Beneath What waits Beneath Pat O Toole has always idolized his older brother Coop He s even helped Coop with some of his crazier plans such as risking his life to help his big brother dig a tunnel underneath

  • Title: Beneath
  • Author: Roland Smith
  • ISBN: 9780545564861
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beneath

    What waits Beneath Pat O Toole has always idolized his older brother, Coop He s even helped Coop with some of his crazier plans such as risking his life to help his big brother dig a tunnel underneath their neighborhood in the suburbs of Washington, DC Coop is different He doesn t talk on the phone, doesn t use email, and doesn t have friends He s never reallWhat waits Beneath Pat O Toole has always idolized his older brother, Coop He s even helped Coop with some of his crazier plans such as risking his life to help his big brother dig a tunnel underneath their neighborhood in the suburbs of Washington, DC Coop is different He doesn t talk on the phone, doesn t use email, and doesn t have friends He s never really cared for anything but the thrill of being underground and Pat So it s no surprise to anyone even Pat that after a huge fight with their parents, Coop runs away Exactly one year later, Pat receives a package containing a digital voice recorder and a cryptic message from his brother He follows the clues to New York City, and soon discovers that Coop has joined the Community, a self sufficient society living beneath the streets Now it s up to Pat to find his brother and bring him home.

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    One thought on “Beneath

    1. Jan

      This book came across my desk on approval. While not in love with the cover, I began to read the first page. Then the second and then the third. I was hooked. Slightly offbeat family, older brother missing a year, parents break up then Pat gets a recorded message from his adored brother Coop, exhorting him to keep what he says secret from everyone. Before you know it, Pat is on his way to New York to find Coop.At first, I wasn't sure quite what I was getting into. I expected perhaps a modernised [...]

    2. Jan

      I thoroughly enjoyed this first book of a new series (hopefully!) from Roland Smith. I'd love it to be a series, but all I know right now is that there's at least one more book. It's a definite page turner. I can see lots of middle grade students loving this one, and what a great read aloud it would make. I was feeling just as claustrophobic as Pat while reading the wonderfully creepy and scary descriptions of the small underground spaces that he had to crawl through for hours while searching fo [...]

    3. Ashley

      I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book, from the author, at a children's literature conference I attended a couple of months ago. While reading this book, I tried to look at it wearing two different hats. One as myself, an adult reader. And the other as a middle school English teacher, figuring out if my students would like it. And honestly, with either hat on, I thouroughly enjoyed this book.I'm not sure who did the formatting on this book, but whoever they are, they are a GENIOUS! T [...]

    4. Mallory

      3.5 starsRead for Battle of the Books question writing. A pretty fast-paced and intriguing story about a community of underground dwellers in New York City and the two brothers who get entwined in their lives. By the conclusion, I can only assume that the author intends to write a sequel. Also, really appreciated the classic literature touches and nods throughout the book.

    5. Bookworm Emmy

      I really liked this book! I̥ͦ t̥ͦh̥ͦo̥ͦu̥ͦg̥ͦh̥ͦt̥ͦ i̥ͦt̥ͦ h̥ͦḁͦd̥ͦ ḁͦ g̥ͦr̥ͦe̥ͦḁͦt̥ͦ p̥ͦl̥ͦo̥ͦt̥ͦ ḁͦn̥ͦd̥ͦ ḁͦ c̥ͦo̥ͦo̥ͦl̥ͦ😎s̥ͦt̥ͦo̥ͦr̥ͦy̥ͦ l̥ͦi̥ͦn̥ͦe̥ͦ. T̤̮h̤̮e̤̮ o̤̮n̤̮l̤̮y̤̮ t̤̮h̤̮i̤̮n̤̮g̤̮ I̤̮ d̤̮i̤̮d̤̮n̤̮'t̤̮ l̤̮i̤̮k̤̮e̤̮ w̤̮a̤̮s̤̮ t̤̮h̤̮e̤̮ e̤̮n̤̮d̤̮i̤̮n̤̮g̤̮ b̤̮e̤̮c̤̮a̤̮ṳ̮s̤̮e̤̮ t̤̮h̤̮e̤̮y̤̮ e̤̮x̤̮p̤̮l̤̮a [...]

    6. Sherry Guice

      A surprising twist that keep me totally engaged at the end. It isn't an easy book for struggling readerslots of inner dialogue and characters who may not seem important. The setting--beneath New York was really well written and fascinating.

    7. Sarah

      This book was interesting but some parts I had to read multiple times and I still did not fully understand. I think the plot was unique, which helped me keep reading to see what would happen next.

    8. Linda

      Whew! I need the second in this new series soon! I feel like I have left Coop, Pat, and Kate in danger and I can not help them! Amazing story which at first I thought was going to be similar to Downsiders by Neal Shusterman. It was only slightly similar but the evil characters are truly scary in this book! If you are claustrophobic, you may not want to empathize too strongly with one of the characters! I could truly feel his terror and I am not afflicted with this fear.

    9. Mary

      I found this to be quite fascinating, and it even got me wondering if there really are people that have found ways to live underground. Seriously! It was complicated and tricky, and of course ended right in the middle of the story. I will for sure read Above.

    10. Hannah

      I never read young adult/kid lit - I'm super picky about my reading time and how I spend it. This was an assigned book for my son's 5th grade reading club (parents are encouraged to participate too). I only finished 1 book that was assigned for the entire year --- until this one! I couldn't put it downd I finished it so quickly I was able to read the sequel before the book club meeting.I was totally impressed with the creativity of the writing and how it was engaging to everyone (kids and adults [...]

    11. Lexi F.

      This book was really good. There was a lot of plot twists and things I didn't see coming. You never really see how far families can get from each other until it actually happens. This book can really make you see how different the world is in different places. This book is definitely a page turner in so many ways and levels. The depth that this book goes to is amazing.

    12. Victoria Duszynski

      This book was really good! Some parts were a bit confusing, but there was so much detail that made me keep wanting to read it, plus the chapters were nice and short. I give this book 4/5 stars, and I recommend this book to everyone.

    13. Courtney

      Pat sets out to find his brother Coop who disappeared almost a year ago. During winter break Pat says he is going to his moms but instead go's to New York and ends up experiencing a awesome adventure.

    14. Annie

      What a suspenseful adventure! Pat goes looking for his brother, Coop, who has gone “beneath” NYC in an underground world. With the help of a few others, Pat must rescue Coop and bring him back “above.” I loved how this was written because I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to talk about this one with my students who have already read it and get even more to try it. I’m ready for book two!

    15. Maddie

      I didn't think that the book was that good. It was sometimes hard to follow along, and the storyline wasn't that clear.

    16. Caylynn Bingham

      The book had a lot of unexpected twists and turns. It was very interesting and I never really wanted to put it down. The author had a great way of wording and you never knew what was coming next.

    17. Brian

      Creepy as hell story about the people who have dropped off the grid and live undergroundd the people who live beneath THEM. While searching for his missing brother, Pat finds himself dragged into a world he never knew existed, and the one below that.

    18. Krystianna

      **Thank you to for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!**Beneath follows a young boy named Pat, whose older brother, Coop, ran away after a huge fight with his parents. Coop was always a bit of a strange guy. Everyone who talked to him automatically trusted him and told him everything about themselves as well. Coop had this obsession with digging holes, and one time he even got Pat to help him out. They spent tons of time digging a huge hole in their backyard, until o [...]

    19. Gina Hernandez Gerard

      A very different story with an unrealistic but interesting plot. This story revolves around two brothers who are "different" and introverted in nature with two parents who seem very self absorbed and uncaring about the kids they created. When the older brother gets in trouble which includes the FBI, you think that would be the beginning of placing this kid in juvenile jail. But it does not. He gets away with it and soon after runs away. Both parents are not concerned at all, move on and leave th [...]

    20. Jamesf1

      Beneath by Roland Smith follows a young boy named Patrick, whose older brother, Coop, ran away after a huge fight between their parents. Coop has always been a strange guy; he doesn't have a phone, everyone he talks to trusts him, and he has a obsession with digging. Patrick and Coop dig a gigantic hole in their backyard until one day an explosion occurs, and Patrick had to carry Coop out or else he would've died. Ever since the incident, Patrick is terrified of confined spaces, otherwise known [...]

    21. Adrian

      I really enjoyed the book. It was hard to put down. The characters are well made, which adds more excitement to the plot. One of the main characters, "Coop", is an adventurous and humorous character. He is always curious about the world that's around him. He journeys through out the sewers of New York to find his curiosity answered by a group of underground dwellers, who might be the answer to his question, but an evil group of people who has the the technology to hack into government equipment [...]

    22. Beth

      While I only gave this book 2 stars, I do think that it has a big appeal for reluctant readers. (especially boys) It was just an okay story for me. It read very fast because of the short chapters, but I just kept waiting for something big and almost horror-like to happen. It doesn't. This is more of a realistic story of an underground society. Not a bad book, but not the book for me. I will booktalk it in sixth grade and up, because I know some kids that will really enjoy this book.

    23. Alexander Hutchison

      It was a pretty good book, I went in not expecting much but I was fairly impressed with the overall story. I really liked the underground aspect of the story I think that made it stronger.

    24. Courtney

      6th -8th grade appropriate, suspenseful, would make a good read aloud. Caused a little claustrophobic reaction in me!

    25. Laura Lathrop

      Original and compellingI was hooked from the beginning and had a hard time putting it down. The story brings up intriguing possibilities. Very interesting and original.

    26. Mari

      Personally, for me, I'd give this 3 stars. But its plot, pacing, and characters make for a potentially awesome booktalk title, so 4 stars for the kids I know will love it.

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