De laagte

De laagte Best Read || [Agatha Christie] - De laagte, De laagte De Laagte is het landgoed van Sir Henri en Lady Angkatell Ze hebben een weekend party georganiseerd waarvoor ook Hercule Poirot is uitgenodigd Bij zijn aankomst vindt Poirot op de rand van het zwemba

  • Title: De laagte
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • De laagte

    De laagte Best Read || [Agatha Christie] - De laagte, De laagte De Laagte is het landgoed van Sir Henri en Lady Angkatell Ze hebben een weekend party georganiseerd waarvoor ook Hercule Poirot is uitgenodigd Bij zijn aankomst vindt Poirot op de rand van het zwemba

    • De laagte Best Read || [Agatha Christie]
      340 Agatha Christie
    De laagte

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    1. BrokenTune

      Since she was a woman of disconcertingly rapid thought processes, Lady Angkatell, as was her invariable custom, commenced the conversation in her own mind, supplying Midge s answers out of her own fertile imagination The conversation was in full swing when Lady Angkatell flung open Midge s door And so, darling, you really must agree that the weekend is going to present difficulties Eh Hwah Midge grunted inarticulately, aroused thus abruptly from a satisfying and deep sleep A house party in the c [...]

    2. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

      This one holds an almost dreamy ambience, especially at the end It reminds me of Death in the Nile with that rare quality It s true that it DID take longer than usual to get to the actual death, but it s an unusual Christie story anyway She delves into the personal aspects of the characters lives, something she rarely does, even to the degree where the details became irrelevant to the mystery at hand.You might think this would be distracting, bad writing instead, it was a refreshing change One w [...]

    3. mark monday

      Choose Your Own Adventure You are Dr John Christow and you are not having the time of your life Women, women everywhere, and not a drop to drink There s the mistress who won t have you, the wife you don t want, the secretary who sees it all, the female patients you could care less about, and that one sad case you wish you could save it is time to get away, maybe go out to the country and enjoy some clean air by the poolside But the country has its own share of female trouble There s the eccentri [...]

    4. Bruce

      Jacques Barzun called this novel a triumph of her Christie s art and I enthusiastically second that judgment In depth characterization is perilous in a detective story, where the main interest is the mystery But with Christie characterization is an integral part of the plot, thus the art Barzun refers to In The Hollow, for instance, a romance is superbly delineated and of great interest by itself It is also interwoven with the crime both in terms of motive and metaphorically.A detective story, b [...]

    5. Laurel Young

      Standing ovation for this one outstanding really one of her very best And how fabulously creepy is the quotation from Tennyson s Maude, which provides the title I hate the dreadful hollow behind the little wood, Its lips in the field above are dabbled with blood red heath, The red ribb d ledges drip with a silent horror of blood, And Echo there, whatever is ask d her, answers Death I love Christie s literary allusions I was inspired to re read Maude after I finished The Hollow What mystery write [...]

    6. holly

      Personally, after reading many many many many of Christie s books, The Hollow is undoubtedly my favorite The characters are so well developed and I love the way they all interact My favorites of her books are always set in the big country house with enigmatic people, and of course the one and only Hercule Poirot Pure enjoyment.

    7. 3houd

      I chose The Hollow to be the first book of Agatha s that I read in its original language I ve read all of Agatha s books but a few, all translated in Arabic, and I had a slight fear that I wouldn t like it in English But I liked it much better in English.I ve seen the adaptation of The Hollow some years ago I liked it very much, and naturally when I read the book two days ago I had a very clear idea about the ending.But my previous knowledge didn t prepare me for the actual depth of the novel Su [...]

    8. *eKa*

      I don t think I m gonna include this one into my still short list of great detective stories by Agatha Christie The mystery wasn t quite intriguing, although her narrative did mislead me a bit I should ve trusted my gut , Lol But I think all the characters were great By great, I mean, they were all unique and were told in a funny way sometimes Gerda and Lucy were the ones with the most unique and funniest personality The way they talk and think were hilarious So, over all, I enjoyed this book.

    9. Saumya Agnihotri

      One of my friends gave me this book and told me all good things about it I knew this already that like other Agatha s books I have read before, this book is also going to blow my mind Though I planned the last part of the book to read only after exams and I promised myself not to touch it.But as it happens always, I had to break my promise to read it Now that I know the murderer I can live in peace

    10. Ivonne Rovira

      In The Hollow originally published as Murder After Hours Christie paints the perfect picture of a bullying, narcissistic husband and his co dependent doormat wife Dr John Christow, a research scientist in the midst of a mid life crisis, takes his anxiety out by hectoring his poor dim witted but adoring wife Gerda The Christows head off to a weekend at a country home called The Hollow, owned by Lady Lucy Angkatell Also visiting are John s new mistress, a sculptor named Henrietta Savernake who is [...]

    11. Sifat

      Hercule Poirot is appalled by the unrefined amusingness his leader shows by masterminding a murder scene to unfurl as he arrives Too awful it was genuine At the point when Poirot understands the man with the gunfire wound is truly biting the dust, he surges over in the nick of time to hear the man heave a name Henrietta Poirot first presumes the spouse of the wrongdoing, at that point the fancy woman, and each other relative and worker thus He at last understands that each intimation, as opposed [...]

    12. Fred

      I loved this book and I have a lot of things to say about it Most Christie books I read are in the four five star region and thankfully, this was no exception I thought this book was superbly written, amazingly crafted, incredible, astoundingly clever and brilliantly developed One thing I will say about it which I liked a lot because this is typical Christie I read this book in very close proximity to watching the David Suchet BBC episode of Lord Edgware Dies As someone who is a huge Christie fa [...]

    13. F.R.

      Apparently, Agatha Christie was of the view that The Hollow goes wrong when Hercule Poirot appears I disagree I think it goes wrong when the murder happens It wouldn t matter who the detective is, the book has already had its intriguing premise shattered The opening sections of The Hollow are some of the most interesting Christie produced Yes, there are the standard Christie archetypes, but she is pulling back the layers to reveal living people underneath and in the process giving us a book abou [...]

    14. Gracia

      One of my favourite Poirot s for the delicious cast of characters, Lucy Angkatell in particular We are only, as she knows, moderately fond of caramel custard There would be something very gross, just after the death of a frend, in eating one s favourite pudding But caramel custard is so easy slippery if you know what I mean and then one leaves a little on one s plate Perfect.

    15. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)

      A hugely enjoyable read I remember trying to watch the ITV version of this book and being totally confused much of the time Having read the book, I now understand why For whatever reason, the writers and director were unable to communicate the psychological emotional dynamic of the characters in a way that made sense to the viewer and there s a lot there It s been a long time since I sat through that particular film, but as I remember they must have changed a lot of things as well I wonder why C [...]

    16. Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)

      njkinny 2014 08 boA man lying by the pool is dying while a woman stands over him with a gun in her hand and several people stand shocked witnessing the scene but Hercule Poirot is not amused He is annoyed with the scene which he believes to be set up for him I, Hercule Poirot, am not amused But is the scene just a setup And suddenly, with a terrific shock, with that feeling as of blurring on a cinematograph screen before the picture comes to focus, Hercule Poirot realized that this artificially [...]

    17. Damaskcat

      Hercule Poirot is invited to a country house by Lady Angkatell who is interested in the criminal mind As Poirot arrives he is faced with an elaborate tableau which features a dead body beside the swimming pool and a woman holding a gun Poirot feels at first that he has been set up and it is all an elaborate hoax but he soon realises that it is a real murder and naturally enough his curiosity is aroused and he must investigate There are plenty if suspects and everyone involved seems determined to [...]

    18. Meave

      Mostly good Sort of a waste using Poirot in this, just like Miss Marple in Five Little Pigs The whole Henrietta tortured artist business was quite trying, though I did like Midge s irritation with her rich relatives giving her life advice all the time Henrietta s ultimate worship of John as himself was super lame he was a selfish jerkbag and didn t appreciate or therefore deserve any of the nice things he had.The anti Semitism with Midge s boss a Jewess from Whitechapel was a pleasant return to [...]

    19. Greg

      A weekend English Country House party murder Vicariously enjoyed across the pond in America While snowed in but comforted by warmth from a fireplace Yes, please Nobody does cozies better.

    20. Earnie Painter

      I m working my way through the Hercule Poirot novels I ve made it through than half of them With The Hollow I think I ve stumbled across the point in which the author, Agatha Christie, has learned to hate Poirot I really need to read her autobiography for myself She wrote and said a few colorful things about her most popular character, and not all of them are very nice.What I found most interesting about this particular Poirot novel is how completely superfluous he actually is She developed the [...]

    21. Sherri Rabinowitz

      I had seen the David Suchet version and really enjoyed it I really enjoyed the book and there were some points in it that struck me that I would never had gotten had I just seen the tv movie This my own little thing that has been running in my headI think Agatha put a lot of herself in the book then she meant to, I saw her as both Gerda and Edward for different reasons John Cristow was Archie, and from what I have read she was the worhshiper just as Gerda was He tumbled off the pedistal in much [...]

    22. Obsidian

      What can one say when they loathe all of the characters but a few Seriously everyone was pretty horrid in this book We have Christie once again starting off this novel describing the people who are invited down to The Hollow a weekend retreat of the Angkatell family who invite John and Gerda Christow, and their relatives that include Henrietta Savernake, Midge Hardcastle, David Angkatell, and Edward Angkatell I had the most sympathy towards the characters of Gerda and Edward Both love people who [...]

    23. Hilary

      Agatha Christie mysteries are some of my favourite comfort reading as they provide a good puzzle with larger than life characters who are usually aristocratic and affluent and live in beautiful English countryside settings We can escape into these pleasant surroundings and even though a murder or two is bound to be committed we do not have to suffer gory details This story is typical and, of course, includes a stately and faithful butler M sieu Hercule Poirot of the sharp eyes, logical thinking, [...]

    24. Bruce Beckham

      This ranks as one of the best of Agatha Christie s novels that I have read not least because, try as I might, I could not fathom the mystery when at all times it felt tantalisingly within my grasp.But there are other aspects that make this a strong book A small cast of characters the closed setting of an English country house and, amusingly, the lurking presence of Poirot for in this novel, he does lurk rather than investigate.Moreover, the style is Suspense than Mystery The first third of the [...]

    25. Sara

      Did not finish I m going to be honest guys, I ve tried to read Agatha Christie for years, and I ve read the most popular of hers crime on the orient express for example , but I simply am not a fan of mystery novels, so this simply doesn t do it for me, or at least right now you can never say what your literally preferences will change in a few years I tried though Someone give this to me But seriously, I m not even rating this because it s a personal problem I have of not being able to read her [...]

    26. Pamela

      I ve read this a few times already, but it never ceases to fascinate me What got me this time was the pure malevolence of Lucy So sweet So charming Such a good hostess And without a doubt, a complete sociopath or is it psychopath OK I have to take back the bit about a good hostess since she was considering killing one of her guests so things wouldn t be so difficult for her cousin To me, she is one of the most frightening characters ever created Forget about Hannibal.Lucy has him beat by a count [...]

    27. Oscar Despard

      The Hollow was a superb novel The individually fascinating characters kept the story going with great vigour, and the added focus on these separated the story from other Christie novels Their idiosyncrasies brought humour into the novel in a highly pleasant manner also With a cast of eccentric, colourful family members, brought together in a country house, The Hollow combined a complex problem with a satisfying, simple answer in a way which exemplifies the best of Christie s writing.

    28. Abbie | ab_reads

      3.5 stars Really enjoyed Christie s engaging writing, character development was great, just felt a little underwhelmed by the ending But this was my first Christie and I can appreciate the subtle cleverness of it, I guess I m just used to the crazy plot twists of say Gillian Flynn

    29. Patricia Lima

      me envolvi bastante nesta investiga o, e consegui desvendar o caso haha achei interessante que esse livro se preocupou bastante com os personagens n o s como envolvidos no crime mas mostrando tamb m suas hist rias Apesar do livro ser legal, achei que algumas partes poderiam ter sido resumidas.

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