Ultimatum: Apocalipsis definitivo

Ultimatum Apocalipsis definitivo Contiene Ultimatum USA El final del Universo Ultimate est aqu O se trata de un nuevo comienzo Un ciclo constante de cat strofes clim ticas amenaza con destruir la Tierra y ni siquiera los m s pod

  • Title: Ultimatum: Apocalipsis definitivo
  • Author: Jeph Loeb David Finch
  • ISBN: 9788490246337
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ultimatum: Apocalipsis definitivo

    Contiene Ultimatum 1 5 USA El final del Universo Ultimate est aqu O se trata de un nuevo comienzo Un ciclo constante de cat strofes clim ticas amenaza con destruir la Tierra, y ni siquiera los m s poderosos h roes del mundo podr n hacer nada para evitarlo Spiderman, Los 4 Fant sticos, La Patrulla X, Los Ultimates y muchos m s se re nen en el espectacular evento queContiene Ultimatum 1 5 USA El final del Universo Ultimate est aqu O se trata de un nuevo comienzo Un ciclo constante de cat strofes clim ticas amenaza con destruir la Tierra, y ni siquiera los m s poderosos h roes del mundo podr n hacer nada para evitarlo Spiderman, Los 4 Fant sticos, La Patrulla X, Los Ultimates y muchos m s se re nen en el espectacular evento que redefinir la L nea Definitiva de la Casa de las Ideas Jeph Loeb y David Finch te contar n una pica historia en la que la nica regla es que No hay reglas Autores Jeph Loeb y David Finch

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      197 Jeph Loeb David Finch
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    One thought on “Ultimatum: Apocalipsis definitivo

    1. Bookwraiths

      This suckfest should be titled “Ultimate Hack Job” cause Loeb produced a shit story.For those who care to know more, this story was confusing, disjointed and spent its time killing everyone and destroying everything for shock value to hide the fact that there is zero plot development. In other words, this book was pure trash. On the bright side though, it had great art!With that limited rant out of the way I’m now going to just pretend this whole story never happened.

    2. Anne

      Ummmm. Well, I liked the artwork?I have to admit, I was warned (thanks, Caz), but I thought that maybe I'd like it anyway. Yeaaaaah, not so much. What can I say? That wasmething else.Ok. Here's what sucked. It was basically one long story about killing off almost everyone in the Marvel Ultimates universe. Loeb didn't just thin the herd, he took out tons of major players. (view spoiler)[ Charles Xavier, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Wasp, Beast, Angel, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Hank Pym, Thor, Dr. Strange, W [...]

    3. Sesana

      Well, this was a steaming pile. Essentially, this is the humorless, Ultimate version of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. It's just a string of deaths of Ultimate characters, big and small, with about as much attention and care given to their individual demises as would normally be given to an average Danger Room session. The impression that I overwhelmingly got was that, at the time, nobody in editorial really cared about the Ultimate universe and were trying to hit the reset button, hard. Um [...]

    4. Martin

      You know, I was expecting so much worse. I'd read other people's reviews, trying to decide if I should bother reading this book. Well, obviously I decided to read it. Here's my reviewHere's what I understand about "Ultimatum":*At the time, it was decided by Marvel that their "Ultimate" line needed some re-tooling, as sales were not stellar (a natural consequence of sub-par writing, art, or a combination of both). This would be done by an "Event" that would involve all corners of the Ultimate Uni [...]

    5. Andrew Christman

      If GoodReads was to make a negative stars rating, this hunk of garbage would probably be the reason I was lead to believe all these Ultimate Comics were "connected" in some grand mystery that would ultimately rear it's ugly head during the "Ultimatum." But instead it ended up being a tidal wave. And a villian that was beat in the first 6 comics of Ultimate X-Men. If that isn't bad enough, EVERYONE dies. And in incredibly moronic ways.Want to see a teleporter somehow get killed by a slowly moving [...]

    6. Brad

      This book succeeded in destroying the Ultimate Universe. It'll also be pointed to as the one in-continuity crossover that actually delivered in killing off a slew of important characters. In sum, it's atrocious.Marvel's Ultimate line has been stagnant for a while. Perhaps that's what happens when a set of books whose selling point is "no history!" turns 9. There's confusing backstory where there used to be clean archetypes to re-envision. So Jeph Loeb cleans away the mess by killing almost every [...]

    7. David Church

      After years of investing in the Ultimate universe Marvel successfully takes a huge dump on me. Killing characters for no reasons other than shock value. It is like a big fuck you to the fans of the Ultimate Universe.

    8. Nicolo Yu

      The Ultimatum hardcover collects two miniseries, Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum, both written by Jeph Loeb and featuring art by Joe Madureira and David Finch. These two titles are from the Ultimate imprint of Marvel Comics, as these are stories set in a world with modern sensibilities and spiced by real life events.Jeph Loeb excels in producing widescreen, action-adventure stories and is comfortable with using a large cast of characters. He also has a knack of getting the best artists to work with hi [...]

    9. Hrishi

      VERY mixed feelings about this crossover event that sees many, many deaths, the return of (view spoiler)[Nick Fury (hide spoiler)] and serves as the conclusion for what have been epic runs on Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimate X-Men, and Ultimate Fantastic Four.Why give it four stars anyway? Pros: Ambitious plotting, total shock and awe when it comes to some of the events/ deaths, reasonably satisfying resolution, universe spanning implications. The cliched way to say it would be nothing will be the [...]

    10. Sean Brennan

      Magnificent Artwork by Loeb, The images of Hela and Magneto in contemplation will stat with me for ever.But it is the bravery of the story that deserves credit, remember these were originally comic books made into GN's so to not only kill off the vast majority of your heroes and also your two greatest villains for the sake of the plot and not just financial gain can only be applauded. Awesome.

    11. Shannon Appelcline

      I can see why some people might be upset by the wanton destruction that is this volume. However, from the other side, it's an epic story of the sort that Marvel would never have the courage to tell in their normal universe and it's generally compelling for that fact.

    12. C.J. Edmunds

      What can I say after putting this graphic novel downCataclysmic stories like these will always have some casualties. I get that. Stories that involved larger-than-Life conflicts depend on action for plot. I get that too. How the characters respond to the situation at hand frames characterization, development & perhaps even some surge of uncharacteristic behavior. Fine, the character goes thru an adrenaline rush to meet the demands of the situation. But radical changes in the plot that are ju [...]

    13. Automation

      "everything I love about WWF pro wrestling with the tight plotting of a Michael Bay film And I can't believe it took them over 50 years to draw a comic book without panels. Those fragmented pages have been confusing me since day one. Now every page is like a giant poster, and only the text is there to distract me from the violence."That is a quote from someone else's review of Death Of Superman but I think it is a fairly accurate description of Ultimatum. The book eventually hits a point where e [...]

    14. Mario

      Do I really need to give a review for this? This was unequivocally one of the worst events of all time. However, for criticism, it really depends on the person. Personally, House of M was the worst event of last decade, but I would not hold it against you if you say this event is. David Finch is a great artist, but he was wasted on this title; nevertheless, the artwork for this book was well-illustrated-probably his best work to date.

    15. Chris

      Do not read if you want to still enjoy things in your life. I read it and now I don't enjoy anything anymore. The drink will not satisfy, the food turns to ash in my mouth; all the company in the world will not harm or slake my lust. I am a cursed man, dear reader. Compelled by shittiness, I was. But now I am consumed by it.

    16. Jerry Jose

      Contrary to the popular opinion, I remember having solid fun following this hogwash. Every single one is killed and none of them were opening their eyes in last panel.

    17. Andy

      A collection of many, many deaths, people acting out of character, events with no connection unless you've read the other books, massive plot points introduced and then forgotten. What a mess.

    18. Jedhua

      Other Useful Reviews: Sesana's reviewBook Info: This collection contains Ultimatum issues #1-5."After thousands of years humans have done nothing but destroy this planet. War. Famine. Ecological ruin. When God didn't like what he'd created he washed it all away in forty days and forty nights. I will do it in three."– MagnetoABSOLUTE RATING: 1.5/5 stars (Rounded Up)STANDARDIZED RATING: <1/5 stars>Following the events which transpired in Ultimates 3, Loeb continues to weave his grand tap [...]

    19. Martin

      This book collects "Ultimates 3" and "Ultimatum". This review "collects" my reviews for these two books :)"Ultimates 3"You know, I read (and re-read many times) the reviews from other people on this site, trying to get a feel for this book and decide if I'd spend (or waste) my time reading it. Well, I took the plunge.It could've been so much better (as all the 1-star and 2-star ratings confirm). Perhaps five issues was not enough to properly flesh out the story & the characters involved. Let [...]

    20. Erik M

      What a horrendous comic. I don't know that I've read a worse mini-series - ever, and I read a lot of X-Men stuff in the 90s - and these might stand as some of the most terrible comics I've endured over the last 25 years. Did Loeb have a gun pointed at his head, making him write this garbage? It's not so much the SHOCKING EVENTS AND DEATHS that I take umbrage with; that happens. But the story is half there! Nothing has any meaning, because there is no build-up or cool down, no narrative flow! It' [...]

    21. AGamarra

      Un evento terrible para todos los fans de Marvel creo. Yo no, pero siempre hay fans que se quejan que los eventos son muy livianos y que nunca nadie muere; pues bien, a ésos, este evento les colmó satisfactoriamente. En el universo Ultimate hay muchos héroes similares con casi la misma historia al universo normal al que todos estamos acostumbrados.Magneto parece esta vez realmente fuera de control y las consecuencias de sus cambios a nivel de toda la tierra creará inundaciones y desastres po [...]

    22. Travis

      Oy. How could this possibly be the same writer who did Batman Hush and Spider-man Blue? I can only surmise that this wasn't Loeb's fault and that the Marvel higher ups told him, "Oh yeah we are done with the Ultimate universe despite all the comics we released for it, be a chap a clean that up in about 50 pages, oh and a, kill as many people as you can. Thanks!" This thing has rushed written all over it. Some of the artwork isn't actually that bad but with any rushed story like this, power balan [...]

    23. Eric Rutledge

      I'm a big fan of the ultimate universe. It allowed me to get back into comics without getting bogged down with years of events and issues. I had read tons of negative reviews about this major ultimate universe event. I enjoyed some aspects and others I was not so thrilled about. Like most Marvel events, this book tells the main focus, but parts are missing which are explained in side stories of a particular marvel line. This graphic novel contains everything from explosions to cannabilism, face [...]

    24. Heath Lowrance

      What a complete disaster. Way to take a great pocket universe and louse it up beyond all repair, Loeb. Brutal, ugly, ignoble deaths for long-standing characters, unbelievable bad taste, leering gratuitousness. Was Loeb trying to be "edgy"? Was he trying to give us "realism"? Well, he failed. What he gave us instead was the single most unpleasant, nastiest, wrong-headed mainstream comic I've ever read. Honestly, it was just vile.

    25. Justin Turner

      So, I’m a tad late to the party. Ultimatum, a 2008 five-issue limited series, was meant to become the universe-altering, final chapter in Marvel’s extremely popular Ultimate Marvel Comics line. After ten years of ongoing Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and The Ultimates stories, Marvel decided to drastically shake things up by tabbing writer Jeph Loeb and illustrator David Finch to come up with a “doomsday scenario” storyline. The result was an altogether cr [...]

    26. Jen

      I'm wow. This is pretty graphic, and everyone is dead. I wonder what proceeds from this? Does everyone else going forward ignore it or does everyone make miraculous recoveries?

    27. Garrett Ballendine

      That was the biggest pile of shit anyone has ever written.Congrats on your career as a Snuff porn writer Jeph Loeb, you hack.

    28. Variaciones Enrojo

      Reseña de Jordi T. Pardo y Enrique Ríos para Zona Negativa:zonanegativa/ultimatum“Bueno, no va a pasar nada peor, ¿no?”Tontás y chuminás. En esos térmimos se podría resumir la superproducción perpetrada en primer grado (y con agravantes) por el guionista Jeph Loeb y el dibujante David Finch en Ultimatum. Esta serie limitada lanzada en 2008 con la benevolente complicidad de Marvel Comics pretendía poner un punto y aparte en el Universo Ultimate de la editorial. Los superhéroes psic [...]

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