Red Hood and the Outlaws, Volume 4: League of Assasins

Red Hood and the Outlaws Volume League of Assasins A new era begins for Red Hood and the Outlaws Following the Joker s horrifying attack on the Bat family Jason Todd finds himself lost in his own past Kori and Arsenal set out on a treacherous journey

  • Title: Red Hood and the Outlaws, Volume 4: League of Assasins
  • Author: James Tynion IV Julius M. Gopez Ray McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9781401246365
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws, Volume 4: League of Assasins

    A new era begins for Red Hood and the Outlaws Following the Joker s horrifying attack on the Bat family, Jason Todd finds himself lost in his own past Kori and Arsenal set out on a treacherous journey to the far reaches of the globe to rescue him, but when they come face to face with the All Caste, Hugo Strange, and the League of Assassins, the Outlaws might reach their bA new era begins for Red Hood and the Outlaws Following the Joker s horrifying attack on the Bat family, Jason Todd finds himself lost in his own past Kori and Arsenal set out on a treacherous journey to the far reaches of the globe to rescue him, but when they come face to face with the All Caste, Hugo Strange, and the League of Assassins, the Outlaws might reach their breaking point.Collecting Red Hood and the Outlaws 19 24, Annual 1

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      489 James Tynion IV Julius M. Gopez Ray McCarthy
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    One thought on “Red Hood and the Outlaws, Volume 4: League of Assasins

    1. Shannon

      I'm not really a fan of amnesia as a plot device.Too much Roy in this and I'm deducting points because Green Arrow showed up in many of his parts. What little I've seen of Green Arrow in the various series he's popped up in has made me dislike him. I just find him annoying and whiny. A couple of points get added for the Strange cameo though.This needed waaaaay more Starfire. I want more of her backstory and really any story where she's the focus.I am curious to see if there will be any lasting e [...]

    2. Roxanne

      I always say it but i do love jason and roy and i do enjoy reading these volumes even though the story is not always the strongest, or the most exciting i just love the whole dynamic of harper and todd! But wait a minute what about starfire? She was barely in this where as the past volumes had them equally sharing the pages, this does focus on jason and roy more so, and starfire just ends up being forgotten about. No wonder she branched out on her own. As is the usual case jason and roy are bein [...]

    3. Anchorpete

      I have been pretty mercilous with my comic book reviews today, but I will give this one a 2 based on one aspect of the story that took up two issuesFirst off, this was very tough to get through. As one of the newer comic book writers, James Tynion IV's work feels very dated. It reminds me of the stuff I was reading when I was 12 (I am 32 at this point).I usually only critique the story when I write reviews of comic trades, but this had some of the worst artwork and coloring I have seen in a comi [...]

    4. Jonny Campo

      it was still fun as red hood has proven to be so far throught the series but it was a little scattered and all over the place also at points was boring and strange because of a slightly different back story to Jason Todd that changed what we thought we knew

    5. Ivy

      Nice to see the League of Assassins in a comic. Their city looks very nice. Hope they will be able to stop Ra's. Zero year was very interesting as well. Glad that Jason got his memories back.

    6. Gökberk Kaya

      Not better than third volume but its good. So finally League Of Assassins made an appearence but beginning of the book isabput friendship and i recommend you to buy it with fifth volume

    7. Eric Ulloa

      Jason Toddthis is a great story, I like the turn red hood has received. if you as are looking for a good read, pick up ASAP

    8. Rick Hunter

      Upon starting this book, my initial reaction to what I was seeing and reading was to recall the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". The story that Scott Lobdell had in the first 3 volumes of this series was amazing. The storytelling was far from broken. The art was great in the first 2 volumes, but they stuck random folks on art in volume 3. I guess you could say that the art in 3 was a little broken, but all-in-all, this has been one of the best series in the New 52. Having James Tyni [...]

    9. Peter

      There aren't really too many redeemable features in this volume of Red Hood and the Outlaws. A change in writer inevitability changes the feel of a story and it's definitely felt in this book. Jason's character development over the last three volumes is thrown out the window in favour of some weird mystic, chosen one inspired storytelling. Red Hood is a grounded character. Putting him into a story full of magic could have been interesting, but it really doesn't work here. On the other hand, Red [...]

    10. Nicole

      God the writing is so bad. Jason is the magical chosen one or something and it's all just so cheesy and contrived and cliche. But damn if the themes of found-family and confronting your mistakes and flaws and trying to reclaim your life from the tragedies you've survived aren't amazingly strong. God I am such a sucker for these themes

    11. Paweł

      W tym tomie wyjęci spod prawa mają już dość. Tym razem Roy dzieli się przebłyskami przeszłości i pokazuje co krył pod fasadą lekkoducha. Jason posunął się do drastycznych metod, aby wydostać się ze spirali nienawiści i przemocy. A przynajmniej tak mu się wydawało, bo na jego drużynę wpada liga zabójców.

    12. Jenny Clark

      My my I enjoy seeing parts come together now that we are a little way in. The art is a little sketchy for my liking though. The writing stays good, despite the different writers from this to the last 3. Looking forward to the art of volume 6.

    13. Szava

      I am so goddamn unimpressed by this restoring balance, fulfill your destiny plot. And this is bad League of Assassins writing. Roy and Kori are the only saving graces of this volume.

    14. Justin

      Jason gets mind wiped from all caste to forget incident with joker. Shows back story with Roy and Ollie. League of assassins wants Jason to lead. *** talia revived Jason to be leader of league of assassins, show his backstory with her-interesting. Rhas revived and has power- seems different

    15. Michael Church

      This book fell so far so fast, and it's hugely disappointing. I don't know why Scott Lobdell left the book, but everything about his style that made it great is gone. All of the little touches of character that made me care about these people. There's nothing here, only what was carried over from the last volumes. The way they care about each other now feels forced. Especially since a good portion of the story revolves around Roy trying to force the group back together. Plus there's the old trop [...]

    16. Cale

      This is much better than it has any right to be. Jason Todd has willingly had his mind erased, and Roy and Starfire have to deal with it. And they don't deal with it well. Their attempts to restore their friend (even against his own desires) are played across a war between the Untitled and the League of Assassins, culminating in a major showdown between the two. There's lots of maneuvering, lots of action, lots of self-examination as characters try to figure out who they are and what they stand [...]

    17. Bradley Prior

      2 Stars. It's probably because they attempted a story or at least made it the centralized theme here. S'aru is still awesome, but this overall work was pretty bad. The art style is not for me either. I'm sure some people can find something in it, but that something is not for me. In fact the style pushed me away from this book. The style wasn't the only thing, the whole Untitled deal was never a great story. Or it just wasn't being carried out extremely well. Then in this volume it is forced upo [...]

    18. M

      James Tynion IV guides the Outlaws towards the League of Assassins in the fourth volume of the New 52 series. Wishing to be free of the Joker's influence, Jason Todd decides to mess with his memories - resulting in the utter loss of the all. Determined to discover who he really is, Red Hood crossed paths with the League of Assassins and Ra's al Ghul. Arsenal and Starfire refuse to let Jason go without a fight, and opt to track down their amnesiac member and get him back by any means necessary. T [...]

    19. Sierra Dean

      Okay, phew. After vol 3 I was a little worried I wasn't liking the series as much, but things took a decidedly positive turn in this volume.I'm still not sold on the new artist. Some panels are great, other panels are sketchy. Literally. They look rough and unfinished. This is, I believe, the third long-run artist on this series, and the first is still my favourite. (I'm the worst for not knowing off the top of my head any of their names, sorry.)The writing is good under Tynion. Lobdell was stil [...]

    20. Jennifer

      It took me twice as long as usual to get through this particular part in the story, mostly because I wasn't a huge fan of *SPOILERS* Jason losing his memories and the whole League of Assassins storyline. It just all seems like too much, especially on top of the rewrite of Jason's origins. This is my issue with the new 52 in general: oversimplification of origin stories or overcomplication. Also, Roy and Cheshire's little therapy session was nice. That being said, I did like the reveal at the ver [...]

    21. Daniel Butcher

      A story of friendship and manipulation. Oh yeah, it's a story of broken people. I want to give it a higher ranking, and I loved hearing more about Roy. But it may have been too much fantasy for me when I was looking for more of an action book.It is nice to see why Jason took up the Red Hood with links to Zero Year. And we get more on Starfire's connection to Grayson. I assume that Starfire is always warm since she has not clothes at all. It is a little excessive. And at one point there is a vill [...]

    22. Paul Mirek

      What I liked: Angsty teenage drama that's more Dawson's Creek than Twilight; some good attempts at building out the mythology of one of Batman's more fantastical foes; a superhero comic that's not afraid to use the word "superhero"; the panels where Julius Gopez draws like a young Jim Lee.What I didn't like so much: Expecting a jumping-on point and instead struggling through pages of catch-up; some awkward, out-of-proportion shots in each issue; Starfire's ridiculous costume.

    23. Adam Fisher

      This Volume flows right out of Death of the Family, with Jason getting his memory erased so he can forget his violent past full of crime. Roy and Kori are right behind trying to mount a rescue, but a war between the League of Assassins and a god-like race called The Untitled forces all to choose sides. The story has a good flow to it, but the art has taken a slight downturn. Not horrible, but earlier Volumes were better.Volume ends with a cliffhanger battle against Ra's Al Ghul! Looking forward [...]

    24. Lorien

      OMG I HAVEN'T BEEN THIS MADE THAT A BOOK ENDED ON THAT KIND OF CLIFFHANGER IN A LONG TIME! GAH!*Ahem*Anywho. Needless to say the fourth installment in the awesomeness of Red Hood and the Outlaws is action packed and amazing! The beginning is a shock, and it was hard to get through work today because I HAD to know what they were going to do about it! AND THAT ENDING!!! GAH! TOO SOON! I must get the next one!once I pay my library fine. >.>

    25. Victor Orozco

      The Outlaws are back and three are ready to have some semblance of normal when Jason Todd's memories after the events of the New 52's "Death of the Family" kick the Outlaws in attempting to restore their friends memory.But he's unwilling as the angst piles up and the disorganization of multiple characters from each others lives makes things weird. There are some good things here and there but I have to admit its a bit nauseating. D+

    26. Richard Rosenthal

      Without knowledge of the next volume I was didn't much care for Jason Todd in this arc. he has his memory completely wiped and the author leads you to believe it is because he can't take the pain of what the Joker has done to him. This one just seems to be moving the chess pieces around for the big finish.

    27. Drucilla

      The beginning of this volume is very abrupt so if you're new to this series, this isn't the best place to start. A lot of stuff happened and it ended with a cliffhanger so I might have to reserve judgement until I read the next volume, but it was good. There was a lot of nice character stuff. Roy was very much the main focus of this arc and while I'm not too fond of him, he doesn't disappoint.

    28. Christopher

      This is the strongest trade from Red Hood & the Outlaws yet. The addition of James Tynion IV was a good one. I enjoyed how he brought in Jason Todd's past back but not in the usual way (JOKER!). I especially enjoyed Arsenal's beefed up role in this volume. His story is ripe for the picking and by further exploring it, it just made the story even stronger. I'm looking forward to the next volume.

    29. Library

      So much going on in this plot to process still! The Untitled and the Acres of All were a lot and this volume brought in the League of Assassins to the mix. A beautifully complex storyline that revolves around Jason which we are shown as far back as pre-Robin. Cheshire was definitely my favorite assassin! (issues #19-26 & Annual #1)

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