Murder 101

Murder New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman s beloved Decker and Lazarus embark on a new life in upstate New York and find themselves entangled in deception intrigue and murder in picturesque e

  • Title: Murder 101
  • Author: Faye Kellerman
  • ISBN: 9780062270184
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Murder 101

    New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman s beloved Decker and Lazarus embark on a new life in upstate New York and find themselves entangled in deception, intrigue, and murder in picturesque elite college town As a detective lieutenant with the LAPD, Peter Decker witnessed enough ugliness and chaos for a lifetime Now, he and his devoted wife Rena Lazarus are readNew York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman s beloved Decker and Lazarus embark on a new life in upstate New York and find themselves entangled in deception, intrigue, and murder in picturesque elite college town As a detective lieutenant with the LAPD, Peter Decker witnessed enough ugliness and chaos for a lifetime Now, he and his devoted wife Rena Lazarus are ready to enjoy the quiet beauty of upstate New York, where they can be closer to their four adult children and their foster son.But working for the Greenbury Police department isn t as fulfilling as Decker hoped While Rina has adapted beautifully to their new surroundings, Decker is underwhelmed and frustrated by his new partner, Tyler McAdams, a former Harvard student and young buck with a bad tude Just when he thinks he s made a mistake, Decker is called to his first real crime here a possible break in at the local cemetery.At first, it seems like a false alarm until it s discovered that a mausoleum s stunning Tiffany panels have been replaced by forgeries Then, a coed at one of the exclusive local colleges is brutally murdered Poking into the hallowed halls of academia to find a killer, Decker and McAdams are drawn deep into a web of dark secrets, cold case crimes, international intrigue, and ruthless people who kill for sport.Suddenly, the job is anything but boring This case just might be too much to handle and Decker will have to draw on every ounce of experience that he has garnered in the past thirty years as a Homicide cop And then again, even that might not be enough

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    One thought on “Murder 101

    1. Kaceey

      I have been reading books from the Kellermans, both Faye and Jonathan, for many years. I enjoy their solo efforts as well as their combined work. ( I have yet to try anything from Jesse). This latest addition to the series brings the whole family back together. Peter, his wife Rina, their kids and now grandchildren.  Wow!  Where has the time gone!  Peter Decker, newly retired homicide detective, and his wife Rina move to a  quaint college town in upstate New York.   Peter is bored st [...]

    2. Brina

      For those who keep up with my reviews, I have mentioned that I enjoy reading mysteries as palette cleansers. While I enjoy Agatha Christie and other classic crime writers, my go to contemporary series over the last two years has been the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series by Faye Kellerman. It is a pure comfort read I revisit when I have no time to read much else or am in need of a pick me up. Being knee deep in cooking at a busy time of year, I found it to be a good time to spend a visit with [...]

    3. Laura

      I actually have not finished this book - about halfway thru. And in general, I am enjoying it. But one aspect is making me crazy. Ms. Kellerman wrote this from her home in Calif or NM without benefit of a map. It is set in the northeast and all her times and directions are goofy. Particularly annoying because she is unnecessarily specific the book is set someplace in "upstate" NY, 3 hours from NYC. But they get to Boston in 1.5 hours (and they drive up or down to Boston, not over). Peter notes t [...]

    4. Shan

      I'll preface my comment by saying FK is a favorite author of mine, mostly when I need to calm down or bust some stress. Love her style, her attention to detail (not in an OCD way). Her Decker/ Lazarus characters are like friends. My opinion of FK's latest book, MURDER 101, goes contrary to everything I've written at the top of this review. I found this book to be void of FK on every level, as if someone else wrote the material in her place.The character of Decker was unrecognizable )in compariso [...]

    5. Skip

      Peter Decker and Rina have moved to a idyllic collegiate town in upstate NY. A theft of Tiffany windows from a local mausoleum results in two horrible murders. Peter is teamed with a Harvard grad, who is defying his family's wish for him to enter law school. The kid is obnoxious, but Peter and Rina use their charms to help him mature as they work together to solve the crimes. I liked Faye's return to their large family, which is now closer than in L.A. However, the ending was very poor, the inte [...]

    6. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

      I have missed the last two books in the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series, largely because they have been released since I started blogging and my reading time has rarely since been my own, so I jumped at the chance to rejoin the series with Murder 101.It's been six months since Peter retired from the LAPD and he and Rina are now living in upstate New York, closer to their adult children. Peter is working for the local police force which is rarely troubled by anything more than drunken colleg [...]

    7. Cindie Harp

      So happy Rina and Peter are back! I was feeling uneasy knowing they had headed to Upstate NY but it brought back almost the whole family (except Gabe, my least favorite character and storyline) which is kind of what I like best anyway. (I find it hard to believe Rina left her 90+ parents so far away, of course) Usually the mystery is what I have to get through to read about the characters, but this time Rina played a major part -- which I love. Also some great art and stolen art facts, perhaps w [...]

    8. Roberta

      I've worked on a couple of college campuses so my first "Huh?" was at page 3. The Five Colleges of Upstate New York are described, briefly, as a consortium of liberal arts schools. Two specialize in science/science and business/economics, one is a fine arts school, one is a girls' school, one is an elite (military?) academy. On page 3 "The sprawling campuses sat on hundreds of acres of dense, bucolic landscape: parks, natural springs, and open forest." These campuses aren't sprawling, they're t [...]

    9. Jerry B

      The last three outings in Faye Kellerman’s Rina Lazarus / Lt. Peter Decker series were disappointing. Not only were the plots lackluster, but much of the three stories were about the teenaged machinations of foster son Gabe – which, with nothing whatsoever to do with the stories, were tiresome and annoying. Peter spoke often of retiring, and we almost wished he would!Then along comes “Murder 101”, the 22nd novel in the set (!), which starts out with a big surprise – the Deckers have mo [...]

    10. Tina

      I have read everything by Faye Kellerman. She has really grown as an author and I love that she writes the same characters in every book - giving us the opportunity of growing with the "Decker" family.Addtionally, I am so grateful that Kellerman has substantially toned down the religious aspect of her stories. I have no problem with incorporating some religion in the story if it will make it move forward, but at some point, she was spending so much time telling us about Rena's beliefs and myriad [...]

    11. Olga

      I have been a fan of all the Kellermans, albeit to various degrees. This book felt different, but I enjoyed it a lot. Possibly several somewhat personal "connections" added to my pleasure: being Jewish (so I like references to Judaism and Jewish historical events), living in upstate NY (so I felt more comfortable with the milieu instead of the LA setting), being originally from Russia (so some of the issues related to art and locationsbut no spoilers:)Anyway, in this one many of old acquaintance [...]

    12. JoAnne Pulcino

      MURDER 101Faye KellermanMy appreciation for Ms. Kellerman began with her original title THE RITUAL BATH. It was a very good mystery featuring a budding relationship with the Jewess, Rina Lazarus and the gentile detective, Peter Decker. I have been a fan ever since. The books and the relationship have developed into a wonderful series that I have followed faithfully. In Ms. Kellerman’s latest book, MURDER 101 ex LAPD detective Lieutenant Peter Decker and his wife are living in a quiet beautiful [...]

    13. Lewis Weinstein

      I have long enjoyed Faye Kellerman's Decker/Lazarus series, and now it's as if it has been given a new beginning. Perhaps recognizing the difficulty of sustaining a long series, Kellerman has moved her characters to a completely new environment, while maintaining some links to the LAPD and of course to the family. Murder 101 provides a complex plot which unfolds through each step of the investigative process. What starts out as a simple B&E gains new dimensions all the way to the last chapte [...]

    14. Joyce

      Yeah, Faye Kellerman. Another good read. Fun twists and turns; great characters and story development. Another book could not put down until I finished it.

    15. Liz Barnsley

      So I’m a HUGE fan of the Kellerman Dynasty – Faye, Jonathan and Jesse – I discovered the Decker/Lazarus series solely through being interested in the Kellerman clan having loved all of the Alex Delaware books – and have been hooked ever since.It is a long running series, has had its ups and downs, but overall has always given an excellent reading experience and this one was no exception. It seems to have been a bit hit and miss with the fans, but for THIS fan it was a hit.Pete Decker, ha [...]

    16. Barbara

      In this 22nd book in the series, former LAPD homicide detective Peter Decker - who's close to retirement age - is now working for the Greenbury, NY police department. He and his wife Rina Lazarus have moved East to be closer to their children. As the book opens, a couple of valuable Tiffany stained glass panels have been stolen from a mausoleum in the local cemetery, replaced by cheap fakes. A couple of suspects come to light, a young female student and an award-winning professor, each of whom i [...]

    17. Amanda Patterson

      Detective Pete Decker and his wife, Rina have moved to upstate New York. Pete has left the L.A.P.D. and is looking forward to a quieter life at Greenbury Police Department. They are also closer to their extended family who all live on the east coast.He has to adjust to the different environment and his new young partner, Tyler McAdams, who is arrogant, Harvard-educated and spoilt. When Tiffany panels are stolen from a mausoleum at the local cemetery, his dreams of a quieter life are quickly left [...]

    18. Bob Connell

      This was a very very very long book that went no where in my opinion. If you like art or art history this may be a good book for you. I felt cheated by this book by the ending which I didn't like and they seemed to wrap up in the last chapter. It seem like the author didn't know where to go with this and just wrapped it up quickly. I only gave this book 3 stars because I like the main characters. I may or may not read another Faye Kellerman book. There was too many F bombs in this book where I d [...]

    19. Kirsten

      I used to be such a fan of this series, but I fear that Elizabeth George and Louise Penny have ruined the simpler plot/character mysteries for me. It was fun the see the couple relocated to a small, rural town, but all of the secondary characters seemed cartoonish to me. I just couldn't believe that people would say or do what they did.

    20. Barbara

      3.5It has been a while since I have read one of Faye Kellerman's mysteries. It was interesting to view Rina and Peter advancing in age, yet still fully productive. Also their family had grown in numbers and in their own maturity.As always, I found this novel intriguing and complex. In brief, it involved art forgeries and art thefts. I learned some of the complexities engaged by the miscreants, which I had never even considered. I often thought of and compared these actions with the book, The Art [...]

    21. Luanne Ollivier

      Murder 101 is the latest entry in Faye Kellerman's long running Decker/Lazurus series. In fact it's number twenty two. Kellerman has aged her characters over the course of the series. Peter Decker has recently retired from the LAPD. He and his wife Rena Lazurus have moved to quiet Greenbury, NY to be closer to their grown children. Peter has taken a job with the Greenbury PD. But truthfully he's a bit bored - there's not a lot of crime in the town. A possible art forgery in a cemetery crypt seem [...]

    22. The Library Lady

      Thank you to Edelweiss for my ARC e book of this title.One of my problems with the late, much lamented Robert B. Parker is that he refused to really truly deal with the character Spenser's aging.And we won't even get into his girlfriend's aging.Or his dog's aging, which he handles simply by having him adopt a new look alike dog, giving the dog the same name and having it take on the same behaviors! Perhaps this is because Spenser was his alter ego, but when you realize that Spencer starts out se [...]

    23. Jodi

      This book took me back to the beginning of the series when Decker wasn't "the Loo" but was a a detective in Foothills. When he was doing the legwork. He and Rina have retired to a sleepy town in New England where Decker is just a cop. Until there is a brutal murder and Decker is the only one on the force with hands on experience dealing with such s thing. His partner is a a political appointee, not even a cop. A Harvard grad avoiding law school. It doesn't take long before Harvard becomes anothe [...]

    24. Kent Treiber

      This is my 19th Faye Kellerman book. I'm getting older along with her characters, maybe that's why I fell asleep reading it.I'm fine with the evolution of the Deckers but there are several things I didn't like. We can start with the title "Murder 101," which has been already used multiple times.Then we have the spoiled rich kid working in the small police department as Peter's superior. The kid has absolutely no training. This is maybe possible, but seems extremely unlikely.While the plot involv [...]

    25. Marti

      Murder 101 by Faye Kellerman is the latest of the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus mysteries. Until recently almost all of the books took place in LA, because that is where Decker or Loo was a detective. However the couple had moved east to be nearer all their children and grandchildren. They live in Greenbury, New York, a small bucolic college town. There the biggest issues are not murder and Peter Decker is BORED. Until the cemetery was robbed and then there may have been a murder or so. Suddenly [...]

    26. Bob

      Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus have retired to a small Upstate NY college town where Peter is working in the town police force. They are liking retirement and Rina is busy with various Jewish groups and projects while Peter is becoming a bit bored with small town police work. That is until there is an apparent robbery from a mausoleum in the town cemetery. It seems that two stained glass panels by Tiffney have been replaced by poor copies. The investigation leads to anything but a boring small to [...]

    27. Jacquie

      Not one of Ms Kellerman's better books and I've read all of the Decker series. The location of Greenbury New York being one of them. How can you be in Upstate New York, be 3 hours from Manhattan, 1.5 hours from Boston and be south of Boston at the same time? Just doesn't add up in my opinion. I also had troubles with McAdams' asking for peoples Wi-Fi password so he could use his Ipad. He's rich, he's a detective why would you have a package that includes internet access? And don't all cops, dete [...]

    28. Holly McIntyre

      Peter and Rina have moved to New York? Rural New York State not even the city? This can't be good. Or so I thought when I picked up the book. I was wrong! The new location allows for the introduction of new and interesting characters that may be able to take the series into the next generation. I could see Tyler McAdams easily developing into his own spin-off series. And Rina! Rina takes her place as a professional as well as personal helpmeet for Peter. The new location, new characters, and unp [...]

    29. Erin

      I read the earlier books in this series years ago and enjoyed them and also enjoyed the things I learned about Orthodox Judaism through her stories. However, this one felt like it was posturing -- and trying to fit in so many "see how intelligent I am" moments throughout it with all the characters that it just hit a wrong note with me - I finished it but it dragged for me.

    30. Pauline

      Excellent read. A new start to Decker and Rinas life. Can't wait for the next one,must check when or if it's out.

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