Burnt River

Burnt River Following Salvalaggio s acclaimed Bone Dust White Detective Macy Greeley is called to a small Montana town to investigate the murder of John Dalton a veteran who recently returned homeWhen Detective

  • Title: Burnt River
  • Author: Karin Salvalaggio
  • ISBN: 9781250046192
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Burnt River

    Following Salvalaggio s acclaimed Bone Dust White, Detective Macy Greeley is called to a small Montana town to investigate the murder of John Dalton, a veteran who recently returned homeWhen Detective Macy Greeley is called to Wilmington Creek, a sleepy ranching community in northern Montana, she expects an open and shut, if high profile, murder case What greets her is anFollowing Salvalaggio s acclaimed Bone Dust White, Detective Macy Greeley is called to a small Montana town to investigate the murder of John Dalton, a veteran who recently returned homeWhen Detective Macy Greeley is called to Wilmington Creek, a sleepy ranching community in northern Montana, she expects an open and shut, if high profile, murder case What greets her is anything but John Dalton, a soldier returned home from serving in Afghanistan, has been shot dead in an alleyway outside a local bar Macy can t see any obvious motive for the attack, but John s closest friends and his twin sister, Jessie, have been keeping secrets.With a series of wildfires pushing the area s resources to the limit and Darby Lake s water level dropping to a record low, Jessie is becoming increasingly anxious about what may be uncovered if the rains don t return to the valley soon Haunted by what s hidden beneath the still waters, she doesn t know whether to help or hinder Macy s investigation And Macy herself is increasingly uneasy about what she discovers as she navigates the politics of a small town and the Dalton family clan, as well as her own complicated relationship with the father of her young son.Macy Greeley returns in another taut and intimate mystery from acclaimed Bone Dust White author Karin Salvalaggio.

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    One thought on “Burnt River

    1. Martine Bailey

      Burnt River is a mesmerising crime novel from accomplished author Karin Salvalaggio. Listening to it, I was right there in the vivid landscape of Montana, a compelling world of extreme weather, isolated ranches, lowlifes, drug pushers and private militia. This is the second in the series outing for detective Macy Greeley, a terrific female character who is funny, feisty and courageous. We get two main storylines, the investigation into a murder (and increasing body count) plus enjoyable but neve [...]

    2. Kathy

      When you've read the first book in a series and loved it, there is great anticipation and some worry about the second book and its continued excellence. Last year, Bone Dust White by Karin Salvalaggio was the author's debut novel, a fact that I found extraordinary due to its complex array of story and characters. The main character, Detective Macy Greeley, is eight months pregnant and unmarried when the story begins. Who starts the story of someone when she's eight months pregnant? Well, Karin S [...]

    3. Rebecca Rouillard

      Set in the atmospheric landscape of northern Montana, Burnt River is the second ‘Macy Greeley’ book, and while I did enjoy Bone Dust White, I do think that Burnt River is an even better book. There is a literary tradition of detectives who have good instincts and terrible personal lives but Macy Greeley is a slightly more nuanced flawed character and she comes into her own in this book. The plotting is tight and tense and grips you right up until the last page - a complex web of deception th [...]

    4. _moni_loves_

      Macy Greeley ermitteltEin gelungenes Buchcover, welches die Stimmung des Inhalts sehr gut wieder spiegelt, die totale Einöde des Flathead Valley Montana und die dort derzeitig allgegenwärtige Gefahr der Waldbrände durch die herrschende Hitzewelle. Detectiv Macey Greeley wird extra angefordert um den Mord an einem Exsoldaten aufzuklären. Vor Ort trifft sie auch auf Scheriff Aiden Marsh, den sie von einen früheren Begegnung her schon kennt. Gemeinsam ermitteln sie. So ein Mordfall spricht sic [...]

    5. Jasi

      Als Detective Macy Greeley wegen Mord an einem Ex-Soldaten ins Flathead Valley gerufen wird, ahnt sie noch nicht das hinter dieser Tat noch so viel mehr steckt. Während der Ermittlungen tauchen immer mehr ungelöste Probleme und dunkle Vergangenheitsbekentnisse der Talbewohner auf. Außerdem terrorisiert ein Brandstifter die Farmer und Ray, der Vater ihres Sohnes und gleichzeitig ihr Chef, taucht auf und sorgen für Probleme. Der Klappentext des Buches versprach mir eine spannende Geschichte un [...]

    6. Annemarie Macken

      An intriguing opening, with evocative and descriptive language choices and sometimes blunt, almost staccato, sentences to reflect the mysterious atmosphere ensures the reader is hooked from the very first page. The craft of the writer is evident in the weaving of the lives of different characters and the constant shift of suspicion to different suspects; the reader is left in a permanent state of wonder about events, motives and the ultimate culprit, or culprits, and it is due to the authorial s [...]

    7. Bonnie

      Burnt River is Karin Salvalaggio's follow up to her first novel, Bone Dust White, which was a huge success. In this second novel, Detective Macy Greely is called to Wilmington Creek in northern Montana to investigate the murder of John Dalton, a soldier who has just returned from serving in Afghanistan. He was shot once in the back of the head in execution style in an alleyway outside a local bar. At first, Macy can't see any motive, but soon realizes that many people, including his twin sister, [...]

    8. Sarah Jasmon

      Burnt River is the second in the Macy Greeley Mysteries, the first being Bone Dust White. Macy is a detective in the state police and is based in Helena, the capital city of Montana. She's been called up to the small town of Wilmington Creek to investigate the murder of a young war veteran, John Dalton, who has been shot in the back of the head outside of a bar in the middle of the night.From the atmospheric prologue onwards, this is a book oozing with the sense of place. The Flathead River, sur [...]

    9. Linda

      This book is the second in the Macy Greeley series and a first for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery full of secrets and misdirection as Macy investigates the murder of a local rancher's son in Montana. In a small town where everyone is suppose to know everyone's business, Macy finds it difficult at first to connect the dots in her probe of the death of this young man and also the disappearance of a young woman who happens to be an undercover police officer whom Macy was not aware of. Dealin [...]

    10. Lisa

      Really enjoyed this book!! Detective Macy Greeley is at it again! This time she's sent to Wilmington Creek, Montana, to help solve the murder of a veteran of the War in Afghanistan. This story is full of complex characters who all have lots of problems, secrets and lies in their lives. Macy, as well has a complicated life, which she begins to sort out with the help of the Chief of Police, Aiden Marsh, while she's hunting a killer. I love the way the author, Karin Salvalaggio, weaves the characte [...]

    11. Janice

      In this second book in the Macy Greeley series, I found a novel that drew me in much more than the first. Macy is more engaging in this addition, even as the complexities of her personal life seem to broaden. The story is tightly plotted, as Macy is sent to a small Montana town to investigate the murder of a local rancher. The victim, whose family has deep roots in this Montana area, also has a complicated personal life, with a damaged family, and links to a military unit in Afghanistan. The sto [...]

    12. Judy

      She did it again. I enjoyed Karin Salvalaggio's debut mystery so much, I was really looking forward to this one. Once again, she writes an interesting mystery. This one takes place in the heat of the summer, and you almost feel the sweat on yourself as Macy Greeley hikes through the forest trails. I like the decision Macy made in her personal life--not sure about another choice she made. I hope Salvalaggio writes more of this protagonist or another one. I just like her writing and very readable [...]

    13. Darlene Cruz

      An intriguing mystery crafted so descriptively that the characters become something special. Investigation and detective work made the story come alive following trails of evidence. Takes place in Montana, aww. now I could feel and smell Wilmington Creek, good writing , that's why. I can't wait to read more from this author. I received a free book that I had won through Frist Read Giveaways. Thank you, Darlene Cruz

    14. Jill Lawton

      I loved Karin Salvalaggio's debut novel and the sequel, with the same immensely appealing main character is, I think, even better. The story is well-paced, brilliantly crafted and keeps you hanging on to every twist and turn. Salvalaggio has succeeded in creating not just a story or a character but a world of interesting and vulnerable people - I hope she's planning to write more because I think she is well on the way to becoming my new favourite crime writer.

    15. Jennifer

      I really enjoyed this second book in the Macy Greeley series. Karen Salvalaggio is able to convey the summer atmosphere in Montana, write realistic characters, and keep the story line moving. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

    16. Kim

      Macy Greeley is an outstanding mother and detective. Would choose her to solve my case or be my friend. How she solves the crime ('s) will keep you reading. Will definitely be reading another Karin Salvalaggio book.

    17. Sylvia

      Oh my God this was better than the first book! Damn I loved it and don't want to give anything away!!! But damn!!!

    18. Nora

      This second entry in the detective Macy Greeley series was a more intelligible and cohesive novel. I listened to the audio version and the reader was good at accents and at emotions; however, I wish she would have paused a bit longer between sections. The sections ran together and often made me pause to try to understand where I was. I am not a fan of lavish descriptions of nature, but if you are you won't be disappointed by this author's style. The time jumps that were presented in the first no [...]

    19. Aglaya

      In Montana wird ein junger Soldat ermordet aufgefunden. Die Polizistin und alleinerziehende Mutter Macy Greeley ermittelt.„Brennender Fluss“ ist nach „Eisiges Geheimnis“ der zweite Band um die Polizistin Macy Greeley. Den ersten Band kenne ich nicht, das war zum Verständnis aber auch nicht nötig. Alles, was der Leser über Macy wissen muss, wird ihm auch hier mitgeteilt.Die Handlung wird in der dritten Person in erster Linie aus der Sicht von Jessie und Dylan, der Schwester und einem F [...]

    20. Darlene

      Titel: Brennender FlussAutorin: Karin SalvalaggioISBN: 978-3-547-71203-2Originalausgabe: September 2015Verlag: Marion von SchröderSeiten: 380Der zweite Fall der Detektiven Macy GreeleyDie Autorin:Sie wurde in den USA geboren und ist in Alaska, Florida, Kalifornien und im Iran aufgewachsen. Seit 20 Jahren lebt und schreibt sie in London. Sie hat zwei Kinder und einen Schnauzer.Beschreibung/Covertext:Flathead Valley, Montana: Das nur spärlich besiedelte Tal wird von einer Hitzewelle heimgesucht. [...]

    21. Sabrinasbookshelf

      Ein Soldat wird kurz nach seiner Rückkehr aus Afghanistan in seiner ruhigen Heimatstadt erschossen. Da er aus einer einflussreichen Familie stammt, wird Ermittlerin Macy Greeley mit dem Fall betraut. Das Schweigen der Dorfgemeinschaft, das Aufrechterhalten der mühsam aufgebauten Fassaden, hinter denen oft Grausames lauert, sowie eine Hitzewelle erschweren die Ermittlungen und dann gibt es weitere Tote… Entspannter, ruhiger Krimi mit einem angenehmen Tempo. Normal mag ich eher Hochspannung un [...]

    22. Cirrus Minor

      Das Cover von Karin Salvalaggios "Brennender Fluss" zeigt ein einsames Haus am Ende eines Feldes, das in der Hitze schimmert, auch wenn der Himmel grau ist.Zu Beginn lernt der Leser die Freunde Tyler und Dylan kennen, die ein Geheimnis bewahren wollen. Die stetige Hitze droht, einen See trockenzulegen, in dem sie einen Truck versenkt haben. Nur wenig später wird die Leiche ihres Freundes John gefunden. Es ist an der Zeit für Salvalaggios Ermittlerin Macy Greeley, sich mit den Vorgängen im son [...]

    23. Amy Thorleifson

      Set in a small town in northern Montana, Detective Macy Gray is sent from Helena to investigate the death of a recently returned soldier. His body was found in an alley behind a bar. Macy is dealing with her own personal problems, an off and on affair with her married boss and the father of her son, and some dependence on alcohol. Soon Macy learns more abut the victim's dysfunctional family and his longtime best friends who served with him in Afghanistan.Another body is found but conflicting evi [...]

    24. Normalene

      This started out awesome and I loved it as much as the first one (Bone Dust white from 2014). The middle does drag a little where we get into whose head is messed up the most because they all win in that arenaand the climax felt rushed, but the last chapter made it all better. I absolutely loved the end and Macy is slowly growing on me - so now I have to wait a year for the next one because this one just came out in May 2015.Salvalaggio is a new author with only these two novels so far - so we a [...]

    25. Fleur Smithwick

      A gripping page turner. I really enjoyed it and am delighted to have discovered a new author. I loved the Macy Greeley character and her personal story - it tied in beautifully to the plot. It would make great TV drama. I learnt something about how it feels to be a soldier dealing with PTSD - sensitively dealt with by the author. The setting of Montana and the background of the fires was extremely well done. I will definitely be reading Karin Salvalaggio's other books.

    26. Becky

      I enjoyed the first book in this series, but this one was even better. The main character of Macy is written so well. She has a lot going on in her life and is flawed in many ways, but is such a strong, smart character. I enjoyed the setting of this book as well as the complex characters. The mystery was a good one too. I look forward to future books in this series.

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