The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook

The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook None

  • Title: The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook
  • Author: Kim Krans
  • ISBN: 9780989361101
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook


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      342 Kim Krans
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      Published :2020-04-15T11:04:24+00:00

    One thought on “The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook

    1. Richard

      The cards are fantastic, but the book itself is a bit light on content. It's an attractive, if small, book. The meanings are kind of stripped down in a way that is useful, but I also feel like the meanings here are a bit watered down. Almost like she's trying to make it slightly too user friendly. Anyway, like I said, the cards are lovely, and they feel great in my hands. I guess all I would say is that I understand why the book costs $20, but in my mind it's probably worth about half of that.Wh [...]

    2. Holly

      I love the deck. The illustrations are so beautiful. The cards themselves are durable and made out of quality card stock. I would give the deck 5 stars. However, the book that comes with it is next to useless. It gives vague, sugarcoated fluff about the meanings of the cards. Each description for the cards are about less than half a page. This is very disappointing because the book itself is beautifully made with quality materials. I wish the artist had explained why she chose to use the imagery [...]

    3. Krista Fournier

      Honestly this is one of my favorite decks of all time, with that said I think the book was poorly written. I don’t recommend it for a beginner in any type of capacity. It’s just too simplistic of a guidebook. I wish she would expand more on the definitions because she only writes a paragraph or two for each card and I don’t think it’s anywhere near enough. Stunning artwork though and I use it on a regular basis with my clients.

    4. Anie

      The deck is, of course, beyond lovely. 5 billion stars for the deck, but that's not what I'm rating here.The guidebook is middle of the road for me. It's very stripped down; plenty of room to make your own meanings, for sure, and the cards are so amazing that it's easy to supply those meanings. It doesn't provide a lot of discussion, though, and I'm not a fan of the somewhat advising tone; I find tarot useful for exploration beyond advice, so it's jarring to look at this guidebook with that sort [...]

    5. Sarah

      The Wild Unknown deck is my favorite tarot deck to use. It has got some amazing energy and the art work is beautiful. This guidebook is perfect for beginners and gives enough information behind the cards. I do wish that the descriptions weren't as optimistic (would have liked more information about reversed cards) and that there was more information for each card. Overall it's a great beginner's guidebook for this deck.

    6. Sian Lile-Pastore

      Bought this to go with my lovely Wild unkown tarot set. And yeah, it doesn't have loads of stuff in it but there's enough info on each card to do readings and is also an inspiration for discovering more.Really cute little book and the illustrations are beautiful

    7. Eddie Black

      This is a beautiful deck. I sat down at a local favorite bar (a nerd bar, adorned with Doctor Who, comic book stuff, and usually filled with MTG players) and just looked at each card one after another. I like the black and white drawings. Most are gorgeous to me, worthy of framing. There's only two cards I don't really like all much. One is the Father of Pentacles, because I think it looks more like a jackalope than a species of deer (would've loved to have seen an elk here). The other card is t [...]

    8. Kathy

      I've lost count of how many tarot decks I have used over the years, but this deck is the only one you will ever need. Even my Arthurian deck that is my pride and joy would be too hard for a beginner to use. Forget the original, Rider-Waite deck. The images are outdated and the deck can overwhelm a beginner. Even with an expert the traditional deck won't mesh with all readers. Sure, most decks show card layouts and explain the major and minor arcana. But how many authors actually take the time to [...]

    9. Danielle Miceli

      The descriptions of each card are gorgeous (as are the cards themselves) and the book is extremely welcoming and encouraging to tarot beginners. I only wish there was more to it; I would have liked if the author went beyond the rudimentary and taught some more in-depth strategies and readings, but I understand the simple and accessible vibe she seems to be going for. None-the-less I enjoyed reading this guide, and will just have to look for something more complex to follow it up with.

    10. Leia

      As someone who wants to know more about tarot card reading, this is quite refreshing because the approach to each card is positive and uplifting, something you don’t see in other guidebooks. The artwork is gorgeous! It’s worth buying one if you’re into it.

    11. Jobie

      Not much detail. The cards actually seem to have much more detail them book does. If you want a guidebook to help you with a specific cards this is fine but you do need more information in general about meanings.

    12. Samantha Loper

      The cards are absolutely gorgeous! The book is simple but helpful; however, my book was definitely missing a good portion of the suit of cups descriptions because there were weirdly placed doubles of some the suit of wands.

    13. BillieMole

      Amazing artwork, concise meanings (good for beginners), have done some really great readings using these cards cannot fucking stand the court cards though. I want to burn them.

    14. Rachel Skye

      Really lovely guidebook that came with my new tarot cards. I really enjoyed the illustrations not only on the tarot cards but through the entire book itself.

    15. Samantha Gillan

      As other reviewers have said, this book lacks depth when it comes to the meaning of each card. Of course this could have been intential, and maybe even preferred by seasoned, intuitive tarot readers. Still, I didn't have it in me to rate this any lower. The cards are too beautiful!Side note: I noticed a couple of the major arcana cards are in a different numbered order than other decks I've used. I would love to hear the author/illustrator's reasoning behind this, whether it was intentional or n [...]

    16. Alyssa Tallama

      As a beginner, this is the first deck that I really connected with. What I love most about it is that the imagery symbolically connects to the cards meaning, making it easy to understand.

    17. Ashleigh

      The artwork of this deck is incredible and I'm very much looking forward to using this deck! I found that the individual card descriptions were a bit too optimistic/positive and would have liked to read about the cards reversed and the Shadow aspects of the cards. Overall, I am in love with the deck and will use them how they best suite my needs!

    18. Juli Anna

      I didn't read this one cover-to-cover, but I am still picking my way through as I play with my new deck. I gifted this deck/book set to myself and I am truly loving it. I appreciate the non-anthropocentic imagery and explanations and I like how pared-down the interpretations are in this book; it's a wonderful deck for a beginner like me.

    19. Rosemary

      A great wee guide and that is what it is, no it doesn't have a lot of info, but I don't believe it is meant to. You as the practitioner are went to use their description as a starting point for you to evolve your own interpretations. Great cards and great book!

    20. Catherine

      This is a succinct & insightful book to accompany the most beautifully designed tarot cards I have ever used.

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