Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock

Mrs Jeffries Takes Stock When her employer Inspector Witherspoon is saddled with the baffling murder of a man who had allegedly cheated his stockholders out of a fortune housekeeper Mrs Jeffries comes to the rescue

  • Title: Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock
  • Author: Emily Brightwell
  • ISBN: 9780425142820
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock

    When her employer, Inspector Witherspoon, is saddled with the baffling murder of a man who had allegedly cheated his stockholders out of a fortune, housekeeper Mrs Jeffries comes to the rescue.

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      159 Emily Brightwell
    Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock

    One thought on “Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock

    1. Book Concierge

      2.5 From the book jacket Mrs Jeffries is keeping the household on a tight budget and the Inspector is suffering for it Even worse, he s got a new murder case on his hands The victim, a businessman, may have cheated his stockholders out of a princely sum The housekeeper s interest is piqued and when it comes to catching killers, the smart money s on Mrs Jeffries My reactionsI like this cozy mystery series featuring Mrs Jeffries and other servants in the Inspector s Victorian household, who work t [...]

    2. Doward Wilson

      Inspector Witherspoon is Scotland Yard s top detective when it comes to solving messy or strange murders No one really understands how the quiet, unassuming man of inherited wealth went from records file clerk to the leading murder detective with no unsolved crimes in his career They don t realize that unbeknownst to him, that he has an entire crew working behind the scenes to help him find the answers Meet Mrs Jeffries, the inspector s housekeeper and the brains behind his astounding success al [...]

    3. Andrew

      Squeezed one book in before the end of the month Do enjoy this mystery series set in Victorian England, where the hapless Inspector Witherspoon has his murder cases solved by his servants, led by the inimitable Mrs Jeffries his house keeper A good cozy mystery series, where an interesting group of characters have been brought together I look forward to reading further on in this series.

    4. Duckpondwithoutducks

      This is one of the early Mrs Jeffries mysteries Normally I like to read mystery series in order, but this is one series where I am reading them totally out of order That s because my library only had a select few which I devoured, and now I search for others at used bookstores In this book Mrs Jeffries and her staff are hampered in their efforts to help their employer Inspector Witherspoon solve the murder by the uncertainty as to when the victim actually died But, the indomitable Mrs Jeffries a [...]

    5. Norma Huss

      Yes, I really liked it Mrs Jeffries always gives me a pleasant read and a mystery to draw me in Love the period, love the cast, love the personalities What can I say

    6. Chazzi

      It may be Inspector Witherspoon s life, but it is Mrs Jeffries who really runs things Not only is she the housekeeper who keeps life at home smooth running, she is also the one who seems to guide the Inspector in solving the mysteries that come his way.In this book, the Inspector has put the household on a tight budget To keep in line with this new ruling, Cook has dusted off an old cookbook with recipes that are as tasty as the dust but very economical Not only is the Inspector suffering throug [...]

    7. StacieHaden

      Good series, but getting a little same y I had this one figured out a little too early, as well I ll take a break, but will continue with the series.England 1887

    8. Amy Hatfield

      Waiting for holds to come in and picked this up Pretty simple mystery Not terrible, but certainly not memorable.

    9. Maria Thermann

      Although Brightwell s murder mysteries are or less constructed on the painting by numbers principle, they are an enjoyable read Characters are life like and believable and there s just enough period detail to draw the reader into the days of Queen Victoria s reign without overwhelming anyone with historic information The relationship between the staff working for Detective Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard, who happens to be the owner of a large house at Upper Edmonton Gardens, is beautifu [...]

    10. Susan

      Another great mystery I really enjoy these fun investigations The characters are enjoyable as well I LOVE the narrator.

    11. An Odd1

      If the inspector realized he was quite hungry p 72, why break bun in two and gave half of it to the dog p 76 Slobbery Fred gets fed from the table, yet Scotland Yard Inspector Witherspoon thinks he has cut back on the household budget Cute pet diverts attention from gruesome murders The cast is even larger than housekeeper Mrs Jeffries has to send after clues coachman Smythe, maid Betsy, footman Wiggins, arthritic cook Mrs Goodge Their American friend, rich widow Luty Bell Crookshank and her but [...]

    12. Rebecca

      It s happened again the hapless Inspector Witherspoon is saddled with another murder, this time of a man who cheated his stockholders out of a fortune Swiftly Mrs Jeffries, the Inspector s housekeeper, rallies her forces to investigate behind the Inspector s back, but they have a tough time with this one There s no crime scene since the body was pulled from the river, and there are too many suspects Plus Mrs Jeffries can t help feeling that they re going about this the wrong way, and that they n [...]

    13. Dharia Scarab

      Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

    14. Damaskcat

      A businessman is found dead in the Thames with a bullet through his chest Jake Randall is wanted by a group of people who have invested in a dubious silver mined in the US They want their money back Inspector Witherspoon is asked to take on the case which naturally involves his housekeeper, Mrs Jeffries, and his other domestic staff.This is an entertaining complicated mystery and I completely failed to work out who the murderer was and the motivation for the crime It is an enjoyable read with pl [...]

    15. Brandi

      Another fun, quick listen in the Mrs Jeffries series This time, Inspector Witherspoon is sick with a cold, but still must solve the murder of a swindling scammer because nasty Inspector Nivens had personal involvement of the victim Mrs Jeffries and her crew of household servants and amateur sleuths set to work trying to solve the Inspector s case view spoiler I knew from her first introduction who the murderer was hide spoiler Still I enjoy the characters and their world enough to keep listening [...]

    16. Addison Public Library

      A silver mine in Colorado becomes the focus of a murder investigation When Jake Randall is found floating in the Thames, Mrs Jeffries realizes that his death might be connected to a possibly bogus silver mine His investors become prime suspects as Inspector Witherspoon tries to muddle his way through the investigation Enter Mrs Jeffries and staff to subtly help him out.KDCheck out this book today

    17. Ann

      This is an early Mrs Jeffries book and a good one Inspector Witherspoon is called to investigate the murder of a man found floating in the Thames He is identified as Jake Randall, a man who has been accused of swindling investors in a silver mine in Colorado Mrs Jeffries and the household staff, in the meantime, are cutting back on expenses, at the inspector s expense They spring into action and show the inspector who the guilty party is, without him realizing what they are doing, of course A gr [...]

    18. Barb Martin

      Mrs Jeffries and the crew are doing their best to help the inspector solve his latest case, the murder of a man who swindled the investors in an American silver mine The clues are muddled, though Even the housekeeping staff is having trouble figuring out who our culprit is Adding to the staff s woes, the inspector has implemented an austerity plan for the household budget Alas, his meals are the ones to suffer, leading him to toss the austerity plan into the fire.

    19. Jessica

      The guilty party was easy for me to figure out this time, but I still had fun reading this book The inspector is growing on me I d love if, at the end of the series, it s revealed that he actually IS brilliant and has just been humoring his employees the entire time, hehe Anyway, the books in this series continue to improve and I look forward to reading the next one.

    20. Sarah

      Much the same as the first 3 novels in the series Inspector Witherspoon s servants get all the clues together, then his housekeeper deftly makes suggestions and comments to him, so he comes up with the name of the murderer Entertaining, as audiobook cosy mysteries go, but that s enough of Mrs Jeffries for me

    21. Michelle

      I didn t like it It would ve been much logical if the murderer just disappeared after the killing instead of waiting around, after all, no one suspected that person Everyone seemed rather slow and stupid in this installment The only reason this got two stars rating was because I was happy for Lottie.

    22. Enid Silver

      The fourth in the series and it s getting a bit repetitive I worked out who the murderer was half way through although apparently even Mrs Jeffries hadn t yet and waded through to the end when she did.

    23. Kalendra Dee

      The Inspector is not as baffled as in previous cases which leaves Mrs Jeffries and the household staff feeling left of the investigation Deciding to investigate on their own, they come up with some unexpected results.

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