Last Breath

Last Breath From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts Catherine Coulter and Karen Robards You ve taken your Last Look You ve spoken y

  • Title: Last Breath
  • Author: Mariah Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780345492241
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Last Breath

    From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, and Karen Robards.You ve taken your Last Look You ve spoken your Last Words Now prepare to surrender your Last Breath in this tour de force of suspense, romance, and action As renowned archaeologist Dr Daria McGowan readies the mosFrom New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, and Karen Robards.You ve taken your Last Look You ve spoken your Last Words Now prepare to surrender your Last Breath in this tour de force of suspense, romance, and action As renowned archaeologist Dr Daria McGowan readies the most important project of her career a University museum exhibit showcasing the priceless artifacts her great grandfather unearthed a century earlier in the Middle East she makes a shocking discovery many of the most significant pieces have vanished Panicked, Daria turns to the FBI Solving the mystery is an assignment that Connor Shields is than happy to accept Daria is the same intriguing blonde archaeologist he s had on his mind since their paths first crossed two years ago Working together to track down the stolen artifacts, Daria and Connor discover a trail of bodies collectors who have met brutal, bizarre ends at the hands of a killer whose murderous methods are based on the rituals of an ancient civilization Amid rumors of a curse and mounting pressure from both the FBI and the University, Daria and Connor race to unmask their enemy and unravel a mystery stretching across oceans and centuries All the while, an ingenious murderer follows a sinister plan to gather the coveted antiquities and one last acquisition Daria.From the Hardcover edition.

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      473 Mariah Stewart
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    One thought on “Last Breath

    1. Jim

      If someone told me this was really authored by someone else, I'd be inclined to believe them. It had a different beginning, and a different feel throughout. I've read a lot of Stewart and know she has the talent to do this, so I'll not claim it was someone else.This balanced just about everything well. The archaeology, the characters, the murders, and the "romance" (every one of her FBI books has to have romance, whether you want it or not. One place I really did not like it--too much detail, bu [...]

    2. Mojca

      As a renowned archaeologist, Dr. Daria McGowan is invited to prepare an exhibit of priceless artifacts unearthed a century ago by her great-grandfather.As she starts cataloging the artifacts, she makes a shocking discovery. Some are missing. With her back against the wall, she calls the FBI, actually an FBI agent, Special Agent Connor Shields, she's met a few months back in MoroccoAnd he is more than happy to accept, since she's been "haunting" his dreams ever since their (one and only) encounte [...]

    3. Gerry Bartlett

      I picked this old book up at a used book store. I won't deny Stewart is a master storyteller. She really knows how to construct a mystery too. The only reason I took away a star here is the romance. It was such an afterthought that I got irritated. Yes, there was an attraction. The FBI agent, who for some inexplicable reason goes all over the world, falls for the renowned archaeologist who is at the local college to put her late great grandfather's finds on display. When gruesome murders start t [...]

    4. Danella Virtue

      This was an enjoyable book about an archaeology family with suspense and love and murder! Not my usual genre but a fun read!

    5. Beth

      I love stories based on archaeology and Last Breath does not disappoint. 100 years after their discovery, artifacts of a lost city are being curated for exhibition when some are found missing and mysterious deaths occur. The main characters are a bit wooden but the story is engaging.

    6. Sheila Myers

      A good idea for a plot, but I think Mariah Stewart repeated the history too many times in the beginning. It took away from the flow of the story.

    7. Dotti Elrick

      We first heard about FBI agent Conner Shields in the first book of the FBI series, Dead Wrong. He's been in and out of several other books, but this is his story. Conner first met archaeologist Daria McGowin in a small Moroccan villa where he was enjoying some rare down time. Before he could get to know her better, he was called away on another one of his "super secret missions". But he leaves her his card and tells her to call him anytime. While working on a dig in Northwestern Iran, Daria gets [...]

    8. Maura

      The final installation to the Last Series, which is connected to several other series that this author writes. Connor Shields is a complete mystery, probably a spy but we're never really sure what he does - he's just an international man of mystery. He gets called to the aid of Daria McGowan, an archeologist putting together an exhibit for a local university museum in which there has been a theft, and there are some associated murders which seem ritual and are tied to the culture of the artifact [...]

    9. Ma. Julie Bee Unlayao

      First of all, i think that the title and the cover of this book doesn't seem to relate to the story,(hehehe) but i still liked it. It's a real page turner and absolutely interesting! A quick easy read and thrilling plot. If you love history and archeology, well this BOOK is a good pick! ! First character is Daria McGowan, a professor of archeology/archeologist (his great grandfather is Alistair McGowan a well-known archeologist who discovered a lost civilization, the Shandihar).(Shandihar is an [...]

    10. Louise

      I love Mariah Stewart's novels and this newly released, was no disappointment!! Can hardly wait for the next novel, 'MERCY STREET' to hit store shelves. I've read all her books to date.From back cover:"A renowned archaeologist Dr. Daria McGowan readies the most important project of her career - a university museum exhibit showcasing the priceless artifacts her great-grandfather unearthed a century earlier in the Middle East - she makes a shocking discovery: many of the most significant pieces ha [...]

    11. Katy

      I really like Stewart's writings! I read my first one a couple of years ago as a First Reads on this site. I was hooked.An archeologist is asked to come to Howe College to catalogue her grandfather's collection from a long ago, mystical near mythical civilization from ancient Turkey. It will be displayed at the college in a state-of-the art museum so that the college can received continued beneficiaries and funding. She does, only to discover that many very important pieces have disappeared. She [...]

    12. Ayu Wirdha

      Daria seorang arkeolog mendapat pekerjaan utk mempersiapkan benda2 bersejarah utk pembukaan museum di sebuah universitas milik keluarganya. Saat menginventaris baru ketahuan bahwa ada barang2 yg hilang yg seharusnya ada di daftar yg dibuat kakek buyutnya dgn barang fisiknya. Dgn dibantu Connor, agen FBI yg dikenalnya di Maroko, Daria menemukan bbrp kolektor pribadi yg menyimpan benda2 tsb baru2 ini tewas dgn tangan & lidah terpotong & benda2 itupun jg hilang. Di novel seblmnya, Connor di [...]

    13. Sharon

      BORING. Internationally renowned archaeologist Daria McGowan is called away from a dig in some desert to look over a collection of her artifacts acquired by her great grandfather. The artifacts are from a lost matriarchal culture and stored in the basement of a museum at a second-rate college. She delightedly goes to the college, finds some of the artifacts are missing, enlists the help of an FBI agent, Conner, whom she has met only once. Conner comes running, and they find out that collectors w [...]

    14. Kathryn

      An archaeologist, Dr. Daria McGowan, is preparing an exhibit of her late great-grandfather's artifacts. She finds that some of the pieces are missing. Daria works with FBI agent Connor Shields to track them down. What they find is that the owners of the items have been gruesomely murdered in a ritualistic way. They have to race to prevent the murders of the remaining owners, recover the remaining artifacts, and uncover a killer. The cover of this book says it is a suspense but my library has a r [...]

    15. Judith

      I loved the Archaeological influence in this book. It is a change of pace from the other John Mancini series books. (Check out Mariah's Good Reads website for a complete list). This final book, features the elusive Connor and Mariah pairs him up the with archaeologist Daria for a suspense mystery relating to the artifacts of an Ancient City. Called home from a dig to catalogue artifacts found by her Great Grandfather for a museum opening, Daria discovers that some of the rare artifacts are missi [...]

    16. Marlene

      Easy read mystery/romance. Daria prepares to set up a museum display of her great grandfather's archeological diggings, only to find that some are missing. She contacts Connor, the eventual love interest and member of the FBI, and, in their search for the stolen artifacts, they begin to find that people who had one of the artifacts in their private collections were being murdered. And so they set out to solve the murders. They do, and live happily ever after.

    17. Andrea

      Connor Shields FBI agent and world traveler. Viewed Daria McGowan, professor of archeology,in Morocco, joined her for dinner but got called away. Now they are both back in the United States where Daria has taken a position with the university which houses a collection of antiquities gathered by her great-grandfather.

    18. Nicole

      I really liked this book. The history and archeology were awesome to read, and I liked that the romance went at a fairly slow pace, not whirlwind- it was more realisitc that way. I also loved that the romance (at least for the characters) took a back seat to the whole solve-the-mruders plot. It was nice to see them put the serious issues frist (doesn't happen often in books with romance).

    19. Marion

      this book was such a bore i only got 3/4 of the way through before giving up. the characters were 2 dimensional and not in the least engaging. they were stuck up and stuffy and made the poorest choices known to man. situations and reactions were totally unbelievable. the 2 stars are only because the book might not be as bad as i think, maybe i was just having an off day.

    20. Debra

      Sigh. On the surface this is an enjoyable romantic suspense novel by an author who has turned out several excellent ones. But, the main charactes made so many incredibly stupid decisions and/or professional no-nos that suspending disbelief became impossible. I finished it, but it left an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

    21. Marilyn Groves

      Lighter suspense with some romance. Enjoyed the archeological 'bit's. Quick synopsis - Asked to organize a museum exhibition of her grandfather's discovery in Turkey over a hundred years ago, archeologist Doria finda a number of pieces missing. With the aid of handsome FBI agent Conner, they track down the pieces and more.

    22. Barbara ★

      Not as good as the others in the series. Honestly I was more bored than anything. I liked Daria and I liked Connor but together they were lame (and not together at all really). The mystery didn't intrigue me and neither did the investigation. Just blah.

    23. Jeannie

      I loved the archeological reference in this book, right up my alley! I liked the book overall, found it a bit predictable, but a good way to pass the time. If I was looking for suspense, I would have been disappointed. I would read this author again.

    24. Kristin

      This book was a very hard read for me, I was so surprised because I have loved all the other books in this series. I was excited to finally meet Conner after hearing bout the mysterious man in all the other books.

    25. Biba

      I really enjoyed this book. I loved Daria, especially Connor. There were some things left unfinished, so I hope we come back to it in another book. I would love to see how Daria and Connor are doing. Oh, I loved Sweet Thing too.

    26. Mary

      romantic suspense. I liked the college atmosphere & archeological info. I will read more by this author when I run out of new books to read. Just happened to pick this one off the new shelf or a display, I forget which.

    27. Kay

      I like Stewart's books but I wasn't as interested in this plot as most of her books. It was a quick easy read and did keep my interest.

    28. Kat

      Detective/love story with some archeology. I was hoping for more of a detective story than love story, but the mystery was way too easy to see through.

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