Serving Up a Sweetheart: A February Wedding Story

Serving Up a Sweetheart A February Wedding Story They ve helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples Now twelve new couples will find themselves in the wedding spotlight in the second Year of Weddings novella collection Meadow knows how

  • Title: Serving Up a Sweetheart: A February Wedding Story
  • Author: Cheryl Wyatt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Serving Up a Sweetheart: A February Wedding Story

    They ve helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples Now twelve new couples will find themselves in the wedding spotlight in the second Year of Weddings novella collection.Meadow knows how to serve delicious food to match any wedding theme But can she accept love when it s served up on a silver platter During one of the biggest weeks of her catering career, MThey ve helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples Now twelve new couples will find themselves in the wedding spotlight in the second Year of Weddings novella collection.Meadow knows how to serve delicious food to match any wedding theme But can she accept love when it s served up on a silver platter During one of the biggest weeks of her catering career, Meadow Larson s kitchen roof caves in after an unrelenting blizzard She has to accept help from the last person on earth she wants to see Colin McGrath The tormentor from her past is now a contractor, her new neighbor and the only person available to take on a project of this size.Colin is aware God has given him a second chance to make things right with Meadow after bullying her in high school After years of regret and guilt, Colin is determined to earn her respect and forgiveness, no matter what it takes.It ll take an extreme kitchen renovation, several cooking lessons, a little lace, and a lot of grace, but God is using this renovation project not only to restore Meadow s heart, but also to restore Colin s integrity in her eyes Will Meadow learn to trust the new Colin even as their relationship grows from a business exchange to something meaningful

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    One thought on “Serving Up a Sweetheart: A February Wedding Story

    1. Susan Snodgrass

      This was my first Cheryl Wyatt book, but it won't be my last. A completely delightful novella, it was.Great characterization and a believable plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    2. Iola

      When wedding caterer Meadow Larson’s kitchen roof collapses, her high school nemesis comes to the rescue, offering his barn as a temporary kitchen. While Colin McGrath never led the bullies in the popular crowd who made her high school years a misery, he never called them on their behaviour either. Now he says he’s changed. Can she believe him? Yes, I can see that a person can change after high school. I can see that they might regret some of their teenage decisions and behaviour (who doesn [...]

    3. Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)

      Serving Up A Sweetheart introduced me to Cheryl Wyatt and made me want to hunt down her backlist and catch up! In fact, I would happily read more novellas or full-length books set in this particular universe. From the moment Colin encounters Meadow trying to assassinate a snowman, I knew I was going to like these two characters – separately and together – and I did! I loved the humor, the sweetness, and the theme of restoration (spiritual, relational, and literal). This novella also containe [...]

    4. Darla Damron

      This was a fun and romantic story about overcoming bitterness from a past offense. The author showed how to allow God to help her to forgive people who were mean and to forgive them.I listened to this book as an audio-book. It was very easy to listen to.

    5. Susan K

      Romance, Clean, Christian.This was a sweet romance with healing hearts included! Disaster leads to help from an unwelcome source for Meadow, her neighbor Colin who was a High School nemesis. He genuinely wants to help her, and she sees he has changed, but isn't sure she can fully trust him after everything that happened in the past. Colin has returned home to help his family after his father falls ill. He is a much different person since High School, reformed, and fully changed in his outlook an [...]

    6. Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)

      I liked the idea behind this story, but the first part of the book only hinted at some of the misdeeds from Colin's past, which made the extent and intensity of Meadow's bitterness seem unequal to what was revealed. I think I would have enjoyed the story more if her vulnerabilities were shown rather than repetitively guarded by a brash exterior. Once she begins to let go and forgive, the story picks up and the characters are able to finally interact and bond. I admired Colin's tenacity in provin [...]

    7. Tima

      Meadow is having a very, very bad day. She's getting ready for a super busy time with her catering business when her partner gets sick and her roof caves in. Unfortunately she works from her kitchen with only some high school students to help the two of them. If she doesn't get help quickly she can kiss her business good bye. Enter Colin, the one man she doesn't ever want to see again. He bullied her in high school and Meadow doesn't trust that he's changed.This was a sweet story. It progressed [...]

    8. Laura

      SERVING UP A SWEETHEART starts slow, but it continues on with a steady pace. Meadow and Colin have a history and Colin will have to work overtime to even begin to breach the walls she erected.Colin is a sweetheart, willing to step in and help Meadow with her catering, even while he remodels her house and holds down his father’s business while he goes for cancer treatments. I would’ve liked to have seen some closure to some threads that were brought up and left untrimmed.Meadow has a lot of h [...]

    9. Rachel Devaughn

      I enjoyed this clean, romantic novella with the main characters Meadow and Colin. Meadow and Colin knew each other from high school, but didn't have very good memories of the other person. Many years later, they find themselves working side by side, but can they let go of the past, in hopes of having a future together? It was a good story and had alot of great Christian elements and scriptures, however I felt like the romantic development was rushed and not realistic for the time frame. Sometime [...]

    10. Kathy * Bookworm Nation

      2.5I liked the idea of this one, but didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted. Meadow was bullied by Colin and his popular friends in high school. It's now ten years later and they're reunited when Meadow's kitchen is destroyed and he just happens to be there when it happens and is a successful contractor. The sparks fly between them and it was fun seeing them together. I got a little bored though, I think all the religious stuff just turned me off. Too much praying and stuff like that. For me, it di [...]

    11. Jennifer Pritchard

      I just couldn't do it. When something happens 10 yrs ago, GET OVER IT! To much drama writing for me. I don't like when people are stuck and we have to read about it every other chapter. And "they can't like or be with THE PERSON because something happened 10 yrs ago. Geees. I really wanted to like this one. Oh well, moving on.

    12. Grace Tolman

      I have never read any book from this author and I have to say, after reading this story, I like her. She has a way of making you swoon with the chemistry between the lead characters but it remains sweet and clean. Meadow was bullied in high school. Colin was one of the popular guys in high school and part of the group that tormented her. Years later, Meadow used her fighting determination to make something out of herself. She became a designer/caterer. Colin became successful as well with a cons [...]

    13. Rachel Marie

      This review first appears onI must say, I think this is my favorite out of the series so far. I loved this one. I have a weakness for couples that go from not even liking each other to more, and this did that so well.Meadow did not have a good childhood. Bullied throughout high school, the stigma and pain has stayed with her this whole time. But she's followed her dreams and made herself a name in the catering business. Until her kitchen roof caves in during a blizzard. To make matters worse, he [...]

    14. Brittany

      Serving Up a Sweetheart was such an enjoyable story! This storyline works very well in novella form, since the two main characters know each other from the past. They now must get to know each other in the present and in this novella that proves to be the biggest challenge of all. Meadow Larson carries a lot of pain and many hurtful memories from high school. When she should have had friends and been storing up happy memories, she instead faced constant bullying by a popular girl and her friends [...]

    15. Meagan Myhren-bennett

      Serving Up a SweetheartA Year of WeddingsBy Cheryl WyattWhen an unexpectedly heavy snowstorm brings the roof down on her home/catering business Meadow Larson is quite literally on her way out of business if she can't come up with a plan. Unfortunately her possible rescuer is the one person she hoped to never see again - Colin McGrath. The person who hurt her so badly in high school is her new neighbor and a contractor. Unwilling to accept Colin's help, Meadow has little choice if she wants to sa [...]

    16. Suzie

      I look forward to these little novellas every month. They are fun and quick reads as well as great introductions to authors I may not have read before (or stories from some of my favorite authors). Cheryl Wyatt is a new author for me. Meadow Larson's catering business is in jeapordy when a snow storm causes the roof over her kitchen to cave in. Her new neighbor across the street just happens to have experience with renovations. He also has experience, and not in a good way, with Meadow. Colin Mc [...]

    17. Hallie Szott

      This review is also posted on Book by Book.Cheryl Wyatt’s addition to A Year of Weddings, “Serving Up a Sweetheart,” features yet another second-chance romance developing behind the scenes of weddings. Meadow Larson only knows Colin McGrath as a bully who made her high-school experience painful to remember. But when he comes into her life years later, she must decide whether she can risk her heart with forgiveness and trust. It is sweet, fun journey with many unexpected circumstances deter [...]

    18. Dana Kamstra

      Characters: Meadow and Colin were the perfect contrast to one another! Meadow was insecure from her high school days and being bullied. Colin is confident and looking for forgiveness from his days of being the bully. Both characters had such witty comments and I couldn't help but love both of them!Storyline: This novella had a wonderful message of forgiveness. The way the two were forced to spend time together was perfect for their situation. Nothing ever felt rushed or overly contrived. It made [...]

    19. Veronica

      I enjoyed this cute story about second chances! I really liked both of the main characters. Meadow was funny and quirky and Colin was truly trying to show Meadow he was now a man of God and worthy of her trust. There were some humorous moments and also some sweet romantic ones. I really liked how Colin's relationship with God was portrayed; he seemed close to Him. Meadow had more of a struggle trusting Colin and obeying what she felt God wanted her to do. The parts about the catering business we [...]

    20. Brooke (i blog 4 books)

      As I've come to expect from this series, Serving Up a Sweetheart is a quick read. The story is cute, and I enjoyed reading about characters who reconnected after many years—and a painful past. It was also cute to see them bond over Meadow's catering business.This story wasn't a total homerun for me, though. I had a few hangups with how the plot played out, and it got a bit "preachy" at times. And while I understood where Meadow was coming from on her past hurts, she drove me crazy with her wis [...]

    21. Wall-to-wall books - wendy

      While this was a cute, fun, and very quick read - it turned out to be just OK for me. Not a bad read! Just not as exciting as I would have liked. Very unoriginal idea and the characters were also just OK for me. I did like the leading male - he was adorable! And I did think he was trying hard to make amends. The lead female, Meadow, did nothing for me though.This book didn't turn me off but it did nothing to turn me on. It had a very fast, almost crash ending, a little too abrupt, if you ask me. [...]

    22. ⚜️Trea

      This book reminded me a lot about my own past. I could really get into Meadow's head, and feel what she was feeling. I think she went a little far in some places when she wouldn't trust Colin and his motives, when he clearly had changed and was trying to make amends. This book is very much faith based, as the belief in God is woven clearly throughout it, but didn't come off in a preachy manner at all. The story flowed very well for a novella, and wasn't shortchanged for its brevity either. When [...]

    23. Wendy Sparkes

      I liked the restoration/redemption theme.I was a surprised to read that Colin called himself "a spaz" in the kitchen. Over here in the UK that is an offensive word for talking about people with cerebal palsy. I understand that in US it just means clumsiness and is inoffensive but my UK friends might want to take note of this in case it hits them wrongly too.Getting past that, and knowing the author didn't mean how I know the word to mean, I did enjoy Meadow and Colin getting to know each other, [...]

    24. June

      Colin and Meadow had troubles back in high school. Now he has to prove to her that people grow up and change. Well, most of them, anyway.When her roof falls in on her catering kitchen and equipment, Colin comes to the rescue, giving her a place to work and live while he restores her kitchen and helps out with some catering at the same time. He has his work cut out for him trying to convince Meadow that he has strong and real feelings for her.

    25. Lainie Adams

      A TRULY WONDERFUL BOOKI loved EVERYTHING about this book. It's full of lessons learned in life, faith, forgiveness and how the Lord can and will heal everything that we take to him. I love how the relationship between the two main characters developed and how each one of them included the Lord in their growing relationship. I love EVERY book I have read by Cheryl Wyatt. They are all FIVE STAR books.

    26. Karen

      If you are looking for an amazing Valentine read, this is the book you want. A short novel that you can read in one sitting, but will live you feeling all warm and happy in your heart.

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