Twelve Yards

Twelve Yards Twelve Yards

  • Title: Twelve Yards
  • Author: Ben Lyttleton
  • ISBN: 9780593072684
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve Yards

    Twelve Yards

    • [PDF] Twelve Yards | by ☆ Ben Lyttleton
      249 Ben Lyttleton

    One thought on “Twelve Yards

    1. Natalie

      This book was a good read I learned so much about soccer football in general, and it really opened my eyes to how complex the penalty kick is There was a lot of good insight and interviews done for this book and it really gave readers an in depth look It was obvious that Lyttleton did a lot of work and research for this book and I truly appreciate it I gave it a 4 out of 5 only because I did find myself skimming the book While it was informative, I did lose interest in parts of this book Overall [...]

    2. Frank

      Non dovrebbe essere difficile In fondo si tratta solo di calciare un pallone in una porta alta 2,5 metri e larga 7,3 con una sola persona che pu fermarlo.Ma come ben si sa niente nella storia del calcio ha prodotto tanta ansia, gioia e disperazione quanto i calci di rigore.Con questa premessa comincia Undici metri arte e psicologia del calcio di rigore, un viaggio lungo quasi un secolo che studia, analizza e trae conclusioni per quanto riguarda una particolare situazione del gioco del calcio.Il [...]

    3. Meg

      I work in soccer but learned my lesson I can t force myself to get into the history of bro so that this book would require of me.

    4. Simon

      Excellent book on penalties with a special focus on shoot outs He really breaks it down and refutes the notion that it is a lottery.

    5. Isaiah Minick

      The book was fascinating to me Lyttleton appeals to me in two main ways First he has gripping interviews and stories penalty kick takers He showed me how much pressure is put on one kick The implications of somebodies career that rest on that moment I loved being able to revisit the past to games where I sat watching and getting the players and managers scope on the situation I was also glad to learn history about soccer before I was watching The other part of the book was all about data and to [...]

    6. Ugh

      A whole book on penalty taking, you ask Quite This was a present, and although I like psychology, stats and, to some extent, football, I wouldn t have bought it myself Sure enough, it didn t sustain my interest The psychology is dealt with in pretty much the first chapter, which leaves the entire rest of the book to deal with the art This is an article masquerading as a book And although you have to credit Lyttleton in one respect he interviewed a lot of big names a lot of the content feels like [...]

    7. Paul Carr

      In some ways, this book over complicates penalties, as much of the tactical wisdom can be boiled down to a few pages But the details and intricacies make the book good It s an enjoyable deep dive into the statistical, physical, mental and psychological sides of the seemingly simple penalty kick And it s filled with great stories and quotes that provide a thorough history of soccer s most notable penalties.

    8. Greg

      3.5 stars A good and insightful take on penalty kicks and how both the taker and keeper approach the experience, as well as how coaches try to prepare each for it Sometimes Lyttleton seems interested in selling his services as an analyst which likely speaks about my foibles than his but on the whole, it s a strangely emotional and uplifting psychological study Recommended to football players and coaches, and managers of all types.

    9. Jon Newswanger

      Took me a bit to finish this one, just because I had to return it to the library and it took me a while to get another chance to check it out.Overall, an amusing look at one of the most quirky little bits of the game of soccer, even if it wasn t the most compelling book I ve ever read about the game It goes without saying that I found the chapter on referee s the most enjoyable.

    10. Lance

      Entertaining and informative book devoted solely to the topic of penalty kicks in soccer Full review is posted here sportsbookguy 201

    11. Andrew Johnston

      Veers between great, when interviewing people and shite, when it s like reading a journal Alreet, no better

    12. Brian Boscolo

      Who knew you could write 100s of interesting pages on PKs Good read both soccer history and anaysis of the PK process.

    13. Baldurian

      Un saggio quasi scientifico sulla pratica contemporaneamente pi amata e odiata del gioco del calcio Chi non ha esultato per Berlino 2006 o pianto per USA 1994 meglio che legga altro.

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