A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men Erotic Romance author Maureen Mullen aka Summer Winters is on a quest She s in pursuit of the last decent man left on earth Week after week one loser after another has passed through Maureen s ever

  • Title: A Few Good Men
  • Author: Cat Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781602020542
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • A Few Good Men

    Erotic Romance author Maureen Mullen, aka Summer Winters, is on a quest She s in pursuit of the last decent man left on earth Week after week one loser after another has passed through Maureen s ever revolving dating door Now it seems opportunity is knocking in the form of deployed Army Staff Sergeant John Blake John gets through his days fueled by caffeine and adrenalErotic Romance author Maureen Mullen, aka Summer Winters, is on a quest She s in pursuit of the last decent man left on earth Week after week one loser after another has passed through Maureen s ever revolving dating door Now it seems opportunity is knocking in the form of deployed Army Staff Sergeant John Blake John gets through his days fueled by caffeine and adrenaline A fighter, not a lover, he relies on years of training and sheer force of will The last thing he s looking for when he accidentally becomes Maureen s pen pal is an emotional entanglement But when emails between the unlikely pair heat up enough to keep them both warm and wanting at night, they have to wonder if their relationship just might have potential after all Can a hot war hardened soldier find love in cyberspace with a sweet, hearts and flowers writer of passionate prose

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      351 Cat Johnson
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    One thought on “A Few Good Men

    1. Kathrynn

      This book was too slow for my tastes. It took a very long time to set the characters up to get the story rolling. There was too much fluff and it was filled with too many useless details about life in Iraq, military jargon as well as the heroine’s life in the States being humdrum and boring. I thought the writing from Maureen's life in the States and switching to John's life in Irag was too choppy. Felt jerked out of the moments and it became very frustrating reading chatter amongst the two's [...]

    2. Eastofoz

      This is more of 2.5 star read than a 2 for me. It’s as if there are separate pieces written by different people that have been stuck together haphazardly so it ends up lacking fluidity at some points I thought. The story is slow to start and the h/h don’t really meet until you’re a good ways into the book which is annoying. You wonder when the romance is actually going to start. Maureen and John go from being pen pals to suddenly having cyber sex in the blink of an eye which felt like some [...]

    3. Auntee

      This was a steamy, but sweet, romance. Erotic romance novelist Maureen Mullen becomes 'pen pals' (via email) with deployed Army Staff Sergeant John Blake. The emails get hotter and hotter as the book goes on, and when they finally meet and get together--wow! This was a really quick read for me--it's not an overly long book (only 157 pages), but there was not one dull moment--and I really enjoyed the ending!

    4. Maree Repa

      Five Amazing StarsHopes and Dreams of a AuthorI was absolutely excited to enjoy this amazing third book from the exciting series, Red Hot & Blue. Written by the wonderful author, Cat Johnson. I so enjoyed this most exciting romantic wonderful tale. I was so completely thrilled to read this most fabulous book from this exciting series too!Whilst Staff Sergeant, John Blake joined with his Platoon members to eat their dinner. These men who were fighting in the battle of Ramadi, Iraq. They sat a [...]

    5. Cacophony

      I can't say what is wrong with this story. There wasn't any glaring problems. It just didn't convince me that these two characters had really fallen in love long distance. If I had to pin point anything I would say it relies to heavily on character tropes. Strong silent military man meets quirky single city girl.

    6. Linda

      Maureen Mullen edited books full time for Peterman Publishing and she hated her job but more than the job she hated her boss Pam with a vengeance, if pam only knew that she wrote erotic romance novels as Summer Winters she would be tossed out of her butt. Maybe working at her job paid the bills but her book was selling well but not so that she could quit her nine to five yet. Looking around to see if Pam was near, Maureen placed a call to her long time friend Peter he answered in a foul mood ,bu [...]

    7. Elisa Rolle

      How do you imagine an erotic romance writer? Sexy, gorgeous and uninhibited? Or better plain jane type, petite and single? Maybe the answer is simple cause a bombshell can't have the time to write romance and instead plain jane yes, so Maureen, our heroine, is a white collar by day and a writer by night. She has also a tender heart and a pen pal, a soldier stationed in Iraq. She writes to him and sends him gifts and goodies and also her latest book: a romance only for women but Jazzy, the soldie [...]

    8. Maxie

      A Few Good Men by Cat JohnsonJumping for joy that there are a few good men besides the Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington and Michael DeLorenzo, Jason Bourne, Boris Kojoe. Hmmm, talk about a few good men. Cat Johnson in her novel A Few Good Men does a superior job in her novel bringing to life the military's influence on our safety here in the US and to whom I am forever grateful. The setting Ms. Johnson uses for the troops in the field are in the ravage areas of Iraq. In Ms. Johnson's book, A Few [...]

    9. Clovia

      So goodOne more in a series of great books!!! Couldn't put it down Loved it !!!! When you start this book, give yourself enough time cause you won't be putting it down.

    10. Jenn Shanks Pray

      Cat Johnson has been a long time favorite of mine - I actually read this series in e-book when it was originally released in trilogies several years ago. The original idea of novellas that lead into other stories made each story that much stronger and the characters that much deeper because there were references to previous characters (This applies to Trey, Jack, Jimmy, Jared, Cole and Bobby). A Few Good Men is actually a new one in this military series with (squeals of joy) more to come in the [...]

    11. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

      Lee's review posted on Guilty PleasuresThis is the latest in Cat's Red Hot and Blue series, and I've got to tell you, this is a very sweet, heartfelt story. Staff Sergeant John Blake is at the tail end of his second back to back tour in Iraq when he gets stuck writing to a pen pal that he had no intension of communicating with. Maureen Mullen us a New Yorker that has supported the troops by becoming a pen pal with soldiers overseas. This puts her in contact with John through another man that she [...]

    12. Kathy Heare Watts

      Just wish that Cat Johnson had not used the term "sir" when enlisted men speak to other enlisted men, even though they carry a higher rank. In the Army, enlisted are not referred to sir, only commissioned officers are. Being a military brat of a retired father who started out enlisted and commissioned to Warrant Officer, marrying a man in the military and having a son who has been active duty and is a Staff Sergeant, they are referred to as Sergeant, but not sir, that is a Marine thing! It may n [...]

    13. UnusualChildbeppy

      synopsis:john's crew is passing around an erotic book, and while he doesn't want to read it, he doesn't object. when he finds out that one of his men got the book from the author and that he is talking with the author, john doesn't think anything of it, although he does appreciate the care packages that she sends. when one of the men is hurt in an operation, john is asked to let her know why she won't be in contact with her penpal. john does, and finds himself intrigued by the caring shown by ma [...]

    14. HappilyEverChapter

      First, let me say how happy I am that this story was much longer than any of the previous ones, albeit still shorter than most full-length novels.John's a tank commander stationed in Iraq.Maureen writes romance novels and supports the troops under her pseudonym Summer Winters.John's platoon member, Jazzy, is injured one night & asks CO to email Summer so she does not worry.That's all it takes to get this story rollin'.There is some great interaction between the guys in this particular group, [...]

    15. ⚜️Trea

      Yet another steamy romance from Cat Johnson! Ms. Johnson returns to her military romances in a big way, taking this and making it a more fleshed out story, to the point where it felt like I was reading a full length novel. I really appreciated it as a reader! I liked the tentativeness of this relationship, and the peek back with some of the other heroes that we've come to know over the course of this series. I'm hoping for an eventual return to the men of Task Force Zeta, as there are a couple o [...]

    16. Lai

      I loved this one. And it was longer so we could really see how John and Maureen took some time to get to know other first. No declarations of love after 24 hours or so. This was more drawn out and I loved it. John is your military man. Confident in himself and what he does. He doesn't need a woman to mess anything up. Maureen is Summer Winters in hiding. Summer Winters is a pseudonym she uses to pen erotic romance books. I felt these two really make a connection. You could feel the agony of when [...]

    17. Heather in FL

      I really enjoyed this one. I just went to go confirm, but this one was a lot longer than much of the rest of the series. Which was definitely good! I really enjoyed seeing how John and Maureen first started talking. I thought it was cute that this gruff military guy halfway around the world started to look forward to even the mundane conversation sent by Maureen. And I thought it was really sweet (or should that be hot?) when they finally met in person. Oh, and the phone sex before meeting in pe [...]

    18. Angel

      Staff Sgt. John Blake is fine being by himself, as a man who is planning on building a career out of being in the army.at is until he's begged to send an email to one of his men's pen palSummer Winters is really Maureen, and she is an author who has been trying to find a good manMaureen is convinced that the only good men out there are either gay, or enlistedwhat starts out as help to a friend soon becomes more and then much morewhat'll happen when these two finally meetnding fire with someone n [...]

    19. Lyn

      AnticlimacticWhat a disappointment. I was enjoying this book up to the point when the H and h finally meet. There was more passion, urgency and desperation when they were apart emailing and talking on the phone. When they finally meet in person it was lackluster. All the passion, urgency and desperation disappeared. WTH??? Really?? They should have been tearing each other’s clothes off. Ugh! I ended up skimming through the very boring too long sex scene.

    20. Vanessa

      It's was so amazingly sweet.I absolutely loved the bookI love John, he was super sweet and always thinking about making Maureen happy. I thought it was a little odd that nothing happened with the whole dates thing since it was such a huge part of the plot. I loved Jazzy. He was so funny and sweet and he deserves praise for helping set Maureen and John up. I loved the ending. 4 Stars******

    21. Kay-em

      First time to read this author. I must say I like her writing style and will probably look into her other works. Unfortunately, I didn't really buy into the story - too unbelievable - hence the low rating.

    22. Tracie Runge

      4.5 StarsI thoroughly enjoyed reading A Few Good Men it has a great balance between story and romance never losing one to enhance the other. I loved John and Maureen's story and I am sure you will too. I look forward to reading what comes next in this magnificent series.

    23. Tamara

      4 and 1/2 stars, couldn't decide between 4 and 5, It was really good, but I expected something a little bigger for the ending. There was great build up and when John and Melissa finally meet it was kind of anti climactic.

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