Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail

Mrs Jeffries on the Trail Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard resorts once again to his housekeeping super sleuth Mrs Jeffries when a girl flower peddler is killed on a foggy night in Victorian London

  • Title: Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail
  • Author: Emily Brightwell
  • ISBN: 9780425146910
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail

    Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard resorts once again to his housekeeping super sleuth, Mrs Jeffries, when a girl flower peddler is killed on a foggy night in Victorian London.

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      443 Emily Brightwell
    Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail

    One thought on “Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail

    1. Doward Wilson

      Inspector Witherspoon is Scotland Yard s top detective when it comes to solving messy or strange murders No one really understands how the quiet, unassuming man of inherited wealth went from records file clerk to the leading murder detective with no unsolved crimes in his career They don t realize that unbeknownst to him, that he has an entire crew working behind the scenes to help him find the answers Meet Mrs Jeffries, the inspector s housekeeper and the brains behind his astounding success al [...]

    2. Pam

      AUTHOR Brightwell, EmilyTITLE Mrs Jeffries on the Trail DATE READ 01 03 2018 RATING 4 BGENRE PUB DATE PUBLISHER OF Mystery.1995 Berkely Prime Crime 232 pgsSERIES STAND ALONE 6 Mrs JeffriesFIRST LINES It s deader than a ruddy rat s arse tonight, ducks You might as well pack it in and yer feet a rest, Millie Groggins yelled to her friend on the other side of the StrandARACTERS Mrs Jeffries housekeeper Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland YardTIME PLACE Victorian England COMMENTS A delightful cozy rea [...]

    3. Jessica

      A quick, easy read that s full of charming characters It was fairly easy to figure out who the murderer was, but it was still a very enjoyable book.

    4. Maria Thermann

      It s a cracking adventure for Mrs Jeffries and her team of servants at Inspector Witherspoon s Upper Edmonton Garden household Set during the time when Victorian suffragettes, miners and Irish nationlists marched through the streets of London demanding greater freedom, this murder mystery takes the servants of Scotland Yard s finest murder detective to Edgeware Road s mansions at one end of the investigation and to the poorest parts of London at the other When Annie Shields, a flower seller from [...]

    5. Rebecca

      In Victorian London, kind but bumbling Inspector Witherspoon has no idea that his household staff solves all his cases, and that they eagerly await each new murder This time, though, the men and women are at odds over the men s demeaning view of women, a situation that complicates the solving of Annie Shields murder The young flower seller, who had money than would be expected, was coshed on a foggy night, leaving her small daughter an orphan and a reputable lawyer and his businessman client de [...]

    6. Damaskcat

      A flower seller is brutally murdered and Inspector Witherspoon finds himself investigating a complex case of long lost children and greedy relatives Naturally his domestic staff led by the astute Mrs Jeffries are quickly on to the case with a certain amount of amusing rivalry between the men and the women.I enjoyed this amusing and well written mystery with its tense and dangerous finale I like the way the characters interact with some disputes and fallings out which are generally smoothed over [...]

    7. Barb Martin

      Mrs Jeffries is a Liberal Social issues are raised in this latest novel featuring the Victorian era police inspector and his household staff, headed by Mrs Jeffries The inspector had to help try to keep order at a public demonstration that turned into a riot he disapproves of the harsh way some of the constables treated the protestors A household staff discussion of that turned into a battle of the sexes with the women competing with the men to see who can solve their next murder first A flower [...]

    8. Michelle

      It took them a little longer to solve the mystery than usual In fact, they didn t solve the mystery It was the footman who told them outright the identity of the murderer Also, there were several clues in this case that didn t really add up to anything and the side conflict of rivalry between men women as well as the constant bickering of the group members among themselves were getting wearisome Of course I scoffed at the way the men especially Hatchet and Inspector Witherspoon continual referri [...]

    9. Norma Huss

      This was the third in a volume of three of the earlier Jrs Jeffries books, and my favorite of the three In this one the men and women in service in the household started out trying to outdo each other in helping solve the crime But it all came out okay in the end Of course, they had than a few anxious moments before they solved the crime Highly recommended for lovers of historic England and cozy mysteries

    10. Ann

      Annie Shields, a flower seller in Covant Garden, is found murdered and Inspectdor Witherspoon is asked to investigate He discovers that the young woman is thought to be the daughter of a wealthy shipyard owner Mrs Jeffries and her staff steer him on the correct path and find that Annie had a young daughter who needs a family An excellent installment of this fun series.

    11. Kim

      Fast paced, funny Dr Boswell and Lady Cannonberry tell Mrs Jeffries they re aware of her assistance with the Inspector s cases Luty and Hatchet have adopted a street urchin named Don from a preivious mystery.

    12. Nick

      Another enjoyable romp through Victorian London with Mrs Jeffries her loyal band of servants We probably learn about the back stories of servants in this novel than in any previous stories Always charming

    13. Mary Skipper

      Good British cozy in which the housekeeper is usually shown as intelligent than her employer, the police superintendent.

    14. Jennifer

      Another fun mystery from Emily Brightwell I love how she shows the perspective of all the characters, not just one or two I m fully addicted to this series.

    15. Lauren

      I love Mrs J and her family of helpers I would love to own them all Yes it is a simple formula but it appeals to my book candy needs.

    16. Molly

      Yupp Still love these Smythe and Betsy still have the best banter ever They really have to get together and have kids so they can be an adorable family.

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