book fro [...]

    16. Joel Ogunjimi

      At the start of this book, there I was shaking my head at how cunning and mischievous it all sounds, but as I went deeper it turned out they most of the laws are just lessons I've learnt elsewhere in a bit different way.This book is a paradigm-shifting book that helped me see the world in a different light and allowed me look closely at actions and words of people around me and that of myself.It's a good read.

    17. Wyncy

      A concise and well-researched guide to manipulation, deception, and shrewdness. Some laws are contradictory to each other (#30 Make your accomplishments seem effortless / #46 Never seem too perfect). These principles are not feasible in real life (or at least, in mine), but nonetheless, this is a must-read for all. You'd never know when you might encounter such manipulation. Recognize them firsthand, and steer clear.

    18. Moataz Mohamed

      Robert Greene may be right in his way of thinking and most of the ideas in this books seem to be logical, but he is an absolute pimp. Some of the laws reflects how evil the writer is while others are just unethical which leads me to the conclusion that this book will be a great help for those who do not have morals.

    19. Shilpa

      This one's an absolute eye opener, definitely managed to shake me. The author recommends a take no prisoners kind of approach to get to the top. A guide to keep referring to in this cut throat modern world. Certainly very harsh and ruthless but the essence is to be relished - be deliberately unpredictable!

    20. Migsael Tatis Sosa

      El libro de autoayuda de los aspirantes a políticos y emprendedores cada párrafo se aseguraba de darme asco. Solo le faltó incitar a que mates y robes cuando puedas librarte o algo así.Y yo añadiría la 49na ley: No confies y alejate de quien te hable de este libro con mucho entusiasmo. Puedes hacerte un malo coro o jugarte sucio.

    21. Komal

      It should be titled "48 Laws followed by Psychopaths". So bad the book with many bad moral values was so neatly structured.

    22. Jim McGrath

      I used this book as a recommended text on the MA in Leadership course I used to deliver. It's a great book on every extract of leadership and according to the Sunday Times, every Drug Lord's favourite book. There are numerous versions of the book available so depending on how interested you are in the subject and the time you have available choose the one that suits you best. Whichever you read you will be both entertained and informed as the writers use examples and quotations from the ancient [...]

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