Caleb You don t want to buy me I ll kill the man who buys me Despite that outrageous threat plantation owner Boyd Jardine buys Caleb and puts him to work in the fields But soon Jardine discovers that his n

  • Title: Caleb
  • Author: Charles Alverson
  • ISBN: 9781477826232
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Caleb

    You don t want to buy me I ll kill the man who buys me Despite that outrageous threat, plantation owner Boyd Jardine buys Caleb and puts him to work in the fields But soon Jardine discovers that his new slave is both better educated and widely traveled than himself When Jardine s pregnant wife dies and Caleb saves the unborn child, Jardine grows increasingly depe You don t want to buy me I ll kill the man who buys me Despite that outrageous threat, plantation owner Boyd Jardine buys Caleb and puts him to work in the fields But soon Jardine discovers that his new slave is both better educated and widely traveled than himself When Jardine s pregnant wife dies and Caleb saves the unborn child, Jardine grows increasingly dependent on him not only as a servant but also as a companion and so their relationship as master and slave begins to change.As the Civil War looms and Caleb s thirst for freedom grows, Jardine reluctantly agrees to let the slave buy his freedom Caleb has no money, but Jardine comes up with a scheme Caleb can earn the price of freedom by fighting and winning boxing matches But in an ever turbulent political climate even if Caleb makes enough to purchase his freedom, what then Freedom papers don t mean much in a state of war.Set against a conflict that threatens to split a nation, Caleb s story is both tragic and triumphant.

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    One thought on “Caleb

    1. Uranie

      SPOILER ALERT The story started out good and had good pacing The plot became unrealistic Master has slave purchase his freedom then proceeds to teach him how to act like a white man by having dinner with him, showing him how to hunt and use a saber in battle etc Sorry too much for me to believe.

    2. Carla Roehl-steinhaus

      Wow I read this book in less than 24 hours It was a very enjoyable book I laughed, I cried I got mad too Thus was a good story set in a bad situation but very worth the time to read Caleb ROCKS

    3. Cherri

      I LOVED this book, but wish it would have ended differently lol I live through my reading and always feel the need to know I fear that I will always wonder what happens to Caleb after the war.

    4. Billie

      I really enjoyed this book about a slave who s greatest dream is to become a free man It really gave insight into what the slaves endured and how life was in those times

    5. Patricia Bergman

      I won this book through giveaway.Although Caleb was a slave, he had been practically a brother to the son of his Boston owner He was then sold to a southern planter, Boyd Jardine, whose wife died in child birth Caleb was responsible tor saving the baby with a technique he had learned when he lived in Boston The story is an interesting study of the lives of slaves and the difficulty of living as a free black man in both the north and south It is a good story as well as though provoking.

    6. James

      This book was a Giveaway.Mr Alverson took on a new genre with his first historical fiction endeavor, and while the result for me was lackluster, I expect others may find this enjoyable A young back man is sold into slavery in the south just as the rumblings of the Civil War begin to spread across the nation This man, trained and educated as a free black in Boston, finds himself out of place in this new life and determined to win his freedom The story grows with his relationship to his slave mas [...]

    7. Mary

      Caleb was an indentured servant in Boston in the 1800s, educated alongside his young master Unfortunately, when the boy s father died, he sold Caleb down South, even though he wasn t even a slave to begin with Boyd Jardine, a plantation owner in South Carolina, bought Caleb, despite a threat that Caleb would kill the man who bought him However, the two men soon found some common ground, in spite of the precarious situation of their master and slave relationship The educated Caleb saved Jardine s [...]

    8. Lori Clark-Erickson

      Caleb, a novel wrote by Charles Alverson reached beyond expectations giving the reader excitement and a new insight on the life of a slave Alverson 19s novel was very fluid and will keep you wanting to turn the page Caleb, a well educated, well traveled man was sold into slavery, bought by Boyd Jardine a plantation owner Boyd 19s wife later passed during childbirth and Caleb saved Boyd 19s child creating a strong bound between the two As Caleb and Boyd 19s bond grew, Caleb 19s want for freedom g [...]

    9. Nancy

      Bostonian indentured servant Caleb has been sold into slavery Boyd Jardine buys Caleb on a whim, later discovering that Caleb is than strong he is educated and intelligent Jardine grooms Caleb for tasks befitting his skills, and eventually Caleb is running the plantation In the evenings he cozily reads the newspaper to his Master Jardine treats him well, even providing a wife The likelihood of escape is small with bounty hunters combing the countryside for runaways But Caleb wants freedom badly [...]

    10. Chelsea

      I received this book through First Reads Thanks for the read Two stars is a generous rating I think 1.5 is accurate The book was a fast read and that was the best part of it.The first few chapters I saw potential The book does not develop so much as just have sudden changes in the plot IMO Caleb and Jardine both are inconsistent in personality in the different sections of the novel Caleb also has natural talent above and beyond in everything he was face with than anyone else to a point that was [...]

    11. --karen Green-berry

      Great Read BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBThis is my first book by this author and is unlike anything I ve ever read This is a dramatic account of a free black man named Caleb, who grew up in Boston but was later sold into slavery.This novel takes the reader on an amazing journey and was very intriguing Caleb grew up with Brent where he was taught to read and write After Brent sold him to satisfy his gambling debt, he was purchased by Boyd Jardine to work at Three Rivers.The relationship between him and B [...]

    12. Barbara

      I enjoyed reading CALEB by Charles Averson Caleb, a slave on southern plantation, gains respect from his owner ,Boyd Jardine, and proves he can run the plantation as well as the owner Caleb want to be a free black man and return to the North to live Mr Jardine allows Caleb to earn his freedom and then teaches Caleb how to act like a free black man After Caleb moves back to New York he joins the Union army and Mr Jardine serves in the Confederate army The two will meet again on the battlefield.

    13. Jeff Thiel

      Pretty good readA bit of a different look at slavery and it s role in the human condition I m not sure either Boyd Jardine or Caleb is all that likeable, but each has qualities that are redeeming The end of the story sets up for a stunning climax ala Liam O Flaherty s The Sniper, but redirects quickly and falls a bit flat.Overall, enjoyable read that kept moving forward at a reasonable pace.

    14. Rose W

      I liked it, looked forward each time to coming back to it Some suspension of disbelief must be exercised, as the formerly violent slaveowner has a rather abrupt change of heart that we didn t see coming and without explanation, but all in all, I did enjoy the read Caleb s character is good, noble and consistent Master s is all over the place on all counts.

    15. Sara Scherer

      I d say like 3.5 stars I was very engaged in the first half of this book, but the and I read, the unbelievable and fantastical it became I just don t think it to be a very accurate portrayal of slavery in pre Civil War era America But if you read it as purely fictional with very little emphasis on historical , then it s an entertaining story I suppose.

    16. Steven

      You can tell this was written by a white manThe characters are interesting and the story is decent, but if you re looking for a story about the horrors a slavery, this is not the book you re looking for I also would ve like another chapter at the end to tie things up.

    17. Jamie Wellman

      It wasn t what I thought it would be I was expecting a gritty story, about the hardship of being a slave I loved this story I laughed,I wanted to cry at some parts A beautiful story of a friendship that you would never expect Really glad I decided to read it.

    18. JeanetteSoeters

      Exciting bookI like historical novels especially around the time of the civil war Because this book is about a slave I thought it was an interesting slant on this time period Caleb was a remarkable man The book had one exciting episode after another.

    19. Greg Dill

      This was a slow mover Kind of choppy writing too I got to the 50% mark and had to make a choice to either keep trudging through it or just be done with it I chose the latter The premise of the story was interesting, but just not exciting.

    20. Shiloh Saddler

      It took me a while to get into this book The characters were flat I did like the boxing scenes It reminded me of Mandigo which is a book and a movie I agree with other reviewers the plantation owner s character change was hard to believe and the ending was too pat.

    21. Kelley Kirby

      I really liked this book I listened to it and the performance was great I got hooked on Caleb s story Heartbreaking, heartwarming and overall a good story I d give it a 4.4 and would definitely recommend it

    22. Dorothy

      Historical novel There is nothing I didn t like about this book It held my attention from beginning to end I never thought much about the perspective of the civil war from a black point of view This was great.

    23. Carol

      CalebBest book I have read in a while I do wish it could have gone on to say what became of some of the people on the plantation It was somewhat sad at the end but a very long way from where Caleb started.

    24. Kim

      I received this book as a First Reads giveaway Thank you I really liked it However, bits of it were unbelievable and not in any way that suggests that it couldn t happen just not from what I have learned of history.

    25. Stephen Byron

      a book that makes the reader think, the slave in his own way becomes the master and the man who always has been the master becomes the slave to his own emotion

    26. Cancerman

      Fino tivo ali neizazovno naro ito U prevodu, 350 strana se izmelje za dva dana Prva polovina knjige je mnogo zanimljivija od ostatka koji u nekom trenutku luta i nalazi laki izlaz na kraju.

    27. Sherry Smith

      Good readDifferent from most books I read but it kept my interest to the end Characters and history are very interesting.

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