Through the Gloom

Through the Gloom Lyric Yama s life is starting to feel as bleak as the purgatory in which she spends her days The line between enemy and ally has blurred To unravel a heinous murder she s agreed to exploit her veilwa

  • Title: Through the Gloom
  • Author: Jennifer R. McDonald
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Through the Gloom

    Lyric Yama s life is starting to feel as bleak as the purgatory in which she spends her days.The line between enemy and ally has blurred To unravel a heinous murder, she s agreed to exploit her veilwalking gifts for her new coven leader But as the Lyric sinks deeper in the quicksand of lies and deceit, she s forced to re evaluate exactly what she signed up for.Is the purLyric Yama s life is starting to feel as bleak as the purgatory in which she spends her days.The line between enemy and ally has blurred To unravel a heinous murder, she s agreed to exploit her veilwalking gifts for her new coven leader But as the Lyric sinks deeper in the quicksand of lies and deceit, she s forced to re evaluate exactly what she signed up for.Is the pursuit for truth worth becoming the very evil she s been running from And if so, can she survive the soul crushing loss that truth will ultimately reveal This is the second installment of Jennifer R McDonald s Veilwalker Trilogy.

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    One thought on “Through the Gloom

    1. Heather Blair

      *contains spoilers from book one*If you have not started this series yet, why not?!The second book of the Veilwalker Series that began with , Through the Gloom picks up where we left off after the shocking conclusion of the first book. Lyric Yama is stuck in a house full of warlocks who mistrust her almost as much as she distrusts them. Even though her father has been freed from his imprisonment by the Hathor coven, and her twin and fellow Veilwalker, Lincoln is also by her side, their relations [...]

    2. Joanne

      I am so on board with this trilogy. It's seriously wheedled a special place in my affections.The plot is intriguing, the characters are well drawn and the writing style is enviably strong.Breakdown:The plot.I harboured suspicions of where the plot was headed, of which the main ones came through true. But the twist and turns leading to them, and the way in which it all played out proved an exhilarating ride of surprises. While the conclusion brings some major closure to the big questions so far, [...]

    3. Ember Shane

      There's something about this series that strikes a chord with me. I've never used the word "GRIPPING" in a book review before. But I feel that time has come. I do not know how else to describe it. If I'd been sitting in a chair while reading, I'd only have been using the edge. Through the Gloom is fast-paced and full of energy - never a dull moment. It continues to follow Lyric's POV as the tensions escalate between the Hathor, Tyr, and Yama families. Lyric and Aiden's cold and hot relationship [...]

    4. Raquel V

      Don't you hate it when you wake up at six o'clock in the morning to pee and end up waking up for good because you can't fall asleep because you HAVE to know what happens in the book you're reading? I don't. I love it!This book in an incredible sequel to Into The Vail. It is every bit as thrilling as the first one, but with twists I didn't expect. I don't usually mind that much that I guess the ending before the author intends me too, but its great being surprised, isn't it?This world Jennifer Mc [...]

    5. Rebecca

      **I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. You’re never too old for YA & NA books ()**A second book in the series that matches if not surpasses its predecessor is rare to find however I feel this book does exactly that. It is only now after finishing the book that I appreciate the expert way the book is written, it is a seem less story that allows your imagination to run wild making the book easy to get sucked into. In short I loved this book and donâ [...]

    6. Jason Crawford

      Today, I am reviewing the Paranormal story Through the Gloom by Jennifer R. McDonald. This is the sequel to Into the Veil, continuing the story of the veilwalkers Lyric and Lincoln, their father and mage Jacken, and the Hathors, a family of conjurors who can summon objects from afar and who are fiercely loyal to one another. If you haven’t read the first in the series, check out my review on that, then go read it! I give this book a 4.75/5. Here is my breakdown.Characters: 5/5. As in the last [...]

    7. Sakina

      Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this book. It was Amazing. I LOVED IT!!From drama to action packed scenes to hot kisses this book had me raging with emotions.Lyric had to deal with a lot in this book. Searching for her mother, her doubts for her father, her rocky relationship with her brother, her feelings for Aiden, she had a emotional ride through this book. But she dealt with everything well. I liked Gemma and how she supported Lyric, even though some of it may be because of her own g [...]

    8. Mike

      Through the Gloom picks up shortly after Into The Veil, and if you loved the first book, like I did, you are going to just going to want to die and stay in this world forever with the second. First off can I just say how much I loved the prologue. It was wonderful getting to see a scene from Aiden’s eyes that we just heard about in the first book. And I think that it really sets the whole tone for this book - this is going to be the same adventure as Into the Veil but told in a very different [...]

    9. Amanda Robinson

      Liked the first book a lot, but this one takes it to a whole new level!!!! I can not wait for the next book. This has everything you could ask for in a second installment and more. The author has done an amqzing job at continuing theplotfrom the first novel, developing the charachters, and grabbing the readers attention.This was definatly a page turner. There is so much to woncer about and it is packed with action and adventure. The charachters are incredibly defined and most loveable, even the [...]

    10. Cheryl La Pa

      I am so hooked on this fantastic series! Through the Gloom is the second book in the Veilwalker series and I loved it even more than the first. I loved:•The main characters. Lyric is strong yet vulnerable. She is determined to be independent and not let others manipulate and bully her. I love how her choices are a constant battle between her heart and her head, and how she has to deal with the consequences of those choices. Aiden is so strong and protective, yet torn between his loyalty to his [...]

    11. Faye

      I really loved this series. The story keeps getting better than the last one. This was a past paced story that I had to finish reading it in one sitting. There were some secrets that were revealed during book 1 but there's more in this story but at the same time while some were answered others were not. Not too mention Lyric's journey through all this and her (not-so-really-good) relationship with the other characters especially Aiden. There scenes kind of frustrated me with the back and forth m [...]

    12. David Torres

      First of all, OH MAH GAAAAAHHD!!! One of the BEST DAMN BOOKS EVER! I have to say that the second book was better than the first, but only by a little. The romance between Lyric and Aiden has heated up to new levels. This book literally picked up where the first book left off. And the plot line was very interesting. I was hooked from the beginning. Now Gemma. WOW what a change! She went from being bossy and mean to, well, still bossy and mean, but with a protective side for Lyric. And that was ju [...]

    13. Katy H

      Oh dear, the second book in this series is indeed "gloomy"! I think I cried @ least 4 times!And may I just say, I don't want to give anything away but, unless Eve's murderer (view spoiler)[ whose name starts with "Charles" (hide spoiler)] was just a complete lunatic, claiming credit for a murder committed by someone else Ikind ofcalled it. Only kind of because I also included 3 other possible suspects, but still. There was upheaval in Lyric's relationships withwellemingly everyone from Lincoln, [...]

    14. Bridget

      I received this novel in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal).The word 'gripping' is something I would use to describe this novel. I definitely got invested in the story and the characters. From the previous ending, I could already tell that things were not going to start well in this one. Lyric's mother's 'lover' told Lyric about that her father was the one to kill her mother. Her father told her that Roman did it. That was bound to cause some problems. The author did a a [...]

    15. Amber-marie

      I was given this book from the author and from Lovers of paranormal in exchange for an honest review. This book was quite the page turner. I mean it was beyond fantastic! The plot, the characters the descriptions the ANGST! The love! Just flawless!! I love how everything is tying together! I love the CONFLICT!!! Seriously it doesn't get much better then this! Fantastic series so far and I can't wait to read the last one (in my possession!) Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

    16. Wren Figueiro

      I downloaded COHF today (for which I have been waiting 2 years!) but I haven't started it yet because I just had to finish Through the Gloom. It's that awesome!

    17. Zoë Ann

      *I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*Can I just start by saying I ship Lemma? Because I soooo do, I may have a new OTP soonThe action in this book was a lot more exciting that the last book. There was definitely a lot more going on which I loved and lots of clues as to action that may happen later on or in the next book. The parts involving Lena were a tad on the boring side although necessary I think a little more could’ve happened there.My biggest problem with th [...]

    18. Kat Nicholson

      I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Lyric is finding it harder and harder to figure out who's side she is on. Is she losing herself in her search to find what she's looking for?I read the entire Veilwalker trilogy in two days, so I'm going to say very little content wise to be sure I don't leave any spoilers.I loved this entire series, and I think the second book was my favourite. Lyric's character was even more sarcastic and teenager-y. (it's a word!). I could feel [...]

    19. Kasey

      So this book ended on THE worst cliffhanger ever. It's why it's losing a star even though it ended up being pretty fantastic. I did have the next book available, but books that end in cliffhangers are one of my *admittedly* many pet peeves. However I did really like this book, even as Aiden and Lyric's relationship just gets more complicated. I was excited at the thought of Lyric finally being able to meet other veilwalkers, but that was definitely a disappointment that they turned out to be so [...]

    20. Cheryl Duval

      This is a very different type of story, exciting and well written. The story moves fast. The characters are wonderful. Lyric and Aiden have a relationship with its ups and down and waiting to find out what finally happens didn't happen in this book. The ending left me wanting to know the rest of the story right now!! The next book comes out Spring 2014 and I'm not sure I can wait that long. I wasn't happy with the ending of the book, I can't tell you why without giving out spoilers. I very much [...]

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