Bad Jews

Bad Jews Bad Jews is the story of Daphna Feygenbaum a Real Jew with an Israeli boyfriend she met on Birthright When Daphna s cousin Liam brings home his shiksa girlfriend Melody and declares ownership of thei

  • Title: Bad Jews
  • Author: JoshuaHarmon
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  • Bad Jews

    Bad Jews is the story of Daphna Feygenbaum, a Real Jew with an Israeli boyfriend she met on Birthright When Daphna s cousin Liam brings home his shiksa girlfriend Melody and declares ownership of their grandfather s Chai necklace, a vicious and hilarious brawl over family, faith and legacy ensues.

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    One thought on “Bad Jews

    1. Emma Getz

      This play is a fantastic analysis of Judaism within a family, how it affects each one of them differently, faith, legacy. It’s also an AMAZING study in dialogue, the entire play being essentially just one conversation - an angry, nuanced, complex, heated, fascinating conversation.

    2. Susan

      Two brothers, their cousin, and the girlfriend of the older brother gather the night after Grandfather's funeral in order to complain, fight, argue over their inheritance, and generally let it all out. It's hard to know who to sympathize with, or even know who Harmon sympathizes with. But there are lines to make you laugh.

    3. Sam Morris

      Will be playing the role of Jonah in an upcoming production of this play at Nottingham University, and I'm very much looking forward to it. Extremely funny with two main characters that are so similar but have such completely different world views the sparks fly from beginning to end. A very touching ending as well

    4. Casey Joiner

      I really, really love this play. I'm not Jewish and my knowledge of the culture is based entirely on bar mitzvahs attended in middle school, but this script really speaks to me. Every family has a Daphna, a Jonah, and a Liam. Every holiday has a Melody. Not only is it a riot to read, but it's an absolute throw down to stage. I plan on seeing Mr. Harmon's new play, Significant Other, as soon as possible.

    5. Chambers Stevens

      Joshua Harmon can write!!The characters are well drawn. The dialogue is sharp and witty.And right now in 2014 this play is hot!Lots of theaters across the country are doing it. My only complaint is the ending. Some people felt like it was preachy.But I was moved by it. And yet the very last moments are a little disappointing. A real let down.

    6. Karen Wessel Thomas

      Profound and provocative. Very modern style. Some of the theses remind me of Phillip Roth's The Defender of the Faith. The questions posed by the story transcend one family or religion to be applicable to all families and religions. Strong language. When you put it down, you will want to talk about it or share it with someone, and that is a good sign for me.

    7. Kendra Carlson

      Interesting characters discussing a controversial topic - how relevant in Duluth MN? Do we have a director who could handle this well?Great ending; 1 act. Simple to produce.Do we have the actors?

    8. Luke Devenish

      Blistering! Daphna Feygenbaum is one of the greatest hysterics ever put to paper. And that ending is just exquisite.

    9. Zach Cohen

      Amazing. Brilliant. Hysterical. Moving. One of the most passionate, coherent explanations of the inner struggle of a millenial Jew in America.

    10. Tom Elliott

      Funny in a way that makes you cringe. Almost gave it four stars as I couldn't put it down, but the pay-off left me a bit unsatisfied.

    11. Doug

      Intriguing play with some real dramatic fireworks but oy veh! Such unlikeable characters and such non-stop YELLING!

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