hashtagged Every Facebook post and every tweet is indexed and stored Every video Instagram and hashtag creates a digital footprint filed away for future use We created technology without boundaries never cons

  • Title: #hashtagged
  • Author: Kimberly Hix Trant
  • ISBN: 9781631224874
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • #hashtagged

    Every Facebook post and every tweet is indexed and stored Every video, Instagram, and hashtag creates a digital footprint filed away for future use We created technology without boundaries, never considering who, or what, would find a use for the moments that define our humanity Maddy Smith s father has died, leaving her with a mystery box a puzzle, of sorts, that she mEvery Facebook post and every tweet is indexed and stored Every video, Instagram, and hashtag creates a digital footprint filed away for future use We created technology without boundaries, never considering who, or what, would find a use for the moments that define our humanity Maddy Smith s father has died, leaving her with a mystery box a puzzle, of sorts, that she must solve To uncover the message her father has left behind, she sets out across the United States to locate her father s friends, a small group known as the Dinner Club.As each member of the Dinner Club offers clues and advice, Maddy realizes that her father had been teaching her a specific set of skills While traveling, Maddy reunites with Jagger, her occasional lover Jagger has a connection to her father as well and his feelings for Maddy are as strong as ever In a campground on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico, Maddy Smith will discover her destiny and encounter a totalitarian future only she can prevent Meanwhile, humanity continues to build a database of human behavior, one hashtag at a time.

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    One thought on “#hashtagged

    1. Mark Alan

      You want a scary book? You found it. There are no monsters from shadowy realms lurking in these pages. No, the monster is the one we humans have created with our reckless use of technology and unending willingness to divulge our very souls to the machine.I read this book over a month ago, and even now, I still feel the effects. Whenever I see someone sending a text or taking a picture, the little voice in the back of my mind reminds me of the future we created, the future we are all but unable t [...]

    2. Don Sloan

      Hashtagged: This Is How the Future Started is a captivating story about where we're all headed if we don't watch out. It is, by turns, illuminating and horrifying, imagining what may happen if the millions of Facebook friends, Tweeters, InstaGrammers, and other Social Media users around the globe don't voluntarily throttle it back some and gain perspective about the prodigious amounts of personal information they are shooting into cyberspace.I loved this book. It is the well-written tale of Madd [...]

    3. Jonathan Nace

      I received this book for an honest review from the author and received no other compensation. I give 5 stars to "all time classics," and four stars to "highly recommend." I give this book 4 stars and do highly recommend it to any sci-fi or mystery fan. I also highly recommend to anyone who appreciates excellent writing. Let's start with the writing. There's only one way to say this: Trant is an excellent writer. As I read through the first 5 chapters or so, which mostly lay the background of our [...]

    4. Mark

      It is said that a good writer can make anything interesting. I believe it. I also believe the author of #hashtagged is one of those gifted few. Pick up the novel beginning, middle or end and its easy to find something interesting. So why only two measly stars? Because a novel must be more than the sum of its parts.A nice setup and really superb writer's voice hooked me into the sample. The $8.99 Kindle price put me off. I've been disappointed too many times by a strong beginning on $1.99 books. [...]

    5. Barbara

      I'm giving this book a three-star rating because of how it is written. It is written in the passive voice. By that I mean, the only way you learn about most of what has happened is in conversations that the characters have. I like a book full of action in the active voice. You might have a sentence here or there that indicates real action. If you like the more reflective type of prose, then this book is for you. Others have given this book a very high rating. While I'm sure all would agree that [...]

    6. Amie's Book Reviews

      HASHTAGGED by Kimberly Hix TrantI received a free, signed, paperback copy of this book for free through the Giveaway program.I read this entire book within 24 hours and was literally so drawn into the story that I literally could not put it down.This book is an alarming look at a possible future that our world already seems to be heading towards.While this book is clearly fiction, it is obvious that the author knows a great deal about technology. This book does contain many complex ideas and th [...]

    7. Nancy Brady

      Full disclosure: I received this book as a First Reads giveaway, but that in no way affects the review.4.5 stars Science fiction or science fact? This novel follows a rabbit trail of intrigue for Maddy as she works to figure out her life with father, Ollie, and his last gift to her.One AIB (artificial intelligence being) named IT has taken over the world through studying and infiltrating social media's memes, hashtags, and more.Scary scenario, indeed. That the world gives over its secrets via s [...]

    8. Natalie Long

      I apologize for my delay in writing this book. I had an author attack me for my review and it turned me off of for awhile. I sincerely apologize to the author, who had chosen me as a first reads winner. You deserved better of me. I LOVED THIS BOOK. I can't say it enough. The characters are complex and the story well thought out. There was a cliffhanger, so I am desperately waiting to see if there will be a second oneEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Kimberly Hix Trant, write a sequel! I don't want the story [...]

    9. Teresa Kander

      **I received a copy of this book from story cartel, in exchange for an honest review.**I have mixed emotions about this book. The first half was rather slow and draggy, to the point where I almost gave up on it. Nearly all the "action" throughout the book is relayed in conversation between the characters, at least until you get almost to the end.The second half of the book was much more interested, which is why I sailed through it, wanting to find out how it would end. Thankfully, the ending did [...]

    10. Shannon

      Wow.I received a copy of this book as a result of a First Reads giveaway, listed by the author (thanks!).This book is TERRIFYING. Not in the traditional monsters, murders, death, blood, guts and gore way No, this is a terrifying glimpse into the possibility of a future that we are creating for ourselves. If you, like I have, ever catch yourself wondering what will result of our ever-increasing reliance upon technology, READ. THIS. BOOK.It will make you think about your digital footprint, for su [...]

    11. Seth

      This little book is a good read, easily finished in a weekend. (I read slowly, savoringly.) The Sci Fi Romance flavor brought to mind 11/22/63. #hashtagged is full of intriguing, intelligent characters. The author spent a good number of pages developing the characters and bringing them to life, which I appreciate, but concluded before I had a chance to become sufficiently invested in them. (Hoping for more of the Dinner Club in the sequel!)

    12. Shayla

      I received this book through First Reads.I found the premise extremely intriguing. The book did not quite meet up to my expectations. I liked it, just felt like it was missing something. Maybe it was the passive voice. The danger of the future never quite felt real in the book. The ending was a little confusing and a bit abrupt, but not in an entirely bad way.Overall I did enjoy the book and I would recommend it to others looking for an interesting science fiction read.

    13. Irene

      I received a free copy of this in exchange for an unbiased review, and I loved it! Maddy leads an unusual and lonelt life with her father, meeting his odd friends. The book starts slowly but the lack of initial action did not matter as it was just so interesting. It made me think about our reliance on technology and shudder at how thoughtlessly we reveal information about ourselves on social media. I ws sorry when it ended

    14. Y. Correa

      **A copy of this book was provided to The Review Board, an organization with whom I work, in exchange for an honest review.**I’m having one of those moments when I am having a hard time trying to put into words how I feel about a book. Not because the book is terrible, but mainly because it could have been much better.I’ve always wanted to experience the richness of a steampunk book, but I’ve yet to find one that can satiate that desire. That’s besides the point, I suppose. However, I do [...]

    15. Tony Parsons

      Madeline Maddy Smith’s (Texas A & M) father Robert Oliver Ollie Smith passed away & left her with a mystery box (puzzle).Her goal is to solve its contents. Traipsing across the US Maddy is trying to find her dads bubbies known as the Dinner Club.Maddy soon meets up with Owen Jag Jagger (on/off again lover). Owen knows her father. Fast forward the 2 are in Roswell, NM.Who is Leonard Cass Cassius?Who are Victor Wells & Edward Wells?What about the Dinner Club members? Warning: This bo [...]

    16. Teresa Whitehead

      I received this book for free through a giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I usually do not read a science fiction but when working with high school students, I try to find things that might interest them. #hashtagged is a book that reads like what I tell the students all the time. Be careful of what you put on the internet because it is stored and found by people you may not want to see the information. After her father dies, Maddy finds out she is responsible for preventing a future t [...]

    17. Candace

      A brilliant look at our future. Unfortunately. We have already created methods for our own demise in several ways, but AI's use of hashtagging is one of the more interesting inventions.

    18. Kim

      I really enjoyed this book. I found the narrative engaging and the characters immersive. Loved the father/daughter relationship and the romantic subplot of Maddy and Jag. While the plot dealt with technology that may exist in the future, none of it seemed unbelievable or far fetched, and I felt that IT's integration into the novel appeared seamless and made sense in a way that it wouldn't be too hard for technologically non-savvy people to understand. I'm really hoping that there is a part 2 to [...]

    19. Jason Lewis

      Entertaining plot line but tough to get through with such a passive voice to the whole story line. Gives a new perspective of how the characters are all introduced throughout the story. Trant shows a character that has potential to be so much more through the writing, yet that personality trait feels kind of abruptly stopped in growth towards the end. Maybe if there were later written some kind of story within the story setup?

    20. Connie Walters

      Book dealing with artificial intelligence - not my normal read but I ploughed through it anyway. Enjoyed the personal stories - Jag and Maddie, Maddie and her father, etc. I am not on facebook or twitter, and what the heck is vine and meme, so a lot of the tech stuff was way over my head. If you like tech and what if, this might be your book.

    21. Tracy Beth

      freshcoffeeblog/2014/1"Since the birth of the internet, data has been collected, categorized, analyzed. This data forms a picture. A picture that defines humanity. Through this extensive and carefully labeled definition, artificial intelligence has been taking notes."

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