A Family Supper

A Family Supper First published in Firebird ed T J Binding Penguin

  • Title: A Family Supper
  • Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Unbound
  • A Family Supper

    First published in Firebird 2, ed T J Binding Penguin, 1983.

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    One thought on “A Family Supper

    1. Astraea

      حیف!خودم رو برای پایانی طوفانی و کوبنده آماده کرده بودمالبته اون سکوت و انتظار داستان، برام پایانی رو که میخوام تداعی میکنه

    2. Paul Fulcher

      Fugu is a fish caught off the Pacific shores of Japan. The fish has held a special significance for me ever since my mother died through eating one.In celebration of Kazuo Ishiguro's Nobel Prize win and given I've read all the novels, I've spent the day trying to track down the short stories cited by the Committee.See here for the list and sources:/topic/show/A Family Supper is available on the internet with a bit of googling. Published in 1983 - after his first novel - this is a relatively slim [...]

    3. Rezvan

      یه داستان کوتاه هیجان انگیز و عالیاولین بار بود که از یه ژاپنی کتابی میخوندمخیلی زیبا صحنه ها رو توصیف کرده بود طوری که من ترس و وحشت رو مستقیما حس کردم امتیاز من 4.5👌

    4. Christiana Hadji

      Ατμοσφαιρικό διήγημα με υποτόνους αγωνίας, με την υπογραφή του αγαπημένου μου μαέστρου της ατμόσφαιρας Ισιγκούρο.


      My second read of Kazuo Ishiguro and I’m loving this guy’s style. Reading his books gives me the feeling of comparison between him and Murakami and I should say both are unique for their own writing style; mysterious stories that keep your guessing mind work; Matchless. A shade of sadness was noticed in the story; 'Obviously you don't see. You don't see how it is for some parents. Not only must they lose their children, they must lose them to things they don't understand.' He spun the battle [...]

    6. Maryam Samiei

      این کتاب رو مریم عزیزم معرفی کرد و ازش ممنونم بابت لذتی که خوندن این کتاب بهم داد. داستان روایت گر خانواده ی سنتی ژاپنی ای هست که بعد از سال ها در حالی که مادر خانواده فوت کرده به هم می رسند. پدر خانواده که پیش از این در جنگ شرکت کرده و ساختار ذهنیش ما رو یاد آدم هایی که خودشون رو م [...]

    7. Dominika Žáková

      Kratučká poviedka (tak krátka, že by sa nemala rátať ani do reading challenge) s umne vystupňovaným napätím. Pokračujem v pláne prečítať od Ishigura všetko 🤷🏼‍♀️

    8. Tamara

      4.5 starsI think I'm a little obsessed with this. I just tried to give my mum a run down of what happened and she's so nice for listening to me.

    9. Kika

      Poviedka Kazua Ishigura sa mi páčila. Už dlhšie som po jeho dielach pokukovala a teraz som si musela túto poviedku kvôli škole prečítať A páčila sa mi. Začala veľmi zaujímavo a rozpovedala príbeh jednej rodiny. Určite sa k nej ešte vrátim :)

    10. Nahid

      While I was reading the story, it was like I was expecting the end of my own life every single sentence that I've read. I could feel a tinge of sorrow hidden between lines; the Sorrow of losing their own lives together. I could see the shadow of death. It remind me of the movie named "House of sand and Fog".

    11. Goy Warin

      It's almost unlikely for Ishiguro to disappoint me. His works always drive me into thoughts - deep and emotional. The plot reminds me of Ang Lee's film, Eat Drink Man Woman, but leaves me with quite a contrary feeling. A Family Supper could be much darker as the story sets in an old traditional Japanese family where the father is a widower with strong principles of his own. His wife died of the poison that comes with the fugu fish many years ago. His son just came back from California because of [...]

    12. Eg

      A great description of nature and people, for example the garden creates the atmosphere of anxiety and worries: "Much of the garden had fallen into shadow." Empty house rooms are like father who lacks emotions and warmness he feels left alone as children have moved away. The story has open ending when you don't know what happens after eating the fugo fish that the father calls "just a fish" that even increases the susspiction.

    13. Nandini

      I didn't really enjoy this story but it was certainly thought provoking and interesting to know that the author chose to write this story in this way for a particular reason.

    14. Konstantin

      Like his other earlier short stories, this one uses his usual ambiguity about certain details that put the narrator in the situation that he is in. Wonderful, exciting, mysterious and sorrowful.

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