Rain Reign

Rain Reign Rose Howard has Asperger s syndrome and an obsession with homonyms even her name is a homonym She gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms Reign Rein which according to Rose s rules of homonyms

  • Title: Rain Reign
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780312643003
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rain Reign

    Rose Howard has Asperger s syndrome, and an obsession with homonyms even her name is a homonym She gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms Reign, Rein , which, according to Rose s rules of homonyms, is very special Rain was a lost dog Rose s father brought home Rose and Rain are practically inseparable And they are often home alone, as Rose s father spends most eRose Howard has Asperger s syndrome, and an obsession with homonyms even her name is a homonym She gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms Reign, Rein , which, according to Rose s rules of homonyms, is very special Rain was a lost dog Rose s father brought home Rose and Rain are practically inseparable And they are often home alone, as Rose s father spends most evenings at a bar, and doesn t have much patience for his special needs daughter.Just as a storm hits town, Rain goes missing Rose s father shouldn t have let Rain out Now Rose has to find her dog, even if it means leaving her routines and safe places to search Rose will find Rain, but so will Rain s original owners.

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      325 Ann M. Martin
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    One thought on “Rain Reign

    1. May

      Una niña llamada Rose es una novela especial, cercana, directa y con una protagonista que nos roba el corazón.Rose es una niña que tiene Asperger, por lo que su forma de ver el mundo es algo diferente. Eso la lleva a ser una protagonista con una voz fuerte y diferente.Me ha resultado una novela muy entrañable y cercana y me ha encantado la puma de la autora. Trata muy bien el tema del Asperger, y nos lo acerca para que lo entendamos a la perfección.Es un síndrome que me toca de cerca y lo [...]

    2. Tiff at Mostly YA Lit

      3.5 stars. Review originally posted at Mostly YA LitCheck out my expectations of Rain Reign before reading!A compelling character study of a girl with high-functioning autism, Rain Reign is a middle-grade novel with a deceptively simple writing style. When I first started the novel, I immediately thought it might be a little too young for me. Middle-grade readers might feel the same, but teachers/parents/librarians should encourage kids to stick with this one: Rose, the narrator and protagonist, [...]

    3. Snotchocheez

      I find myself sucked in to novels (often with first-person narration) of the travails of a high-functioning autistic kid, hoping the author will "get it right", only to be ultimately underwhelmed by gimmickry, or gooey feel-good-ery. Rain Reign, a (presumably) YA novel featuring 10 year-old fifth grader Rose Howard from rural New York with a obsessive fascination for homonyms (not homophones, there is a difference!), a penchant for over-strict adherence to the rules, and a dog named Rain (yep, a [...]

    4. Susan Crowe

      How in the world do (due, dew) you (ewe) even rate or (oar) review a book like this??? I can't even put the emotions I am feeling right (write, rite) now into words. My head hurts right now from crying. READ THIS!!!!!

    5. Kristen

      A sweet, sad story told from the point of a mildly autistic girl who is misunderstood, tries every day to be who others want her to be, and loves her dog. A great narrative voice.

    6. Juan Vorágine

      Una historia preciosa donde se nos adentra un poco y de forma muy cuidadosa en el Síndrome de Asperger. Rose es una protagonista única y dulce, y se enamorará de su pequeña perra en cuanto la vea por primera vez. Reseña completa: voragineinterna.e

    7. Angela

      If you were thinking, "Oh, I know Ann Martin. I've read her dog stories before. I don't need to read this one." Reconsider. This book is a great reminder why Ann Martin is a legend. Here she tackles high-functioning autism, a struggling parent, a thoughtful uncle and, of course, a lost dog. It all comes together in a heartbreaking tale of love, loss and small rays of hope and sunshine despite the rain.Comp Title: Rules by Cynthia LordDear 2015 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award Committee, I would like t [...]

    8. Christy (TheReaderBee)

      I was pretty excited to read Ann M. Martin’s Rain Reign. Martin’s The Baby-sitters Club books were a huge part of my childhood, I adored those books, but I hadn’t read anything by her since. I’m glad to have now changed that. I adored this book SO much.Rose is such an amazing, complex character. She has Aspergers syndrome, as well as an obsession with homonyms and prime numbers. She explains all of this to us as we read the story, which is from her point of view. The relationship that Ro [...]

    9. Sara

      4/5Reseña publicada en: nuubedepalabras.eCuando me enfrenté a esta novela, tengo que reconocer que no sabía nada de ella. Me llegó por sorpresa de parte de la editorial y me puse a leerlo enseguida. Para todos los que os gusten las historias middle-grade, o si queréis leer algo un poco para desconectar sin entrar en historias muy complejas, os lo recomiendo mucho. ¡Pero vayamos poco a poco!La novela habla de Rose, una niña de unos diez años que vive con su padre. Es una niña con síndro [...]

    10. Ms. Yingling

      Rose is very fond of her dog, Rain, whom her father found abandoned behind a bar one night. Unfortunately, her father is often angry at her and at the dog, and during a big storm, he lets Rain out of the house without his collar on. Rose tries very hard to find the dog, and when she turns up in a shelter with a microchip, Rose thinks that the right thing to do is to find the dog's rightful owners even though she loves Rain. Add to this the fact that Rose is on the autism spectrum and is obsessed [...]

    11. Pamela

      Tender . . . Unique . . . Powerful . . . Bittersweet. An emotionally complex, character-driven book perfectly suited for middle-age children. But I think adults will be charmed by this touching story too (to) (two). The world can seem like a loud, confusing, unfair place; even more so if you're ten-years-old and wired a little differently than most other fifth graders. Sensitivity to sounds, stringent expectations of rules and routines, and an obsession with homonyms and prime numbers doesn't wi [...]

    12. Jessica

      Before I read this book, I showed it to my 10yo and asked if he wanted to read it first, since it had just been given one of the ALA awards. Now I'm glad that he declined because he's halfway through another book. I stayed up until the wee hours finishing this book, tense and sick to my stomach the whole time.That's not to say the book isn't good. It's wonderful. It's a very real portrait of a girl on the autism spectrum, her struggles at school, and the solace she finds in caring for her dog. B [...]

    13. Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)

      I finally get to share my book love for this one. Some books you get to the end and you just want to hug the book. It leaves you feeling like you don't want to read anything else for awhile because it will spoil the moment. Rain Reign was that book for me. I loved Rose and she reminded me of students that I have worked with. I had definite sweet spots for Rain and Uncle Weldon. And my heart broke some for Rose's dad who just was so real. I would love to read this one aloud to a class or share in [...]

    14. Miriam

      Rose's father is not very patient with her. She's obsessed with prime numbers and homophones, has trouble making eye contact or conversations and is extremely sensitive to sounds that don't even register with most people. But he brings her a dog one rainy night and since the animal has no collar or tags, he tells Rose that they don't need to search for the dog's owner. Rose loves the dog and the feeling is mutual. We get the feeling that Rain's been traumatized in some way and she relies on Rose [...]

    15. Angus

      A beautifully written story about Rose, a child obsessed with homonyms and 'prime number names', both manifestations of her high-functioning mild Aspergers condition. Rose lives with her father in a small upstate town in New York State. One wet day Rose's dad shows up with a stray dog who she names Rain - now they both have names that are also homonyms - a poetry not lost on Rose which also heightens her connection to the dog. A storm hits the area and Rain is lost. Rose is desperate to find her [...]

    16. Cheryl

      3.5 stars rounded down, because imo it's not fresh enough to be worth the hype. (view spoiler)[Interesting that the father was *almost* a drunk, and *almost* abusive. And the other children in Rose's class were *almost* mean. Honestly, I appreciate that - I swear, too much 'realistic' fiction will give kids in happy families a terror of leaving them for the "real" world. That is, too many novels focus on drama, and most lives are pretty mundane and more happy than not. But in this case, somehow [...]

    17. Jamie Oberheu

      Rain Reign has 226 pages of engaging literature. In this book, Rose is our main character. She is a young girl about 11 years old. She has autism and loses her dog. She encounters everyday situations that all kids face. She has a teacher who is a bit annoying, her dad leaves her to fend for herself most of the time, and Rose has never had the chance to meet her mom. I gave this book 5 stars, because through the way the book is written we learn lessons of compassion and empathy for kids like Rose [...]

    18. Carrie Gelson

      I started and finished this book in one sitting. Before the rest of the house was awake. I couldn't imagine putting it down. Rose is a girl I might have met, but this novel gave me a deeper peek into how she ticks and for this, I am very grateful to Ann M. Martin. Any title that helps a teacher think bigger, better, more carefully about students that may come our way, is a true gift. Rose may do a lot of things very differently. She also does a lot much more bravely. Such a read.

    19. Ashli Barrera

      I am very glad I bought this book. It has lots of heart. If you want a heartful book with truth,and love,then I think that you should read it. I would recommend it to anyone,and I think everyone should read this. Also,the ending is soI'm not sure what to say's beautiful. Read it and I promise, you'll love it. :)

    20. Allison

      This book was SO good! But, it was really sad. I cried at one point literally, tears were rolling down my cheeks. This may or may not spoil something, it depends on your point of view:I have a dog, so it was even more sad.

    21. Paul

      Rain Reign is the overly sentimental, melodramatic middle-grade fiction that some adults might find unrealistic and cliche, but I found it to be touching and a great relaxing read. Rain Reign is a story told by a girl with high functioning autism in her own words. She loves homonyms and uses them throughout the entire story. The main focus of the book is Rose's relationship with her dog Rain and her strained relationship with her father. Her father doesn't really have the patience to deal with R [...]

    22. Connie D

      Rose has plenty to deal with: a frustrated father, no mother, social and school difficulties, high functioning autism, etc. But she has a caring Uncle Wheldon and a loving dog, Rainuntil the dog gets lost during a terrible storm Warning: This book made me cry and it might make you cry too. It makes you care about this struggling young girl despite all her irritating behaviors.

    23. L.A.

      This book earns its fourth star by virtue of addressing Asperger's syndrome in girls, which occurs much less often than in boys. Any time somebody writes a book that consciously expands the range of people who can see themselves reflected in tween/teen lit, I'm very happy.Rose loves homonyms, her Uncle Weldon, and her dog, Rain. She loves her dad, too, but it's an uneasy, uncertain kind of love. For one thing, he doesn't have a lot of patience for Rose's quirks (which, besides homonyms, include [...]

    24. Brooke

      3.5 stars Sometimes I need a break from all the heavy reading material I indulge myself in, something that will just let my mind relax a bit. I love Ann M. Martin's books- her plot lines are always well woven together alongside vivid & vibrant characters. In a nutshell, RAIN REIGN is a story about a girl with Aspergers & her dog, but it's a lot more than that. Fifth-grader Rose Howard lives with her father (he claims that Rose's mother has left them), along with her dog, Rain. Her uncle [...]

    25. Barb Middleton

      Rose Howard reigns in the world of prime numbers, homophones, and rules. Her autism makes it difficult for her to control the urge to yell in school. She lives with her father, a mechanic, who likes to drink at the Luck of the Irish pub after or during work. Fifth grader Rose lives with Rain, an abandoned dog that her dad found behind the pub, and the two are inseparable and left alone more than is good for a child. She's not too emotional and faces her father's shortcomings with stoicism. Her U [...]

    26. StephanieWeatherly

      This book definitely tugged at my heart strings. I loved the character of Rose and her fascination with homonyms. Her relationship with her Uncle Weldon was proof of the true meaning of family. It was a light in her life as she tried to navigate her relationship with her father. Great read!

    27. Kelly Hager

      This is the first Ann M. Martin book I've read in probably 25 years or so. I was a huge fan of the Babysitters Club when I was in elementary school and I know I read another book of hers, although I don't remember it very well.So when I saw that she was going to be at BEA earlier this year, I was very excited. (Fun fact: getting this book was the first thing I did on the first day at BEA.)And totally worth it, because this is an amazing book. I know that the autism diagnoses are shooting way thr [...]

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