Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan

Sky City The Rise of an Orphan Winner of the Watty People s Choice Award for Science Fiction My name is Arturo Basilides I am an orphan living in the slums of Medio City the capital of a nation ravaged by a war which was won b

  • Title: Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan
  • Author: R.D. Hale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan

    Winner of the Watty 2014 People s Choice Award for Science Fiction My name is Arturo Basilides I am an orphan living in the slums of Medio City the capital of a nation ravaged by a war which was won by extremists Offered a choice between slavery and disenfranchisement, we exist in an underclass so disconnected we effectively inhabit a different era Daily life invo Winner of the Watty 2014 People s Choice Award for Science Fiction My name is Arturo Basilides I am an orphan living in the slums of Medio City the capital of a nation ravaged by a war which was won by extremists Offered a choice between slavery and disenfranchisement, we exist in an underclass so disconnected we effectively inhabit a different era Daily life involves scavenging, theft and substance abuse with a bunch of misfits who are somehow still in one piece after years of abandonment I am a natural born fighter and although I despise warfare, I must witness the downfall of those bastard elites whilst fulfilling my romantic intentions with the forever unattainable girl of my dreams Sky City is a sci fi action adventure with light elements of fantasy It is set in a near future alternative reality where science is indistinguishable from magic and oppression is near inescapable Technology has created a newer, superior form of human and genetically engineered monstrosities are as terrifying as anything encountered in your nightmares The underclass have been underestimated and as they fight back the boundary between freedom fighter and terrorist becomes increasingly blurred Meanwhile, the drug induced haze of a traumatised mind places a question mark over the meaning of reality Sky City The Rise of an Orphan interweaves heavy social issues and philosophy without ever sounding pedantic, milking the sci fi genre

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      390 R.D. Hale

    One thought on “Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan

    1. R.D.

      Religious extremists won The Great War and a worldwide societal structure was imposed under the law of their goddess The lowest official tier Level Three Citizenship is one step away from slavery and the majority of the population opt out of the system altogether These bottom levellers struggle for survival in a world where technology is almost indistinguishable from magic and artificial lifeforms are hostile to their very existence Arturo Basilides is the one in ten billion an internet educated [...]

    2. Dean C. Moore

      This is really a masterpiece of a debut novel Mr Hale demonstrates an imagination and flair for storytelling that puts him in league with the best sci fi writers of today The story s forward momentum is relentless, and I found it impossible to put the book down Set in India, amid the poorest of the poor, the social commentary regarding the abuses being perpetrated against the masses of humanity remains poignant and heartfelt throughout And though set in the future, the writer can t help but shin [...]

    3. D.L. Denham

      I started Hale s Sky City three days ago and have spent nearly 20 hours absorbed in his fantasy A wonderfully written piece that goes beyond the action and excitement of overcoming a corrupt social system and digs deeper rising from the ashes of despair A beautiful world and I am eager to discover where Book 2 will take our characters.

    4. Andrew Jackson

      Rare indeed to discover an author with something original to offer in this age of the stale and contrived RD Hale offers a powerful voice and depicts the world of Eryx with poetic beauty, through the eyes of a teenage drug addict The confusion and inconsistency of Arturo, makes him a fascinating protagonist and his experiences help to open the reader s eyes to so many of the horrors we face today, and so often deny the existence of Variety and excitement are key elements and are delivered with c [...]

    5. Angela

      I recently purchased this book on a whim Not normally a sci fi enthusiast, I was first attracted by the authors voice in the free sample The other reviews also led me to believe that the story would be just my cup of tea I think one reviewer mentioned it being a slum dog sort of tale I was not disappointed.The telling of this story through the MC s eyes gives us a real, intimate perspective on this dystopian world as the hero and his friends battle through day to day living The characterizations [...]

    6. Kit

      First of all let me start by saying I am not usually a fan of reading science fiction, as a horror author myself I am predisposed to that genre However, this book is not just a great science fiction book it is just a great book The world that RD Hale creates is utterly real to the reader and so are the characters who reside there I enjoyed the way the author infused the book with social commentary and philosophy, but without detracting for The story at any point, or coming across preachy.I was [...]

    7. SleepyBookworm

      I may be biased by the fact the writer is a personal friend of mine, but I can t say how impressed I was by his first novel The plot follows an orphan named Arturo and his friends as they embark on an adventure in a world similar to our own but with some bizarre twists the genetically engineered creatures being a particular highlight, trust me you ll be surprised and impressed by what Ricky has come up with The story is incredibly descriptive, full of action and I felt I was there every step of [...]

    8. Octopus

      This is one cool book with a phenomenal, original plot and great characters Arturo is one of the best lead characters I ve come across because he s so unique and very complex There are so many twists and turns you won t know what to expect and I was constantly blown away The fight sequence against a flying robot will live long in my mind I sat up reading all night and still did not get to the end, so I finally finished it after some sleep and now I m reading all over again

    9. Joseph

      I got this on a free download a while back, and what a bargain it was The book is truly epic but it kept me reading all the way to the very end It s full of adventure in amazing places, with monsters, robots, cool tech and it would make an awesome movie Sky City is exceptional and I ll happily pay for the next one

    10. Ebook Planet

      Arturo Basilides is an orphan inhabiting the dangerous slums of Medio city He lives day to day, grifting, abusing drugs, and generally being reckless What marks Arturo out among his fellow slumdogs is his exceptional intellect and physical adeptness His abilities attract the attention of the Rebellion and from there events become increasingly unlikely.Arturo is a highly complex and charismatic individual, and is unquestionably the most interesting thing about this book So often you will be impre [...]

    11. Barbara D.

      A good sci fi action novel.The book began slowly but, after several chapters, the plot and the action started to heat up The novel contains many dystopian and fantasy elements that make this book an interesting read The storyline is fast paced and action packed I would recommend this book to lovers of a good sci fi action novel.

    12. Dale

      An exciting and immersive adventure written in language that is rich and evocative I think readers will look back on this in a few years and boast I remember discovering his first book and telling my friends

    13. David Dunnet

      Epic would be one word to describe this book A tale of orphans living in a dystopian city, they have fallen into the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol and live a pretty bleak existence, yet ultimately found this to be an uplifting tale The author takes us through madcap episodes showing firstly how the teens survive in their world with hilarious results The protagonist, and later his friend are sucked into a rebellion against the religious elite From this point the tale gets action packed And darke [...]

    14. Ellanos Yi

      Sky City is a FUN read Every chapter is a page turner Reading the book is like riding on a roller coaster R D Hale succeeds in throwing readers surprises and suspenses with no lack of humor Every scene is pictured well and the fantasy element portrayed is beyond imagination Sky City is a MUST read, where readers get to know the predicament of the orphans, and witness them grow from slumdogs to heroes This story is perfect for teens and young adults who love Sci Fi and Adventure genre.

    15. P.S. Winn

      I have just bought the rest of this collection Great sci fi thriller.Arturo Basilides lives in Medio City a slum area of the future where magic and technology combine for a great adventure.I loved the writing style of this author and the way the story drew me in and kept me until the last turn of the page.

    16. Louise White

      A must read for Fantasy Sci Fi fans Written with an exciting immediacy, I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout I literally couldn t put this book down.

    17. Laura Morgan

      A fantastic beginning to the dark, futuristic world full of orphans struggling to survive the aftermath of wars, greed of the human race and poverty of the unfortunates who cannot ever hope to be Arturo and his band of lonely teenagers set out with the hopes and dreams of a better life for themselves and I am definitely rooting for them I really enjoyed this book, not normally a sci fi reader i took to the style and surroundings with ease and found myself eager for the next instalment of the st [...]

    18. Joanna Taylforth

      A dazzling dystopian adventure which spans genres and defies categorisation Sky City covers themes from poverty to religion to physics to the paranormal Shown through the eyes of the title orphan, the world of Eryx is spectacularly surreal Like the blurb suggests, the story blurs the boundaries of imagination and reality In a time where the seemingly magical is possible and where drug abuse is prevalent, it is difficult to establish where that boundary lies, yet its location is made to seem unim [...]

    19. Chloe Thurlow

      In the not too distant past, Europe and the US contemplated attacking Syria Now, Syria is a potential ally in the war against jihadi extremists The US and Europe backs the Kurds fighting against the extremists, but not too much the Kurds want independence from Turkey, a major ally Old enemies the US and Iran are now friends, holding hands, at least, because both back the Shia government in Baghdad.Meanwhile, the rich, while getting richer, remain hidden in gated communities and on yachts the col [...]

    20. D M Singh

      This is not my preferred genre if I am honest and so I did not rush to read this book However I really got hooked The writing is good, the characters compelling and the plots keep you guessing Fantastic

    21. Jodi Villone

      Totally out of the genre that I m used to reading but I have to say that this is an amazing piece of work in that R.D Hale s imagination is just fascinating Sky City is an exhilarating ride to follow with each character experiencing the intensity he clearly puts forth into their journey It s a wonderful read.

    22. Karey

      Action packed from start to finish I ll need a few days to come up for air before beginning another book could not put this one down

    23. Catherine Putsche

      Sky City The Rise of an Orphan Written By R.D.HalePLOTThe story is set in a dystopian city in India in the year 2045 and follows the conflict struggle and efforts of young male protagonist, Arturo Basilides and his comrades who seek to overthrow the extremist and corrupt ruling elite in a desperate attempt to save what is left of humanity The biggest questions throughout the plot are will Arturo and his army of teenage orphans succeed to overthrow the extremists And if so at what cost Or will th [...]

    24. Cazza

      I really enjoyed this book very much, it is not what I was expecting but that was definitely a good thing It starts off as a tale of impoverished kids living day to day but it quickly changes in complexion with superpowers and bizarre creatures adding a different flavour to the science fiction setting It felt very much like a mishmash of genres and that took a little getting my head around However I was very impressed by the characters and descriptions and I found it impossible to get bored when [...]

    25. Ralph

      This book is an energetic and sprawling epic which begins in a dystopian underworld of infinite dead ends and culminates in a shattered realm where anything has become possible The protagonist is Arturo, very much the anti hero of his own story, a scrabbling grifter at the very bottom levels of society, living in the carcass of a planet while the elites fritter away their frivolous lives in Sky City This book is the story of Arturo s journey from nothing to everything.Arturo, despite the humbles [...]

    26. Jeff Suwak

      This book is exploding with ideas It s got all kinds of weird looks into the future, not only in terms of technology and science but of the way society is constructed and how individuals see the world, as a result The characters are my sort of rung of society but brave and tough and full of grit The present tense took me a bit to get used to I normally don t like present tense much, but eventually I settled in The language is literary yes I know there are all kinds of problems wit [...]

    27. Peter B.

      This is a great book.It reminded me of growing up and hanging out with my friends The world created is similar to all the Manga and sci fi I used to watch and daydream about But at the same time it felt different,like I was discovering something new and fresh That s what I find exciting about this book It really stands out from the crowd I could take all day about the plot but I d prefer not to spoil it Those who like fun and exciting sci fiction cant go wrong.

    28. Max Power

      Sky City is a book outside my comfort zone which I enjoyed nonetheless I have read only a handful of Sci Fi books this year, loved 2 hated the rest, so for me to like this one it is high praise indeed I have to address the elephant in the room to start which is the date 2045 which is 30 years away Too soon for me, look at Back the future 30 years ago coincidentally and it tells you Sci fi writers need to kick things further into the future That said, a well crafted story evolves and like my disl [...]

    29. Dina Roberts

      I think this book has fantastic futuristic imagery and scenes It also has interesting discussions on terrorism and religion.For some reason thoughI had a hard time getting into it I never felt very connected to the characters.I often found my mind leaving the book to think of other things.I can t really blame the book.I just think the book and I weren t a good match.I imagine other people will like it a lot.

    30. David Henry

      Good fun with something for your head This was a rip snorter Some parts of it put me in mind of J.G Ballard Very Clockwork Orange ish Almost surrealistic Quite mature in theme and scope, it was at the same time, joyously jingoistic There are passages in this book that I defy you to read without a big, cheesy grin on your gob All in all,a very satisfying read.

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