So Many Cats!

So Many Cats A counting story in verse shows how easily one sad and lonely cat can turn into twelve

  • Title: So Many Cats!
  • Author: Beatrice Schenk de Regniers
  • ISBN: 9780618212545
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • So Many Cats!

    A counting story in verse shows how easily one sad and lonely cat can turn into twelve.

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      264 Beatrice Schenk de Regniers
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    One thought on “So Many Cats!

    1. Kasey Fernandez

      This is the ultimate cat counting book for cat lovers and those with a soft spot for rescue animals. Cats are a highly requested topic at all of the schools I have worked at so I think this book would be a great addition to any K-5 library. Only trouble is that it is so tough to find it in hardcover! I have read this book to my sons countless times though we are honestly dog people. Cats are too destructive lol. My favorite part is when they adopt an "ugly" cat, who has clearly been through a lo [...]

    2. Mosley Allen

      How many cats is too many cats? Who knows with this witty little children's book. If you are a cat lover pick up a copy of this book for you and your little one.

    3. Linda

      "So Many Cats!" is a story about how so many cats came to live in the same house. They started off with one very hungry cat coming to their door. She brought them kittens. Soon more and more cats arrived at the house. An old cat from the neighbors, three skinny cats from the city, an ugly cat, two more cats from the grocery store all come to live at the house. The cats are all named and are repeated as more cats are added to the list. Too many cats, indeed!A learning extension might be to have t [...]

    4. Maleigha

      A family adopts many, many cats. First, they started with one, then two came by, then there were three more they couldn't resist, and so on. You could use this story in a first grade class in order to promote addition. As you read aloud, the students may follow along and record the cats. Once you are finished with the story, the students may compare their answers to see who came up with the correct total amount of cats at different parts in the story. You may also choose to add extension to this [...]

    5. Whitney Bailey

      This story is about a cat who is lonely and sad. This can highlight on ideas of emotions and how people feel about themselves, helping to open up a poetry unit or a unit that deals with expressive types of writing for older grades (persuasive). It also is mainly focused on MATH elements of counting and adding.The main character in the story which is cat, actually splits and adds up into 12 different cats and any student can be able to read this story and learn how to add and subtractDITION, SUBT [...]

    6. Linda

      This is a book I discovered at my granddaughters' home, given to them because they have "so many cats". Wonderful illustrations help the story too, of cats and a happy family. It was published in 1985, still available! It's a counting book, in rhyme, repeating often as more and more cats move in, helping that original cat, "and Poke -- Poke, once our Only - now no longer lonely - Cat".It's a darling book for young ones, and for cat lovers!

    7. sucker4synth

      A book about the exciting adventures in cat hording! Not really! Cute art that is perhaps a bit passé, but nostalgic for those of us born in the '80s. A family starts off with one cat and gains more as life goes on. Sounds about right to me. Rhyming and rhythm, plus an ugly cat named Pretty with an eyepatch and a scruffy city cat with a bandana. Great for cat lovers, for sure!

    8. Ms Threlkeld

      I love the rhythm of this book! The narrator explains how her family went from owning one cat to owning 12. Kids will enjoy the counting aspect of the book and the different ways cats join the family.

    9. Jane

      This book can be used for literature based math book. Young children can count the cats along with the reading. Also, this book contains many rhyming words in order to help children's reading. I love the illustrations of this book.

    10. Naomi Blackburn

      BORING! Good for working with the munchkins on counting, but not much more! Nothing about this book could keep my interest.

    11. Stephanie

      one of the cutest kids books ever. I just read it to my almost 3 year old, we were both cracking up over the "frumpy, fleasy, skinny, sleazy city cats".

    12. Melle

      This is a book about counting the dozen cats living with this family. Can we talk about hoarding? Diverse kitties, good. Not diverse on people. Also, did I mention the animal hoarding problem?

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