The Accidental Domme

The Accidental Domme During a weak moment while in between girl friends Wendy agrees to become a key holder for a friend to help him indulge his chastity fetish This seeming innocuous act inadvertently leads to the disco

  • Title: The Accidental Domme
  • Author: Jim Lyon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Accidental Domme

    During a weak moment while in between girl friends, Wendy agrees to become a key holder for a friend to help him indulge his chastity fetish This seeming innocuous act inadvertently leads to the discovery of her affinity for dominating others and a career as a no nonsense personal trainer for bottoms and pony girls boys.

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      264 Jim Lyon
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    One thought on “The Accidental Domme

    1. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

      This is the kind of femdom I enjoy! It started out with male chastity fetish between a lesbian and her male friend. This confused me a bit until we see that Dave is the catalyst for Wendy to explore the kinky world of female domination. Wendy is helping Dave with his fantasy in return for a good licking on demand. It's a win-win situation. Wendy, the good friend, attends a few classes to learn more about BDSM only to find the missing piece in her life. She takes to flogging and needle play with [...]

    2. Poison

      This book starts off with the title character getting asked by a friend of hers to put him into a male chastity device, and keep the "key" so he is unable to orgasm until the key is provided to him.I was instantly worried that it was gonna be Femdom/male sub, which, while there isn't anything wrong with that, is not my cup of tea. However, not to fear, the guy is just a minor character, and the book moves on quickly to Domme/femsub, which works for me!In most fiction, we follow along with a fema [...]

    3. Dee

      3.5 starsThis story was different to what I expected from the brief synopsis. It quickly moves from one of chastity to include, piercing/needle play, branding and pony play. A large part of the story was Femdom F/f play which was a delightful surprise for me. I was tardy with my review and am struggling to recall the full-story. So I guess that means it wasn't overly memorable :/ Narration - I enjoyed the narrators voice, she did a great job.I received an copy of this audio in exchange for an ho [...]

    4. Jim Lyon

      The Accidental Domme Reviewed by D.L. King Dave asks his friend, Wendy, a personal trainer, to be his keyholder. New to male chastity and BDSM in general, he explains what he wants and she agrees. He then takes her to a BDSM club where she gets a much more interesting look at the world of kink, and she likes it. Dave, while he reappears at the end of the book, is really just a vehicle to introduce Wendy to femdom, which she jumps into with both feet. Wendy prefers to play with women and so the [...]

    5. MaleReader

      "Amusing story about poney play and other kinks!"I have just gone through the audio book "The Accidental Domme". I rarely choose to listen to a story over reading it myself, and I should do it more often. One can more easily let himself get carried away in the story by the rhythm and cadence of spoken prose as one would listen to a good song, provided the narrator is talented. It is so the case here.This story will appeal especially to those into poney play and piercing. It also dabbles into cha [...]

    6. James

      Wonderfully written story of the development of a lesbian who finds her deepest desires fulfilled by becoming a dominant in the BDSM world. Acquiescing to her submissive friend's request to be the key holder of his chastity belt leads to a life of training subs, pony play and eventually finding her submissive soul mate, a world famous singer.I found this story so easy to read that I read it in one sitting. The descriptions of the various scenarios and the feelings of the participants were very w [...]

    7. Sakinaa Davies

      This was awesome as an audiobook. Listened to it in the car and it made a long trip soon much shorter. Well done voice talent

    8. Sally

      The cover blurb for The Accidental Domme promises "a fun, imaginative and erotic lesbian D/s story with a little hetero femdom thrown in for good measure" but it is so much more than that. This is an erotic femdom story, with multiple threads, overlapping relationships, and some genuine romance amidst the erotic scenes of fetish fulfillment. Jim Lyon has put a lot into this book, and I loved the way it all came together.It all begins, simply enough, with Dave asking his best friend to be his cha [...]

    9. Erzabet Bishop

      Where would we be without our friends? Especially those wonderfully kinky ones that help us out with our fetish fantasies…Dave has a problem. He dreams of be locked in a chastity device, and he wants his lesbian friend Wendy to be the key holder. A little strange for a heterosexual man, knowing that she is not at all into being with him, but becoming a submissive is his secret fantasy. Having himself pierced and fitted for the genital cage is a fetish he can’t resist. Wendy takes him for his [...]

    10. Dimitra Ekmektsis

      Is it possible to become a domme to a friend when you've had no experience in kink and fetishes? This is the question in Wendy's mind when her platonic friend Dave ask her for a favor. Having little experience himself, and experiencing a lack of available dommes to give him what he wants, both Dave and Wendy embark on an exciting adventure into the hot world of BDSM. Certainly, most people start out this way: there is only a feeling, at first, coupled with arousal and curiosity, which leads most [...]

    11. H. Tanhide

      This review is based on the audio version of this book. From the start I was intrigued about how the story would pan out, especially as it involved Dave submitting to being placed into chastity. The content flowed quite nicely, but I soon realised that the focus was on Wendy, a personal trainer who happened to be lesbian. Not really my scene, but it did open my eyes to lesbian love and I feel I now have a much better understanding of how those types of relationship work.Although I wanted to know [...]

    12. Blondie

      I am conflicted how I feel about this book. On one hand it was nice to hear/listen to the Domme side of things. I was hoping that by listening to this book I would have a whole other perspective of this type of pairing but sadly it did not work for me. Hence the 3 stars. The author did a pretty good job of setting the scene for the reader/listener. I even squirmed a bit when the needle play started it made me hurt all over I am definitely NOT a pain slut. OUCH!If you are into Fem-Dom and Ff who [...]

    13. Robert

      Another well written book by Jim Lyon.It was nice that we got to hear a little more from Dave (some of this story was in Femdom Alchemy). And then most of the rest of the book was devoted to his first Keyholder Wendy's adventure outside of Dave.

    14. Sakinaa Davies

      A full-on, well conceived tale of erotic (fairly hardcore) femdom. Lots of kinks from start to finish with well-developed characters and a great plot to keep everything relatable. 5/5

    15. QueenGeek

      I'd shelve this as BDSM, but it's so very specific to treating submissives as actual ponies, that I'm going to pass on trying to classify the genre.While not my kink, the author does an excellent job describing how dommes and submissives in the lifestyle derive pleasure from what most would consider torture.Also, I looked up a lot of words, and probably built my vocabulary more pro-rata than with any other book I've read in the past 5 years.Very illuminating, mind-expanding story.-2 stars due to [...]

    16. Tanya

      there's a nice variety of fetishes that I haven't seen often in books but not enough details to be more than one scene casually mentioned they are cramming a lifetime worth of exploration and learning into 50 pages. I want to like it but it needs another 200 pages.

    17. Nola Arganbright

      Fantasy to lifestyle. This is a well written, easy flowing book. The stories contain looks into specialized fetishes. There is some S&M but also very loving D/s relationships.

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